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TGS07: The MGS4 english trailer and gameplay footage

Though GameVideos may be suffering from the weight of the internet battering against its front door, the video site does have the new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer from Tokyo Game Show, both in regular (embedded above) and HD. There is also new gameplay footage, which we have embedded after the break.

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Yo, Snake: Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer gets leaked early

A Korean game site broke embargo today -- which, although is bad for them, means we get to enjoy a new trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4 early! Use this handy script to follow along. We don't want to spoil anything, but keep an eye out for a man and his monkey; generally, men who keep company with primates are very important.

According to GameVideos, the "real" version (most likely a higher quality feed of the above video) will arrive 9 p.m. ET.

Kojima implies music customization in MGS4

At Leipzig's Konami booth, Hideo Kojima made a little presentation and hinted at a couple of interesting things he's been tossing around in his mind for Metal Gear Solid 4. After the big trailer finally played (it had trouble the other day due to some technical errors), a rabid fan asked Kojima about the opening and closing tracks for the game. Kojima, not quite sure what the person was asking, shot out a tease answer anyway, "I almost slipped, but there might be a special feature where maybe you can play your own favorite tunes."

Now, we're about 85% sure that he meant an option to play all the tracks from the game would be unlockable, but he did say our own favorite tunes. Since Kojima has a lot of fun making his games, who's to say Snake won't come across an MP3 Player on his journey that just so happens to be full of your favorite songs? Snake can rock out while hiding in a barrel, we guess. What do you guys think? Misinterpretation, or a hint at things to come?

Metal Gear Solid Online to be shown next week

Hideo Kojima is hosting a Metal Gear party next Tuesday! At the Ritz Carlton in Tokyo, the big 20th anniversary of the franchise gets its very own celebration, complete with a lot of interesting surprises, detailed below.
  • An in-game demonstration of MGS4: Guns of the Patriots played by Kojima himself.
  • First look at some kind of online multiplayer for the Metal Gear Solid series ... more on that after the list.
  • New "series content", possibly re-releases or spin-offs like VR Missions.
  • Official statement regarding Metal Gear: Portable Ops +.
We're confused about the online multiplayer. Everywhere we look regarding this rumor, it's never clear if Kojima means to imply that Metal Gear Solid 4 will have online multiplayer support or if there will be a different game specially designed to support that. We'd like to take on the role of trainees for Foxhound and fight other people, so if it's a separate game, we're cool with that.

Metal Gear Solid 4: PS3 exclusive, like it always was

At Sony's conference, a lot of games were spotlighted. We mean a lot. While we'd love to go over the 15 first party exclusives, you all know them already, we're sure. So, we're going to move along and debunk the most annoying rumor we've had to put up with for the past year. Metal Gear Solid 4 was announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive during the conference, met with a loving nod by our favorite Hideo Kojima (we know about twenty, but this one is our favorite). Hopefully this dispels rumors completely. Set for an early 2008 simultaneous worldwide release, MGS4 has come along nicely and has a new trailer up on the PS Store, as you may know. Well, get ready to hear all the "timed exclusive" rumors now, which we're a little more ready to agree to. But not happy about.

Kojima Productions announces new MGS4 trailer at E3

This post serves as a sort of double-whammy. A really cool new trailer of Metal Gear Solid 4, rumored to be voiced in English, will appear at E3. This trailer will appear at the "Sony and Konami Conference" portion of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This will probably be the only place MGS4 will pop up, so, sorry 360 owners, but we don't think you'll get that MGS4 on 360 announcement just yet.

The trailer is, as we've said, supposedly voiced in English, but also will detail an entirely new environment. We'd been wondering when Snake and the gang would get out of the dismal, cow-robot overrun city. Chances are, though, it won't be horribly different from what we've already seen. It's rare that Kojima and crew show off later parts of a game before the release, but we might get a glimpse of what to expect. Perhaps something a little more futuristic than a middle-eastern city? Like ... a space station! That'd be a change.

[Thanks, TheGuy!]
[via NeoGAF]

Kojima considers MGS4 Limited Edition tin

You've seen the new video, so no doubt your excitement for Metal Gear Solid 4 has once again reached the dizzy heights it did after last year's E3. Now CVG is reporting that Hideo Kojima is currently contemplating releasing a Limited Edition. Sounds like a fun idea to us. Make it so, Hideo!

While nothing more has really been said since it was mentioned in his latest "HIDECHAN Radio!" show, two weeks ago, that doesn't stop us from pondering on what such a tin could contain. Game? Check. Soundtrack? Would be nice. Artbook? Always fun to have. Replica bandana and dogtags? Why not!

What would you like to see in there, if it ever materialises?

Here we go again with the MGS4 defection rumors ...

We've danced the dance of Solid Snake "defecting" to the Xbox 360 for ages now. Every week Kojima has to fend off more unsubstantiated rumors about Metal Gear Solid 4 deciding to take a multiplatform route, stating time and again that the title was built for the PS3 from the ground up. Anyway, this latest rumor comes from the, oddly enough, Xbox forums, referring to a Swedish magazine called "Super Play" that supposedly confirmed the multiplatformizationism of the hotly anticipated game.

From the translation given on the Xbox forums: " ... sole owners of Wii and Xbox 360 would have to do without [Metal Gear Solid 4]. Fortunately, Konami isn´t completely blind to the fact that more gamers deserve to play this epic title, and it is now confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the Xbox 360 will launch a year later in November 2008. It will come with new content additions including VR missions and other bonus gameplay like Snake Tales, which lets you go on more objective-based missions -- some quite lengthy. So, there's no question that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the Xbox 360 comes packed with more content than the original PS3-version."

To this we ask, "really?" and tilt our heads coyly. We've been told so many times how it's been tailored just for the PS3 and couldn't be done elsewhere. Yeah, that's PR spin, but we'd like to believe it. Timed exclusives aren't that bad, but giving Microsoft the extra content? Will we be able to download it for free? We're not saying this rumor is true or not, but we're guessing not. Here's why: Super Play is a small, independent magazine. There are no quotes from Konami publishers. This news isn't hitting the internet like a wildfire confirmation. So, to us, it's crap until Kojima nods or dissents. You?

Gamestop says no Metal Gear Solid 4 until 2008

Uh oh. Looks like gaming behemoth Gamestop/EB Games is sending a dreaded email to gamers who preordered Metal Gear Solid 4. According to an email sent earlier today, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots been delayed from its tenative September 1st, 2007 date and is now expected March 1st, 2008. This isn't the first time a high-profile title hits a sudden postponement, but we were gearing up in anticipation for this title to hold us over through the holidays. Without the hugely anticipated title expected until 2008, it could cause Santa's little helpers to drop off something else under the tree. Lets all hope this one doesn't quite pan out as the email indicates.

Kojima working on a Snatcher sequel?

Hideo Kojima and Suda 51 (Goichi Suda) recently murmured about a project they've been plugging away at, aptly titled Project S. Rumors abounded that this project was, in fact, a sequel to the cult classic Snatcher by Kojima himself. Turns out the rumors are true -- this project is indeed based on Kojima's Snatcher title, but this project isn't actually a game. Oof.

Turns out the project, re-named Snatchers, will be a radio drama written by Suda 51, who will also appear as a voice actor in said radio drama. Yep... radio drama. Seems we've taken a step backwards in time. There are other parts of the overall project, but Suda and Kojima are remaining hush-hush... let's see if a game is hidden between the secret decoder rings we'll need to solve the puzzle in the radio drama. More Ovaltine, please!

Kojima apologizes for lack of edible koalas in MGS3 [update 1]

At GO3, an Australian gaming conference of import (that's fancy speak for importance, not goods entering a country), Hideo Kojima had a little speech planned out where he discussed "game technology evolution" and proceeded through the Metal Gear series up to MGS4's current progress. We'll get to that.

Before we go there, though, Kojima offered up an apology for the jungle in Snake Eater: "looks more like your backyard than a jungle," he joked, then apologized to the audience in Japanese for not letting koalas be an edible food source in the game. Would koalas even taste good? They'd probably taste like what they eat -- eucalyptus leaves. Anyway, on to MGS4 not-so-news.

In line with the rest of his speech on innovating gameplay, he and his team knew that they "exhausted the concept of the space, so why not create a situation, rather then a place where Snake had to sneak in" and decided on a battlezone. He explained the possibilities of the battlefield setting -- how there are two sides fighting and one isn't necessarily Snake's enemy, moral ambiguities, et cetera. Then he showed the latest, but already viewed by many, trailer for the game. So, nothing new on the game, but it's nice to read about how Kojima has evolved the franchise across time.

[update: changed the koala's dietary properties to eucalyptus leaves...]

Metal Gear movie backed by Sony Studios -- so, PS3 exclusive?

Stop and think about the subject line for a minute. The Metal Gear movie is being backed by Sony Pictures. Would Sony really want to fund such a large, high-profile project like this if Konami and Kojima were going to stab them in the back and move onto multiple platforms? We think not. While it is indirect and no more than an assumption, it makes sense. You wouldn't see Sony backing the defunct Halo movie, or Microsoft spearheading a Shadow of the Colossus film (there isn't one).

For those curious about the film itself, Kojima himself gave this the go-ahead, so you know there will be quality somewhere along the line. Vice-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Yair Landau, said: "It's a very cinematic game, it really lends itself to movie telling. But the question is, 'How do you translate Snake's experience into a full arc that conforms to what audiences expect on the large screen?" Good question, but that's what Kojima's here for! Ask him for help. There are also talks, he said, of an Everquest movie. Let's not talk about that.

[Thanks a lot, Colin!]

Hideo Kojima dismisses HD and 1080p, sort of

We picked up a GamePro magazine a couple of days back, because we like to read printed material every once in a while. Even though news travels so much faster on this crazy "series of tubes" called the internet, there are a few interviews and such that remain under the radar until the magazine hits shelves. One such interview was with Hideo Kojima, mastermind behind the Metal Gear games. Let's go over the key things we drew from his interview.

  • In MGS4, Snake won't be utilizing his back-to-the-wall move anymore -- Hideo says it's not a very realistic move for the battlefield Snake will be on. You can hide behind stuff, take a peek out, then shoot, though.
  • Blu-ray isn't all it's cracked up to be. Hold on. He says that a basic gameplay frame, HD visuals, and 5.1 sound takes up so much space that the advanced capacity of a Blu-ray is used up in no time. What does that say for plain ol' DVD's, then? MGS4 on multiple discs, perhaps?
  • Kojima wants to try out the Wii after MGS4 wraps up -- supposedly. What could he be planning?
  • Hideo doesn't care for HD at all. He purposely made the graphics appear dirtier than more generic "clean" screenshots, to bring a more realistic life to the atmosphere. That's good.

So what have we learned here? Blu-ray is easy to fill up, HD graphics can make things look like plastic and unrealistic, Snake will have to find another signature stealth pose, and the Wii is interesting. Sounds like any other day, really. I mean, I have GI Joes in my closet to play with if I want plastic-laden soldiers. I demand scarring and mud on my PS3 warriors and I will have it! Eventually.

[via GamePro magazine]

A little bit of foresight -- Portable Ops style

There's a very interesting idea floating around. This idea says the upcoming PSP title, Metal Gear: Portable Ops is a little more than simply an MGS3 sequel -- it's a testing ground for new gameplay elements that may appear in Metal Gear Solid 4. Since MG:PO has some drastically different gameplay elements (4-man teams, limited inventory, recruiting any character seen to help you out, etc), Kojima and friends might be using the PSP game to see how people, and critics, react to these new styles of play.

You see, even though we've seen trailer after trailer of Metal Gear Solid 4, we've yet to see much concerning actual gameplay. An aging Snake taking on armies of mechs alone? Not likely. Many gameplay elements are completely unheard of -- this may be a reason why. What do you guys think? Is the PSP game a sort of test for how loyal enthusiasts react to gameplay changes that may appear in the PS3 title? It's an interesting idea, but at the same time, no one thought that Snake would battle with cards via Ac!d in future games.

Hideo Kojima still misses his dear rumble

You may be thinking to yourself, "!", but it's more like "?", followed by a shrug or perhaps a strange pattern of walking. Metal Gear overlord and storyteller extraordinaire, Hideo Kojima, does indeed miss the rumble feature in the Sony controller for the PS3, as told in an interview with OPM. He even "hopes it will come back". A lot of people do, Kojima-san, a lot of people do.

How about the motion-sensing? Kojima did say they would use it in some way, shape, or form, but wasn't specific as to what, exactly. Let's take some time to think about it. Would it be aiming? No, no... that needs more than six axes (axe-eees). Looking around corners? Maybe, but L2 and R2 did just fine there. Perhaps moving the camera after hitting the aforementioned buttons? No... the right analog was dandy. Perhaps controlling something akin to the Nikita missile? That would be subtle enough to not get in Kojima's way, but still a proper utilization. Leave us your theories here!

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