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Is the PS3 indestructible?

To start with, we'd never recommend doing any of these to your PS3. We wouldn't do it to ours, even if these tests are, in fact, true. With that disclaimer, let's talk about the "108 hour" tests a set of PS3's went through to see how much the system could handle before failing. How much could they handle? Apparently, everything. PS3's were played for 108 hours straight, switching between games and Blu-ray movies. If you want a more detailed list of the test's parameters, they're here. Three scenarios all came with the same result: the PS3 freakin' rocks.
  • In a standard living room, the PS3 was perfectly fine except for a strange noise coming from the disc tray after 12 hours. Nothing surprising there!
  • The PS3 was put in the back of a freezer van for the second test, where the temperature gradually went from 50 degrees to 0 degrees (Fahrenheit). When the temperature reached zero, the PS3 started to become sluggish and eventually, the screen blacked out. However, this was due to a power cord getting a bit too moist -- the PS3 still worked fine.
  • Placing the PS3 in a hot sauna seems like a terrible idea -- where the temperature went from 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit over time. After 64 hours, there was a slight burning smell and after 108 hours, the console was extremely hot (no, really?) but the console still worked fine after 108 hours.
Amazing stuff, really. Again, we would never try to play our PS3 for 108 hours straight in our living room, let alone a freezer or hot sauna. Nor would we recommend you doing so! We'll take this test and their results with a grain of salt, but we have to admit -- our PS3's haven't had any trouble despite how long we've played them. So either the PS3 is indestructible, or it has every disease known to man. Anyone on their second PS3?

Rumor: Twisted Metal PS3 hinted at in clownsplosion?

We say "clownsplosion" because at first, the image of an atomic explosion seemed innocent enough (relatively speaking) and we didn't see the hidden image inside the puffs of PlayStation 3 exclusive smoke. We'd outline it, but we're too lazy. There's a madly laughing clown. A lot of debate has been floating around the PS3 Forums about this picture, but most seem to agree -- Twisted Metal. It's been a long time, what with the last TM game coming around the PS2's launch.

Why do we think it's Twisted Metal? What other game has a clown that would be so delighted to have an atomic explosion bearing a laughing clown hidden therein? Only Sweet Tooth will suffice. Yeah, the face doesn't look as dark and sadistic as Sweet Tooth, but the fact remains: there is an explosion and it is a clown. We welcome Twisted Metal coming on the PS3, even if it's a collection of the old games. Though we'd love a new entry with some badass online modes and "Create Your Own" car of sometimes-humorous death.

Heavenly Sword demo gets a date, no tongue

It shouldn't be a surprise to any of us that the demo for Heavenly Sword is on its way. Heck, we already said that it was making its debut sometime in July. We've now got confirmation that the demo is, in fact, complete. Part of the Ninja Theory team came out on their official forums and said "it's in the bag ... so now it's a case of Sony deciding when they feel is the best time to release it to PlayStation Network." By that, we couldn't help but squeal like a schoolgirl with a crush. Could they mean this Thursday's update?

Not likely. Seems the demo itself is actually slated for next Thursday. You know, the 26th. We don't mind waiting an extra week, since most of the PS3 Fanboy staff is still in a hot competition to keep the highest score amongst one another in Super Stardust HD. As far as the game itself, Heavenly Sword is complete and going through the bug-fixing stage. If that's true, they should release it early. We're tired of waiting for this fantastic looking "launch title", honestly.

[Thanks, DolphGB!]

[via PS3Attitude]

Universal pressured to support Blu-ray, refuses

With the clear advantage going to Blu-ray as the high-definition movie format of choice by the technology-savvy or trend-setting consumer, it's only natural something like this would come along. The only exclusive movie studio for HD DVD, Universal, is getting pressured into supporting Blu-ray. A lot of persuading is going on, apparently, for them to release their films on Blu-ray.

There are reports that, in Europe, standalone HD DVD players outsell standalone Blu-ray players by 70%. Of course they do. The PS3 is a cheaper alternative with more capabilities, so that's a pretty unfair report. To further offset that report, actual movie sales dip the 70% advantage towards those lovely Blu babies. Even so, HD films are still a niche market and moving to support their "competition" isn't high on Universal's list of priorities. Their standard DVDs still sell just fine and since the PS3 can upscale those, we're not too hurt if Universal decides to stick to their guns and support HD DVD to the bitter end. Although we really wanted some Blu-ray Heroes.

[Thanks, Joe!]

A triumvirate of White Knight Story screenshots [UPDATE]

Today is a good day for us. First up, the strangely addictive and get-nothing-accomplished gameplay of Disgaea is making its way onto the PS3. Secondly, donuts were buy two, get one free this morning. Thirdly, we've got some White Knight Story screenshots to share with you, courtesy of IGN. They are awesome, because we're finally starting to get a sense of scale for the great White Knight himself. At least, that's who we imagine is featured in one of the screens.

Another screenshot is what appears to be a shop menu, but ... for some reason, we can't help but think it's a character creation screen. If someone could translate the menu, we'd know for sure. Does this mean you create your main hero, or perhaps create your own personal party member? If so, that would be the coolest thing ever. It's like putting yourself in the shoes of not the "silent protagonist", but "that guy who happened to travel with the world's greatest hero." We know, that sounds odd, but from a writing standpoint, it's a nice touch that we hope is what we assume it is.

[UPDATE] Word has reached us the White Knight Story will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show in September. We'll report back to you with our hands-on impressions during the event.

PlayStation 3 sells out at Amazon, nothing until next week

While analysts and pundits (rightfully) debate the honesty and reasoning behind the whole PS3 pricing debacle, it's clear that consumers have just been focused on one thing: the price tag. Sony mentioned during their conference that sales at all their major resalers had doubled already and it looks like they weren't kidding -- Amazon just ran out of their entire stock of PlayStation 3s and aren't getting anything until next week. Normally, stocking issues is more of a Wii phenomenon but it looks like a lot of people were either waiting in baited anticipation for the price cut, or a lot of people are scared Sony is going to jack the price of the PS3 back up to 600 dollars later this year.

Interestingly, sales of the PlayStation 3 have been so strong that its pushed the Amazon special pack-in movie Resident Evil into the top 5 movie sellers across all formats, including DVDs. That's something that even top tier Blu-ray releases can rarely do for even a couple days, and Resident Evil has been holding there all week. Since it's pretty unlikely that an older Blu-ray disc would undergo such a resurrection in sales by itself, that alone indicates that the PS3 sales have been extremely good at Amazon. With great games finally coming out and a decent library starting to form, this is a good time to be a new PS3 owner -- but how long will the sales spike last? Until the only option is a $599 80GB PS3?

Looks like they got an early new shipment of PS3s and they're back in stock at Amazon. Go get your buy on!

Holy crap, they just ran out of stock again. People REALLY want their PS3s, don't they?

[Via N4G]

EA's skate looks pretty darn polished and extreme

We're not scared to admit it -- we've got a pretty biased attitude against Electronic Arts. They aren't the best at making quality titles ... they're more of the Kroger brand soda to Sony or Epic or Konami's name-brand colas. However, things may be turning around. First, Burnout Paradise seems to be built from the ground up on Sony's system and it's looking sharp. Then comes skate. This game looks excellent and the level of polish is impressive. We're not fond of "totally xtreem sportz" titles, but this one really makes us want to reconsider. Interesting dual-analog gameplay mechanics and a more skating-sim style make us squirm with anticipation. Check out the video. We like it!

Rumor: Warhawk already adding vehicles, weapons?

These are all just rumors, but for those of you lucky enough to play the Warhawk beta, this should be good news for you and even better news for those of us who were already excited to get our online battles on. The site posting these rumors is getting a ton of hate, but we're giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming that there are, in fact, changes happening between the beta and final release. Whether the changes are those mentioned below or not, we can't say for sure.
  • Huge graphical update
  • Expanded matches -- 32 vs 32 rather than 32 max players
  • Plenty of downloadable content upon launch in addition to bare-bones game
  • Six new weapons
  • Four new vehicles
Hmm, something smells fishy. It's like they took one piece of news that was probably true (graphical update), then spiced it up with other bits of news that would be rather unbelievable. Following the recent IGN interview, it seems that may be the case. In all, though, rumors are rumors, so we'll go ahead and keep them filed next to our lollipop notebook and chocolate hologram disc full of skittles. We love candy.
[Thanks, Joe!]

Picking up the PS3 version of DiRT? It's ready to rumble

John Yan recently took the time to tour the booths at E3 and came away with his impressions for a few games, but one bit near the end caught our attention above all else. He saw the PS3 version of Colin McRae's DiRT and claimed it looked more refined than the 360 and PC counterparts. We're not worried about the graphics and all that, though. There was something else that piqued our interest.

There was a rumble option in the game's options screen. John asked the folks showcasing the game if the rumble feature would exist in the final product for the PS3 and they answered yes. DiRT is prepared to take advantage of the new rumble feature coming to the Sixaxis controller in a matter of months. Isn't that exciting? The controller isn't out yet, but game developers are already prepared to offer the feature in their games. It's great news for all of us, especially those who really need to feel some vibrations in their hands. You know who you are!

[Thanks, John!]

Rumor: Sony may get extra GTAIV content after all

Coming from a recent interview with Phil Harrison, 1up was curious why Sony was letting exclusive downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV slip through their fingers. It seems that, perhaps, the PS3 will get their own content for the upcoming classic sandbox game. Phil responded thus: " ... we have a great relationship with Rockstar and we're actually working closely with them on a number of initiatives, so I do know some things that are going on, but I'm not able to share those with you now." Insert theories here.

If we can think of anything, we'd imagine that Sony is trying to get the content for the 360 version over to the PS3 version either as standard Blu-ray extras on the game disc (so they aren't technically breaking the "exclusive downloadable content" clause or whatever), or that there is some more original material planned for the PS3 version down the road. What are your thoughts?

[Thanks, Ciaran!]

Some Devil May Cry 4 action, since it's been a while

Turn your volume down, now! Unless you want to hear the incredibly loud sounds of E3 sprinkled with some DMC4 music, we're just warning you. Of course, there are more than one new trailer for Devil May Cry 4 up at Gametrailers, but we're just giving you a small taste of what the latest build of Capcom's title looks like. It looks very smooth, but still lacking that signature difficulty. By all means, the guy playing the demo should be getting his bum handed to him, since he's not playing that expertly. On the other hand, the enemies are all very simple and basic too, so perhaps Capcom is saving the more extreme enemies for the more extreme crowd -- those who buy the game.

Dying for some more Killzone 2 footage?

Lucky for you, we check Gametrailers all the time for the latest footage of our favorite games. If the downloadable E3 trailer of Killzone 2 from the PS Store wasn't enough to satisfy, we've got some more in-game footage detailing parts of the demo we weren't able to see. Sure, there's a lot of button-pushing and tower-shooting, but to think about all that's happening on screen at any single moment is pretty awe-inspiring. Much more happening on these battlefields than, say, in narrow corridors. Let us know what you think!

Movie download service on its way to PS3, PSP "really soon"

Peter Dille, Sony's VP of Marketing, confirmed that a downloadable movie service would make its way to the PS3 and PSP very soon. Not only that, but Sony recognizes the potential of such an application and are really concentrating their efforts on it: "I can tell you is we're working on it, we see that it's critical, not just for PSP but also for PS3, and it's something we know is super important to get right." It would be pretty cool to download a movie onto your PS3, activate Remote Play, then go watch the movie on your PSP in the middle of a mall or whatever it is kids do these days.

You may think Sony just started working on this feature, but according to Dille, it sounds like it's been in the pipes for a while. "If we launch it and it's not right, we're going to get creamed. So we want to make sure we get the consumer experience right, get the right content, and we're working really hard on it. And I don't think we're talking about years, I think this is something we could get behind really soon." If they plan to launch it soon, that would be fantastic! Could this be another feather in their Tokyo Game Show hat? We guess we'll have to wait until mid- or late September to find out!

David Reeves calls PS3 "tsunami", will win console war

A rather lofty quote from David Reeves to open this post: "PlayStation 3, you will see, will be far and away the winner when you look at it by March '08. They really, really will ... It's something that is going to be a slow burner, and suddenly it's like a tsunami; it will just overtake you." This quote goes hand-in-hand with the announcement of the new PS3 bundle package in Europe, which also tells us that the 60GB PS3 model isn't going to be available in the US anymore after July (price cut rendered useless).

Will the PS3 win this holiday season with their insane lineup of games that has the PS3 Fanboy staff crying at the abuse their wallets are going to get? We'd like to think so, but every console has some heavy hitters coming out, but by the end of the fiscal year, we do believe the PS3 will have created a much larger install base. Perhaps not enough to render Mr. Reeves' predictions true, but one that will show Sony has no intention of passing off their crown.

Tears to Tiara -- will anyone other than Japan ever get a PS3 JRPG?

First off, the screenshot above is from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, not this new RPG. We're not allowed to use magazine scans as pictures, you see! Anyway, PS3 Forums member Jeremiah (who we doubt very much is a bullfrog) recently slapped up some Famitsu scans revealing a new PS3 title called Tears to Tiara, or something similar. The game is an RPG -- the most hardcore of role playing games, featuring anime characters who just happen to be scantily clad. For the niche audience out there, we know what you're thinking. "Why the hell haven't we heard anything about this?" We're asking the same thing, but it's an easy answer. It's probably not coming to America or Europe, just like Mist of Chaos and any other RPG that's been announced for the PS3 (except the heavy hitters, but that's why this is for the niche audience).

From the given screenshots, the game appears to be a sort of strategy-RPG, action-RPG, standard-RPG all rolled into one. We can't read Japanese, so we can't really tell you much about it. All we know is that our hands are screaming for a current generation JRPG and the Square Enix titles aren't hitting until 2008. Other than White Knight Story (also 2008, presumably), there's really been nothing on the role playing front from Japan for the PS3. It makes us sad. Well, keep your fingers crossed for a worldwide release of Tears to Tiara, even though we doubt it will happen. It looks like it would have been neat.

[via PS3 Forums]

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