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GameInformer reveals a few new FFXIII screens

If you're really starved for anything related to Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII, then we might have an appetizer for you today. It's not much at all, but GameInformer has gotten a hold of five screenshots that, for the most part, haven't been seen. Whether or not these are hi-res screencaps of the closed-door videos shown at TGS are anyone's guess, but they seem to detail predominantly summoned creatures, a big ol' airship of ultimate destruction, and that funky Seifer-meets-beanie guy. Whether or not five screenshots tickle your fancy is up to you, but it's good to see a trickle of info about this game every now and then.

Ever wonder what a cheap PS3 knock-off looks like?

Take a lot of unnecessary plastic, a game that seems unplayable even in the 1980's, and a humorous English accent and you've got yourself a full dissection of the PolyStation 3 -- that's right, the PolyStation 3. As far as knock-off's go, this one's got a brilliant mini-PS3 design, executed in a way that would make one-dollar stores across the world cry in pain. There's nothing we can say about this video except insist you watch it. Stuff like this should be destroyed at the core. Oh, if you haven't beaten Bioshock, you may get treated to a spoiler near the end. Fair warning.

[via Digg]

Twenty new TimeShift screenshots

Here are twenty new screenshots from the PS3 build of TimeShift. The demo, which is currently available on Xbox 360 and PC, showcases the various time shifting abilities you have: you can rewind time, slow time and pause time -- each has their own strategic benefits. This looks like a solid shooter, but will it be able to stand out in a very crowded holiday, which includes Call of Duty 4 and Haze?

[Correction: TimeShift is not currently on the PS Store.]

Gallery: Timeshift

Nobi Nobi Boy video makes debut, but no sense

The video itself is quite lengthy, but if you want to see what comes after Katamari Damacy for Keita Takahashi, this is the ticket. Nobi Nobi Boy made a screenshot debut a few months ago with little detailed about the game itself. Now we've caught a demonstration of the title and our thoughts can be summed up by: what? This is some cracked out stuff right here. Essentially you'll see the "boy" run around, stretch out, and mess around with various animals as the audience giggles in anticipation for something to happen. Nothing does. Well, it's still too early to see what's really happening, but the ultimate decision is up to you guys: pass or fail?

First trailer for Dead Space unleashed

What's this? Electronic Arts actually stamping their name on a game that looks relatively decent? It appears so, as this trailer for the new title Dead Space finally shows a bit of the game in action and we've gotta say, looks like tossing survival horror in space might have some promise after all. But will the soundtrack go the white noise, ambient suspense route of typical horror movies? Will they toss in an awkward but awesome sci-fi techno/rock for a futuristic spin? It really is the soundtrack that makes these games work, but silence is always an option. It's space, after all.

Magic happens when PS3 is injected with nectar

After realizing that nectar from Free Radical's upcoming Haze FPS would transform an ordinary Sixaxis controller into the rumblelicious DualShock 3, it looks like Mantel Global Industries is back again with even more interesting experiments. What happens when a PS3 is injected with several doses of the bio-enhancing drug? Apparently, the price just keeps dropping and dropping.

While we're pretty pleased with the current price of the 40GB model, we wouldn't have been upset if they gave a few more squirts to knock the price down even more!

Disgaea 3 screenshot extravaganza

If you've been wondering what Disgaea 3 will look like on your HDTV, we've got a gazillion new screenshots to frisbee throw at you. Yep. The sprites are still the low-res generally-recycled stuff from the last generation of consoles, but they do look like they've been softened up a hair. The level design is still quite basic, but totally smooth. NIS isn't taking home any trophies for graphics, but it's always been their gameplay that grabbed us. This will probably succeed in that, so the fact that we privileged PS3 owners get first dibs is icing on the cake.

We've also received word that a release date for the addictive strategy RPG has been set -- January 31, 2008 is the date for Japan, so if you're an import-savvy fellow, there's probably not much you'd miss besides the humorous dialogue. If you've played the previous games, you'd be able to figure this out. Just a few more throwing options and monster fusions. Oh, and be sure not to choke on any pretzels and die. The Netherworld would miss you.

Never too stupid: Blu-ray disc battles microwave

It's the eternal struggle of who will ultimately destroy who: the disc or the microwave? While most of you will undoubtedly say "the microwave, you dolt!" there are still a few people who secretly wish the discs would unleash a Limit Break of sorts, shooting lightning back into the microwave and causing an explosion of awesome proportions. Sadly, Blu-ray is not the medium to bring about the end of this microwave oppression. Our only qualms with this video: shaky cam is lame and we really wish he tossed the disc back into the PS3 to see if the PS3 would explode somehow.

Unreal Tournament trailer reveals 'story'

Wait, Unreal Tournament has a story? When did this happen? One of the big new improvements to this hotly anticipated PS3/PC sequel is the addition of a significant single player story. Fans of Unreal Tournament have long gone without a story. It's not really necessary, especially in light of such advanced multiplayer modes. Regardless, the single player mode should prove a great way of training our ability to gib and get some insane kills.

Over thirty new Devil May Cry 4 screenshots

Click for high-resolution image.

Our Devil May Cry 4 gallery has just been updated with thirty new screenshots from Capcom's hotly anticipated action game. In this new batch of screens, see some new mech and enemy designs up close. We also have a few concept art renders, so DMC fans will have a lot to look through. Enjoy!

Gallery: Devil May Cry 4

First in-game Super Street Fighter II HD screenshots

After teasing us with tons of sprite art from the game, the very first screenshots of the HD Remix of Street Fighter II have been revealed to the public. As expected, it's absolutely gorgeous. Featuring the hand-drawn art of the fine folks at Udon, this fully redrawn game looks brand-spankin' new. Will Street Fighter IV be able to beat this?

Gallery: Super Street Fighter II HD

Your weekend just got better: Metal Gear Solid 4 footage

Your weekend just got better. Live from E for All, here's English language footage of the Metal Gear Solid 4 demo. You won't have a chance to play the game again before its release, so enjoy. The rest of the videos (three more!) are after the break.

Continue reading Your weekend just got better: Metal Gear Solid 4 footage

The Street reports: PS3 will outsell the rest in 2008 [Update]

It seems it's about that time where another source "reports" their guesses as to what the final result of this generation's "console war" will be. In a video from and coming from Michael Comeau of, it appears the PS3 is going to start collecting more buyers and game developers since he believes Wii games don't sell (just the hardware does). In doing so, it's implied that the PS3 will catch up to the 360 in 2008 as well. Oh, whoops, we spoiled the video. It's still worth watching because, like many hypotheses, it's interesting to watch how each guesstimation is logically derived. Or illogically. Your call!

[Update: "I do think Wii hardware unit sales will exceed of the PS3's, but I think there is a very high likelihood that PS3 software sales will be bigger than Wii software sales next year. Either way, I believe PS3 will see significant improvement in hardware units next year, which will get more third-party attention." For a written report, see here.]

Yakuza 3 fights display enemy 'strategy'

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to get into a swordfight with ancient samurai Yakuza, you'd probably imagine yourself in the middle of a crowd of bad guys who then back into buildings, then try to walk in a circle around you as you dispatch their comrades, right? Right? No? Well, the latest video of Yakuza 3 shows basically that level of enemy intellect, which is slightly discouraging. However, the game's still fairly early in production so they'll doubtlessly add some more artificial intelligence, but for now, we don't see much challenge in the game. We'll keep our fingers crossed for some improvement, though!

First hour of Uncharted in four minutes, spoiler-free

Now, GamesRadar tried their best to remove any sort of spoilers from the first hour of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, but we know that's nearly an impossibility. So consider yourself warned -- there may or may not be something you could possibly consider a spoiler in the above video. What you're seeing is basically a montage of the first playable hour of Naughty Dog's new adventure title in the timespan of a little over four minutes. The game looks, sounds, and appears to play incredible. We really are excited to get our hands on this game and give you all our review! Until then, though, we'll watch videos.

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