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The Street reports: PS3 will outsell the rest in 2008 [Update]

It seems it's about that time where another source "reports" their guesses as to what the final result of this generation's "console war" will be. In a video from and coming from Michael Comeau of, it appears the PS3 is going to start collecting more buyers and game developers since he believes Wii games don't sell (just the hardware does). In doing so, it's implied that the PS3 will catch up to the 360 in 2008 as well. Oh, whoops, we spoiled the video. It's still worth watching because, like many hypotheses, it's interesting to watch how each guesstimation is logically derived. Or illogically. Your call!

[Update: "I do think Wii hardware unit sales will exceed of the PS3's, but I think there is a very high likelihood that PS3 software sales will be bigger than Wii software sales next year. Either way, I believe PS3 will see significant improvement in hardware units next year, which will get more third-party attention." For a written report, see here.]

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1. Of course it will ... with lack of exclusivities ...

Posted at 9:02PM on Oct 20th 2007 by eddyk

2. Whats up with the splicing in of the Nintendo games? Its not an add...

Posted at 9:26PM on Oct 20th 2007 by pizzanerd

3. @1
Please just go buy that 360 that you wanted on some earlier post you made and be happy with it.

Anyways, not that I trust analysts since they are a dime a dozen, I hope PS3 will do well in the future.

Posted at 9:27PM on Oct 20th 2007 by ruibing

4. @1: Pray, what is an 'exclusivity'?

It's so cute when 360 fanbois try to speak English...

Posted at 9:47PM on Oct 20th 2007 by Hyams

5. Dont know about outselling!...But it will Outlive the 360. And Sell more Games than the wii is for 3rd Parties. So yeah future looks good

Posted at 9:47PM on Oct 20th 2007 by sicklesdawg

6. I agree with this man 100% LOOK AT mADDEN AND sPIDERMAN 3 THEY DID BAD ON THE WII AND SOLD REA well on the other consoles the same will happen with smackdown and Guitar Hero. TH e PS3 will make a combat in 2008 becuz it had a solid 2007 and its 2008 lineup look s step ahead the other imo.

Posted at 10:06PM on Oct 20th 2007 by Poject X

7. Prepossessing and making absolutes about these types of things is for retards. What is englirsh?

Posted at 10:08PM on Oct 20th 2007 by yo'face

8. wtf was up with the camera guy being drunk? thanks for showing us 1/2 his head for most of this video.

I camped the wii for 14.5 hours. After buying disapointing and boring games, I sold it for a ps3. Very happy with my decision. Wii has no games...the only titles for the system are major franchise names (mario, metriod, etc).

Posted at 10:09PM on Oct 20th 2007 by Dragon

9. as a 360 owner, i sure as hell hope the PS3 does well in 2008 and beyond. i bought 360 to play awesome games, but i'm really curious as to what the PS3 is truly capable of.

no i'm not talking about bluray movies or home, i'm talking about the Cell processor and games on bluray. i want games that scream to me "this is better than the competition, this is why you bought a PS3." haven't seen any of that on PS3 yet. but it's only had a year so far...can't wait for next year!

Posted at 10:46PM on Oct 20th 2007 by ryano

10. Do we really need an analyst to tell us that the PS3 will do well in 2008?

I never really noticed til now but no one is ever saying.

OMG, 1 mU2T get taht gam3 for W11!!111!!

The one exception is Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
And that's only one kid.
But PS3. Holy God.
The people that I know have PS3 are going.
"Must get Assasin's Creed."
Or seem to be humming the Little Big Planet music.

I myself have the mp3.

Posted at 10:52PM on Oct 20th 2007 by Kevin

11. agree 7 I camp out bought a ps3 too many kiddie games only games like was wii sports and zelda is ok

Posted at 11:01PM on Oct 20th 2007 by bs6268d

12. At first I thought you were referring to Mike Skinner, and I was all excited for some terribly-awesomtacular british rap.
But I guess this is good too, hope it happens if for no other reason than to hear the fanboy excuses and flaming hilarity that will ensue.

Posted at 11:32PM on Oct 20th 2007 by mccomber

13. I agree with ryano comment.

Sony has a few critical issues to attend to:
1) Disprove that the low speed Blu-ray drive and memory issues are a problem.
2)That their system can achieve improvements in games.
3)That the developers can create their games efficiently without compensation.

If they do it they are golden.

I don't think that it's safe to dismiss Nintendo. Cheaper platform. Less expensive games. The Wii is also kid-centric. That market isn't going away.

Posted at 11:43PM on Oct 20th 2007 by Devast

14. Traded in my wii a week ago while it was still worth something. Bought 6 games for it and it collected dust. Each time I bought a game for it that my kids requested they played the games for a couple of hours and never touched them again. At the same time I have bought 10 games for the PS3 and downloaded 3-4 more. It is used continuously for Movies,games and music. Paid full release price for both, 280.00 for the wii and about 900.00 for the PS3 package. 3 time the initial price but 10 times the value. Two people in my office have now purchased the PS3 and we have all spent hours playing warhawk together. Ages represented, 8,22,25,29,40 and 55(splitscrean all 3 systems). It also shows that a war game that isn't super violent can still be a hell of a lot of fun. Just like the PS2 the PS3 is doing everything I want it to and more and I don't have to pay a fee every month for the online component.

Posted at 3:44AM on Oct 21st 2007 by Skinchaser

15. *sigh*

Than comes next year.

"PS3 will outsell the rest in 2009.....seriously"

Posted at 3:57AM on Oct 21st 2007 by ZombieOrgasm

16. Totally agree with you Ryano and if more posts from both 360 and PS3 players were as objective as yours this would be a much better world to live in.

I own both systems, and while I personally use my PS3 more then I do my 360. I want to see both systems succeed if only for the fact that competition is good. It keeps companies on their toes trying to outdo each other for our hard earned cash. Keeps them innovative and putting out new products. Take away that competition and the "winning" company doesn't have to do anything special to get your money anymore. The whole wishing doom on one system over another is really just self defeating if your a gamer.

Now back to your regularly schedules Sony sucks/Microsoft sucks posts.

Posted at 6:08AM on Oct 21st 2007 by The Twizzler

17. @13


Please go look up the speeds of the BD 2x drive. You'll find that it's not the same thing as DVD 2x.

"low speed Blu-ray drive"

Posted at 6:59AM on Oct 21st 2007 by GL

18. Finally Analysts finally come around and recognize the winner of all the next generation consoles.

Posted at 8:21AM on Oct 21st 2007 by Plaguespitter12

19. One of the funny things about the "Blu-ray is not needed to play games" argument is could make the same argument about the DVD, which was also not required in the first 2-3 years for PS2 - it could easily have done with a CD drive. But what it ACTUALLY did was to enable the PS2 to last for 7 years.

Similarly, the Blu-ray is NOT needed for games in 2007, period. But it will be in 2009 and will help the PS3 go on for, say, till 2013.
On the other hand, the absence of HD drive doesnt matter for the 360, because by 2009 expect the launch of the 361 (with BR/HD, wifi, HDMI and large hard disc - all the things PS3 had from the beginning)

The reason BR was an issue was p[recisely because it made the PS3 more expensive. Now, even with BR the PS3 is already close to the 360 in price.

Posted at 9:45AM on Oct 21st 2007 by SDF

20. That camera works is totally awefull!

Posted at 9:59AM on Oct 21st 2007 by Sauvage

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