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Haze weaponry revealed, detailed, explained

Free Radical have recently updated their blog over on IGN, deciding to enlighten us to some of the weapons available in the upcoming, hotly-anticipated shooter Haze. Since there's a lot to say about each weapon, we're going to give you the shorthand version here and leave it up to you to research further.
  • Diplomat pistol -- standard Mantel weaponry, seems most useful in short-range situations.
  • Blacksaw assault rifle -- depleted uranium are the bullets, pain is the result. Also available: silenced version.
  • Donkey Puncher shotgun -- " ... this high-end shotgun is more than enough to kick any ass presented to you." Enough said.
  • Hard Candy rocket launcher -- apparently makes Sloppy Joes out of the enemy.
  • Pinpointer sniper rifle -- it's a sniper rifle. Need we say more?
  • Heavy Gun -- uh, we're not sure, but it sounds extremely useful. Seems to be a stationary weapon of mass destruction.
  • Razor Tongue knife -- standard Promise Hand melee weapon. You can smear it with Nectar, which causes Mantel soldiers to overdose on Nectar if you slice 'em. Nice way to make a knife useful without being ridiculously overpowered (Warhawk).
  • Lobo -- the assault rifle of choice for Promise Hand soldiers.
  • Oso -- shotgun! Notice the trend of Spanish names for Promise Hand weaponry.
  • Mano del Dios -- the "Hand of God" is essentially a minigun you really don't want to see from the wrong end.
  • Dragon de la Gente -- take a guess! It's a flamethrower for the people, by the people.
There are more sniper rifles and grenades to be had, but we think you get the point. All of these weapons are, admittedly, standard FPS necessities, but we can't believe this is all there will be offered. Maybe it is. But if not, we're sure there will be quite a few interesting ways to lace Nectar into more weaponry. We're excited for this one to come out, so we'll wait for November with bated breath.

Haze injects nectar into controller, adds rumble

A cute new video for Haze highlights the PS3's newfound ability to rumble. How did they do it? Is it magic? No! It's nectar, the steroid-esque substance from the upcoming PS3 FPS. While some find it lame, we think it's a cute way of explaining the origins of DualShock 3.

New Haze video shows off rebel gameplay

Fresh on the heals of the Haze exclusivity announcement, GameVideos has a new developer walkthrough video showing off quite a bit of rebel gameplay. Wandering around a new level titled 'Abandoned Resort,' the graphics look fantastic and the gameplay looks interesting. Seeing the developer dip his knife in nectar and then throw it at Mantel Corp troopers to force a drug overdose is pretty crazy. Especially when one of the troopers opens fire on a buddy and then pulls out a grenade and stands there until it blows them both up. See kids? Drugs are bad, m'kay.

Haze is PS3 exclusive for the foreseeable future

According to German website eXp, and recently re-affirmed by Gamespot, an announcement was made regarding Haze at Leipzig that caught our attention. It seems that the title, initially scheduled as a PS3 exclusive for this year and slated for a 360 release early next year, has become a permanent exclusive feather in Sony's cap. If you're looking for a console version of Haze, you've only got the PS3 to choose from. Yep -- the 360 version has dropped off the map along with the PC build. We don't know why.

To keep this from becoming a "ha, ha, take that 360 bots!" comment thread, we'd like to discuss a few of the reasonings for this announcement -- all speculative, of course. First, Sony doled out a hefty sum of money to grab the game's exclusivity forever. To do that, they must be confident in the game's ability to sell well and is getting incredibly positive reactions from gamers and game journalists, which it really is. A second possible reason is the difficulty Haze developers are having moving all the stuff from the PS3 to the 360 -- utlizing Blu-ray and standard hard drive space may have spoiled them. It's not to say they couldn't actually make the game for 360, it's just that they felt the quality of the experience would be severely hampered and scrapped it. We'd sooner give the nod to our first assumption, but we'll leave it up to you guys to discuss this. Either way, we know the PS3 will be getting a fantastic game built with its strengths in mind.

[via PS3 Forums]

Haze: timed exclusive, or totally exclusive?

The answer is timed, if you ask us. At Sony's conference, all the buzz for today's news, Free Radical's upcoming shooter Haze was announced as a PS3 exclusive title, qualified with the phrase "this financial year." It's pretty obvious what that means and we're going to squash the rumors of complete exclusivity now, so that it doesn't get out of control and used against the, er, "Sony camp". It's only on the PS3 until the end of March 2008. That's a long time, considering its release is coming in a matter of months. Oddly, a trailer has yet to be slapped onto the PS Store, but you can always check the one above.

[Update: IGN interviewed Free Radical. "Haze will only be found on PS3 this holiday season, and will remain exclusive through the first quarter of the calendar year."]

Haze video warns us not to eat too much nectar

We're all excited about Haze, probably more so than other FPS titles to be announced lately. That means something, because there are a ton of those being announced or released, previewed, reviewed, or introduced. This new video of Haze is awfully long -- clocking in nearly 13 minutes of your weekend time, but the footage shown a few minutes in is something impressive, for sure. We won't ruin the surprise for you, but if you've seen the film Jacob's Ladder, you might giggle at the parallel between it and overdosing on Nectar. Enjoy!

[via PS3Attitude]

[Thanks, DolphGB!]

Haze box art steps out of the ... haze

The final box art for the European release of Haze has just been revealed by Free Radical. Sporting the now iconic image of Shane Carpenter with a smashed helmet, it's nothing overly special but still manages to pull off a certain amount of cool creepiness. Something about the guy's insane stare from behind the shattered front of his helmet is a little unsettling.

Interestingly, it appears that the main character getting his face smashed in is a key part of the storyline in Haze. If you download the European PSN Haze video that was released last week, you'll see how it actually happens and the importance of the event in the storyline. This combined with hints dropped in various interviews by Free Radical suggests that the beatdown delivered to your character will massively change his view on the world and the direction of the game.

It's great to see the developers putting a lot of attention and care into the storyline, their previous efforts, the Timesplitters series, were fantastic games but had just the lightest fluffiest storylines ever. Meanwhile Haze looks like it's going to rival the Metal Gear Solid series in political and moral complexity. Bring on the Machiavellian plot twists!

Haze confirmed as a timed exclusive for the PS3 - a one week exclusive [UPDATE]

Ubisoft has just dated their major fall-winter releases and by doing so confirmed that Haze is indeed a timed exclusive on Sony's sexy black console. Lucky PlayStation 3 owners will be able to play Haze a full week before PC and 360 owners. We're getting it on November 23rd while everybody else has to wait until November 30th (suckers). Ubisoft also dated the Assassin's Creed, which comes out a couple weeks before Haze on November 9th.

Looks like a good month for PlayStation 3 owners, and I'm sure the timed-exclusive aspect of Haze will drive a ton of sales towards the PS3. The game looks amazing and who really wants to wait a whole week?

[UPDATE] Ubisoft has clarified with Eurogamer that the Haze release date was listed wrongly. The game is still yet to be confirmed for Xbox 360 and PC. The PS3 release date, however, is not wrong. Haze will be with us on the 23rd of November.

European PSN releases for June 15th

Are you ready for this? We feel like, for the first time, we are relaying some good news to all the Europeans out there. Read on to see what your PSN Store now contains.
  • Rampart game (£1.99)
  • Joust game (£1.99)
  • Motorstorm Time Attack Mode (free)
  • Lair trailer (free)
  • Haze trailer (free)
  • Super Stardust HD trailer (free)
  • The Darkness story trailer (free)
  • An interview with Paul Hollywood video (free)
Where to start! Yes, the games are Midway rehashes (and you know how we feel about those) but, really, it's the thought that counts. Sony are finally pulling their collective finger out and releasing some decent content to the European market. As a quick aside, we can't stop watching that Haze trailer. Honestly. It's on repeat in the background at this very moment.

But what of the Motorstorm Time Attack Mode? We only just got done telling you that it has been delayed, which it has. In America, at least. For those of you about to download it, take heed. There are reports of problems occuring unless you do things in the proper order. Load Motorstorm and update to version 1.2 in the online menu, then download the Time Attack Mode and install.

Continue reading European PSN releases for June 15th

What makes Haze so different from other shooters?

As a sort of partner to the earlier post of Haze with a video interview with David Doak and some new gameplay footage, Eurogamer recently released part two of their interview with the very same David Doak. Their interview details completely different information, more on the developer's side of things rather than what the game is about. We'll summarize it to keep you from reading one topic for too long. Check it out after the jump!

Continue reading What makes Haze so different from other shooters?

Haze Developer Diary episode one shows us some new footage

We love Haze. The look, the style, the potential, the jump-in-anywhere co-op. Yes, even the bright yellow uniforms. Haze is our upcoming First Person Shooter of choice for 2007. With this in mind, it's wonderful for us to be able to keep an eye on the development of the game through Free Radical's new developer diary.

You can see the first episode above, or download the HD version from the official Haze website. In the video co-founder of Free Radical, David Doak, gives us some insight into the game. If you've been following the various interviews and bites of info that have been flowing out of Free Radical over the last couple of months, then you'll know most of it already. What makes it interesting, this time, is that as Doak discusses each aspect of the game in turn, it is accompanied by some in-game footage as an example. Some of which hasn't been released before.

There's no word on how frequent these diaries are going to be, but the assumption is that there will be at least another couple before the game releases. Speaking of the release, Doak reconfirms the game will be on shelves this year, just in case you harbour worries that Free Radical had caught the highly contagious delay-lurgy.

OPM details some features found in Haze

How can one not be excited about Haze, what with all the information slowly leaking out about it, the almost-unnecessary-but-welcome comparisons to self-proclaimed "most gorgeous shooter in the universe" Crysis, and other such hubbub? It's tough, and the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM for the curious) sheds some light on even more subtle details you may have missed in any gameplay footage you may have stumbled across. We'll, erm, detail them below.

  • Just as a neat effect, flames will apparently tear through the grass around you as well as burn out buildings. Not necessary for gameplay, but a rather fun effect nonetheless.
  • A remote-controlled grenade will be available. Lob it wherever, then tap a trigger button to blow it up. Reminds us of those remote explosives found in GoldenEye for the N64. The only time a watch was a viable weapon ...
  • There are a lot of unannounced vehicles to ride around in. Your guess is as good as ours.
  • "Overdosed" teammates may start to go a little crazy. They might shoot rockets in the wrong direction, or pull a pin from a grenade and stand there laughing maniacally until ... ka-boom!
  • A dozen vastly different environments will make their way to the final build. Everything from free-roaming jungles to claustrophobic hallways will make an appearance.

What's interesting to note is that the developers of Haze have a respect for Hideo Kojima's method of storytelling. They said "politics should never interfere with gameplay, but having a theme worth thinking about gives the experience real substance." We agree. So what can we expect with this game? Fast-paced action with a story that makes you think, but won't confuse or irritate you with political jargon and country-specific sentiment? That'd be cool.

Crysis vs. Haze -- unnecessary comparison, or closer than you think?

The folks over at Crytek have time and again claimed their upcoming PC title Crysis is the most graphically advanced game ever. Is it? Over at PSU, the writers took the liberty to make some comparison screenshots between Crysis and the upcoming PS3 title Haze. Some would think it folly to compare any game with one touted as the most graphically advanced.

We disagree. The comparison shots show that, in some situations, Haze looks identical if not slightly better than Crysis. Other screenshots lean heavily toward Crysis as being the graphical victor. Especially when it comes to forest foliage. The point is this: the two games aren't that far apart in beauty. This is surprising. We'll leave the ultimate decision up to you, so check out the shots and let us know what you think.

[Thanks, Justin!]

The fog is lifted from Haze in a new interview

"And on those days when there be no news, let there instead be a full bounty of interviews", so spoke the god of Games Journalism (who sounds suspiciously like a pirate ... ). This Haze interview makes the third one so far today. It differs from the others, however, insofar as Game Informer have laid the piece out as a summary of the new information they've gleaned from Creative Director David Doak, rather than the normal question-and-answer format. To be honest, this makes for a more interesting read for us.

The summary includes information on the story and philosophy behind the game. It appears that Free Radical will be making both an anti-war and an anti-drug statement with Haze, as you fight in a corporate military team which relies on a drug called Nectar to provide enhanced abilities to its troops. Nectar will feature heavily within the game, reducing combat damage and improving aim while obscuring your vision (hence the title, 'Haze', we suppose) and causing you to attack your allies if you happen to overdose. Sounds really interesting, if only because it's so different from Free Radical's most famous series, Timesplitters. Stylistically it's completely different but we're hoping its storyline is just as entertaining.

Other details harvested from the interview include information on multiplayer gameplay. Haze will have four player co-operative play online and, presumably, offline too. There will also be 24 person online deathmatch and assault modes. Though levels for these will be limited at first, due to Free Radical's belief in the cliche 'quality over quantity', there is every chance that there will be downloadable map packs available after the game's release. Read the full article for more information and check out the screenshots. Haze is going to be a big seller when it comes out this christmas and we can't wait to get our hands on it.

[Via PS3Forums]

Free Radical says PS3's power locked away, demands key

Dave Doak of Free Radical Design recently was quoted talking about the trials and difficulties of a new console, specifically the PS3. You may know Free Radical Design from their latest work on the impressive-looking FPS title Haze. Doak said the experience with programming for the PS3 is the same as with any new console. It's challenging, sure, but it fades over time.

He said about the PS3: "Its strengths are obviously that is has a lot of processing power. Its weaknesses are that its processing power is locked away at the moment. But everyone's going to hit that wall across all platforms at first." As technology grows more complex, he sees the process of developing growing right along with it in complexity. With the onset of multiple cores, which will no doubt grow in number, it's harder to learn how to tap into the power of the system.

This, he's implying, is the problem many devs are running into with the PS3. Instead of pushing through the wall, they're giving up, saying it's too difficult. We say to them: don't give up! Keep trying and soon you'll learn the PS3 inside and out. Then we'll see some very impressive titles. Like White Knight Story. Whatever happened to that one?

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