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PS3 sales on par with 360, launches aligned

Is the PS3 really suffering as badly as it seems? Admittedly, it's getting to a slow start, but many forget that the Xbox 360 faced similar challenges during its launch. In fact, when the launches are aligned, the Xbox 360 and PS3 appear to be selling at an equivalent rate. Of course, with the immense amount of negativity surrounding the PS3 from the gaming media, will sales be hurt during this crucial holiday season? The price drop and release of games, such as Ratchet & Clank, will help Sony hopefully keep pace with its major rival.

[Via Digg]

Sony respects rising Canadian dollar with price drop

What's strange about this image? If you're Canadian, you may have noticed that you're paying the same as your American brethren. Sony is the first of the major three console makers to release a system in the territory that matches the American price. Traditionally, the US dollar has been much stronger than the Canadian. Thus, console manufacturers usually inflated the cost of Canadian consoles accordingly.

However, the Canadian dollar is now stronger than the US dollar. Shouldn't the inflation stop? Unfortunately, other console manufacturers haven't responded quite yet. The Nintendo Wii retails for $289 in Canada, $30 more than in the US. The Xbox 360 Elite retails for $499, $50 more than in the US.

Thanks to Sony for recognizing the changing global economy. They slashed the Canadian PS3 by $160 to account for the currency conversion. Now, Canadians -- go buy yourself a PS3.

Comparison: Is the 40GB PS3 such a bad deal?

Click for full resolution image.

Is the 40GB PS3 really such a bad deal? We stacked a number of systems side by side to see which gaming console is the best value (at least, in terms of hardware). For example, when compared to the Xbox 360, the $399 PS3 may seem like a pretty good deal, provided you're looking for built-in wi-fi and an HD movie player. These two peripherals cost $99 and $179 each for the Xbox 360.

However, let's not forget that the 20GB Xbox 360 includes some backwards compatibility support (the 40GB PS3 does not). In addition, you get two free games with the system.

The 60GB PS3 is in an interesting position right now, as it currently costs the same as the 80GB model. For the same price, you can get a larger hard drive and a free game. The only difference? The 80GB has more limited backwards compatibility support. Patrick Seybold from SCEA reminds us that "There are no plans to lower the price of the 60GB model. The 60GB model has nearly 95% backwards compatibility, so consumers looking for that feature have the option while supplies last."

[Update: Chart updated with user suggested information. Updated with minor corrections. Thanks, readers!]

Assassin's Creed PS3 skin only at Gamestop

Ever thought your PS3 was a bit ... bland? A bit boring? We're talking about the aesthetic quality of the box itself, not its functions or features. Frankly, we don't find ourselves staring at the machine long enough to really notice, but if you do then there are many ways that you can remedy the situation.

Gamestop is, from November 1st, offering a new Assassin's Creed skin. For a few weeks this will allow you to almost imagine that you have the game. "I have Assassin's Creed on PS3" you'll be able to say, without technically lying. The skin includes stickers which attach to the top and bottom of the PS3, so if you have your console sitting horizontally (as you should, really) then half of this skin just became moot. We're hoping that the stickers don't stay on permanently so that once the Assassin's Creed hype dies down you aren't stuck looking like you're stuck in the past.

Together, PS3s can be very brainy

Students from UC Irvine and Dartmouth college have netted themselves the $10,000 prize at IBM's Cell Broadband Engine Professor University Challenge on September 24. By connecting three PlayStation 3s together the team have emulated functions of the human brain - specifically, visual recognition algorithms. While other gaming platforms had substantial lag when performing visual recognition tasks, the PS3 lowered that to only a second of thinking time in order to recognise an object.

This marks only the beginning of the group's research into utilising artificial brain algorithms for use in robots, cars and other machines. Recreating the human brain, curing cancer - what can't the PS3 do? Maybe one day it'll even have some games to play. We kid, we kid ...

[Via Digg]

Pachter: SCEA reluctant to announce 40GB due to 60GB supply

Signs are pointing to a November 2nd launch of the price (and feature) reduced 40GB PS3. However, where is the buzz? Why is there no official confirmation from SCEA? "These rolling announcements suggest to me that Sony has an inventory control problem, with too many unsold 60GB units out there, and they don't want to have to cut the price to clear them," Wedbush Morgan securities analyst Michael Pachter told

Certainly, it appears that 60GB machines are still in ample supply in spite of Sony's proclamation that the system is no longer being manufactured. Are the systems selling at an even slower rate than anticipated? Seemingly. However, what will happen when November 2nd rolls along, and 60GB systems are still in stock? Sony will have to "accept reality and bundle [the 60GB with] a game and an extra controller for USD 499.99, giving consumers some value for their money." However, in spite of a price drop, it appears that Pachter is not confident that a price drop will significantly increase sales for Sony's system. What price must the PS3 reach for it to appeal to the masses?

SCEE announces new 40GB PS3 to launch at €399

It's official. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has just announced a new 40GB PS3 which will launch in Europe for the price of €399. It will be available starting October 10th. As predicted, the new model features two USB 2.0 ports rather than four and no longer includes the multi memory card port. Strangely, the model also loses backwards compatibility support for PS2 games.

The existing 60GB Starter Pack will be reduced in price to €499. It will be on sale "while stocks last," as the 60GB model is being phased out, as it was in America. Update: Patrick Seybold from Sony Computer Entertainment America has no real comment about the 40GB model being made available in the US. "We have not made any announcements for new SKUs or configurations for our territory." We're willing to bet we're going to hear something soon.

Continue reading SCEE announces new 40GB PS3 to launch at €399

PS3 brand campaign begins this week

"We should probably advertise this thing," someone said at a meeting of Sony executives.

And then it happened! A new "brand campaign" begins this week for the PS3, one that we hope is absent of creepy crying babies. According to a recent update, "the theme of this year's campaign uses computer animation to model key PS3 iconography in a black onyx world." One reader theorized that this mysterious logo may play a role in the upcoming advertising. We doubt it -- but it certainly sounds plausible.

Sony will most likely focus on their big holiday line-up, which includes Ratchet & Clank Future and the new IP, Uncharted. In addition to the usual key selling points of the system (Blu-ray, PSN, etc.), we hope that Sony will also run advertising to promote a potentially price-reduced machine. A $399 price tag would certainly look quite attractive.

PS3 labeled "best media center" by EISA

Seems Sony can jam another feather in its cap and cluck about another award today. The winners were announced for this year's EISA awards (European Imaging and Sounds Association) and the PlayStation 3 walked off with the award for best multimedia device. From the official announcement on the EISA site, "Sony's PS3 is a wonderful example of a powerful media centre, thanks to its inclusion of an audio-video-photo player as well as a web browser to navigate, download, play and chat on the Internet. In addition there's a 60GB hard disk for content storage, plus Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and four USB interfaces allowing connection of external hard-disk storage and USB accessories such as keyboards."

They continue to gush about the importance of Blu-ray and how, above all else, the system is a "worthy heir to the grand PlayStation heritage." We're glad that, for once, the PS3 isn't rated an over-priced piece of hardware or a product that has already failed. We'd like to think that the opinion of the EISA is the least biased and a lot more convincing than one Japanese author, or a single journalist. We're happy for you, Sony, just don't forget that you've got to make the PS3 a gaming console above all that other useful stuff!

Sony has run out of 60GB PS3s -- get one while you can

Well we knew it wouldn't last forever. Sony has just confirmed with GamePro that they have run out of 60GB PS3s in their warehouses -- the only 60GB units left are ones that are in the retail channel now. This means that if you want a $499 PS3 with full backwards compatibility, you better hit up the shops soon.

According to David Karraker there is still 'ample supply' left in the retail stores, but with the holidays fast approaching and some fantastic games hitting the PS3, don't expect that supply to stay ample for that long. Still no word on whether Sony will keep the 80GB PS3's price at $599 once the 60GB SKU runs out of stock completely, but GamePro is agreeing with Michael Pachter that Sony will probably drop the price on the 80GB unit before Christmas.

Sony pleased by recent PS3 sales climb

Sony has responded to this month's NPD reports on sales. "We were obviously very pleased to see that PS3 sales increased with 159K units sold at retail for the month of July, which puts us up 61% over June numbers." Impressive! Although the PS3 didn't outsell the Xbox 360, it got close (the Xbox 360 sold 180k).

The sales increase is most likely spurred by the recent price drop, but also the upcoming library of games that will be arriving on the PS3. However, it seems unlikely that Europe will receive a price drop. In a statement to Next-Gen, the always outspoken David Reeves admitted that a price drop so early in the game would be like admitting defeat. "Had we gone down in price in July, that's three months after we launched PS3. It'd be kind of like saying, 'hey, we failed.' But we didn't. We've been selling through much more than we ever thought we would be, even in Germany. If [a price cut is] what they want to do in the US, fine... But we don't need to do it in Europe."

With games like Warhawk and Heavenly Sword available in the coming weeks, it'll be interesting to see how Sony's next-gen platform fares. Until then, Sony can enjoy the still-incredible sales of PS2 hardware and software.

Bladestorm bundle to invade Japan later this month

Yet another PS3 bundle is heading to Japan. This time, it's for Motorstorm Bladestorm. For 61,886 yen ($536), Japanese gamers (and importers) will be able to get a 60GB system, game and soundtrack. For those that already have a PS3, they might be interested in the much-too-expensive Bladestorm limited edition bundle, which includes the game, soundtrack CD, art book, and calendar. All for a whopping 9,980 yen ($86).

Previous PS3 bundles included Koei and Namco's Gundam Musou, and Sony's Minna no Golf 5.

PS3 sales annihilate competition in Denmark

No, something is not rotten in this Denmark. In fact, for Sony, something is downright flowery in this Denmark. According to this Danish website, the PS3 is selling incredibly well: it's reportedly outselling the Wii in a 3.5:1 ratio and the 360 by a 6:1 ratio. Granted, the actual number of consoles isn't mentioned (but we should mention we love italics in this post), so it could be a case of spin. We don't like thinking that way, though, so we're going to consider this good news, as anyplace welcoming the PS3 into their home deserves a friendly pat on the back.

Will these results transfer over to worldwide sales in the coming year? There have already been estimates that the PS3 is going to outsell the 360 in the US, at least, estimates for July. We doubt the PS3 is going to overtake the Wii in sales for a little while longer, but that really depends on the media's continued support of the Wii. Perhaps, a few years from now, the millions of people with their PlayStation 3's will look on Denmark with starry eyes and say "It all began there."

[via PS3 Forums]

Korea and the PS3: destined for love, or marketing bust?

Korea is full of developers that desperately want to make a mark on the console world. While neither were fantastic, look at the impressive graphics that graced the ambitious, but ultimately shallow and annoying, Magna Carta for the PS2, or the broken remake of Astonishia Story for the PSP. Korean developers want to get involved in consoles, since people seem more and more interested in buying them. Korea gets the brunt of their attention from their PC endeavors, so we've got to ask: is Korea going to show a stronger market share with the PS3 and maintain the popularity of the PSP, or not?

Since Gamasutra posted a pretty lengthy look at the history of consoles in Korea, we're going to give the abridged conclusions here. By all means, check out the full article since it's really quite entertaining. As far as the PSP goes, it's still fairly popular, but mainly used for watching movies while on subways, etc. It's not much of the "short burst" gaming system, which is why the DS has gained a lot of ground there.

The PlayStation 3 has hit a wall in Korea, since most of the "hardcore" crowd have already put their money on the 360. All the negative pre-launch press didn't help, either. The system's still selling, but until the big titles hit, it's not going to have any remarkable sales numbers. The PS3 may, in time, ride on the success of the PS2 in Korea, but until that time, there's nothing fantastic going on. In short, Sony's got to step up to the plate and deliver some good marketing strategies in Korea or else even those Korean console developers will stop trying and that would be a shame, stamping out potential.

Only 0.2% of PS3s are faulty according to Sony

Much has been made about the X360's hardware failure rate (which Microsoft won't release hard numbers on) and the accompanying lawsuits/warranty extensions, so it's been interesting how few stories we've heard about PlayStation 3s dying. Turns out the reason we haven't heard about widespread PS3 hardware issues is because, well, there aren't any.

Speaking with Spong at this week's Edinburgh Interactive Festival, Chris Deering, the founder of SCEE mentioned that the failure rate for the PlayStation 3 is a teeny-tiny 0.2%. Industry standard for hardware failure rates on consoles has historically been 3-5%, so the PS3's fantastically low failure rate really showcases how well Sony designed the system. Old Ken may have been crazy, but he was one hell of an engineer.

[Via N4G]

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