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TGS07 leftovers: Devil May Cry 4 screenshots

Click for high-res image.

One of the games that drew in the largest crowds at Tokyo Game Show was Devil May Cry 4, running on both PS3 and Xbox 360. There's a good reason for its popularity -- it simply reeks of cool. The gameplay doesn't stray far from its predecessors, which is a good thing in our eye. The cheesy characters and Spike TV-esque productions return for this next-gen sequel, which focuses on the continuing battle between Nero and Dante.

Level design was clearly the biggest flaw of Devil May Cry 3, and it seems like the upcoming sequel does much to resolve it, offering less claustrophobic levels to battle in. Although some may criticize the game for lacking the challenge of games like Ninja Gaiden, it's clear that the game encourages style over survival. Considering the over-the-top nature of the franchise, that's part of its allure.

Gallery: Devil May Cry 4

TGS07 leftovers: Soulcalibur IV screenshots

Click for high-res image.

We still have a few leftover goodies from Tokyo Game Show. Like these screenshots of Soulcalibur IV. As a wise roommate once said, "these are pretty." Indeed, they are pretty.

There should be more to say about the game, aside from gawking at its pretty looks (what game these days doesn't look good?). But, we've already focused on the outlandish character designs -- and the ridiculous story. It looks like we have no choice but to drool just a little bit longer.

Gallery: Soulcalibur IV

TGS07: Time Crisis 4 impressions

Click for high-res image.

The light gun genre may be a dying breed, but Time Crisis 4 ignores all warnings. In spite of some sloppy graphical and presentation issues, it's clear that Time Crisis 4 is the best, if not only, option for fans of the genre.

Right now, the game doesn't have that "next-gen polish" we've become so accustomed to on the PS3. Textures and character models don't really pop out. However, the framerate seems pretty solid, and the action flows at a brisk pace. At the very least, it looks better than the other light gun port, Ghost Squad on Wii.

The new FPS mode is where the game features the most potential, adding some depth to the arcade experience. Right now, the AI is fairly unintelligent, and the level design feels similar to the original on-rails mode. What may come as jarring for some is the lack of a gun model on-screen. FPS players have long been used to the gun being on screen, but because this game requires players to aim with the Guncon 3 (G-Con in the PAL territories), the indicator is unnecessary.

Right now, Time Crisis 4 looks like it needs some polish. However, Guncon 3 is an excellent peripheral that has us keeping high hopes for future light gun titles.

Gallery: Time Crisis 4

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TGS07: The story of Soulcalibur IV

Click to see high-res image.

Namco Bandai has managed to sneak a little bit of story into all of its Soulcalibur fighting games. Ultimately, they provide little reason as to why these characters seem to enjoy beating the c**p out of each other -- but it's good fun for us, nonetheless. The story of the upcoming Soulcalibur IV ties in the fate of the Soul Edge and the Soul Calibur and is presented in its now-trademark melodramatic style.

A fun drinking game to play while reading the Prologue is to take a shot every time the word "soul" is used. Let's see if you can survive!

Gallery: Soulcalibur IV concept art

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TGS07: Puzzle Fighters coming to EU in early November

Whilst getting some hands-on time with Devil May Cry 4 at TGS with the guys from Capcom we asked a few questions regarding Puzzle Fighter HD and its delay in Europe. The Capcom representitives told us that the game would be available for download on the EU PSN store in early November. The reason for the delay is, as usual, localisation issues. They were also quick to mention that in solving these issues now all future Capcom downloadable content will be available worldwide simultaneously. Sounds like a good deal to us.

We followed up by asking whether Sony Europe would be providing any localisation aid to publishers now that they recognise the issues that are causing the delays and trying to fix them. Quite frankly, the answer is no. Third party publishers who want their content available to all regions simultaneously will have to make it happen themselves. But if Capcom can promise that all future releases will be available without delays, then others must be able to do the same, right Sony?

TGS07: PixelJunk Monsters unearthed

Hidden away in a list of upcoming PSN releases at Tokyo Game Show was PixelJunk Monsters. There isn't much known about the title, but if it's anything like the newly-released PixelJunk Racers, it should bring back new retro 2D gameplay to PS3 audiences everywhere. We have to wonder if you play as the monster, or are are trying to defend yourself from the monster in these new pics -- let the speculation begin.

Gallery: PixelJunk Monsters

TGS07: The new (and old) features of Wipeout HD

Wipeout HD is hitting the PLAYSTATION Store later this year, and although it's just a remix of tracks from previous games, there's a lot to look forward to. In addition to the obviously improved graphics, the game takes a few key features from previous Wipeout titles, and adds a few of its own:
  • SIXAXIS support - "Wipeout HD provides full support of the SIXAXIS wireless controller." Tilt-ready racing, perhaps?
  • Mag-Strips - From the upcoming Wipeout Pulse game on PSP, this feature allows players to defy gravity through tracks that feature loops, vertical drops, and 90 degree sections.
  • Teams - Like any Wipeout game, this iteration features eight teams from Wipeout Pulse.
  • Seven Race Modes, including Zone - Single Race, Tournament, Time Trial, Speed Lap, Zone Mode, Elimination and Head-2-Head. Zone Mode, from Wipeout Pure, will make your craft go progressively faster throughout a race until your ship explodes. It's one of the best additions to the franchise in recent memory.
  • Three New Weapons - The Repulser, Shuriken and Leach Beam.
  • Photo Mode - Like Wipeout Pulse, players will be able to take screenshots from within the game.
  • 8 Eight Player Online Multiplayer - With "Team vs Team" mode, which allows teams of two to compete in larger races.
  • Community Website - Lets players create their own profiles and see stats and data for other players.
  • Downloadable Content - The game will continue to expand through more downloadable packs.
  • Music - Nine fully-licensed music tracks, remixed in 5.1.
Expect Wipeout HD to hit the Store later this year. Until then, check out our new screenshots.

Gallery: Wipeout HD

PS3 Poll Police: How did you feel about TGS '07?

The Poll Police have pulled out of their duties in Tokyo, as the Tokyo Game Show winds down. We believe it was T.S. Eliot who once said "This is the way Tokyo Game Show ends; not with a bang, but a whimper." Well, if Eliot were a gamer, we're sure that'd be true. Anyhow, we've got our opinions about the show for this year, but we're curious about what you thought. So, our poll for this week is quite simple: what impression did you take away from TGS?
TGS '07: What did you think?
I thought it was a pretty exciting show.
It was neither here nor there on my radar.
I thought it was sort of tame.
It was bad. free polls
We don't know if it was the plethora of trailers and moderate dearth of playables, or the delay of Home, or the already-common-knowledge announcement of the DualShock 3, but TGS was missing a bang this year. Our personal opinion -- don't vote just to agree. However, you should check out our results from last week's poll after the jump. Technically, most of you should have been pleased.

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TGS hands-on: echochrome

After its shocking E3 debut, we desperately wanted to play echochrome, the mind-bending Escher-inspired puzzle game that has players changing their perspective. Available on the PS3 as a downloadable title and as a PSP game, echochrome excited audiences with its truly innovative concept. But, how did the publicly playable PS3 demo play?

Well, it works exactly as you expect it to. The demonstration features an English-speaking monotone voice that seems a perfect match with the game's ultra-minimalist presentation. She'll explain the five rules of the game that control the way your perspective, the world, and your character, all interact with each other. Each sequence has players testing out a single new device, such as being able to block obstacles by hiding them from the player's vision. Through this brief tutorial, players will be gifted with the ability to start playing through the game's mind-destroying puzzles.

The single level available in the demonstration had us attempting to collect echoes, shadows situated in various points in the stage. As simple as that may sound, imagining the total destruction of object permanence is not something we're readily accustomed to. The on-screen avatar acts like a lemming, constantly going forward, even if it means certain doom for the character. This means players will have to act fast, and position the level correctly as the avatar makes its way forward. This is where we found that the camera rotates a bit too slowly for our tastes. We ended one of our lives trying to cover a hole, but couldn't rotate the level quickly enough to save our character. Thankfully, each echo that one walks into acts as a checkpoint, so that the level we played didn't become frustrating. However, we hope that Sony will make moving the camera a bit speedier.

echochrome is a simple, innovative, and more importantly, fun title that continues to deliver on the PlayStation Store's promise of offering gamers unique gameplay experiences. Although we didn't get to play much, it's clear that Sony has something truly special in their hands.

TGS07: GT5 Prologue is most expensive demo ever

Click to enlarge
Hidden away in Sony's TGS catalog was a shocking revelation: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue's Japanese release date and price. Scheduled for December 13th, the game sample (demo, as we used to call) will retail for a whopping ¥4,980 ($43.10) on Blu-ray and ¥4,500 ($38.95) when downloaded through the PlayStation Store. Although the game will feature stunning graphics and many features of the final game, this seems as much too high for a game that has a limited track and vehicle selection. We hope that this kind of sticker shock doesn't come across the Pacific into other territories.

TGS07: fl0w team's next game, fl0wer

It's amazing to see what adding two letters to the end of a word can do. thatgamecompany, creators of the fan-favorite fl0w, is working on a brand new project. Not much is know about the new project, but considering the unique atmosphere created by the team's previous endeavors, we're excited to see what they can bring to the table.

[Via Joystiq]

TGS07: Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer impressions

Know of the old adage: save the best for last? Square Enix did just that with its incredible Final Fantasy Versus XIII presentation. In spite of being comprised of completely non-interactive and most likely pre-rendered footage, the Versus trailer absolutely stunned the audience due to its incredible sense of style. The trailer begins, telling viewers that "this is a fantasy based in reality." What could that mean?

The footage begins with a car driving by, segueing to a familiar scene of the mysterious male protagonist deflecting bullets from an opposing military force. Quickly, the trailer flashes to a girl in a school outfit that seems to be awaiting someone. Latin text is interspersed throughout, fitting to the beat of both the visuals and music. Already, there's a strong sense of style and intrigue.

A meticulously designed cathedral is the next scene in the trailer, and we see a mysterious hooded individual eerily similar to a character in Advent Children. All the while, snippets of the lead killing the opposing soldiers in a surprisingly gory way. We were shocked to see blood spurt out of the villains -- could this be the first M-rated Final Fantasy game?

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TGS07: Sony nabs Evolution and BigBig Studios

At Kaz Hirai's keynote speech, there were only a few, erm, key announcements made. One of these was the DualShock3. Another was the expanded remote play presentation and a third was the delay of Home. Another tidbit worth mentioning is Sony's acquisition of Evolution and BigBig Studios, makers of MotorStorm and Pursuit Force, respectively. These are part of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios now and will be overseen by Phil Harrison.

Philly H released this statement regarding the acquisition: "Our strategy is to create the best games by working with the best talent and Evolution and Bigbig are world-class additions to our team ... The incredible people in these studios further extend the depth and skill of the industry's largest platform-exclusive development resource." We're glad to hear it and expect to hear new games coming from Evolution Studios soon. BigBig is releasing their second Pursuit Force game on the PSP at the beginning of October.

TGS07: Final Fantasy XIII trailer impressions

After adamantly insisting that you do not videotape or record the screening in any way or else, the Square Enix private theater showcased numerous titles from the ever-expanding Final Fantasy universe. The first trailer on display was the lead game in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series, Final Fantasy XIII. In English, a narrator explains a corruption that seems to plaguing the land. "Those tainted by the outside were exiled," he explains.

Earlier trailers highlighted Lightning, but the trailer at TGS showed off a number of new characters, environments and creatures. A gunman that seems to have specific mastery over water shoots a crystal, creating a massive water summon. Paths of ice form in the sky, as he rides along on a motorcycle. Certainly, a spectacle to behold. Then a massive African-inspired scene provides a stark contrast to the futuristic environments we've seen of the game so far. Fantastic Mammoth-like beasts walk across a river in a scene that could've been ripped out of a Afrika gone slightly astray. Debuting in this new trailer was a brand new female character that stands, staring at a frozen planet orbiting in the sky. The trailer ends with a proud proclamation "PS3 Only," to silence any doubters.

Once again, we were stunned by the visuals of the trailer, which went beyond the quality of most Hollywood productions. The new dry landscape showcased provides reassurance that the game will not remain stagnant in its visual look. However, in spite of the incredible excitement generated by the trailer, we were surprised that a different game in the Square Enix theater stole the show.

TGS07: LocoRoco Cocoreccho trailer flutters to the internets

While Andrew has already given us his hands-on impressions of LocoRoco Cocoreccho (try saying that fast three times!), everyone knows a pictures is worth a thousand words, and by my calculations, a video is worth four hundred billion eleventy thousand.

Unfortunately, Andrew was rather disappointed with the interactive screensaver, blaming inconsistent and overly complicated controls, which makes the game lose much of what we loved about the first - simplicity.

The game hits the PlayStation Store this week, so how about you try it out and let us know what you think.

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