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Resistance map packs available; Global servers up

After numerous delays the Resistance: Fall of Man update is finally here. While the full patch notes are too long for us to put here, you will see them before you get updating. In order to update the game, simply load up the online multiplayer menu. The game will then offer to update (you have to do so in order to play online). Once this is done, you will be able to play against any other players anywhere in the world. You may also notice that the online multiplayer has changed. There is a new "purchase" button. From here you can buy the two new maps.

Interestingly, the game is able to access the PSN Store directly, switching from the Resistance purchase menu to the store checkout seamlessly. As well as this, there is now an option in the online multiplayer menu to access your friends list without leaving the game. This allows you to do anything you can do from the friends list section of the XMB, including messaging. While this can only be reached from the menu, so no in-match access, it is still one step closer to our dreams of having in-game XMB access.

So get updating. The wait is finally over!

Resistance update finally bursts out of the trenches this week

After a seemingly endless amount of delays, the much anticipated Resistance: Fall of Man update will be hitting our PS3s this Friday. In preparation for this, Insomniac will be taking down the online servers starting at 2:30 A.M. UK time while they work on integrating the servers for international online play. That night the servers should be back online and people will be able to connect to them to download the update. Coming in alongside the update is the Resistance Map Pack, with two new multiplayer maps available for purchase.

At this point, it's not confirmed that the Resistance update will be available worldwide this Friday, or if it's going to be rolled out first to the UK and then here and Japan. We'll update this post as soon as we know more.

[Thanks SpiderMike!]

You think you're good at Resistance? Prove it.

Sony and Insomniac Games have just announced that they're collaborating with GameStop and GamePlay for the first official Resistance: Fall of Man tournament. And this isn't some wussy tournament either -- no, this is a serious 5 week MARATHON of Resistance skill. According to an e-mail circulated to PlayStation Underground members, registration for the tournament will start June 18th (next Monday), so excited fans should be fast on the refresh button come the next work week in order to sign up for a coveted position.

There are two different competitions going on, a single player (aka Deathmatch) competition, and a team competion consisting of 3 on 3. Either way the reward pay-out is pretty damn generous, for first place in the single player competition you are rewarded the following:
  • A Sony Platinum DVD Dream System, a $500 dollar GameStop giftcard and $1000 dollars cash.
And for the Team game, each member of the winning team gets the following:
  • A Sony Platinum DVD Dream System see above comment), a $500 dollar GameStop giftcard and $500 dollars in sweet, sweet cash.
Not bad, not bad at all. Of course, you need to be good enough to get first place -- and it sounds like you're going to have a LOT of competition. Think you can do it?

[Thanks mccomber!]

Church of England seeks to remove Resistance from shop shelves

The Church of England today has stated that if Sony do not remove Resistance: Fall of Man from the shelves then it will consider legal action. The Church is outraged at Insomniac's inclusion of the nave of Manchester Cathedral in the game. More specifically, that they "encourage people to have guns battles in the building." Why the C of E have chosen now, seven months after its original release and two months since it was made available in Europe, is a mystery.

The worry seems to be that people will assume that shooting a gun within the cathedral is "acceptable" and try to emulate it in real life. Or that it will act as a catalyst to increase the already present gun-crime problem in the city. The Church of England seems to have the idea that Resistance "
shows a virtual shoot-out in the cathedral's nave in which hundreds of soldiers are killed". This is only true if you consider crawling Chimera beasties as "soldiers." The cathedral section is a very small fraction of the entire game, lasting only 20 minutes, if that. It contains only alien enemies, as the rest of the game does, and includes no cutscenes or story elements which show a single human death.

Sony have yet to officially respond to the Church but a spokesman told the Times newspaper that "
It is entertainment, like Doctor Who or any other science fiction. It is not based on reality at all." He also states that permission was sought when necessary, throughout the entire development process. Funny that they mention Doctor Who, considering the recent episode which ended with a man transforming into a monster and chasing his victims through Southwark Cathedral before being killed. We wonder if we'll see a battle to get those DVDs removed from shelves, once they're released.

[Thanks to everyone who told us about this]

Resistance patch delayed - Again

Yes, it's true. The Resistance map pack and global servers have been postponed again. The official word is much the same as last week. The maps and gameplay updates are ready to go, there are just some problems with the global servers. Why not just release the maps, you ask? Apparently the maps require the patch and the patch requires the servers to work. That's why. This time Insomniac haven't released another expected release date, but have said "this last delay won't be too long."

As if the feeling of deja vu wasn't overwhelming enough, we're running the same picture we used on Monday. Just to confuse you that little bit more.

[Thanks, Flava!]

Resistance downloadable content pushed back a week

Remember that Resistance: Fall of Man patch we told you about? The one which was due out before the end of May? Well it won't be. Unfortunately CVG is reporting that we'll have to wait another week before we get our hands on the new maps and other goodies.

It turns out that, while the content is all finished, tested and ready to go, SCEA is stalling in order to make sure the global servers are "locked in and ready." So if you're angry and want to start blaming someone then blame Sony, not Insomniac. It's disappointing, we know, but a week isn't all that long to wait. It's probably for the best that they get everything completely ready, rather than unveiling new servers which break within the first hour.

June 7th is the day to keep in mind for the release. Remember to tell your loved ones not to get worried if they don't see you for a day or two. We know you'll want to hide yourself away and show off your Chimera fragging prowess to people all over the world, now that you're able. Or Human fragging prowess, if you're that way inclined. Actually, we thought that a nice way to celebrate the new global servers might be to have you guys come kick our asses. Add our PSN ID to your friendslist - PSFanboy - and look out for us on Saturday the 9th of June from 1PM EST onwards.

Resistance patch on its way - new maps and worldwide servers

In a recent visit to Insomniac, Gamespy were able to play on some new maps for Resistance: Fall of Man. Whilst there they got their hands on the details for the upcoming patch which should be out before the end of the month. Be sure to check out the full hands on preview for the maps, Westmorland and Camborne, over at Gamespy.

The patch itself will contain some much-requested features from the Resistance community. Obviously, the full patch notes are unobtainable right now, but Gamespy have revealed a couple of more noteworthy additions. First and foremost, the currently regional servers are being opened up to allow worldwide play. So for those of us who imported a console to find that you could only play against people on the other side of the world, this comes as a welcome development. The patch will also allow you to access your PSN buddy list from inside the game, include a 'tell-the-teacher' feature in the mute menu and make enemies and allies easier to differentiate in online mode.

Sounds jam packed full of goodness to us. It should be out before the end of May in the US and Japan, with a European release shortly after that. Check out Gamespy's full account of their visit to Insomniac for more info.

Def Jam Icon demo heads to the PlayStation Store

On Thursday (tomorrow), Sony will be updating the PlayStation Store with a new playable demo that (shock!) isn't a racing game: Def Jam Icon. EA's music-inspired fighter hasn't earned the greatest critical praise, but at a price of "free," it'll probably be worthwhile to check out the demo.

Also available on the store will be videos of the already-released Resistance: one trailer and three behind-the-scenes features that cover gameplay, concept art and level design.

[Via 1UP]

New Resistance Maps and Modes

In March, there will come a few new multiplayer modes of play for the PS3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man. Soon after, in May, there will come a few new maps. This is exciting news for anyone who has learned the layout of every map and is pretty much bored of the same running route or always playing capture the flag... or whatever. Anyway, the two new gameplay modes are "Team Conversion" and "Assault".

  • Team Conversion: like Conversion, but with a team. Neat?
  • Assault: essentially, both teams have a base they need to defend and they also have a set of defense nodes and satellite nodes that, if destroyed, weaken the "defenses" of their main base. We guess that means the "health bar" for the main base would decrease. Overtaken satellite nodes become neutral -- a spawning point for both teams. Dangerous!

Other fixes have been made for the March patch. Spectators can join custom games and use a player's eyes as his own, along with a free-roaming camera so you can see that sniper in the bushes even if the player doesn't. All glitches and collision holes have been fixed. Matchmaking is quicker and more reliable. Weapons tweaked; the old radar has been added as an option if you want it.

What's in store for May? Well, how does worldwide play sound to you? A nice addition, indeed. Also, the map pack will be made available for purchase and download within the game. Both maps are set in England: one in Westmorland, one in Camborn. The former is snowy and very open, the latter has both above ground and subterranean combat. These aren't rehashed maps, either -- they've brand new and specifically designed for multiplayer.

Geez. There's a lot of info in the interview with IGN. We decided to cover the maps and new gameplay modes, but the interview also discusses the European launch, plans for future updates, and of course, the all-but-confirmed sequel. Even so, this stuff looks like it'll satisfy plenty of gamers until more information becomes available. Your thoughts?
[Thanks, Sean!]

Phil Harrison says: more Resistance in April?!

No, no, we're not going to say "A sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man is in the works and set for an April release"... although a sequel is in the works. No, we don't have a link to prove it, but it's true. It's called trust! Phil Harrison sat down with, uh, Newsweek and talked about a multitude of things -- Gears of War, being a silly-willy, being tall, the PS3 launch, etc.

We're not going to talk about that. The very last point Phil brings up is the upcoming content for Resistance that is going to, as he said, "We're going to release additional content for Resistance. I don't think we've gone into detail on the schedule, but we have some really, really cool things that will be extending the story, extending the locations, some brand new content, starting in April." He goes on to allude to a sequel if this extra stuff is well-received. A collective "woo" is necessary from the R:FoM crowd, please.

All right, let's get some PS3Fanboy Resistance started!

Creds to, uh, Penguin Computing for this picture? Cute.We here at PS3Fanboy finally feel as if we've gotten enough practice to hold our own in a match to the death (well, multiple deaths) on Resistance: Fall of Man. We're of course talking about creating a party game of sorts where we can all meet up, do a little chatting, do a lot of killing and overall make NDoerrFans look like a complete fool at FPS titles (which he totally is, smiley face).

There's a problem, though. We need your help! Since we're already starting this idea up in the middle of the week, sorta kinda, we'd like to know what day you guys can regularly meet up and annihilate one another. Personally, I'm available practically every day after 6PM, so whatever day you all choose, I'd gladly be around to form a game. Anywho, the poll below allows you to vote once every week, so make sure you know what you're doing next Sunday-Saturday. We'll start putting this up every Saturday from now on (and increase the breadth of titles it can apply to), so... bah, you get the idea. Vote away, PS3Fans!
What day would you like to frag your friends?
I've got a case of the Mondays!
Tuesday's the most useless day of the week.
Wednesday -- I'm half good, half bad.
Thursday! Almost done with the week!
Thank goodness it's Friday!
Saturday works best for me.
Sunday -- the day of rest... and kicking ass.
I don't have Resistance, silly!
Free polls from

The big Resistance: Fall of Man update -- more lists!

All right, if any of you have been playing Resistance in the past few days, you may have noticed an update or two. Well, the good folks over at MyResistance have compiled a list of update changes that have either happened already or are scheduled for the near future (correct us if everything is already in place). It's a really, really long list so we'll have to ask you to click on the "continued" link -- it's worth it, if you care about your lovely launch title.

Continue reading The big Resistance: Fall of Man update -- more lists!

Ted Price talks more about Resistance

Now, the game's been out for a month, so it's a natural time to look back and reflect on things -- what worked? What didn't? No matter how many times you go back through something you work on, it will never be perfect or ready in your eyes. At one point, though, you just have to decide that it's "good enough" and let that baby bird fly. With that in mind, GamePro's Vicious Sid (oh, a Sex Pistols reference... that's so cool... because gaming news interviews are hardcore) sat down for a chat with Insomniac CEO, Ted Price. Highlights follow:

  • The game was built specifically for the PS3. With the multi-processor usage, translating it to another system would be difficult, but not impossible...
  • The Cell has a pretty steep learning curve and Ted claims they've just begun to understand how to work the PS3. Scratch the surface or some such.
  • 16GB was the final word on the game size and there are many reasons why: more character animations, more sound (7.1, etc), HD movie/cutscenes... but the cut back from 22GB came from switching the movies from PAL to NTSC for Europe. Which you can try to say that about 6GB of the game is cinematics, but would that be accurate? Hmm.
  • The game could never fit on a DVD. It would have to have entire levels removed. So it seems that it's stuck on PS3 only, unless that HD-DVD add-on learns to play games... then maybe.
  • 720p is smoother than 1080i, despite the larger number going towards the latter. I know, I know, a lot of you knew that, but there are others that weren't too sure. But Resistance went the 720p route for just that reason.
  • They don't miss rumble (but some friends who played the game do... my hands have become pretty numb to that option, so I don't think I'd care).

Nothing groundbreaking, nothing really "oh, we shoulda done this", but still good to know the guy loves the game they made. A lot of the humor for me comes from the comments on the GamePro article. Wow. If any of you thought there were some "bad" comments here... we're all educated very highly in comparison. Take this opportunity to pat yourselves on the back, despite your, um, "console affiliation". Whatever that means. Also, let us know what you think worked best, or didn't work at all, in Resistance.

Resistance: Fall of Man easter egg goodness!

I'm here to enforce the Travelocity guaranteeeeeeeee! While our good reader (and frequent commenter), Microdot, was playing his copy of Resistance, he came across what appears to be an easter egg of sort. Not to mention a time paradox. Now, behold! Enter the new Chimera breed -- the evil super-secret final boss (not really), the Travelocity Lawn Gnome. Sure, it may be a regular ol' lawn gnome (that's what the Travelocity guy is, until he scored that gig), but it'd still feel great to unload some kind of explosive at that thing.

About that time paradox... that may not be entirely true. Upon further research in my personal alchemy laboratory, researching ancient demonology texts and creating my own chimera demons, I have discovered that lawn gnomes are like elves -- they live a long, long time. They're just... fugly, so they were kicked out of the mainstay fantasy realm. With that in mind, finding the same Travelocity gnome presents not a time paradox, but a glimpse into his past, before his current job. My logic is not unflawless, argue if you will.

[thanks, Microdot!]

Resistance: Fall of Man -- welcome to the killer app zone

I've said it before, I hate the term killer app. But apparently, IGN has given the thumbs way up to Resistance, scoring it an impressive 9.1 out of 10. They go so far as to call it a killer app available on day one. Let's break down the highs and low of the review.

  • The alternate timeline story is pretty solid, pretty cool, pretty pretty.
  • Graphics are great, although not the "best" out there.
  • Weapons, weapons, weapons! The weapon designs are hailed as fantastic, to say the least. What do you expect from the Ratchet & Clank people?
  • The AI grows with you -- the first few levels consist of fairly "dumb" enemies, but by the later levels, they are rather intelligent. Oh, just a rant, but I played Gears of War over the weekend. It's pretty cool, but you know, if they gave you a Light Gun and a pedel to push when you duck behind stuff, it's basically a more interactive Time Crisis. Which is fine, since Time Crisis rocks. So, it's good, but not "the best game ever".
  • Load times are only at the beginning of stages. Sweet.
  • No lag in game or in the insanely impressive multi-player matches.
  • Speaking of... multi-player matches are plenty, varied, and loads of fun.
  • What's not so good? Well... the ending is fairly vague and open-ended (which, unless otherwise set in stone, is fine for sequel material)
You can read the IGN review to get a better feel for this summary of sorts. But let it be known! The game is deserving of your attention, even if it means a simple rental.

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