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Home video shows off huge changes to the beta

Wow, a lot has changed in Home since we last reported on the beta's progress. There's not much for us to say except "watch the video, it's the bee's knees" and all that cutting-edge jargon kids today use, but we'll blab about it anyway. You start off in your room with a nice oceanic view, sit in your chairs, stare at pictures, then head out into the big open square. The square, as far as we can recall, has always been an indoor arena with trees, but this area (which may or may not be a new addition, just new to non-beta-ers) is very nice. Sort of like a shopping arcade you'd find in a Florida resort. You get to check out the games available (chess, pool, arcade games, bowling, etc), then see the movie theater briefly. That's really the nuts and bolts of it, so give it a watch and get pumped to find Home on your XMB in the coming months.

Home beta test survey gives info on possible expansions

One of our readers has emailed us to let us know that Sony has sent each member of the Home closed beta a simple survey. Consisting of only a single "question", the survey asks testers to rate the importance of a list of features from 1 to 5. Here are our top rated features, the rest are after the jump.
  • Purchasable private spaces for clans/groups (5)
  • Community events (movies/concerts/developer chats/other events) (5)
  • Ability to customize avatars with unique items based on game accomplishments and ownership (5)
  • The ability to acquire (find/learn/buy) collectible/limited edition items (5)
  • Additional avatar customization (non-human enhancements, e.g. robots, animal heads) (5)
  • A means of displaying a user's personal gaming history (5)
  • Hall of Fame/trophy display (5)
We know we weren't invited to join the beta, but we've rated these ourselves anyway (the number in the brackets after each list item). We hope that Sony will eventually add all of these features to Home and that this is just a means of choosing which to work on first. The open beta is due to open sometime this month and this looks very much to us like Sony is attempting to get the final opinions of the closed beta players before the influx of new users occurs. Hopefully within the next week or so.

[Thanks Hunter!]

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PS3 Fanboy readers share impressions on Warhawk beta

When we asked our readers to give us their opinions of the Warhawk beta, we didn't know we'd receive so many responses. Players had to be invited to participate in the beta, and had to respect an NDA Sony had imposed. To respect the agreement, we won't be doling out specifics of the game. However, certainly Sony can't ask people to avoid expressing their emotions! Click on to read a full overview of the beta, what to expect in the game, quotes from our readers, pros and cons, and some fluff to make it all come together nicely. Read on, happy PS3 Fanboys, and get to know the Warhawk beta from the voices of those that matter most: not critics nor Sony, but by the gamers themselves.

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Rumor: Warhawk beta being hacked by rabid fans

Invites to the Warhawk beta were limited, but that is apparently not stopping the most dedicated of fans from stopping in for a visit. The methods certainly scream fanboy, as they involve tweaking the PS3 linux code to such a degree that only those with copious amounts of patience and an undying love to taste the beta phase of Warhawk could withstand such an arduous process. A simple web search showed at least four variants of this method, some without the need for linux tweaking. Something tells us we're not so sure Incog. Inc would be flattered to see an increase in beta participants from unauthorized gamers at the closed beta event.

Without official word from Incog, there is no way to know if such hackers have had any affect on the beta phase of the project. These guys have enough on their hands with working out the kinks in multiplayer, without having to police their invite-only event. Lest any such intrusive action cause a further game delay, we issue a word of advice to all would-be hackers: stay out of the beta if you're not invited. Let those that were lucky enough to receive a beta invite continue to provide the devs feedback they need to make the final Warhawk experience the best it can be for the rest of us. We'll get our fill soon enough.

Warhawk beta to begin next week; sign-up now!

Members of the Gamer Advisory Panel were informed last night that the Warhawk online beta would begin next week on May 24th. By heading to, visitors can register for a chance to enter the beta, but it's unclear if preference will be given to the exclusive GAP community. Regardless, this is much better than what we first feared. We're hoping that Sony will avoid a repeat of their Home beta fiasco, where an incredibly limited number of people were invited.

Regardless of the selection criteria, it certainly can't hurt to try and register, can it? Visit and fill out their (rather annoyingly detailed) survey for your chance to enter the online beta.

Killzone public beta, an inevitability

Step aside, Halo fans. There's another game in town offering a public beta, and it's the PS3 exclusive Killzone. Seb Downie, aka motherH, revealed on the forums: "Of course there is going to be a public beta. I have always said that any game that has an online mode needs to go through a public beta to ensure it works as intended."

According to the post, "more on the beta" would be coming later this year. Lets hope the "more" refers to the beta itself and not simply an announcement of its arrival in early 2008. Sony needs all the help a killer title can bring to deflect the recent press on their earnings and outlook for the year ahead.

[Via CVG]

Warhawk beta starts soon and you are not getting in

It looks like Incognito was telling the truth -- Warhawk is indeed having a beta and it looks like it is starting sooner than was expected. A user on PS3 Forums just received an e-mail inviting him to become a potential beta tester for the sci-fi combat game. The problem? Only Sony RLS members got the invites, and you can only become a member of RLS if you work for certain retail store that sells PS3s. It is supposed to be more exclusive than the GAP membership that they based the private Home beta on. I'm getting screwed again!

The initial e-mail didn't include a date for the start of the beta, but if they're recruiting players now, you can be guaranteed it will start in the near future. It is likely that this is only phase one of the beta (much like with Home), so don't worry too much - there should still be be more chances later to get into the Warhawk beta. We'll let you know as soon as we know more.

[Via NeoGaf]

Home beta launches in North America!

Following the beta launch of Home in Europe on Monday, it appears that the beta has gone live in North America as well. A poster on the official PlayStation forums said that the Home beta had appeared in the PlayStation Store along with all the other new content and was available to download (alas, only for people accepted into the closed beta).

One of our readers confirmed this as well and even sent in some screenshots to prove it. Check them out!

[Thanks, Matt Pizzashack!]

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Home beta sign-ups begin

Finally! Sony's revolutionary Home service is entering beta, allowing dedicated PlayStation members to test-drive Sony's vision of "Game 3.0." Various people, including myself, have been receiving invitations in their e-mails: make sure to check yours. According to the invite, "not everyone who signs up will be accepted." Those that are accepted will be contacted yet again via e-mail.

How many PS3 Fanboy readers received their Home invite?

GDC 07: Warhawk's transition into a Network title

At the Sony blogger's event, Warhawk's Dylan Jobe admitted that the PlayStation Network game doesn't deserve "to be a full priced game." Unfortunately, he admits, it's not his job to set the pricing. The team wanted to make a good product, but there were a few employees frustrated that the game was becoming a Network-only game. There's a stigma, he noted, and one disgruntled employee left the team due to the misconception that downloadable games are somehow lesser experiences.

"Crap product will sell like crap, whether or not it's on a shelf or not," Dylan admitted. He thinks that the future of Sony's Network offerings is exciting, especially because it "transcends arcade rehashes." These are "high quality titles" that will allow the company to "earn the player's trust back."

Going forward, Sony admits that they're trying to get a "downloadable demo for every title." There is no Warhawk demo in the works now, but the possibility of offering a public beta for trial purpose is still being discussed.


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