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PS3 Poll Police: What does Capcom have up its sleeve?

It's that time of the week again. The Poll Police are going to keep this one short, since the poll speaks for itself. This past week, the PS3 lost a game that many, many people were looking forward to. A game that would have had PS3's jumping off of shelves in Japan like they were infested with some kind of jumping infestation. The police don't work with similes, just facts. Capcom canned Monster Hunter 3 for the PS3, but promised a big announcement certain to please PS3 fans by the end of next week. Our poll and your task: what is it?

What is Capcom's big PS3-related surprise due next week?
The recently trademarked "Dead Void".
It's actually Monster Hunter 3, Capcom was joking.
Devil May Cry 4 returns exclusive?
MegaMan Legends 3!
Resident Evil 5 becomes exclusive!
Who cares, Capcom already wronged us enough.
It's none of those, but something new, probably. free polls

We can't say for certain, but the trademarking of a game title and subsequent may be too close together for this announcement and the moving from multiplatform back to exclusive seems to go against Capcom's "multiplatform everything" ideology (though by that they seem to mean everything but PS3). We can't decide, so hopefully you can steer us in the right direction. Last week's results are after the jump.

What an amazing result! We asked if backwards compatibility was really such an important issue, and the results are the most interesting we've ever seen -- a nearly perfect split between people who do and don't care about the function. We're glad to see most of you had heard of the issue and opted not to vote for the "I don't want to make a decision" option. In the end, it seems the Sony gaming market, with a slight edge to not giving a darn about BC, are perfectly split. Luckily, PS2's are getting insanely cheap, so if you need to collect PS2 games, there's always that option instead of seeking the higher-end model while it lasts. What a conundrum! We'll see you next week, and as always, thanks for voting.

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Reader Comments

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1. Either
Devil May cry4 or Resident Evil 5 returns exclusive

Posted at 8:07PM on Oct 14th 2007 by ekbigpimping

2. RE5 Exclusive since they cant get it to fit on 2 DVD9s.

Posted at 8:09PM on Oct 14th 2007 by phattie

3. Dead Void sounds like the name to a lame shooter or wannabe survival horror game. Maybe both. Capcom's response to FEAR? Either way, it is going to suck.

You forgot to mention an actual Breath of Fire game, which - if not like Dragon Quarter - would be greatly appreciated.

Logic dictates that it will not be RE5 or DMC4 going back to PS exclusivity or MH3 being a Wiixlusive being a joke.

After recent comments by Capcom, it will probably be something they don't have to spend much money making (remakes or older PS1 capcom games on the PSN) or will be multi-platform. Of course, it could be ports of all 360 games that they have released so far. And wouldn't we be happy then....

Posted at 8:25PM on Oct 14th 2007 by Jason B.

4. My guess is either a new ip (maybe the Dead Void game?) or Lost Planet sequel going multi-platform (the picture of Earth in the countdown makes me think that could be a possibility). I would love for the news to be RE5 going exclusive for the PS3 (perhaps Sony made a deal with Capcom to not make MH3 for the PS3 in-return for RE5 being exclusive), but I have a feeling Microsoft is willing to give a lot of money to Capcom to keep that game on the 360. I've learned the hard way to not have high regard for Capcom in its treatment to the PS3 this-gen. I guess I can still dream.

Posted at 8:26PM on Oct 14th 2007 by TheGuy

5. I think the best news would be a new Monster Hunter game. But this one will be a MMO. This way it will be pretty big. Plus why would Capcom want to waste the money they already payed to make MH3. So it really is MH3 but just make it more open ended.

But if it is not that I think a new PowerStone game and Bionic Commando would be pretty cool.

Also lots of people are saying Resident Evil 5 will become exclusive. So if it is that that would be big news.

But I my self would like to see MH more.

Posted at 8:31PM on Oct 14th 2007 by Joe

6. Well, I would sure hope that it is Resident Evil 5 becoming a exclusive.
But that's way too improbable.
It's more likely that it's a new exclusive.

Posted at 8:36PM on Oct 14th 2007 by lucasbbadur

7. I doubt it would be a port because they were paid a ton of money to only have Lost Planet and Dead Rising on the 360. But the countdown did make me think that they might make an announcement on Lost Planet 2 and it will be multiplatform. But I am just going to guess that Devil May Cry 4 will be a timed PS3 exclusive, because I heard that Capcom was having development issues with the 360 version.

Posted at 8:38PM on Oct 14th 2007 by Jeff

8. How about a game called "spousal abuse"!
PS3+Capcum = False Hope 2009

Posted at 9:03PM on Oct 14th 2007 by sicklesdawg

9. anybody know why on the capcom site, it says devil may cry 4 is only available on ps3?

Posted at 9:05PM on Oct 14th 2007 by DxG

10. Nah, change the platform to 360 and DMC4 is there also.

Posted at 9:15PM on Oct 14th 2007 by Logik01

11. I gave up on them loooong ago. I’m 100% sure it is a sequel to one their s***y games which know one has heard of before. Either that or announcing a new line of games exclusive for WII and Xbox.

F-k Capcom, why do you guys even bother writing an article about those jerks? When a company shows a middle finger to its fans who continuously supported them during these long 11 years, you should simply tell them to GFT and ignore them; they don’t deserve your time. I hope they go bankrupt.

Posted at 9:20PM on Oct 14th 2007 by john

12. I honestly don't care. Capcom hasn't made a good game since the 90's.

Posted at 9:24PM on Oct 14th 2007 by Random1448

13. Onimusha Prepare Yourself would make a lot of sense...

Posted at 9:30PM on Oct 14th 2007 by Real Gambler

14. I predict a sequel to Okami and/or Resident Evil. But yeah, under ps3 there is ONE game on their site, ONE GAME!!!! 360? 3, and more to come. Capcom better get its act together.

Posted at 9:33PM on Oct 14th 2007 by Anwa123

15. "Capcom better get its act together"

the PS3 is what needs to get it's act together, do you have no understanding of what buisness is? if youre not going to make a profit, you find an alternative.

Posted at 9:42PM on Oct 14th 2007 by xion

16. Dead Void sounds like a sequel (or another game in the same world) to Dead Rising, and will NOT be coming to the PS3. On the other hand, it is more likely that Capcom will be making a new game for the PS3 and 360, and that might be their announcement. But with the way the company has been treating the PS3 fanbase, the big news will probably be that DMC4 will support the new Duelshock 3. Big whoop for us. =/

Posted at 9:57PM on Oct 14th 2007 by Consolcwby

17. I agree with 16, probably just a announcement of rumble compatibility. Man, I hate Capcom.

Posted at 10:06PM on Oct 14th 2007 by Luke

18. ITS OKAMI 2 !! DUH!!

Posted at 10:54PM on Oct 14th 2007 by WARRIOR88

19. i agree with 16

Posted at 10:55PM on Oct 14th 2007 by RazielDune

20. As much as Capcom has screwed over Sony fans I cannot believe that anyone here would even care about, let alone get excited about what they have to say.

Posted at 10:55PM on Oct 14th 2007 by Parker

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