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Dylan Jobe talks Warhawk, downloadable content, more

In a thorough interview with GamePro, Dylan Jobe talked about the hard decision to make Warhawk a multiplayer-only title, and things learned from the beta. A fascinating read, to be sure, and we hope you take a chance to check out GamePro's complete interview.

One thing that stood out to us was Incognito's plans for downloadable content. "It's not content that we cut to hold back and later jam down the throats of players," he says. "What we do with our downloadable content is to look at the feedback from players and develop content that supplements their experience, not just rehashes stuff that we perhaps descoped previously."

The beta revealed many things that the team wants to add to the game, but simply hasn't found the time. "We were able to collect a lot of feedback from the beta. There were a lot of really great ideas that it was to late to incorporate, but we ear marked to perhaps come back to it and put it in future." Additional brainstorming ideas will undoubtedly come back from fans and players like you. "We also have a team that will scour all of the forums for Warhawk feedback on so that we can make sure that our first outing of downloadable content matches what players want." Of course, we think players want to know: when will downloadable content arrive ... and how much will it cost?

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1. glad to see this title is doing well (and getting positive reviews), i was in the beta and really enjoyed it. here's hoping for a lasting good time.

Posted at 2:21PM on Aug 30th 2007 by a.j.

2. New maps and game modes, AND THATS IT!!! As anyone who has a 360 can let you know venturing into other areas can HURT your game! As it stands now, Warhawk has something that very few online games have... BALANCE! Chromehounds was a great online game and then Sega fucked it up with updates and now the game is EXTREMELY UNBALANCED. Another thing to consider is exploits. I dont know about the PS3 crowd but playing a game online on 360 can be a HUGE pain because players LOOK FOR flaws/glitches in the game and CONSTANTLY exploit them and this kills a lot of games for me (Madden, Chromehounds, C&C3, LOTR, Rainbow 6, GRAW, Gears, etc...) You need to be sure that downloadable content cannot be used in this manner.
I am extremely happy with this game as is. New maps and game modes would be more than enough for me.


Posted at 2:26PM on Aug 30th 2007 by TheSh0wstopper

3. it kills me to not be at home playing this. might have to call in sick tomorrow.

Posted at 2:43PM on Aug 30th 2007 by GRANTED

4. Single player put back in after tweaking it a lot, or allow bot matches offline. It would be a great way for people to get practice by themselves and formulate strategies.

Posted at 2:43PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Space_Butler

5. @ Space_Butler

Yes, that would be ideal. Are you listening Incognito?
Bring back single player campaign please.
Remember the E3 2006 demonstration where you saw Warhawks attacking Huge (StarDestroyer) sized mother ships? That would be a hellofa lot of fun, single player or Multi-player.
You would either be trying to take down the Mother ship or protect it.
You could also have WWII style combat where players could be inside the Mother ship and use different weapons to destroy Warhawks.
Just like B-17's or the Falcon in SW episode 4.

Posted at 2:49PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Zaphod Beeblebrox

6. @#3 Granted,

I hear ya bro. Called in sick yesterday and played it non-stop. Its the only thing I have been thinking about all day. Oh man do I love this game. Unfortunately I didnt read those tutorial boxes for the Warhawk's weapons and only really know what the Swarm missiles, Chaff, and Air mines are for. The other weapons (like this one that shot lightening) seem cool but I dont know what the hell they do (I got it off the PSN not retail so no book). And this other one gave me like a Sniper vision but some bastard blew me up before i could figure out what was goin on.


Posted at 2:59PM on Aug 30th 2007 by TheSh0wstopper

7. Ok, Sh0wstopper... Look, the "sniper" vision is actualy a guided missle... you sit still, and fly the missle, so hide your warhawk well... and remember the l1 (I think, this might give you issues) is 'detonate', R2 is speed-burst as well. Other than that, I could have sworn there was a help file inside, check for it... Sorry, have to help here so I don't have to keep helping over voice chat and getting killed explaining how to use the lightning gun (ps, you have to charge the circle to get the plasma burst that lands on the ground... watch the rentacle.) anyway, see you guys in a few hours...

Posted at 3:09PM on Aug 30th 2007 by SlavedHeart

8. @ SlavedHeart

Thanks dude. Yea I would imagine they would include a version of the manual in the download... I guess I gotta look around a bit more. 3:18 now, only 42 more minutes till I can leave this prison and play some WH. Now I know what a Broke Crackhead feels like.

"Warhawk, More Fun than Masturbating"

Posted at 3:19PM on Aug 30th 2007 by TheSh0wstopper

9. I would like to have a better way of knowing whos talking, OSD for speech or something, I would like an echo of myself talking to, sometimes I wonder if my voice is even going across.

I always played with voice_loopback "1" in counter-strike and I loved it, distracting if you talk for long periods though. (another plus)

Posted at 3:24PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Draco

10. @8

I tried to add you using thesh0wstopper and it didnt work. WTF?

I wish you could play split screen on the SCEA servers. Me and 3 other buddies kept getting disconnected from shitty servers, but we had to keep trying because SCEA servers block split screen.

Yes...Warhawk is crack...I have 2 hours and 45 minutes remaining...

Posted at 3:38PM on Aug 30th 2007 by JL

11. 1:15 left.

if you want to pwn in the warhawk get the yellow missles (homing). they take longer to lock but take at least 3/4 health. rock em with the machine gun for a couple more seconds and you got yourself a kill.

lightening is cool--you hold down L1 to charge it up (the circle fills up clockwise), then get it red on someone and release. when it hits em, they lost 3/4 life again, and i think their warhawk goes into hover mode. easy pickins.

the big fat bomb is a cluster bomb. drop right out below your warhawk, bounce around a couple of seconds, then boomboomboomboomboom. fun to drop above a spawn point.

Posted at 3:48PM on Aug 30th 2007 by GRANTED

12. Don't forget that the SCEA/SCEE servers are ranked matches. Which means your scores are used to gain ranks, and with ranks you gain more customization.

Shoot you fools later!

Posted at 3:51PM on Aug 30th 2007 by PhillyVu

13. TheSHowstopper

You lucky punk!! I have class right after work so I won't play till like freaking 10pm!! Make sure you fools add me we'll get it going Byron517

Yo someone try this I hear you can do it but I haven't been able to play to try it but suppossedly you can place a mine on your jeep and go all Al Queda and ram it into someone!! LoL I wanna know if this is true

Posted at 3:56PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Byron517

14. byron--

yeah i read that on the forums and i plan to try it out too lol. i wonder if it'll work on a warhawk.....

add me also my PSN is same as it is here-- GRANTED.

Posted at 4:20PM on Aug 30th 2007 by GRANTED

15. Man I just came on shift from duking it out all morning. Also, the missiles with the green icon can fire multiple missiles at a target. Just lock on and listen for the beep. The binoculars are the ticket though. Talk about firepower. I wish you could hear the other team talking when you're close to them. Sometimes you get get some good intel from the guy you're about to take advantage of. The more I play, the more I realize this game is the shit. Haven't had this much team based fun (where members have diffrent responsibilities) since Return to Castle Wolfenstein on Xbox 1...

Posted at 4:23PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Titty Pink

16. And BTW my PSN ID is Bullybrahms. I'd appreciate a friend invite from a few of you regulars...

Posted at 4:25PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Titty Pink

17. @10

Its TheShowstopper (no zero). but I might not be on Warhawk much tonight, I just got a new game. You might have heard of it Lair, lol. I'm gonna play that for a bit I'll let yall know how it is tomorrow.


Posted at 4:54PM on Aug 30th 2007 by TheSh0wstopper

18. @titty pink

Already added you fool!


Dammit! Confusing me with accurate spellings!

Posted at 5:06PM on Aug 30th 2007 by JL

19. @ the on-going discussion of playing warhawk after work.

Add me if you're over 25.. same as the username, I'm finally addicted to something that doesn't cost on a daily basis...

Wait... I-net connection... electricity.... wife not cooking dinner cuz I'm "fuc&ing around on the playstation"... This addiction DOES cost me!

Though it's not quite as much fun as masturbation, that place is still held by... fan fare please!~


Have a great night

Posted at 6:27PM on Aug 30th 2007 by SlavedHeart

20. the game is awesome but I have one major problem. I bought and downloaded the game via the PSN. Both my and I play on the same PS3 on two separate accounts so that we have our own saves and online profiles. The problem is that if you download the game you are restricted to using one online profile. Is there a way for Incognito to allow two profiles to share the game if they are on the same PS3 or if one is the parental or primary account over the other. I don't want to share my profile with my brother and I don't want to buy two versions of the game.

Posted at 8:08PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Alex O.

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