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Whoops, print your own Eye of Judgment cards

What kind of devilry is this? Even with a cheap $60 Canon printer, you too can print your own cards for use in Eye of Judgment. This potentially game-destroying trick will let you scan rare cards, share them on the web, and simply print them out to add to your collection. We don't think Hasbro is going to be too happy about this.

Will Sony come up with some kind of anti-cheat measure for this? Thankfully, we're pretty sure that the really dedicated collectors won't resort to such ... deceit.

PS3 Fanboy review: The Eye of Judgment

It would've been interesting to be in the board room when the developers of The Eye of Judgment were giving their pitch to the Sony higher-ups. I can just imagine the crazed looks the developers got when they tried to explain their game was an augmented reality collectible card game using a peripheral that had previously been only used for party games. Everything about The Eye of Judgment's concept suggests that it shouldn't work -- it's way too esoteric, the barrier of entry is too high, and the technology behind it had never been tested before.

Luckily for us, Sony has much more forethought than I have, since The Eye of Judgment turns out to be one of the most innovative games in years. It's a darn good CCG as well. Utilizing the just-released PS Eye to turn your cards into actual 3D models on the screen, The Eye of Judgment offers the best example of augmented reality in videogames yet.

You place a card on the included cloth game mat and the camera identifies the card on the fly via a bar code type system, and a creature pops up on the screen. The game will keep track of all the gameplay elements for you, like how many cards you have in your library and your hand, what turn it is, and creature stats. The combination of holding real cards in your hands while also playing a video game is strangely thrilling, and not having to juggle all the rules and stats in your head is a nice change of pace from classic CCGs like Magic: The Gathering which have a rather ... complicated rule set.

Gallery: Eye of Judgment

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Special deal on Eye of Judgment cards at GAME

If you're a UK gamer ready to get your Eye of Judgment on, then you know that you're probably due for a lot of card collecting. This can generally be quite a bother, especially with the packs selling anywhere between £3 and £8, depending if you're getting a booster or starter pack, respectively. Well, perhaps we can help quell the notion you'll dole out a lot of cash -- UK retailer GAME is offering a special deal on their cards if you buy more when you pick up the game. The price will get sliced almost in half, rendering the fee for added card excellence down to £1.50 and £5. It's a pretty good deal, so if you plan on getting into the game, might as well score a few extra card packs while the gettin' is good.

Joystiq plays with the PS Eye

We're still waiting for our Eye, but it looks like the cool kids at Joystiq have already had some quality time with their's. A few tidbits they've discovered:
  • The cord for the camera is about 6.5 feet in length.
  • Proper lighting is required for Eye of Judgment.
  • The camera is an improvement over the PS2 EyeToy with: "smoother frame rate and slightly crisper on-screen image, as well as a nice auto-focus capability."
  • Eye is not compatible with PS2 games and will not be recognized by the Xbox 360. A PC will detect the device, but appropriate drivers have not been released yet.
The Eye hits retail stores October 23rd by itself for $40, or included with Eye of Judgment for $70. To read Joystiq's complete hands-on and check out their pics, click here.

Get your scissors ready: the Eye of Judgment plastic pak

Click for high-res image.

This is merely a frivolous complaint -- but one we had to voice! The Eye of Judgment pack, which includes the Eye camera will come in those annoying plastic sealed packages. You know, the ones that require scissors to open? We've nearly lost a finger (or two) trying to open these, and it's sad to see that in order to get our hands on Sony's upcoming card game, we'll have to risk yet another appendage. Hopefully, it'll be worth it.

We kid (sort of). Regardless of packaging, we're excited for this innovative game. Go chew on these brand new screenshots in our updated gallery:

Gallery: Eye of Judgment

Sony releases Eye of Judgment press pack

People can say all they want about how the Wii is revolutionizing the gaming industry, but the first time we saw The Eye of Judgment in action, we really knew the next generation of gaming had arrived. And with about a month before the virtual card battler is set to release, Sony has released new preview copies to journalists throughout the land.

Games Radar received the awesome Eye of Judgment press pack, which includes the "magic cloth," a deck of cards the PlayStation Eye, the game, and exciting new screens and a trailer.

The trailer, which we've kindly embedded after the jump, features two wizards waging war with magical beasts in a spectacular hall, where we're sure many battles of its ilk were once fought. Admittedly, it's a little unspectacular after seeing Sauron whoop Gandalf's ass with real magic, but now, there's just no other way to play the game without a wizard's robe and staff in hand.

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