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Deal of the Day: SIXAXIS for $40

Controllers don't come cheap these days. Sony's tilting PS3 controller usually retails for $50, but is having a special sale, knocking the price down to $40 (with free shipping to boot!). If you're not waiting for a controller that can rumble (and who knows when that'll arrive), this might be what you need to finally start playing some multiplayer PS3 games.

[Via CAG]

Let's play the patent game: more Wii controllers?

We thought we were past this whole "Sony copied Nintendo copied blah" stuff, but CVG via Tech-On points out that the new patent we blogged about earlier could possibly be perceived as another pass at Nintendo's Wii controller. You know, besides the other one.

If you take a close look at the odd picture that comes along with the patent, you will notice a pen-like apparatus used in conjunction with the camera. This is for image-mapping and converting movements into the 3D environment. But what exactly are we seeing here anyway? I don't think Super Scribbler 3D is in the cards, so could it be a controller not unlike the Nintendo Wii's?

Even more motion-sensing from the Sony camp could backfire. But not if they decide to bring us back our old controller in favor of this new motion-sensing one. Of course, Nintendo fans would have something to say about it if this pen-like device stepped up to replace the DualShake as we currently know it. And then again, maybe we're shooting in the dark here and it's nothing to give any attention to at all. Your thoughts?

The truth will set you free: old vibes and new tech?

The cost of Sony and Immersion force feedback litigation... $90 million.
One Pelican PlayStation controller bought off eBay... $5.
Proving that the motion-sensing technology and rumble feature worked together ten years ago... priceless.

This is a video that shows off a decade-old controller that worked with not only PlayStation games like WarHawk back in the day, but also PS2 games like Gran Tourismo. You can thank the independent source of PSM for the find, though the video is admittedly awkward.

What does this prove? Obviously vibration feedback and motion-sensing in a controller is not only possible, but it's already been done! So why isn't Sony jumping on this already? Who knows... But it's looking more and more like the bad vibes between Immersion and their patented rumble feature could be keeping Sony from implementing it. With TouchSense claiming to fix it all, and proof that it's been done before, what else could it be?

[Thanks boots!]

Phil Harrison speaks on reactions and controllers

It's been a month since the ubergeek gathering at E3, but people are still interested in collecting the opinions of Sony's showing. One such interview tries to pry into the mind of Phil Harrison in an attempt to find out his thoughts on the public's reaction to the show and the controller.

When asked why he thought people came out of the press conference less enthused than last year, he said "I guess, um, when something is new and exciting and heard for the first time, that elicits a certain reaction emotionally." Yeah, $600 tends to evoke that kind of emotional reaction. Mr. Harrison spoke about how people are reacting to the console and how the "PlayStation 3 is kind of laid out for everybody to see."

From Blu-ray to the controller, there are a lot of people who see these parts laid out and call them controversial. On the heels of the latter, he says "... what I think we've done quite cleverly is combine this industry-standard controller with the motion-sensing technology." No one is going to argue with that. What everyone really wants to know is how they're going to implement it. Check out the interview for more answers.

Kutaragi hints at external power supply

Ken Kutaragi talked with a Japanese website recently about most of the things you've probably been wondering. He spoke about keeping costs down, heating issues, the Cell and even hinted at including an external power supply for the PlayStation 3.

For starters, he said that reducing the size of the Cell in the future will allow for lower costs (as we've heard already). But he also said that power consumption will be key: "If we can't reduce [power consumption] we will never be able to make the PS3 cheap and small." Well then, for the love of all that's economical, please manage that consumption!

When talking about heating more extensively, he said that "the power supply could almost be sold separately." So if they decide to go with that, expect a power brick, except of even bigger proportions than what you're used to (like the 360's). With a console the size of the PlayStation 3, it's going to need all the juice it can get.

Radical Movement: is motion-sensing just a fad?

IGN has a big four-page article tackling the notion about whether these newfangled motion-sensing controllers are just a gimmick or not. Are both Nintendo and Sony venturing down the road of the Power Glove, only to be a forgotten memory in years to come?

The chance of that happening have yet to be seen, but to frame this correctly, you have to consider that it's not a new technology. Sure, everyone's talking about someone copying somebody else. But the reality of it is that this has been around for quite some time now. In this business you have to learn from mistakes in the past, which is what Sony and the Nintendo camp are doing.

But what if we're just going through the motions and falling for another gimmick (no pun intended). There's a whole lot of potential behind this technology if we get the right creative minds behind it. Innovation has many faces, but will we see it used correctly? Read the rest of the article and think about it.

Oops: Sony spelling error marks PS3 controller

This will no doubt be construed in a certain way (we're looking at you anti-Fanboys), but it's still pretty funny. In a Ginza showroom in Tokyo, Sony was showing off their new console, but it was a silly spelling error that took the cake for one visitor. Apparently they misspelled 'SELECT' on the controller, having it labeled 'SERECT' instead. It's a small, yet noticeable mistake that will obviously come clean by November (we hope).

Okay, go easy on the flogging.

Gates on PS3 controller: "not mainstream for most games"

The big man himself piped up about Sony's new controller, and he shares a mentality not uncommon to the rest of the gaming community (judging from the reaction of Tekken 6 using such features).

In an interview with MTV, he believes it isn't mainstream enough for most games saying, "It's tough because sometimes you move the controller, and you don't [mean] to fly into the ground. You just want to put the controller down... People aren't that good at totally standing still. Even pilots actually sit in a chair when they do their flying. So there's a lot to be learned about these controllers."

Apparently there is. Microsoft would know, considering that they tried it already with the Sidewinder Freestyle Pro which was flagrantly mediocre. Sony's got their work cut out for them with this one. It'll be interesting to see how it's integrated with all of the "mainstream" titles, if at all.

Tekken 6 to get all shaken up

Fans of the Tekken series may find themselves tilting to the moves with the PS3's motion-sensing controller. Imagine being able to shake your fighter out of submission when put in a hold. That's the kind of application producer Katsuhiro Harada has in mind for the new installment.

A lot of the characters that were shown off at E3 are still in development, and hopefully the different uses for the new controller are too. When you think about the motion-sensing controller, driving and other simulation titles jump to mind. But a fighting game like Tekken 6 could easily take advantage of the technology too (say, for jumping perhaps?). What are some other potential applications would you like to see here?

Peter Moore shares his thoughts on Sony

With the looming launch of the PS3, it's always fun to get a reaction from the front-liners on the other side. Peter Moore sat down with Eurogamer the other day and spilled his thoughts on Sony and their new controller.

"At Microsoft we did the same controller six years ago ... The gamers' response was muted at best," he said. He went on to speak about how the applications for such a controller were fairly narrow. And with the sacrifice of the force feedback, there's a strong argument that the PS3 controller will have lost much of its allure. Regardless, the gamers will be the ones who decide what works and what doesn't come November.

Mr. Moore's comment about the price point summed it up: "I can only imagine what's going on back home for 599 Euros for what looks to me like a platform that's on a par at best with some of the software we're showing."

[As seen on Xbox 360 Fanboy]

PS3 dominates Japanese mind

Famitsu recently issued a report showing the top 10 items of interest to the Japanese from last week's E3. News surrounding Sony's next-gen console dominated the list, with the number one item of interest being the PS3's controller. The list reads as:

  1. Impressions of the PS3 controller
  2. Final Fantasy XIII information
  3. PS3 price and release date
  4. Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Snake playable announcement
  5. PS3 menu & interface
  6. PS3 online service
  7. PS3 game pics
  8. Polymorphic content surrounding FFXIII
  9. Dragon Quest Swords
  10. Square-Enix game pics

Rumor control: of controllers and hard drives

One of the most important E3 followups that's been going around has to do with the rumor claiming that the cheaper PS3 setup won't support wireless controllers or a removable hard drive. This would naturally have some people clamoring for clarity.

Thankfully we can dismiss this misinformation with a bit of confidence as it appears Sony's press release states that both systems will come with wireless Bluetooth controllers.

As far as the second part goes, the removable hard drive bay can actually be seen on the left of the console (or bottom when vertical). It just goes to show you: don't believe everything you read on the internet. Until we hear something else official, count the rumors as BS.

News wrap-up from E3!

The industry's biggest event is now over, and while posting on the Joystiq mothership maybe have taken up all of our time, we can't forget about our Fanboys. We've got some post-E3 reflections on the way, so get ready. Here's an aggregate of the show coverage:

Engadget & Joystiq's live coverage of Sony's PlayStation 3 E3 event
PS3 impressions: Resistance Fall of Man
PS3 impressions: Sonic the Hedgehog
PS3 Impressions: Heavenly Sword
PS3 impressions: Virtua Tennis
Joystiq hands-on: new PS3 controller
Joystiq Video: Resistance Fall of Man
E3 Vox Populi: What are your thoughts on the PS3 prices?
E3 Vox Populi: Will lack of rumble hurt the PS3?
E3 Vox Populi: Who had the best press conference?
E3 booth tours: Sony
A look at EA's new realism tools
The PS3 controller that might have been
Sony's PS3 is still $600
Microsoft befriends Nintendo in fight vs Sony
First look: The Club (Xbox 360 & PS3)
The jacket that says "I can afford a PS3"
Sony's Play Beyond campaign played up at E3
Extended 15-minute MGS4 trailer on the hour
PS3 worth its weight in Uranium
Dual Shake functionality tacked on at last minute
Anatomy of shame: Dual Shake vs. Wiimote
Sony steals motion idea, but not from Nintendo
New PS3 controller loses DualShock vibration
PS3 investing in tangible user interfaces
PS3: A tale of 2 SKUs
Clash of the Consoles: a sneak peek!
PlayStation 3 in its final form
The real PlayStation 3 controller revealed
Final Fantasy XIII announced for PS3

Cheaper PS3 loses HDMI, slots, Wi-Fi, 40GB

As you can see above, there are a few things different between the two PS3 SKUs planned. (Hint: the obvious alterations concern high-def output and wireless connectivity -- though Bluetooth controllers should work just fine with both, with or without any chrome case highlighting.)

So what's HDMI, built-in multimedia card-reader slots, wireless internet connectivity, and an extra 40 gigabytes' hard disk space worth to you? $100? Now that Sony's gone with the 2-SKU approach with its next-gen hardware (a la the Xbox 360's premium and "Core" systems), we can expect some tough consumer choices after six months -- with console shortages possibly for another six months after that -- as $100 separates the base $499 and premium $599 versions of Sony's "Clear Black" hope.

HDMI is important to those who want to take full advantage of Blu-ray high def and have the new screens to use it; MemoryStick, SD, and CompactFlash slots would be nice for the PS3 memory-card users and those will run multimedia on the system; Wi-Fi's the only way to avoid stringing ethernet cables for online access; and 360 owners might appreciate the full 60GB available to potential buyers of the premium PS3 model. Neither model comes with a second HDMI port; thankfully, one should hopefully be all most users need. The details are laid out in a feature-comparison table at the end of Sony's official PS3 hardware press release, available in both Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word formats. Determine what's most important to your PS3 ambitions there.

[Image pieced together from the forums; thanks, Guru]

PS3 pad loses DualShock name and vibration but picks up Wii-esque motion detection and wireless connectivity

Revised PS3 pad rear-view shot
In a shocking turn of events, the PS3 controller has gone from banamerang to wireless DualShock 3, except without the DualShock name and vibration.

If you take a good look at the back of the new control pad (see the close-up above), you'll notice that the DualShock 2 brand name imprinted on the old controller has now been supplanted by a row of LED lights to show which input has been set, either wirelessly or via the wired USB recharge port. Sony's now the only name in-line for PS3 controllers either on the pad or in the press releases (see "the new PS3 controller").

Continue reading PS3 pad loses DualShock name and vibration but picks up Wii-esque motion detection and wireless connectivity

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