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Andrew Yoon
New York, NY -

After a fairly lengthy stint as a Community Manager, maintaining websites for Konami, Square, Namco, and others, I became absorbed by the Joystiq crew, and work blog full-time. As the lead PlayStation writer, you'll see my work prominently on PSP and PS3 Fanboy, although I contribute to all the other Joystiq sites as well. As a big anime fan, you'll notice that I'm also the managing video game critic at Anime News Network.

  • Noteworthy games: Ikaruga (DC), Pokemon (GB), Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64), Half-Life 2 (PC), Metal Gear Solid (PS), God of War II (PS2), Resident Evil 4 (GC), Mario Kart: Super Circuit (GBA), Otogi (XB), Chrono Trigger (SNES), Gitaroo-Man Lives! (PSP), Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! (DS), Gears of War (360), Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii), Super Stardust HD (PS3)
  • Currently playing/reviewing:
    Hot Shots Golf 5 (PS3), Persona 3 (PS2), Jeanne d'Arc (PSP), Metroid Prime 3 (Wii), Bioshock (360)
EMAIL: andrew @ joystiq .com

Level-5 chats White Knight Story

1UP chatted with Level-5, developers of hit RPGs like Dragon Quest VIII and the upcoming White Knight Story. In this interview (which includes game footage), see why the developers chose a single action button for battles. Get a better look at the henshin battles, and the beautiful CG-like graphics that the magicians at Level-5 have somehow managed to conjure up.

See also:
TGS hands-on: White Knight Story

Rumor, continued: $399 PS3 to launch November 16th

The $399 PS3 "rumor" won't go away. And for good reason, too. The evidence clearly shows that something is going to happen ... soon. While most rumors from "industry insiders" we'll shrug off, this one from ars technica has caught our attention. Why? Well, ars technica is certainly far more reliable than some other rumor-mongering websites.

According to the report, a new $399 PS3 will be available on or before November 16th. This is part of the crucial holiday buying season, and a $399 PS3 will be far more attractive than the current $499 60GB model. In fact, some may argue it would be approximately 20% more attractive to the average consumer.

It won't be too long before we find out the truth. Stay tuned.

[Thanks, Ruibing!]

Industry flamebait: the PS3 is a 3DO

According to GameDaily, an "anonymous respectable industry veteran" has been calling the PS3, the "PS3DO," drawing comparisons to the failed 32-bit system of yore. The system, which featured bleeding-edge technology for its time, failed due to its high market price, and lack of high-profile games. Thankfully, this industry flamebait has met appropriate response, being shot down by most.

David Cole of DFC Intelligence notes: "The PS3 has all kinds of software support, billions of dollars in backing, a well known brand name, they are able to do marketing and it sold more units in its first few days on the market than the 3DO did in the 3 years or so it was on the market. PS3DO sounds cute and catchy, but as an actual basis for comparison it is pretty useless."
Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan Securities also agrees: "It's a pretty stupid (and unfair) comparison," he said. "3DO was a new platform, no brand ID, not compatible with legacy software, and with no first or third party support. The PS3 has a great brand, a loyal customer base, is generally backward compatible, has a ton of third party support, and an ever-increasing number of good first party titles. I hope the industry veteran was kidding. If he was serious, he's a fool."

A fool, indeed. To see what the creator of 3DO has to say, check out GameDaily's complete feature.

Warhawk goes $40 at retail, loses headset

Finally. A cheaper Warhawk will be available for the masses at retail later this month. By losing the headset, a new Blu-ray version of Warhawk will hit store shelves for $40, the same price as its digitally distributed counterpart. Some may ask, "what's the point?" While others, who may want to play the game on multiple systems, will cheer.

[Via Joystiq]

Taking a look "inside" Uncharted: Part 1

Here's Sony's promo-documentary for the upcoming PS3 exclusive adventure, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Watch the team at Naughty Dog talk about straying from the usual grays of other action games, and go for its own style. Expect some heavy pro-PS3 propaganda ... but we don't think you'll mind!

Stay tuned to the historical connection, around minute 4. It's fascinating to see how Uncharted is very loosely based upon historical events. To see how, you'll just have to watch.

PS Fanboy Wallpapers: Volume 4

Every week, PSP and PS3 Fanboy will bring you new backgrounds for your Sony consoles, in resolutions up to 1080p. Download them directly to your PS3 by accessing PS3 Fanboy on your system. Download PSP wallpapers directly to your PSP by accessing the site wirelessly at

This weekend, we're focusing on three upcoming PS3 games: Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, and Uncharted.

Continue reading PS Fanboy Wallpapers: Volume 4

Get your scissors ready: the Eye of Judgment plastic pak

Click for high-res image.

This is merely a frivolous complaint -- but one we had to voice! The Eye of Judgment pack, which includes the Eye camera will come in those annoying plastic sealed packages. You know, the ones that require scissors to open? We've nearly lost a finger (or two) trying to open these, and it's sad to see that in order to get our hands on Sony's upcoming card game, we'll have to risk yet another appendage. Hopefully, it'll be worth it.

We kid (sort of). Regardless of packaging, we're excited for this innovative game. Go chew on these brand new screenshots in our updated gallery:

Gallery: Eye of Judgment

Haze injects nectar into controller, adds rumble

A cute new video for Haze highlights the PS3's newfound ability to rumble. How did they do it? Is it magic? No! It's nectar, the steroid-esque substance from the upcoming PS3 FPS. While some find it lame, we think it's a cute way of explaining the origins of DualShock 3.

Metal Gear Solid 4 action figures for pre-order

No more Metal Gear Solid 4 trailers? Bah! Make your own! Comics Infinity has new UDF figurines available for pre-order from the entire Metal Gear Solid franchise, including statues from the upcoming PS3 exclusive sequel. With Old Snake in hand, you can create your own funny videos, throw them up on YouTube, and enjoy upwards of fifteen minutes of internet fame.*

[Thanks, anonymous!]

*Internet fame has no monetary value. Cannot be traded, sold or exchanged.

Harrison: Sony didn't force motion controls on Lair

Maybe trying to distance itself from the critically lambasted Lair, Phil Harrison told GameTrailers that it did not force tilt controls in Factor 5's controversial dragon game. "[Motion control] was definitely not mandated by us. We've always said all along that the use of the Sixaxis is something that should be decided by the developer in tune with their creative vision for the game, so it's not something we would mandate." In spite of this, it appears that many first-party Sony titles utilize tilt controls in some way. Thankfully, many developers have learned from the mistakes of Lair, and include options to turn off the tilt controls and replace them with analog movement (for example, Ratchet & Clank Future.)

In addition, Harrison doesn't find fault with Heavenly Sword's length -- a deciding factor that has limited the game's score in many reviews (including our own). "You know what? Not that many people finish games, so I think we shouldn't criticize a game for being a story, which has an arc with a beginning, a middle and an end... and actually encouraging all gamers to see all of the story, I think that's something positive." Granted, the experience looks and feels big-budget. But at the end of the day, most gamers probably want a longer journey for the increased price of admission.

[Thanks, njkid1! Via GameDaily]

No more Metal Gear Solid 4 trailers

Did you know that there have been nine trailers for Metal Gear Solid 4 already? And that game's not even coming out until 2008. Why does Kojima Productions love making such over-the-top presentations? Ryan Payton explains to MTV: "Making epic trailers of our upcoming titles has been a tradition of our studio ever since we unveiled the original Metal Gear Solid at E3 in 1997 ... I think that really set the stage for what has become an integral part of our studio's approach to making games."

Trailers are a vital part of the Metal Gear tradition. Trailers for Metal Gear Solid 2 single-handedly proved the power of the PS2 back in its infancy and became one of the must-have games for the platform. Such heritage means that the team at Kojima must meet constantly high expectations. "I think we're afraid to disappoint people who expect us to make big splashes at every show." In addition, Payton notes, "Trailers are a great way to remind people of one of our studio's strengths - cinematic gaming."

Of course, creating trailers is time-consuming, and now that the game is drawing near its release, the team at Kojima Productions has to focus. Could this mean the end of Metal Gear Solid 4 trailers? Most likely. "TGS 2007 could be the last trailer for "MGS4." The pressure is really on to finish work on the game, and we have decided not to be sidetracked by any more promotional work." Read the complete interview here.

Rock Band gets official price: now only $170

Who knew that one day, we'd think $170 for a game would be a steal? Originally thought to be $200 (or more!), Rock Band now has a friendlier price. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will be available on November 23rd, and the package will include the game, one microphone, one guitar and drum kit. (Those pinching their pennies will want to go for the PS2 version, which will retail for $10 cheaper on December 10th.)

Strangely, the PS2 and PS3 controllers will be wireless, while the Xbox 360 ones will not. It may not matter to some, but multiplatform owners will most likely want to get the PS3 version for that very fact alone.

Wal-Mart Canada moving to new, lower 80GB price

Wal-Mart Canada is having an "Anniversary Sale" and one of the more notable sale items is the 80GB PS3 bundle. DailyTech is reporting that the 80GB system is dropping to $550 CAD, which is the same as the current price of the 60GB. According to the report, many Wal-Mart stores are already out of their 60GB inventory, and only have 80GB systems left to sell.

Another price drop would fall in line with analyst expectations. With 60GB PS3s available only while supplies last, it'll be interesting to see what Sony will offer in its stead.

[Thanks, Ruibing!]

TGS07 leftovers: Devil May Cry 4 screenshots

Click for high-res image.

One of the games that drew in the largest crowds at Tokyo Game Show was Devil May Cry 4, running on both PS3 and Xbox 360. There's a good reason for its popularity -- it simply reeks of cool. The gameplay doesn't stray far from its predecessors, which is a good thing in our eye. The cheesy characters and Spike TV-esque productions return for this next-gen sequel, which focuses on the continuing battle between Nero and Dante.

Level design was clearly the biggest flaw of Devil May Cry 3, and it seems like the upcoming sequel does much to resolve it, offering less claustrophobic levels to battle in. Although some may criticize the game for lacking the challenge of games like Ninja Gaiden, it's clear that the game encourages style over survival. Considering the over-the-top nature of the franchise, that's part of its allure.

Gallery: Devil May Cry 4

TGS07 leftovers: Soulcalibur IV screenshots

Click for high-res image.

We still have a few leftover goodies from Tokyo Game Show. Like these screenshots of Soulcalibur IV. As a wise roommate once said, "these are pretty." Indeed, they are pretty.

There should be more to say about the game, aside from gawking at its pretty looks (what game these days doesn't look good?). But, we've already focused on the outlandish character designs -- and the ridiculous story. It looks like we have no choice but to drool just a little bit longer.

Gallery: Soulcalibur IV

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