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Japanese PSN release for September 13th

A very small, very strange update for Japanese PSN users today. The following item is available for free:
  • FolksSoul new Folk "Gemaga editor-in-chief"
That probably doesn't make any sense to anyone at first, but let us explain. In FolksSoul (better known to non-Japanese as Folklore) there are monsters called "Folks", and you can capture these monsters' souls and use their powers against your foes. This update adds a new monster, who just happens to be the editor-in-chief of Japanese video game magazine Gemaga. He uses his narcissistic pose to unleash a barrage of flower petals to attack enemies... or something. Let's just say today's Japanese PSN release is like an inside joke that no one but the Japanese could understand, okay?

Cobbled together PSN expectations: Issue 1

Now that Sony are releasing a lot more stuff on the US PSN Store news is coming from all different angles regarding what will be up next. We've cobbled together a list of content that we expect to see up on the store today, along with a link to the corresponding source. Until the official list is released, this will have to be enough to get you excited for today's update.
  • PixelJunk Racers
  • High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition
  • Fifa 08 demo
  • Tony Hawks Proving Ground demo
That's all we know so far. No doubt the full list will be longer, but we wouldn't expect any more games or demos. We're already getting two of each, so we've nothing to complain about there. In fact, we should be very hapy about that. If Sony keeps this up then the PSN could actually go from "passable" to "good." As for the European Store, we'll probably be getting a video or two and a photo of a half eaten pie.

Japanese PSN releases for September 11

Japanese PS3 owners get a taste of the 992MB demo of Heavenly Sword as well as a couple movies in today's Japanese PSN update.
The Japanese PSN site lists the demo's name as "Heavenly Sword" Nariko Personal Experience version (or at least that's what it roughly translates to). Assuming it's the same demo that the US had, maybe "Nariko Personal Experience" is Japanese code-speak for 5 minute tease?

Japanese PSN releases for September 6th

First of all, we're late with this update by a day. Actually, two days if you live in Japan. Secondly, we have been neglecting our Japanese PS3 account owning friends a bit. We apologize for all that, but we'll start righting that wrong, by listing these new items in the Japanese PlayStation Store:
Additionally, on the 5th of September, Japan also received:
If you do not have a Japanese credit card and would like to purchase from the Japanese PlayStation Store, may we suggest some Japanese PSN cards?

[Thanks, JimNasium!]

Japanese PSN cards on sale ... at a price

Most will find purchasing anything off the Japanese PlayStation Store an impossibility. Without a Japanese address and credit card, users are locked out of purchasing anything from the country's virtual store. With many games releasing earlier in Japan, this comes as a disappointing disadvantage to gaijin hardcore.

NCSX is planning on changing that, though. They're offering pre-paid PSN cards for the masses. With these cards, players will be able to buy content off the Japanese store without any qualms. The problem? They're a bit pricey. A 3000 yen card goes for $36.50, a premium of almost $10. The retailer explains: "Our vendors in Japan don't have access to the tickets at wholesale and had to pay retail (from Family Mart, no less) and tacked on their mandatory handling charges to obtain them for us. Think of it as a videogame vigorish that's built into the price."

The orders will be delivered digitally, so customers won't have to wait to get their downloads on.

[Thanks, J! Via GameBrink]

ThreeSpeech discover some EU PSN release dates

Sometimes news is better left untold. Or is it? We're in two minds as to whether the outcome of ThreeSpeech's PSN release date snooping is making us feel better or worse about the situation. They have managed to procure information regarding PSN releases for the upcoming month but we're sincerely hoping that the list is inexhaustive -- a fraction of the next month's PSN offerings. If not, then our hopes and dreams for the next 26 days are crushed. Crushed.

September 6th
September 13th
  • Motorstorm vehicle set 1
  • Loco Roco Cocoreccho trailer
  • inFamous trailer
September 27th
  • Motorstorm vehicle set 2
Overall, a good month for Motorstorm fans. Lots of new downloadable content. The lack of any information regarding the 20th makes us think that there's more to come this month. We hope.

PS3 Fanboy interviews PSN producer Rusty Buchert

Ever wonder who's responsible for choosing the games on the PLAYSTATION Store? Rusty Buchert, senior producer at SCEA's Santa Monica Studio, is the man to talk to about original games on the PSN. He has a unique vision for the Store, where he wants to bring indie games, such as Everyday Shooter, to the masses. Check out our exclusive interview with the man behind the scenes.

Can you explain to our readers what your position is at SCEA?
Hi all, my name is Rusty Buchert and I am a Sr. Producer at the Santa Monica Studios. My focus is purely on PSN titles for the PS3.

The PLAYSTATION Store has differentiated its offering from that of its competitors. We've seen a lot of unique experiences, such as fl0w, that simply aren't on the other platforms. How is Sony's focus on downloadable games different than the other guys?
My focus has been to find unique, fun experiences. We started searching for games like this from the outset and we were searching through the Indie Scene right out the gate. In general the Scene thinks outside the traditional development box. All to often people get indoctrinated into one general way of thinking about games in genre, design, and execution. You are not going to get anything new thinking like that. We were betting on the fact that people wanted something new and not a rehash of a rehash of a rehash.

Continue reading PS3 Fanboy interviews PSN producer Rusty Buchert

Metal Gear Solid Online encourages hacking opponents

Shaky cam video footage of a TV program revealed a few new details on the upcoming PSN title, Metal Gear Solid Online. In it, a Konami producer explains the hacking mechanism that'll be crucial to the online collaborative experience. "You're encouraged to link up with your teammates. If you link up, you can share information. You can see what your teammates say, you can see how they're doing, their battle condition ... One of the guys that was playing, he captured an enemy, and then hacked into his nanomachines that's connected to his team and he was able to get all the information of his opponent's team that was all linked up."

Certainly sounds intriguing! We can't wait until the beta releases later this year, and we hope someone in Kojima heaven will grace us with a chance to play it.

SOE: All our MMOs in development have a console component

Sony Online Entertainment has been responsible for some of the most popular MMO games ever. The studio behind Everquest (1 and 2), Planetside, Vanguard and a host of other massively multiplayer games has recently unveiled a new lineup of titles, including Gods & Heroes, The Agency, Free Realms, and the just-announced Ramayan 3392 A.D (see above image). Though only The Agency has been announced for the PlayStation 3, Nicholas Beliaeff recently tossed a bucket of gasoline on the rumor fire that we may be getting a couple more massively massive games on the PS3.

When asked by Gamasutra if SOE is looking more seriously at console MMOs, Nicholas said, "Absolutely. We have EverQuest Online Adventures that came out on the PS2 four years ago, and that was one of the first, along with Final Fantasy XI, to be a console MMO. For us as a company moving forward, all of our MMOs in development have a console component."

It's the last line that is the most exciting to us, it strongly indicates that SOE is going to be supporting the PSN in a big, BIG way. While this isn't as big as say, an announcement that Warcrack is coming to the PS3 -- the acknowledgment that every MMO that SOE makes from now on will appear on the PS3 is pretty amazing. So ... which SOE MMO do you want?

Rumor: Leipzig to be vehicle for three new PSN titles

As Phil Harrison said at E3, over 80 PSN titles are going to slide our way before the end of the fiscal year. The big Leipzig show is coming up and rumors are three of these titles will get announced and detailed there. The three games below are the ones that are most likely to get such announcements:
  • Aqua Vita
  • Operation Creature Feature
  • Trials of Topoq
That's not to say they are getting announced or detailed, but that's where the pendulum appears to be swinging. Now, Aqua Vita was actually announced a long, long time ago but there's never really been any detail on the title. The others sound like some sort of arcade-style games, but not necessarily analog-stick hungry shooters. We've got lots of those. So, we'll take this time to let you decide what these games are all about.
[via N4G]

LittleBigPlanet is almost done, public beta in a few months

Are you just itching to find out more information about LittleBigPlanet? Today we've got a quick summary for you, as PSU had a fairly detailed hands-on report to dish out, not unlike our own glowing review. If you are curious about LBP but don't want to read for ten minutes, we'll summarize the important points for you to take into consideration.
  • Your character has different moods (changed by hitting a direction on the D-pad) and depending on these moods, he will control differently. He will bounce as he moves if happy, or keep his head low and walk like he's pouting when sad.
  • Player vs. Player mode will be available -- there's more than just cooperating to create a level. An example of this would be the "Racing Mode" where levels are built for speed. If you've ever played the final stage in Earthworm Jim 2, we expect something like that footrace with Psy-Crow. That was a hard level.
  • LBP is nearly complete and a public beta is supposedly hitting the PSN sometime this fall prior to release.
That's about the high and low of it. We never expected this PSN title to burn so brightly in the Hype Furnace, but we can't resist the warmth of its glow. It looks fantastic. However, does anyone think its a system mover? Will the idea of this game and more to come like it push people into rethinking about the PS3's price? We'd like to imagine so, especially with the immense number of exclusives coming this holiday season.
[Thanks, Justin!]

Go! Sports Ski to exclusively use motion controls

When the Go! Sports Ski trailer appeared on the PlayStation Store, we can't say we were too impressed. Sports games are a dime a dozen, and it appears that Go! Sports Ski will have unique Sixaxis motion-controls. In fact, that's the only way it'll be controlled.

This downloadable title will be available on the Store later this year, and will feature global rankings and online play for up to four players. Stay tuned for more details.

Gallery: Go! Sports Ski

Hands-on: PixelJunk Racers

There's a great simplicity to be admired in PixelJunk Racers, an upcoming downloadable title for the PlayStation Network. The game offers traditional top-down 2D racing with a variety of gameplay modes. We could see at least two dozen modes to choose from, each with their own goals to achieve.

For example, in one mode, players raced around the circular track. We had to navigate around cars that were scattered around the track in order to gain momentum. With enough speed, the car would turn into a fireball, destroying any cars that had the mishap to be in our way. The goal of the game is to destroy as many cars as possible within the time limit.

Another mode took the same concept, but reversed the roles involved. Instead of turning into a fireball, the computer-controlled NPC cars on the track were able to turn into deadly missiles. While the previous mode was all about destruction, this was about survival. We had a great time trying to navigate around cars that were in our way, as flaming fireballs tracked us down, trying to destroy us. Each player must try to survive as long as possible -- a feat that becomes quite difficult at the speeds the game ran at.

PixelJunk Racers looks to be yet another great addition to the PlayStation Network. What it lacks in depth and presentation it makes up for through sheer fun. The simplistic nature of the game may not appeal to the hardcore, but so long as PixelJunk Racers is priced right, it might be worth a look.

Gallery: PixelJunk Racers

Elephants go wild in Elefunk for PSN

Whoops! Those crazy elephants -- what will they do next? Elefunk is yet another new game for the PlayStation Network that features elephants doing crazy things. We don't know much else about the game right now, but can anyone seriously question the entertainment value of elephants collapsing off of bridges?

Hands-on: High Stakes on the Vegas Strip

There's one thing we can confidently say about the upcoming PS3 Network title, High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: it's a good deal. While other poker games have retailed for full price, this download-only title will be available for only $10 in the new few weeks, and it comes loaded with features.

In addition to the now-requisite 1080p graphics, High Stakes has a few unique features. There's a fast-forward mode, which allows you to cut past any unnecessary action of AI opponents. The "Turbo Fold" function lets you fold without having to wait for computer AI to play their cards. Most excitingly, we saw the EyeToy in action, which allowed you to capture your image while playing the game. Video appears on the screen, showing your opponents' faces as they play their hand. It was surprisingly easy to set up, and will work with most USB video cameras, not just the EyeToy.

High Stakes isn't the most exciting game to come out on the PSN. However, it shows Sony's continued dedication to providing a variety of gameplay options for an affordable price.

Gallery: High Stakes Poker (PSN)

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