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PS Fanboy review: Ninja Gaiden Sigma

A lot of people give Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Team Ninja as a whole a lot of heat because they keep recycling the same game over and over. This review isn't about that, and here's why. I am a PlayStation fanboy. Before I grabbed onto my PS One back in late '95 or whenever, I had mostly stuck to Sega and Nintendo consoles and aside from the Wii, still do. Never has my wallet coughed up the cash for a Microsoft system -- this isn't meant as flame, but a setup to this review. I've played neither Ninja Gaiden nor Ninja Gaiden Black. That's what you're going to get in this review: the viewpoint from someone who has never played the games, but recognizes the basic structure is from years ago. This begs the question: is Ninja Gaiden Sigma a must-have for all gamers, or just PlayStation fanboys who've never experienced the game before? Read on and we'll get you your answer.

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma to have downloadable content of 'amazing depth'

Recently, Sony hosted a message board based Q&A session with Yosake Hayashi, the director of Ninja Gaiden: Sigma, where he fielded questions from various readers about the upcoming action title. It's a great read and covers a wide variety of topics from the number of difficulty levels (five) to their support of Home (no -- but look for unique Home support in future products).

The most interesting question though, had to do with downloadable content. When a reader brought up the Hurricane Packs for the original Xbox version, Hayashi responded with, "We'll be making an announcement regarding our plans for downloadable content soon. The content will have some amazing depth for a download!"

No additional information was given but considering their track record with DLC, we should be able to expect something pretty cool from them later this year. Further on in the Q&A session, he also hinted that we may be hearing about the next Team NINJA title sooner than we expected, by saying that "There could be an announcement coming in the very near future ..." but that until then we should enjoy Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Perhaps an E3 announcement about a second Team NINJA PS3 title? We'll find out soon!

PlayStation 3 is getting more Team Ninja titles

There are few developers out there who are as outspoken about the power and potential of the PlayStation 3 as Yosuke Hayashi, the fellow behind Ninja Gaiden: Sigma. He has repeatedly defended the PS3 from developer criticism and has gone so far as to imply that developers who are having problems with the PS3 should just try harder. So it should come as no surprise that Ninja Gaiden: Sigma is not going to be Team Ninja's solitary PlayStation 3 title. In an interview with Eurogamer, Hayashi commented:

"As I said, people who complain about the difficulty of creating games for PS3 should get out, right? While I'm saying that kind of thing, if I get out myself, then what I say doesn't mean anything! So, I should stay - right?"

While no further details were given (the whole interview has not been published yet), it's great to hear that Sony has such strong support from one of the top Japanese development teams. If NG:S is any indication of what to expect from them in the future, we have a lot to look forward to.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma will silence PS3 critics, says Hayashi

Yosuke Hayashi, producer and director of Ninja Gaiden Sigma at Team Ninja, has promised gamers and critics alike that they've done everything they could with Ninja Gaiden on the PS3. It is the best it can be, remake or not, and will silence those critical of the PlayStation 3's potential. From a speech given at a recent NGS event, Hayashi said "I have heard much criticism of the PS3, but I am confident that Ninja Gaiden Sigma will demonstrate how powerful the PS3 really is." We hope he's right because that demo was darn amazing.

What's most impressive, though, is the final framerate and resolution count. With some advanced effects like self-shading, you'd expect the normal 720p at 60fps or 1080p at 30fps, right? No. Team Ninja is actually delivering those advanced graphical techniques with a persistant 60fps at an astounding 1080p! Hayashi claims that no game has yet to do that, neither on the 360 or the PS3. We can't wait to see it in action.

Ninja Gaiden: Sigma will reward you for playing the demo

As if PS3 owners didn't have enough reasons already to play the incredibly awesome Ninja Gaiden: Sigma demo, Team Ninja is giving us yet another. IGN writes that in the full version, you will be rewarded with an amount of in-game currency (Yellow Essence) depending on how far you've gotten in the demo, allowing you to purchase power-ups and items at the very beginning of the game. Did you unlock Rachel's level? Well you'll get a nice little bonus waiting for you when you start up the final version. Nothing jaw-dropping, but it's definitely a cool plus for those of you who have put in your time on the free demo and a handy leg-up for beginners.

It would be great to see other developers do things like this -- it's always kind of a bummer if you've spent a ton of time on the demo and have nothing to show for it in the full version of the game. Even if it's just pulling in your race times from the Motorstorm demo, that would be really cool. Do you guys know of any other games that have this kind of demo - full version integration?

RUMOR: Dead or Alive and Disgaea coming to PS3?

Leave it to EGM's rumor mill to churn out a tasty new rumor. It's rumored that an XBox staple, Dead or Alive, might be making its fifth iteration exclusively on the Sony gigantor bot -- the PlayStation 3. Actually, that's not entirely true. Team Ninja is supposedly making something revolving around the DoA universe on the PS3. Not specifically the fifth entry into the franchise. What was that last God-awful fighting game spinoff? Death by Degrees? Bad call, Tekken, bad call.

Also mentioned in the magazine is the idea that Nippon-Ichi's popular SRPG series, Disgaea, will be making its way onto the PlayStation 3 as well. Not much else is known -- will it be on the PSN (since the games are, admittedly, not the finest looking), will it be a remake, sequel, what? No matter, we'll find out in due time. Personally, I'm not too fond of the games. You waste too much time getting absolutely nothing at all accomplished. Levelling up is a joke, blah blah blah add your own opinions.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma kicks the crap out of dev kits

Along with explaining why Ninja Gaiden Sigma isn't a "remake" or "port", Yosuke Hiyashi talks about his experience with the PlayStation 3 and what he planned to do with the title in a recent interview with Game Informer. While we'd love to make a list describing the main points of the interview, we're going to abstain this time -- not much is brand new to our ears. But we did catch wind of one question that caused us to grin with anticipation.

Game Informer asked: Dead or Alive 4 blew up a couple of XBox 360's during testing because it pushed the system too far. Have you blown up any PS3 devkits with NGS?

Hiyashi responds: "We've made a couple of devkits smoke, but we haven't had any actually blow up's really a matter of having a certain goal and then you try to see what you can get the hardware to do to achieve that goal, and by the time you look around you have smoke throughout the entire R&D floor."

Awesome! So the PS3 doubles as a type of fog machine, too? Sounds like a win-win situation. If you'd like to catch up on all the NGS news, take a few minutes and read the entire interview -- it's not exactly a short stop, but it's worth it if you want to gather all the current knowledge on the title.

New Tecmo IP is in the works -- maybe Pirates instead of Ninjas?

With the impending release of Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden Sigma, a lot of people have left comments here saying thing along the lines of "rehash" and "milking a single game for all it's worth"... stuff along those lines. Well, today we're here to tell you not to worry! Tecmo's Team Ninja boss Tomonobu Itagaki has come out and said that an all new IP is in the works. No rehashes, no sequel... something completely unique and original.

According to Itakgaki, the new game is a type of game he has never worked on before. He'll be announcing the title a little later on this year. Our vote? Pirates. Why? That epic struggle of Pirates vs. Ninjas has still yet to be resolved. If Team Ninja can create a fantastic game about the adventures of a badass pirate, the only logical thing to do after that is to pit the two titles against one another. Where do your loyalties lie? Be ye a pirate, or a ninja?

Ninja Gaiden Sigma: no load screens, no problem

Tecmo's Director of Ninja Gaidem Sigma, Yosuke Hayashi, recently sat down for an interview about how the game is coming along. It's mostly good news. Let's see if we can pick out the important bits.

  • Development is about 50% complete and Team Ninja is confident the game will be a smash hit. They've gotten used to working with the PS3, too.
  • When asked what was different about Sigma from Black, Hayashi said: "it's going to be endless if I start counting the differences from the original." All the materials are created from scratch and the action engine has been refined, to start.
  • As far as utilizing the PS3's hard disk and PS-Network, Hayashi says Sigma will use the hard disk to eliminate "now loading" screens altogether. The Network will be used, initially, for worldwide scores and rankings. Detailed info on each player will also be available.
  • Hayashi was asked how the PS3 would fare as a console. He replied: "I am not an analyst. I'm just a game developer. My mission is to provide the best action game for PS3 users. That's all that matters to me, and I promise that you'll experience something really fantastic with Sigma." So true.
  • As for a rumored 360 version of Sigma, Hayashi responded: "I would take that rumour as proof that people's expectations for Sigma must be very high. But it is just a rumour."

Great! This game will be pretty sweet, hopefully. We'll keep our eyes out for more information on this game.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma screenshots and stuff, minus the stuff!

Just as a sort of teaser, there's not much going on today other than a game delay and a few posts we'll be doing about screenshots. Screenshots are an interesting topic only because of the debate they spawn over their authenticity -- gameplay or cinematic? Real-time or cut-scene? Game developers only spurn such argument on by adding "gameplay menus" to these screenshots -- sometimes these are tacked onto cinematics to give the illusion of something the final product simply can't deliver. Other times, it's really gameplay. The latter is, of course, much more rare. Rarer? Nah, that looks dumb. Anyway, I think the screenshot shown here is actual gameplay because of the clipping visible from the bow going into our lovely ninja's arm. Ever seen clipping in cinematics? Maybe last-gen cut-scenes.

Back on topic, here are a fresh batch of Ninja Gaiden Sigma screenshots. It should be noted that the clan at Team Ninja rebuilt the graphics engine for this game on the PS3, so it may start to look a bit different from the prior installments on Microsoft's systems. The difficulty? It'll still be hard. How hard? This daring blogger will attest that, while difficult, it's not "controller-throwingly" difficult like a certain Devil May Cry 3. Still need to beat that one on "Normal"...

Ninja Gaiden hacks its way onto the PS3

Dubbed Ninja Gaiden Sigma, the next installment of the Ninja Gaiden series is coming to the PS3. There's not too much known about it yet, but you'll probably get some play time (gameplay, we mean!) with the lusty Rachel, a scantly-clad female who has appeared in other Ninja Gaiden titles.

The thing that haunts these games the most is the supposed difficulty -- meaning, it's very, very hard. Those who played the Xbox iterations can attest: the game was darn tough! The addition of Ninja Gaiden Black didn't help too much, but it gave Xbox owners a taste of Devil May Cry meets Shinobi minus stupid aggravating falling-into-a-pit deaths. If you tried Shinobi, you know what we mean. Well, if any details surface about this new title at the Tokyo Game Show, we'll bring it to you right away.

[via Joystiq]


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