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PS3 sales on par with 360, launches aligned

Is the PS3 really suffering as badly as it seems? Admittedly, it's getting to a slow start, but many forget that the Xbox 360 faced similar challenges during its launch. In fact, when the launches are aligned, the Xbox 360 and PS3 appear to be selling at an equivalent rate. Of course, with the immense amount of negativity surrounding the PS3 from the gaming media, will sales be hurt during this crucial holiday season? The price drop and release of games, such as Ratchet & Clank, will help Sony hopefully keep pace with its major rival.

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1. ...This will likely be a double post...

I posted this same 'news' back in May too...I hope the tune changes soon..

Posted at 11:22PM on Oct 19th 2007 by Kspraydad

2. The biggest problem is that the 360 has currently double the PS3 fan base, so everywhere you go, even this fan site, you hear 360 fans saying just about the same exact thing over and over again. Though some are sensible, so many others spews FUD as if they took a course in it. You see it a lot in 1up, evilavatar, n4g, and joystiq, but it improves for a less U.S. based site like kotaku. I think there just needs to be more PS3 owners and we need to be a lil more vocal without stooping down to their level.

I would REALLY like to get a demographic poll for the user base between the consoles. I'm sure if its all the swearing, unsupported FTW assertions, or numerous other things about 360 owners, but it always seems to me they tend to be younger than PS3 owners. Who knows, it might just me all PS3 owners up until now needed some more money than 360 owners to get a console in the first place.

Posted at 11:23PM on Oct 19th 2007 by ruibing

3. As I've been saying for months, it's odd that the Xbox 360 can only par sales of the PlayStation 3 its first year despite having been the only next-generation console on the market.

The bias is still strangely in force despite this, with the red-ring fiasco (though the PlayStation 2 got endless flak for having half the failure rate), a harddrive-less SKU that limits developers, and sales that only meet half the last generation's adoption rate. One would think with a division doing nothing but hemorrhage money since its inception, people would start saying, "Hey, wait a sec..."

Posted at 11:27PM on Oct 19th 2007 by JKPierce

4. They did an OS poll on engadget a while back... turns out that close to 50% of the posters are Apple users, which is 10x their representation in real life. You cant really get anywhere supporting a Sony or MS product on that site... you're always be voted down, its really a popularity contest.

Posted at 11:30PM on Oct 19th 2007 by phattie

5. I think things are starting to come around to the PS3 a little. I mean when I read this months Game Informer I was kind of surprised at the amount of PS3 praise I was seeing. Even an article about PSN taking a different, more artistic direction with upcoming titles like Flower and Echochrome.

With Eye of Judgment and Ratchet and Clank around the corner I think the tide is ready to change.

Posted at 11:38PM on Oct 19th 2007 by viewtiful.jim

6. The problem is, "the same rate" isn't good enough. If the PS3 maintains the same sales rate as the 360 T-minus one year, it will by mathematical definition always be a year behind in sales. It will always be #2.

In order for the PS3 to catch up to the 360 by the end of next year, it needs to sell more than double the 360 every month. It's doing the opposite, and that's not good for Sony.

Posted at 11:51PM on Oct 19th 2007 by Jason

7. I would be interesting to map all the 360's that were counted as sold, but were actually used as replacements for broken machines onto this graph.

Posted at 11:55PM on Oct 19th 2007 by Hey-Joe

8. Considering the PS3 has matched the X360, a product which effectively had the next-gen marketplace to itself while the PS3 had that time in the shaddow of an established machine just starting to see the first wave of decent titles coming through, and all of this while the PS3 is supposedly over-priced to many people i think its pretty impressive.

Theres some belting exclusive titles on the horizon, a price drop at the perfect time, things are on the up and up.

Posted at 12:13AM on Oct 20th 2007 by P

9. Considering the PS3 has matched the X360, a product which effectively had the next-gen marketplace to itself while the PS3 had that time in the shaddow of an established machine just starting to see the first wave of decent titles coming through, and all of this while the PS3 is supposedly over-priced to many people i think its pretty impressive.

Theres some belting exclusive titles on the horizon, a price drop at the perfect time, things are on the up and up.

Posted at 12:14AM on Oct 20th 2007 by P

10. I'm glad to see ps3 doing as well as 360, but wasn't the 360 in severe shortages until like march?

Posted at 12:41AM on Oct 20th 2007 by Frank

11. @jason the problem was never really being behind but people constantly pointing the lowers sales as the end of the console war. OOOO halo 3 sells 3.3 million moves only half a million consoles! MS from the gate was all about hype and you can see there user adopting the same trait. PS3 has constantly proved it self as being the best without an real killer apps it is selling nicely. MS has done nothing but gone over there mistakes and now i hear a new HD-DVD 360 coming out...:| So MS was wrong about disc space, wrong about HDMI, wrong about having a HDD, wrong about pushing there format HD DVD, Failure rate which seems to be getting cleaned up but faulty units with multiple(over heating, dead drive, power) types of failure are sill out there. systems with HDMI/without, Falcon chip/without, ben q drive/without, some may have 2 parts and not the other. to top it off this problem is spread over several models the core, premium, elite, and pretty soon arcade. Almost no 360 game will be exclusive with almost everything xbox related thing going to the PC even LIVE ARCADE. i really dont know where MS is going with this but with all there problems STILL FANBOYS STAND PROUD BAOSITNG ABOUT GAMES THAT ARE NOT EXCLUSIVE.

Posted at 12:53AM on Oct 20th 2007 by MYPS3KilledMy360

12. alijah green is exactly the type of person that "myps3killedmy360" is talking about, spreading rumors and standing strong for M$'s consoles. even though the xbox was killed completely by ps2, they still call it the king.

Posted at 1:53AM on Oct 20th 2007 by animekid3515

13. "I don't think these numbers are correct. Where's the spike that happened when Sony dropped the price $100 on the 60GB? I know there was one."

VGChartz is like the other sales sites. They use estimates and correct their numbers based on the moans and groans of the user base and the NPD numbers. Your likely not going to see spikes as the average the numbers out over a few weeks/months time.

Posted at 2:59AM on Oct 20th 2007 by Andir3.0

14. um,, i am an xbot i freelly admit that, but it took me 5 months to get a 360, because of the masive shortages they had when it released, and the numbers are going to be skewed because of that.

Posted at 3:08AM on Oct 20th 2007 by iroc

15. Uh, dude? There's half a year of sales data matched with the PS3 there beyond any point where the 360 was supply constrained.

If for some insane reason you think that still matters, I should point out that the PS3 didn't launch in Europe at the same time and thus they're missing out on three + months of sales. Feel better now?

Posted at 3:38AM on Oct 20th 2007 by Deviation

16. You know, I don't think we really NEED to be #1 this cycle. This business has grown so big that even # 3 can make healthy profits and have amazing experiences. Case in point: Gamecube. It almost seems as if the Xbox losers are high off the idea that Microsoft is ascendant; this is a new sensation for them, where as Sony fans are used to the idea of being king. This last point reminds me of something Ken Kutaragi said, that Microsoft is not trying to beat Playstation 3, they're still mentally trying to beat Playstation 2.

Posted at 4:03AM on Oct 20th 2007 by popozao

17. I've been pointing this out for a while. Even the graph says it's been like this for ages. How is this news?

Posted at 4:31AM on Oct 20th 2007 by ck

18. If Unreal Tournament III gets delayed then Sony's holiday is pretty much gone. The problem with the holiday lineup for PS3 is there is none. 360 a year later got Gears of War and PS3 a year later has... R&C and maybe UT III if it isn't delayed?! I'd sooner think Unreal Tournament III would be a game to look for but the delay rumors are spreading thick. R&C in no way, despite how fun it is, doesn't have the incredible clout that GoW pulled in. I don't think PS3's sales will show something noticable until MGS4, FF XIII, and maybe Little Big Planet comes around. Honesty hurts, but what PS3 needs right now is more games and less delays.

Posted at 7:14AM on Oct 20th 2007 by TCampbell76

19. @ 20: Before Christmas, it's not just R&C being released. There's also Uncharted and Haze, not to mention the massive list of cross-platform games, including Assassin's Creed and Devil May Cry.

And with the recent price cut, I'd imagine the PS3 will do pretty well this holiday.

Posted at 7:58AM on Oct 20th 2007 by Hyams

20. @Jason
"The problem is, "the same rate" isn't good enough. If the PS3 maintains the same sales rate as the 360 T-minus one year, it will by mathematical definition always be a year behind in sales. It will always be #2."

If we are to take mathematics into account, even if the trend goes like this, each year, the difference between xbox360's sold and PS3's sold will be minimized in terms of percentage. When one console will have sold 30million, the other will have sold 25million. The difference in percentage will be a mere 20%, but currently, there's double the xbox360 users and it is an important advantage, so, a big NO, the current sales rate is NOT a problem, if it were to follow the footsteps of Xbox360.

Posted at 8:26AM on Oct 20th 2007 by Emrah

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