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Maguire: New PS3 all part of the master plan

With the European 40GB PlayStation 3 finally out in the open, Sony execs just can't stop talking about it. According to Ray Maguire, SCE UK managing director, Sony's newest console is part of "a very carefully thought-out plan."

While acknowledging that other factors like decreasing production costs, industry pressure and a need to increase its install base contributed, Maguire said Sony has been considering this model since the PlayStation 3 launched.

Of course, the main complaint against the PlayStation 3 has always been its price, but Maguire thinks the lower-priced 40GB model will appease the haters. "If the product was too expensive, of course they're going to feel 'anti,' but now I imagine there will be some changing of attitudes," he told MCV. It's true, the 40GB model's price is much closer to the Xbox 360's, only with a lot more features. However, only time will tell if the move will help Sony recapture the lead in the console wars.

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1. "the 40GB model's price is much closer to the Xbox 360's, only with a lot more features"

You mean Blu-Ray...and..wi-fi...not to be a troll. but "alot" is a big word.

Posted at 11:29PM on Oct 13th 2007 by xion

2. xion, with just those two features that you mentioned, that is alot, but it's more than those two features that you mentioned.

Posted at 11:39PM on Oct 13th 2007 by Don

3. @1 for the price you pay for wi-fi for the 360 and an hd dvd add-on...he's still right

Posted at 11:41PM on Oct 13th 2007 by Justin

4. @1

Those two feature's equivalent on the 360 costs a lot more. The wifi would cost $95 and hd-dvd add-on $180. So take the cheapest 360 with hard drive, which is the 20GB version with HDMI, and add $275 to it and you get a cost that is pretty much the old, full PS3 price.

Posted at 11:46PM on Oct 13th 2007 by ruibing

5. @3. STILL not a valid argument. Never has been. I use wired for my 360 and I don't give a flying flip about HD disks. I would rather my console manufacturers pour more money into making a compelling GAME system.

Maybe if Sony did that, they would have more compelling games for us non-sony apostles.

BUT a lower priced PS3 is exactly what Sony needs... to get more suckers to drive up their install rate and justify developing games for Sony's Amazing Trademark Machine.

Posted at 11:47PM on Oct 13th 2007 by Edge

6. Justin, he's also forgeting that you get 20GB more HDD space, an HDMI slot, and free online gaming. Plus, the PS3 uses blue tooth (we're already starting to see the advantages of that with the wireless peripherals that come with Rock Band and blue tooth headsets), it has a web browser, you can upgrade your HDD with a non-proprietary HDD, and you don't have to deal with a 30+% failure rate that the 360 has.

Posted at 11:55PM on Oct 13th 2007 by Don

7. #1 and #2. You know, a lot is two words, so it's not a big word at all :).

Posted at 12:01AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Broken Haiku

8. Edge, who cares that you don't care for HD discs or that you don't mind playing with wired controllers. The point is that Sony's 40GB model is comparable in price to MicroSoft's 20GB model and you get all these extras included. By the way, Sony is pouring money into making compelling games and have quite a few great exclusives out and more to come in the near future.

Broken Haiku, forgive my spelling. I've always been a horrible speller and I'm constantly getting corrected by my wife and friends, lol. I could have swore that "alot" was a legitimate word but thanks for letting me know otherwise.

Posted at 12:11AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Don

9. It also has bluetooth, motion-sensing, support up to 7 controllers, and a non faulty disc tray like the xbox 360.

Posted at 12:12AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Plaguespitter12

10. There's a much better quote of this on Kotaku:

"We've been considering this since launch - this is all part of a very carefully thought-out plan."

I don't believe a word of it though.

Posted at 12:13AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Frank

11. How about blu-ray, wifi, linux, bluetooth, Upgradeable 2.5" HDD, Free online service, Playstation Home, Folding @ Home, and probably a couple of other little things I'm forgetting.

Posted at 12:17AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Random1448

12. Wow, a post, I forgot you guys still did these. But with the argument these are the things the PS3 has that the X don't:
Wireless controller for cheapest edition
Free Online
Connection to some sort of portable gaming device
Upcoming home
The cell processor
An eye ball, I mean the Playstation Eye
And some features it does not have that the X does is
Flawless internet connection
Fee for online
The red rings of death
A really annoying disk spinning sound
And of course Halo 3

But seriously about the prices
Lets do it this way

X360 elite(The greatest 360 available on the market)
Console: $449.99
(For those who say they want they're console simple)
( Includes HDMI, 1 month of online, last gen BW compatibility, a headset and 120GB of storage.)

PS3 40GB (The cheapest PS3 on the market)
Console: $400.00
(Includes Bluray, Wifi, free online foreva, 40GB of upgradeable storage, PS1 compatibility and Spiderman 3 blu-ray movie)

So more bang for your buck.

The Elite still needs A $180 HD DVD player and a wifi add on to almost reach all of the features the PS3 has... for now.

Posted at 12:21AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Ruben

13. You're list of what the PS3 doesn't have and what the 360 has, is actually longer than that =).

Posted at 12:27AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Dahk

14. playstation beats 360 in every way possible. now it is even cheaper if you add up all the extras you have to pay for with the 360.

only thing that 360 has is halo great game but not that great as i beat the second to last difficulty level at my neighbors house(very short game), i'd rather play GT5 and you cant play that on the 360 and will take a lot longer to finish. the only other games i would like to play on 360 i can use my bomb ass computer to play, and eventually (2-3 years) i will be able to play halo 3 on that as well. by that time playstation will have flexed it's muscle with a plethora of great games, and xbots will still be waiting for the next halo game.

Posted at 12:28AM on Oct 14th 2007 by fly

15. Oh did I forget to mention that 360 released on November 22, 2005 and Halo doesn't stack up in graphics to PS3 exclusive Haze, considering the year advantage 360 has had to develop its graphics. PS3-November 11, 2006.
Check this out:



Posted at 12:28AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Ruben

16. This has nothing to do with the article, but can someone explain to me what is a game engine?

Posted at 1:04AM on Oct 14th 2007 by secret

17. @ edge...just because YOU don't use those features, doesn't make them any less valuable.

Posted at 1:14AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Justin

18. What movies are available on HD-DVD? And I thought EGM said thta the xbox360 HD-DVD add-on has a picture quality problem. CNET kind of reinforced that claim, too.

So why would they buy an add-on for the xbox360 if it doesn't have any movies and has picture quality problems?

Because most of the good movies are on bluray, most likely, the xbox360 owners will have to shop for a standalone bluray player. And if they did their research right, they'll find that the PS3 is probably the best valued standalone bluray player for them, especially if they like gaming too. Right back to where they should've started.

But then if they get the PS3 as a standalone bluray player, they'll find out eventually that their xbox360 will become an unecessary purchase because most games worth having on the xbox360 will be ported to the PS3 (unfortunately to the maximum potential of the xbox360) or that they're already or will be available on the PC computer, which everyone probably has by now. But the PS3 doesn't charge them to play online on these mutliports.

Posted at 1:15AM on Oct 14th 2007 by secret

19. Can someone explain to me what is a game engine and what that's all about?


Posted at 1:18AM on Oct 14th 2007 by secret

20. How's it going Secret? I'm not the most technically savvy person, but I would assume that it's all the components inside that make the console run and give it power. Depending on what makes up the console's "game engine" determines how the console runs, how powerful it is, and it what kind of games it has the potential to play. Like I said, I can't say for certain, but this is my most educated guess.

Posted at 1:34AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Don

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