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25 minutes of Killzone 2 to satisfy your curiosity

It's a gigantic Killzone 2 developer walk-through! The above video is incredibly long, as you could have probably deduced from our subject line -- about 25 minutes. You get a little more backstory into the game, but the real impressive part of this alpha build footage is the freezing of the camera and getting to check out the level the same way the devs get to look at it. This isn't really a gameplay demo, but more of a showing of what's behind the curtain and we greatly appreciate it. We can't wait to see this game get further along production, possibly to the point of a demo. That would be swell, Guerrila Games! If you really dig this video, you can download it and show it off to your friends if you'd like.

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1. Looks like a lot of fun.

Posted at 6:25PM on Aug 25th 2007 by Farmz

2. I love how chaotic the world is in this.

Posted at 6:29PM on Aug 25th 2007 by Toby

3. When the player pulls down behind cover and is given orders over a map... WOW!

Posted at 6:46PM on Aug 25th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

4. Haha my comment looks very sarcastic, I didn't mean it to be. What I mean to say is the way the faces move and the battle goes on around you, brilliant. It looked amazing.

Posted at 6:49PM on Aug 25th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

5. In the begining of the demo he said that the entire level was there (2gig of blu-ray disc space). Then around 12:00 min to 12:30 he mentions the reason we are seeing hicups is because of loading and later the levels would be streaming. Something is very fishy about that. Sorry but somebody is lying here. The Sony money hat developers always seem to praise the Cell tech, while just about all third party dev craps on their Cell arc exprience. So if I knew my girlfriend was trying to pull the wool over my eyes how could I stay in love with her. Please wake up and smell the coffee. Don't just hear what they are saying but listen to what you hear it would make more since to you. And again why is this game so dark he said its very detailed but i can only see a few peice of geometry on the screen a any given time.

Halo 3 FTW.

Posted at 7:10PM on Aug 25th 2007 by alijah

6. Alijah do you own a PS3? What's with the Halo reference at the end of your comment. Are you a fan boy? This game is by far the best looking game I have ever seen and it's only in the Alpha stages. The game is being shown on a kit.

Do you understand the streaming issue??????
You are way out there!

Posted at 7:17PM on Aug 25th 2007 by captaingamer

7. Alijah, we didn't ask you to come here. We think you fit in better at 360 In case you haven't noticed, we don't want you here....

Posted at 7:23PM on Aug 25th 2007 by secret

8. Alija a.ka. osama bin laden terrorist, xbox360 druggie cocaine snorter

Posted at 7:25PM on Aug 25th 2007 by secret

9. Why, why! Why do 360 fanboys come over to PS3fanboy and trash talk the PS3?! Same goes for over there. Listen you you nut sucking fanboys, Halo 3 ≠ Killzone 2. They are different games with different themes. For fuck sake, Bungie met the Killzone 2 devs and they got along. I quote from the Bungie podcast "We met the Killzone 2 devs and they were pretty cool. They said 'Hey guys, we never said Killzone 2 was a Halo killer'". Enough said.

Posted at 7:28PM on Aug 25th 2007 by Token

10. er... Why does that smell fishy? What he said made perfect sense for a pre-alpha game.

Posted at 7:33PM on Aug 25th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

11. Nobody believes you or your rhetoric, Alijah and other xbox drug addicts. The proof is right in front of us. Killzone 2 and Grand Turismo 5 will permanently close the doors on this graphics debate. And you're staying outside in the rain, still trying to convince people to buy the xbox360. But why? There is nothing good about the XBOX360.

Also, we're not spending YOUR money. So what's your purpose anyways for promoting the xbox? This is a fansite for PS3 owners. What the hell are you doing here? Why don't you just move back to the 360 wonderland that's so great and enjoy your life and let these people enjoy their hard earned money. Stop trying to ruin their vacation and picnic. It's their time off and let them have their fun, you bastard. Unless that's how you have fun, by skinning cats and dogs and dressing up as a woman with lipstick smeared all over your face like some middle east terrorist nutcase. GET OUT OF HERE, we don't want you near our children, our schools, or our community. Stay away. Or we'll call the cops.

Posted at 7:39PM on Aug 25th 2007 by secret

12. I don't like the 720p at the beginning. 1080p please, 720p only games is ridiculous... :/

Posted at 7:46PM on Aug 25th 2007 by Darkdrium777

13. Also, if you're trying to promote the xbox360, you're backfiring. Like many people in here, we're sick of you and, therefore, we're now sick of the xbox360. In fact, now, when I look at the xbox360, I really look down on it as a low character machine and think of it the same way I think of you and the other 360 people. I'm disgusted. And I won't buy any machine that I'm disgusted of.

Posted at 7:47PM on Aug 25th 2007 by secret

14. I not bashing I am just tried of this we need b ray crap that every money hat uses for there game develop I call it like I see it> (fall of man anyone? /can't be done anywhere else)I will bash any bull crap that I see or hear. I hate the fact that Gear of War got all the acclaim that it has and it is by far one of the most broken games that I have ever exp.

and yes every one calls me bin lindan its my nickname so no hard feelings. and no its not the best looking game every made (crysis is and it not made to look so damn dark just to pull it off) wtf are you smoking and what about the e3 video of the game nothing and i mean nothing like, it was not that dark I mean the game should be called Black 2 not Killzone.

ps I will be buying a ps3 one day, but i can't eat that sh** right now

Posted at 7:52PM on Aug 25th 2007 by alijah

15. I'm gonna say three things:
1. Killzone 1 killed this series as a 'Halo-beater'.
2. This games looks awesome
3. Strikes me as COD meets HL2.

Posted at 7:57PM on Aug 25th 2007 by mat parker

16. Listen, All you 360 fan boys. Once you get the red ring of death, because you know it's a matter of time till you do, go out and buy a PS3. I own both systems and they are both great, but the PS3 is by far the most powerful. Killzone 2 is by far the best looking game and it seems to play as good as it looks. Crysis is a completely different game and at times does not look so hot. I agree it one hell of a good looking game, but we are talking console. And by the way, if you are blind I forgive you, but this looks pretty damn close to the E3 trailer. So long red ring group!

Posted at 8:01PM on Aug 25th 2007 by captaingamer

17. no fanboy, just ranting, I love you guys too.. and admin could you please fix my name or give us an account so we can edit our names. my is really Alijah Green. its has been over a year and still we are in beta I can't even edit my password FGS (for goodness sake)

Posted at 8:03PM on Aug 25th 2007 by alijah

18. Thanks for putting up the video. Usually IGN is my go to source for videos but they only had 2.5 minutes of it.

Posted at 8:04PM on Aug 25th 2007 by Andy

19. I hope you can pause the game and control the camera like that. I loved that feature in Motorstorm(with bitz flying everywhere) and I could be really great to do look above the ground level to see where you need t o go.

I hope they have a timer that tells you how long you have to wait so you can get up and stretch or get some water.

Posted at 8:11PM on Aug 25th 2007 by Andy

20. Captaingamer your so full of sh** what games are you playing on your ps3 and what's you gamertag (I am calling BS on you too) thats Why this site was the only one to say it looked like the e3 of 05 showing. Nobody will put up a side by side video because they would no want to hurt your bleeding hearts. and GT5 does look fing amazing but that is about it and please nobody bring up MGS4 because I will rip that game a new one

Posted at 8:14PM on Aug 25th 2007 by alijah

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