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Join up for an eventual beta with The Agency!

Yes, we know, there was a lot of anticipation for the big June 11th announcement. Some of you were disappointed about the announcement of MMOG The Agency for the PS3 and PC. Others of you were surprised and pleased. We're not ones to discriminate, so to both parties, we'd like to direct your attention to the official site of The Agency and help you navigate its seemingly empty flash page.

After getting the loading screen up to the point where you view a smoking gun, go ahead and click on the bullet that mysteriously wrote out the name of the game -- The Agency -- and you'll be welcomed with a note detailing a mailing list where you will be "recruited" by one of two factions: ParaGON or U.N.I.T.E., which we can only assume means a public beta at some point in the future. We thought you'd like to know, so go on, everyone! Shoot them an e-mail with the stuff they ask for (just an e-mail address) and wait until further details make their way to your inbox.

[via N4G]

Point and click your way to The Half Broken Crown

Are you sick of actually playing those pesky video games? Do you miss the ol' point-and-click days like Myst and other such insanely difficult puzzle adventures? Well, how would you like it if you could get back into those games with a ton of friends online? Enter The Half Broken Crown: The Broken Kingdom, an MMO Adventure for the PC, PS3, Wii, PSP, DS, and Macs where every platform can play and communicate with one another.

Instead of playing the game and solving puzzles alone, you can pick up and play with a large community of people from many different platforms. We're not exactly sure how this would work, especially when the point-and-click genre has all but faded out of existence. The browser-based game deserves a look, though, just because it's stringing so many different consoles together. But if that's all it has going for it, we've got nothing more to say.

Assassin's Creed set for November worldwide release

Altair has been sent to kill some key players on both sides of the Third Crusade and with you in control of his movements, his survival lies in your skills in stealth and asskickery. Ubisoft wants everyone to enjoy this game at the same time, it seems. They have issued a statement that Assassin's Creed will be launched in "all major territories" this November. So, it may not be a "worldwide" release, but for the gaming market, Ubisoft considers it may as well be.

Ubisoft expects the game to exceed all expectations, and expectedly, expect commercial and critical success. Funny how a single word will contort to fill up an entire set of ideas. Or not. Funny to wordsmiths, we guess. The game will ship for the PS3, 360, and the PC with both a regular and special edition. Most people really hyped up for this game should snag the special edition, since it has a decent amount of goodies to keep you satisfied.

[via Joystiq]

TimeGate Studios unveiling three new titles this year

Remember those games Axis & Allies and the beloved F.E.A.R. Extraction Point? TimeGate Studios was behind those and they've come out and announced they've got three titles in the works for the rest of the year. They're trying to expand their development team and get some clout in the developing industry. We don't blame them. It sounds like a fierce, competitive business.

So what did they say? Here's what Tom Ohle, Evolve PR man, had to say: "TimeGate is hard at work on three new games, each of which is poised to smash through the competition thanks to the company's ability to create engrossing new worlds and to seamlessly blend genres to deliver the best games possible ... one of these games marks the first time console gamers will get a taste."

What will we get a taste of? IGN reports one of the games is called Section 8 and is due out for the PC, PS3, and 360. Nothing is known except for the concept: FPS plus strategy. We'd like to imagine a Freedom Fighters-esque game. That game rocked. Does anyone else want to take a guess on the other games?

Quake Wars shoots for July release, fragged

The latest entry in the Quake series, sporting the title Enemy Territory: Quake Wars has been talked up every now and then, but a true release date was never really set in stone. Activision wants to change that -- kind of. They have come out to say they expect the game to ship out for the PC, PS3, and 360 any time from July through September of this year.

We've heard that developers id Software like to polish and tinker with a product until they feel it's good and ready for release, so we're not sure if the release date schedule will properly reflect the release date for this game. September, maybe, but if they go that long, they'll probably just keep tweaking until it's holiday shopping time. Which starts in August, oddly. Stupid holiday shopping lasting five months ... That aside, who's excited for this game? More than Haze? More than Unreal Tournament 3? We'll take 'em in that order: Haze, UT3, then this game. But that's just us.

Here's a Haze gameplay video for your consumption

While the video isn't of the highest quality and some guy's hand keeps waving in front of the screen, this is the first time we've seen the upcoming Haze in action. While confirmed for PS3, 360, and PC, there's still a little rumor floating about that the game will be timed on the PS3 for a few months of exclusivity. As with all rumors, there are also reports debunking that. We like to remain optimistic, but the way the game looks, we'd be greedy to disallow other gamers to enjoy this game. It looks pretty great!

Gothic 4 announced for PS3, sans developer Pluto 13

The long-running action-RPG series has recently undergone some serious negotiations with new developers, says Australian publisher JoWood. The series used to be handled by Pluto 13 (or Pirahna Bytes), but they've gone bye-bye. The new developer hasn't been named yet, so we don't know much about if the gameplay will change at all, graphical direction, quality, whatever.

Usually, this wouldn't matter to console owners at all since the Gothic franchise has historically been a PC exclusive. However, this latest iteration is scheduled for consoles as well as PC. Since most console owners probably haven't played it, the game is fairly nonlinear. Free-roam, do what you want, make allies with whoever and kill whatever. It's sort of like Fable, we guess. Or Elder Scrolls. Gothic titles generally have a lot of bugs that simply don't get fixed -- we hope they take better care of the game when they put it on consoles. Anyone played the other games? Think this'll translate well onto consoles?

World in Conflict suits consoles -- so, can we expect it or not?

Massive Entertainment, a huge RTS developer (I still prefer Westwood ... wherever they went) recently talked about a new action-oriented approach to the genre and how it would feel right at home on a console rather than a PC. Its game World in Conflict fit the bill, they claimed. So long as keyboard and mouse support is ... supported, we're game to listen further.

In fact, the one drawback to bringing RTS games to consoles is just that -- the keyboard and mouse. The PS3 fully supports these, developers! I play Phantasy Star Universe with the keyboard on the PS3. Well, I would if I could figure out if its possible. Come on! Regardless of this strange claim to avoid consoles, Massive still thinks World in Conflict would suit consoles because it "is much more visceral and action-oriented than traditional RTS titles, so if there's ever a game that could translate well to the consoles, it would be something like World in Conflict." So will we see an RTS title hit the PS3? Will it support those peripherals we mentioned? Who knows. We'll keep you posted.

Some new Quake Wars screenshots seem explosive

Everyone loves the Quake franchise. Even those directly opposed to FPS titles from birth should be able to appreciate the nuances and intricacies the Quake games have brought to the -- oh, whatever. They're a good FPS series, but that's about it. However, with the newest upcoming entry, Quake Wars, they might actually change things up enough to appear fresh and delicious.

The action shooter combining real-time strategy elements is showing off some new screenshots today and they look fantastic. Whether in a tank, on foot, or some kind of jet, the game looks intense. The game will hit the PC in mid-June, but a console release is expected shortly thereafter for the 360 and PS3. We don't know if the final result will merit all the hype, but we can hope so! Anyone else pumped for this game?

Alone in the Dark interview: tech to advance the horror genre

The upcoming Alone in the Dark title has a lot to compete with when released late this year or early next year, but it still looks like a step in the right direction for the original survival horror game. Presented in New York with a fictional story ... timeline ... thing, the game sounds kind of like an interactive film noir. Game director David Nadal recently talked about the technology used to make the game a whole new kind of horror. Since we love doing it, we'll summarize the important points below. As always, read the interview if you're particularly interested in the subject.

  • AitD relies on the Twilight engine used in Test Drive Unlimited. This engine will help build a very realistic New York City and it also allows the development team to alter whatever it needs to between consoles and PC with ease -- meaning everyone gets a very professional and polished port.
  • The team has built a completely new rendering engine that delivers "photographic" features for lighting (since the game isn't exactly daylight-friendly), giving an extremely cinematographic look to the game.
  • Physics is key, so advancements have been made on the Twilight engine to take this into consideration -- AI has also been ramped up.
  • The musical score is interactive -- based on what you do, the music will shift. Fire off a shot, and the music will raise in tempo. Explore a dark corridor, expect slow, low-noise suspense music to take over. A nice effect.

As we've said, this is a simple summary. Nadal goes into much more detail about the lighting and physics engines, but we won't bog you down with a bunch of terminology here. The game sound excellent and we're very excited to try it out. Time will tell how it progresses!

Croteam announces their serious PS3 project

Croteam, makers of the hotly debated "is it cool or is it too silly" title Serious Sam, have announced a new PS3 project slated for 2009 release. After the crazy action found in Serious Sam, we'd be interested to see if they're continuing on their kooky streak, or will take a more serious tone with their work. This untitled new game will be published by Gamecock Media Group and will not be a sequel in the Serious Sam franchise.

Mike Wilson at Gamecock issued this statement on the upcoming title: "It's definitely in a genre they are familiar with and will exploit their experience ... These guys also have a strong sense of style and design, so you will find the premise and gameplay intriguing ... You know that the one thing Croteam is the best at - better than most every other developer in the world - is making games that are frantic and, most importantly, fun. This title is definitely both of those things."

From this quote, we imagine the game will be a first-person title with fast, frantic action. Not much else is known, so we'll find out later, probably. There are a few screenshots available and they look a lot more "realistic" and serious than previous titles, but it might just be a front to fool us. Thoughts?

RUMOR: Command and Conquer 3 coming to PS3 and Wii?

Here's another rumor to satisfy your hunger for all things curious and interesting -- Command and Conquer 3 might just make its way onto the PS3 and Wii, in addition to its upcoming release on the 360 and the couple-of-weeks-age release on the PC. Since the game is getting tossed around by EA, we're hardly surprised. About the PS3 version, Senior Producer Mike Glosecki said: "I don't see why it's not feasible," citing also how the controls are nearly identical.

The Wii version really does add a new breath of life to RTS titles -- in our opinion, it would be the best console version to get. Why? The motion sensor would really make moving around the map simple and highlighting groups would be a snap (just think, holding the trigger button and using another button to select specific troops, kind of like how ctrl+click works on the PC). Wait. Is it ctrl+click? The last RTS game Nick done played on the computer was Dune 2000. Well, you get the idea. The issue with the Wii version is the lack of power. The game won't look as good, says Glosecki. Which version would you guys ultimately buy if your PC somehow exploded into tiny bits?

Hydrophobia details may force you to hold your breath

We're kidding. You don't have to hold your breath. The onslaught of survival-horror meets drowning isn't due out for some time, but you can still learn a little bit about the game without fear of getting wet. Unless you go number one in your pants out of excitement for this game. We're going to hold our breath before we get too excited. Ugh! Too many "holding breath" references. Let's get on with the details.

The game, due out next year for most current-gen platforms (or all, if you don't count the Wii), takes place on a gigantic ship resembling a city more than a cruise ship. The thing comes under attack and it's your job to go survey the damage. You are Kate, another strong heroine-type who has one weakness: the fear of water.

Since the puzzles and action of the game all take place around water, Blade Interactive is pretty confident they've gotten the water to react almost perfectly to the real deal. Yes, that stuff you splash around in during a relaxing bubble bath. Eurogamer recently got to test the title out, but they've got a piece of duct tape around their mouth, so to speak. We'll hear from them next week. However, feel free to check out some screenshots of the game.

Want to burn some Witches, or some evil zombie demons?

There's nothing quite like controlling a sexy heroine in a scantily-clad battle against the forces of darkness. Considering a 2008 release on multiple platforms is a game with just that premise, currently titled project Witches. As it's posted on the project's site, we'll sit here and summarize the overview and key features like good little boys.

A third-person tactical action game set in medieval times beckons you to control Gwen, the uh, sultry main heroine who resists the dark power of some creatures known as Hordes of the Beast (the Beast being, of course, Satan) and sets off on a quest to free mankind from the slavery they are under. You can play it offline and online -- the levels are set up so cooperative play is pretty much imperative. But if you'd rather go it alone, you have some NPC buddies that would love to join in.

We're not sure what to make of this, but from the early screenshots, clothes are pretty much optional. You know those movies that have a decent, if overdone, premise but spice it up by having girls get naked or really unnecessary deaths, club dancing, or sex? Well, they try to spice it up. We're worried this game will suffer from that. It'll be all "yeah it's a hack n' slash with team elements... but our girls are wearing thongs and nothing else! So it's better." Hmm. We'll see.

THQ and Big Huge Games start making Small Tiny Games

The two companies, THQ and Big Huge Games, have entered into an agreement to start working on an RPG for the PC, PS3 and 360. The bad news? We're not going to know squat until near its release in 2009. There's no name for it, no details on what kind of RPG it is... nothing. All we got is "2009".

However, Big Huge did score an RPG guru named Ken Rolston. This guy has worked on a number of pen & paper role-playing games as well as the Elder Scrolls titles. Rolston said this about his new job: "[I'm] flabbergasted by the talent, craft and boundless energy of the Big Huge Games team. In such splendid company, I'm privileged to embark on a bold pilgrimage to create a refreshingly original RPG experience." Well, we know a refreshingly original RPG experience is due out in 2009. Hopefully people will know how to port a PS3 title then. We'll give you details as they get penned.

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