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High-res Turrican coming to PSN? It's possible

In a recent sit-down chat with Gamasutra, Factor 5's outspoken Julian Eggebrecht gave his impressions on the new DualShock 3, and answered a few questions that would interest those with a gaming history longer than ten years. About the new controller, Julian seemed pleased and wouldn't mind going back and implementing it in Lair. "I'd love to do a patch for Lair, to get the rumble in there. It just about didn't work out for us for Lair, because this is basically one OS past the one that we shipped with, which I think is a shame, because it's a natural fit, especially when you're ramming into other characters."

Eggebrecht was also quizzed about the classic Turrican titles, whether a hi-res remake of any of the old games would make their way onto the PlayStation Network or XBLA. Surprisingly, he seemed to have an answer prepared. " Yeah absolutely, both for XBLA and PSN, it'd be fantastic. I think that probably a high-res Turrican more based on the Amiga Turricans would be great on those platforms. We obviously have the Virtual Console out there on the Nintendo side, and that'd obviously work well for the Genesis and Super Nintendo Turricans. So yeah, we're talking!" We hope these talks turn to actions, as we'd love to see those games revived in HD, as we feel HD sprites are the sexiest things alive. With multiple exceptions.

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1. Is it me or this blog has had a very slow day??
as of now only 4 topics....strange?

Posted at 5:34PM on Sep 21st 2007 by Jm

2. My brother used to LOVE those Turrican games back in the early nineties. He also wet the bed until he was 17.

Posted at 5:38PM on Sep 21st 2007 by Fartbox 9000

3. @ JM I know imagine this weekend (last weekend Sat and Sunday 3 posts)

Posted at 5:44PM on Sep 21st 2007 by Ruben

4. just so long as he doesn't force us to use the motion sensitivity only to control it, i'd be interested.

Posted at 5:54PM on Sep 21st 2007 by Solace

5. loved turrican 2 on the amiga, bring it on!!

Loads of Amiga remakes would be brilliant, Gods, Leander, shadow of the beast 2, cabal, magic pockets, cannon fodder........

Posted at 5:56PM on Sep 21st 2007 by finelicker

6. I used to play turrican on the Atari ST220 until my eyes bled! cant wait for this one

Posted at 6:25PM on Sep 21st 2007 by Benjamizzle

7. The atari ST was pants, big borders around the screen, jerky scrolling (amiga had dedicated scroll chip) with crappy sound chip, the amiga is where its at.

Posted at 6:27PM on Sep 21st 2007 by finelicker

8. Oh, how could I forget flashback and another world, (however, I know Benjamizzle hates flashback)

Posted at 6:29PM on Sep 21st 2007 by finelicker

9. I was 14 when I had my Atari, my folks were poor and to me it was the best thing ever.... congratulations Finelicker you have just crushed my happy childhood memories!!!

Oh and Flash back was toss

:P w00t

Posted at 6:34PM on Sep 21st 2007 by Benjamizzle

10. turrican on PSN would kick ass. Played it on my C64 back in the days and later megaTurrican on my Mega Drive.

"...hello and welcome to Turrican. Be my guest. Another day, another try. But remember: SHOOT OR DIE!"

Posted at 7:12PM on Sep 21st 2007 by minimalniemand

11. A wet dream would be redrawn graphic and Chris Hüelsbeck's soundtracks remixed or at least updated to today's standard. Unfortunately I think we'll either NOT get this game at all or just a pixel-stretched emulated version.

Posted at 7:22PM on Sep 21st 2007 by Broken Haiku

12. If I remember correctly the ST had great sound. To the point where professionals of the time used it.

Posted at 8:30PM on Sep 21st 2007 by DownwardMonkey

13. I think I just wet myself :/
I have been praying for a remake of updated version of Turrican for years and I hope this comes true.

@ finelicker

How about Fire and Ice, Flood, Superfrog, Wolfchild, Swiv, Wings of Death, Blood Money, Z-Out... Oh hell, why not just do them all for us... heheh

Hope they make both Turrican 1 and 2 though since they were the best in the series and yes and they need Chris Hüelsbeck's to do the music... Gawd I even bought the Turrican Soundtrack... :D

Posted at 8:52PM on Sep 21st 2007 by Babybeezzz

14. I can hear Eggebrecht now: "You shouldn't force vibration on the user! We have an update to Lair in the works, with vibration, and you can't turn it off!"

I used my Amiga primarily for making questionable songs:

I agree with finelicker, I would love to see Amiga remakes, as well as C-64 (Jetset Willy II, anyone?), but I would like them, you know... hi-rez'd.

DownwardMonkey, you don't remember correctly. The ST had a 3-voice chip that wasn't even as good as the C-64's SID chip (but then again, the SID was an awesome chip), whereas the Amiga's voice chip was a 4-voice sampler (unheard of, in those days). What the ST was used for, was as a MIDI sequencer. It was cheaper than Amiga at first, and for a sequencer, you didn't need all the extra chips that the Amiga had, so people were buying it and running their keyboards on it, for a short time. So that was sequencing, the ST recorded the music to MIDI files, but it was triggered to external keyboards, nothing to do with the ST's sound chip, which was never used in these cases. On the other hand, the Amiga, with it's built-in sampler, was able to be used by some, even though it was 8-bit dirty. The Amiga was the ps3 of it's time. It had multi-tasking and a unix-based file system way before Mac or PC, it had dedicated chips for scrolling, graphics, and sound, and it was clearly the most powerful, which is why a bunch of amazing games and demos came out for it in it's short heyday (it's also sort of the Dreamcast of that era).

Posted at 9:57PM on Sep 21st 2007 by John

15. Wow @ Johns vast knowledge of ther amiga, I thought I was one of the only hardcore left. !

However, anyone looking for upsampled remixed turrican soundtracks (and loads more), check out

Posted at 2:26AM on Sep 22nd 2007 by finelicker

16. I agree with Finelicker; Johns uber amiga fanboy knowledge astounded me! (fire and ice was a great game also) I am not arguning that one was better than the other, I know the Amiga won out overall. But
remember my fellow fanboys.... these were the days before Microsofts billbox and the console wars, in those days there was only one king of the consoles and it was Ninty!!!

Metroid = Turrican!

Posted at 6:40AM on Sep 22nd 2007 by Benjamizzle

17. To this day Turrican 2 on the Amiga remains my all time favourite game. Please Factor5 make this a reality. Would love to see a revamped version.

Turrican was kickass, and the Chris Hüelsbeck soundtrack was a treat. For anyone wondering what all the fuss was about check out the fan remake 'Hurrican' for PC:

Ah, happy days

Posted at 7:34AM on Sep 22nd 2007 by Nick

18. @ Nick

Thankyou so much for getting me on to Hurrican for the PC... WOW

Oh and imagine if they remade Apidya?!


Posted at 9:06AM on Sep 22nd 2007 by Babybeezzz

19. Turrican II PLEASE with a cd-quality Chris Huelsbeck soundtrack. (by the way this was recently added to iTunes - check it out)

Posted at 9:38AM on Sep 22nd 2007 by christian

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