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Capcom spreads its wings -- but all get their exclusive titles

It's not really much of a surprise with the rising costs of development, but Capcom has recently discussed its plans for the next-gen consoles and swatted away a couple of floating rumors about certain titles. Besides the fact that to make a "decent" game, the estimated development costs is $8.6 million, it's clear that making new game engines for each major title would begin to dip deep into developer's pockets. Conversion is key, says executive Kazuhiko Abe. "We are also making games for PC which can be easily converted into Xbox games. Games for the Wii, which is a little bit different from other consoles, can be used in the amusement business." Amusement business? That's a new one. Makes sense, though.

How about those rumors? Resident Evil 5 is coming to both the XBox360 and the Playstation 3. Not just the PS3 and not just the 360. Umbrella Chronicles is still coming just to the Wii. There's nothing to suggest that Dead Rising or Lost Planet will come to PS3. Devil May Cry 4 and Monster Hunter 3 remain Sony exclusives. This interview seems contradictory, talking about making games convertible and trying to minimize development costs... then saying how each of these titles are just for one system. It gives each system a unique flavor. We just hope the PS3 is kind of spicy. Spicy flavored things are excellent.

The three heads of Sony speak -- region free PS3!

Phil Harrison... Kaz Hirai... Ken Kutaragi... no, they do not comprise the three heads of the mythical Cerberus, but they do comprise the three heads of a real-life corporation that rivals such mythical beasts: Sony. Game|Life got to interview them all in one night and a couple of interesting tidbits came out. Here they are:

  • Phil Harrison believes there's no North American price drop because the $599 is a "magic price point". Basically, it's the price people will buy at that gives Sony the greatest marginal profit (or if manufacturing costs are still more than the price, the lowest marginal loss).
  • The Playstation 3 is region free for games, but not movies. So you can grab a PS3 from Japan if you really, really want, but you'll have trouble playing local movies. This is also good news for import junkies, especially among fighting game fanatics (less translation to deal with). Oh, this also includes downloadable games.
  • Kaz Hirai and Ken Kutaragi both leaned towards "no" as to the inclusion of component cables in the box.
Alone, each point is kind of "meh", but add them together and you've got a bevy of PS3 common knowledge. It's surprising how these more common points are overlooked, so while many may have heard these, there will be some who were wondering about these and, well, now they know.

[FYI: if the link to Game|Life doesn't work, just hit refresh. That worked for me!]

Heavenly Sword Q&A -- quick and awesome

The producer of Heavenly Sword, Mat Hart, sat down for an interview recently and talked about this much anticipated PS3 title. Here's what he had to say:

  • The inspiration for the action scenes came mostly from film -- films like Hero, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon... stuff that's over the top, but really, really cool.
  • The combat system has been in the works for two years, from scratch! They're really trying to reach a deep combo system, what with juggling enemies and the like. "You know, you go into power stance and you feel the weight of the weapon, and you're hitting people across the room, but then you flip over into speed stance, and you're dancing all over the place, spinning the blades around, just whacking guys up into the air." Yay!
  • Ever play Kung Fu Chaos for the XBox? A lot of their ideas spawned from that game.
  • They've been working on a camera system and seem to be thinking about incorporating the tilt sensor as a camera system. Maybe not in this game, but in the future, they believe it could be a very interesting concept.
  • How has developing for the PS3 turned out? Let's just quote this one: "It's been great! To be fair, I've not had anything to compare it with, because we're only developing for PS3, this is a PS3 exclusive. I can't comment on other SKUs or anything like that. But certainly we've found Sony to be a fantastic partner to work with. The actual architecture of the console, the power of the PlayStation 3, is what gives us the ability to give you an environment that's alive, a combat system that gives a unique experience, and a story, an emotionally driven, character-driven story, that pulls you through the game."
  • A half-dozen "chapters" of single-player gaming, one weapon with three different stances (ranged, speed, power)... and they're still tweaking the idea of a "sense of urgency". Will the heroine's life deplete slowly throughout a level? Maybe.
It was an interesting interview, but not too much was revealed that we weren't aware of. The fact that we've only got one weapon to use is kind of annoying, but with the different stances it may help spice up combat to keep us entertained throughout the game. Check out the whole interview if you're looking forward to this PS3 game.

Sony of America responds to PS3 shortage

Dave Karraker, a big name at Sony Computer Entertainment America, sat down with IGN to respond to the influx of terrible Sony news plaguing the multiverse. We'll summarize the key Q&A below.

  • The 500,000 unit statement is completely true. The North American numbers (400,000) is just below what the PS2 launch had available and is higher than the initial Xbox360 numbers. There will be 1-1.2 million PS3's by the end of December in the US.
  • Sony is still confident in the 6 million fiscal year end mark. Why? They believe the production of the blue laser diodes will grow more efficient over the next couple of months and drastically increase supply.
  • Sony does accept the fact this error has damaged their image, but remain steadfast the PS3 will sell through its entire inventory.
  • As Karraker said, "Any time you push the envelope as far as we are pushing it, there are risks. However, at the end of the day, when people see how advanced this system is, the snags we may have encountered along the way, will quickly fade into the past." Hope so!

You can check out the other pieces of the interview if you would like, but most else is just filler or not quite as pertinent to the shortage itself. We've got to stay strong! Sony isn't giving up, so we shouldn't give up on them either. Let's try to give 'em a little love, whaddya say?

Resistance: Fall of Man gets some more press

IGN sat down with some of the guys at Insomniac games to talk about a few loose ends regarding Resistance: Fall of Man. Not all loose ends are tied up, but some questions are answered we've been waiting for. Here's a summary:

  • To run a 40-player online match of exploding awesome, they downed the frames per second to 30 and focused more on "running with artificially high latency and packet loss" to make sure the system can handle the numbers and also to look good while doing it.
  • Playing as either hybrid or human has distinct advantages and disadvantages -- not just a skin swap.
  • You can disable tilt-sensing if you want, but other uses for it are still under wraps.
  • All HD modes, including 1080p, will be supported. Framerate is locked at 30 fps, AC3 and ATRAC3 for audio codecs (aren't those the codecs Sony uses to restrict piracy? This Sony Vaio seems to recall it as such...)
  • There will be both nonlinear and more restricted levels to explore and move back and forth through. Some restricted areas force you to go ahead so the suspense and such keep you glued to your seat.
  • There is a stealthy aspect to smaller corridor areas, but the large battlefields will take some bravery and loud explosions. So, experiment with your play styles!

Now, if you check out the interview at IGN, on the last page there are a few very amazing answers to some amazing questions. They're too fantastic to even try to summarize, but they talk about how Resistance could not have been made on any other system (20GB size aside) and some misconceptions about programming for the PS3. Check it out, leave your thoughts. This game is shaping up to be a fantastic title.

The Darkness lead designer spills some beans on the game

An interview conducted over at Eurogamer covers the upcoming title The Darkness. They sat down with lead designer Jens Andersson and the main points from the interview are below:

  • The story has been changed heavily from the comics, but the writer of the comics has been at their side to okay every move.
  • PC version is unannounced, but likely. Andersson says they'd really like to put it on the PC.
  • Online multiplayer will let you be darklings (creepy crawly dudes) as well as the main to keep the action fresh and pretty surprising.
  • Jens believes the game has the potential to be a big hit on the PS3 because "there's so little competition that I've seen on the PS3."
  • No 1080p support -- will probably be a standard resolution across Xbox 360 and PS3 instead.
  • Extra content on the PS3 version, but no real gameplay tweaks/additions.
  • 10-15 hours of gameplay, estimated for single player.
  • Metal based soundtracks \m/,

So there you have it: a quick run-down of the latest info regarding The Darkness. There's a little more in the actual interview, but it's nothing all that particular towards the game itself. Will this game contend with Resistance? It seems different enough, being more third-person. In truth, there isn't a game quite like this on the launchpad for the PS3. We'll keep our eyes on it when 2007 rolls around.

A MegaTen fanboy covers a MegaCool interview

Any hardcore RPG fanatic knows about the long running Shin Megami Tensei series and have been keeping an eye on the latest installment set for release in October on the PS2: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner. An interview, covered at Luv2Game, talks about that and the future of the MegaTen series. While covering Devil Summoner here would be awesome, it's not PS3 related, so we'll skip that portion, even though that portion of the interview is strongly recommended for anyone who loves RPGs or Action-RPGs.

About halfway through the interview, the future of MegaTen games comes into question. Kazuma Kaneko, lead designer and artist for the games, responds: "probably the next Devil Summoner title." Cool, cool... but where? "Probably the PS3 and Wii." Now, longstanding supporters know that the original titles were set in a first-person perspective and that style of gameplay would work best on the Wii, with the Wiimote and all the intertactions and such. Are we to assume, then, that the next Devil Summoner will be on the PS3 along with any other more "modern" RPG MegaTen games? Let's hope so!

PS3 loves PSP: e-distribution possibilities explored

A few days ago, a long, but interesting interview was covered over at IGN between Japan's Nikkei BP and Sony corporate executive Izumi Kawanishi about the PS3 and the PSP -- more specifically, the emulation possibilities and what it means to be a "virtual PS3". First, the emulation. The technology to emulate that they're working on is completely original, although there is a concern that some PS1 titles may be excluded from this technology, as the button configurations are different between the actual PlayStations and the PSP (two analog sticks, different number of buttons overall).

E-distribution? Many PS1, PSP, and PS3 games (most likely home-brew games picked up by Sony) will be tossed around the network, but a not-so-surprising surprise was the idea Sony was going to move into movie distribution as well. Here's a humorous quote to break the ice: "While we can't get a grasp for how well UMD movie software is selling, there's no question that the world is moving in the direction of network distribution for movies." UMD's are selling poorly, dear friend. This distribution idea, if it means linking the movies downloaded from the PS3 onto the PSP could instill new life into the portable-movie-buff. Not interested in getting the PS3, but still want to download stuff? No worries. Kawanishi assures us that you may also go through your PC or even a wireless LAN with your PSP. How about cell phones? Yes, in the future.

"It's possible to have distribution of video imagery from the PS3 to PSP," said Kawanishi. Images rendered on the PS3... can be sent to your PSP? IGN wonders if this means gameplay. We believe not. Maybe some of those home-brew titles, though... or a slower paced game so lag is not such a detriment. "PS3 video can be viewed as is on the PSP, so the PSP becomes like a Virtual PS3." So... gameplay cinematics? Downloaded movies? It's still vague, but interesting. Check out the bits we omitted or looked over here, and let us know what your take on the situation is.

Gran Turismo producer flatters -- PS3 blushes, overheats

A new site has opened up in Japan called PlayBeyond. Think of it as a site for the PS3, where some of the biggest game talents have lengthy interviews about the new console and pretty much flatter the heck out of it. While IGN did a good job of summing up the interview with Gran Turismo producer Kazunori Yamauchi, we can at least tell you what each nine-minute segment is about.

  1. Graphics (resolution jump, HD) will surprise gamers with finished products
  2. Real life physics can be worked into games, along with hundreds of bystanders watching a race
  3. Online network or networking... will turn into something new the whole world can understand and get in on
  4. Viewable distance -- able to see hundreds of meters ahead in a race now instead of thirty or so
  5. Gran Turismo will change and evolve, sending new car data across the network almost daily
  6. Not only able to race against others over the network, a community of sorts will form
  7. PS3 as a television revolution, changing what is meant when we ask "what's on tv?"
  8. Games and movies are on equal ground with the PS3 -- no more excuses of "it's just a game"... finer details and programming are necessary. (So this weeds out the shoddy games? Hmm.)
  9. Yamauchi closes by saying he wishes to change the world with his games and the PS3 is the tool to cause such a revolution

Wow! Now that's flattery. We'll have to see how Gran Turismo's latest incarnation turns out and if any of these points are realized. Surely some will, but a revolution? Wasn't there another system claiming to be a "Revolution"? That's different, but hey. Check out the story on IGN if you want a little more detail on any of the points, though there's not too much else to scrape from it unless you understand Japanese and watch the PlayBeyond interview.

Another Kaz Hirai interview to amuse us

This guy is practically the entire Sony marketing division! At least, he's appearing everywhere for interviews the past week or so. While this interview from cNet tells pretty much the same ol' stuff, Kaz does mention the Wii -- the console that doesn't quite get talked about too often on here. First off, the pricing of the Wii.

cNet asked if the price would affect the PS3, to which Kaz responded: "The pricing that we announced for the PlayStation 3 is a price that ultimately offers fantastic value to the consumers." Yeah, but what about in relation to the Wii, Kaz? "I think at $599 we're offering a very good value to the consumers." Darn! Close, but not really answering them, Mr. Hirai. One more chance! "Some consumers will compare features or software offerings and decide that they may want to go with a different console...I don't think price is the only determining factor when consumers make a choice in looking at their console purchase decisions." Good, if only you said that in the first place. It is about software.

It doesn't seem Krazy Kaz is taking the Wii too seriously as competition and that may come back to bite him. Then again, it may not, since Nintendo isn't actively participating in this so-called "war". Nintendo is Nintendo and they'll always make incredibly fun first-party titles. Even so, at least someone interviewing Kaz tried to get his take on the Wii. It's too Sony vs. Microsoft for the most part.

Thumbs up to Kaz Hirai, reassuring Sony fans worldwide

In the past, when Kaz Hirai opened his mouth, eyes would roll. Lately, his comments have been slightly more understandable and subdued. In an interview with Mercury News, Hirai responded to the comparison of the PS3's production to the Xbox 360's production shortage, saying Sony has "tighter control on manufacturing." Hirai also went over a little of their marketing strategy, saying Sony has met with retailers to pitch the value of the PS3. Other divisions of Sony are working together, stringing in digital TV sales with the PS3 console. Or trying to. Sales are tough.

Marketing, schmarketing. What of the Playstation 3? Hirai commented on the size of many of the games that will get shown at the Tokyo Game Show -- many are around 20GB, proof that Blu-ray is doing great things for developers. Hirai said: "
You'll see the difference in the game play. In things like the number of levels, the lines of dialogue, the AI." It's nice to see he isn't completely focused on graphics, as AI is a bit more important than particle physics or advanced textures to many gamers.

Overall, cool. Hirai recognizes the criticisms of Sony fans, especially after seeing the posts made on YouTube about Dell computers catching fire and probably a few of Microsoft's creations (in fact, you could probably find any console getting whacked on that site). Let's take a different angle to end on... if your PS3 malfunctioned and you had to toss it (for some odd reason) and you put it on YouTube, what sort of destruction would you wreak on it? Or say what you think could go wrong with the PS3 to make it on there (overheating, red circle of death, whatever). We're not condoning PS3 destruction, but if it had to be put out of its misery, be creative, right?

Kaz Hirai promises us the PS3 isn't in production yet

Perhaps promise is the wrong word to use, but Kaz wouldn't know anything about that, would he? Seriously though, Kaz Hirai went on record with gamespot to talk about the previous analyst report of Sony topping the charts in 2011. He said the Yankee Group looked at all the information available to them and said that, naturally, "I obviously think that they did a great job on this report." Of course, of course. But what about the title of this article?

Kaz: "we're internally really getting geared up to go to market with this beautiful console in three months' time, and at this point in time all signs are good to go." This is good, this is good. What about shortages? Kaz responds thus: "unfortunately, I think it's going to be very much of a challenge to be able to meet every single unit demand that's out there in the market." Basically, yeah, there probably will be. If not in the US, Japan will have some. If neither, then Europe. Someone will.

But, really, Mr. Hirai, are the PS3's being manufactured? "We haven't started manufacturing yet. Some of our ops guys were actually just in China, and also in Japan just reviewing the [production] lines and everything else. But they are, again, preparing as we speak to get the manufacturing going." Isn't that dangerous, though? It's only three months away... maybe not. Whatever. Also, the online service will be up and running upon PS3 launch.

There's so much information in this article! Read it! Comment here on it, because there's too much to fit under one subject heading. It's very excellent reading and we can probably find a lot more to discuss.

Square-Enix hints at desire to go into hardware

Yoichi Wada, president of Square-Enix, recently gave some opinions about the game industry over at GameSpot. He said that users will demand more innovation and originality. He makes note of the Nintendo DS and the iPod and their subsequent successes in the industry for being innovative. Wada also said that "entertainment is not a necessity, so the users don't know what they should demand." Whatever! I demand nine-thousand more World War II FPS's! Not really.

Wada describes that in three years, things may be changing as the next big thing could come from anywhere (maybe even Squeenix, nudge nudge). He summed up his speech with this statement: "This is one of the reasons Square Enix will collaborate with Taito, a company that produces physical hardware. In our talks with Taito, ideas for an actual physical product have come up. In any case, we will be releasing some 'thing.' It's interesting in that it's not the sort of thing you expect from Square Enix." It definately isn't! What's your take on it? What could Square-Enix-Taito possible create that would be innovative and new as far as hardware goes? Will they pull support from PS3 to make this hardware a success? PS2 was held up pretty well by the Final Fantasy franchise. What would happen to the PS3 should it lose that?

Oops! SNK steers clear of the PS3 'til 2009

Expensive, risk, risky, pricey, expensive, risk... we've heard all of this nonsense before! SNK, you are crazy. Yet, wise. SNK's marketing manager Yoshihito Koyama has gone on record with Kotaku saying, "My first impression is that it's expensive ... the PlayStation 3 is a risk." We can't blame SNK for being cautious -- they're not a very large firm and developing for the PS3 may indeed be a very dangerous risk.

However, SNK is eager to embrace the Nintendo Wii. They wish to use the Wiimote to incorporate a new dimension of play into their planned Metal Slug Anthology release. Also of note is that SNK still plans to release some games on the PS2, such as King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2. Fighting games get such long titles! Anyway, SNK is waiting until 2009 to get cracking on the PS3. By then, development costs may decrease, more hardware in more homes (making for more software sales) and of course, the ulterior motive: making sure the PS3 doesn't crash and burn. We certainly hope that's not the case. Since the PS3 can neither drive nor fly.

Mark Rein of Epic says PS3 is in a better place... for launch

Master of Epic and one of the bigwigs behind Gears of War, Mark Rein, recently sat down with Eurogamer to say a few words about Microsoft's rival. Since he's behind a large development studio, he commended Sony's attempts to give out the final dev-kits long before launch (around E3): "Developers did not have finished Xbox 360 hardware last year at E3. So Sony's actually maybe in a better place vis-a-vis Microsoft in relation to launch." Straight from the mouth of a big Microsoft developer! Well, not exclusively, but at least all the attention Gears of War is getting isn't making him as close-minded about other consoles as many people have.

Yes, yes, all well and good, but what about the dev-kit itself? Sure, getting it out there is swell and all, but if it's a clunky interface with difficult who-what's-its and doo-dads, that kind of makes it useless. Rein responds thus: "I know we're getting some great results with it back at our house, so I would expect other developers will be as well." Great news! Perhaps other developers are having success with it and those 10,000 kits are making about 200 fantastic games. MS and Sony fans must agree, these words are reassuring to the latter and hard to bash by the former -- or do you not care about Gears of War? You wouldn't want to hurt its feelings, would you?

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