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Capcom apologizes for Monster Hunter platform switch

The latest issue of Famitsu features an interview with the Monster Hunter team. Many PS3 fans were angered when the company made a surprising platform change for the upcoming Monster Hunter 3. The PS3 version of the game was canceled and became a Wii exclusive.

According to Famitsu (translation by IGN), representatives of Capcom had a "big apology" for PS3 fans. "Famitsu pointed out that some people may have purchased a PS3 once Monster Hunter 3 was announced last year. This drew a big apology from the Capcom reps, who said that PS3 owners should wait for further announcements in the series."

Capcom is supposedly increasing their focus on PS3 development, but no significant projects have been announced for PS3 yet. A PS3 port of Lost Planet was recently revealed at its Gamers Day. If Capcom's asking PS3 owners to "wait" for another MH-related announcement, we have a feeling many Sony fans are going to be quite disappointed.

[Via PSPHyper]

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Capcom has been continuously screwing PS3 owners over-and-over again (from loosing DMC4 exclusivity to the dissapointing announcement of a Lost Planet port that was supposed to "make-up" for the lose of MH3. If we want to force Capcom to change, we need to stop buying their PS3 games.


Posted at 7:39PM on Oct 29th 2007 by TheGuy

2. i'll accept this appology if RE5 or DMC 4 comes PS3 Exclusive that or Dead Rising 2 comes ps3 exclusive. so meaning proubly no chance.

Posted at 7:46PM on Oct 29th 2007 by RazielDune

3. i will accept capcoms appology if RE5, DMC4, Dead Rising 2, or MH3 come back to PS3 or become PS3 exclsuive which means high chance in hell?

Posted at 7:48PM on Oct 29th 2007 by RazielDune

4. ack double post sent one email for my 2nd one oddly.

Posted at 7:49PM on Oct 29th 2007 by RazielDune

5. Oh please. . .

Monster Hunter is alrgely a Japan title. It probably won't sell 100,000 copies in the U.S. The only reason why people are angry is because they feel "betrayed" by Capcom sending the exclusive title to a MUCH more successful console in JAPAN, where it TRULY matters.

Who cares? You know who Capcom owes its' loyalty to? Its' investors. . . they are the ones relying on Capcom to make sound business decisions to make more money and they made the right one for this game. The Wii continually outsells the PS3 in that region by at least 3 to 1. . . sometimes to goes up to 6 to 1. . .

Posted at 7:55PM on Oct 29th 2007 by Geoff Gibson

6. And just for a final note:

Quit being babies. Seriously, how many of you would have bought this game at all. . . or even looked at it? We still have MGS4 and Final Fantasy XIII to look forward to among many other titles that are MUCH better and will sell MUCH more than Monster Hunter ever would.

Posted at 7:57PM on Oct 29th 2007 by Geoff Gibson

7. I would look at it and depending on the direction of the game buy it. I've played monster rancher 2 for the PS and really did enjoy it. The others were getting a bit more and more cartoony but otherwise the games are solid and quite fun.

Posted at 8:04PM on Oct 29th 2007 by simcha

8. 6# i would have bought it.

I love Monster hunter, but hate friend Codes so....

Posted at 8:12PM on Oct 29th 2007 by CrimsonAngel

9. DMC definitely won't be a PS3 exclusive, but RE5 still has some hope since its set to be released in 2009.

Posted at 8:39PM on Oct 29th 2007 by ruibing

10. Shut up Capcom!!!

Posted at 8:39PM on Oct 29th 2007 by Luke

11. The only issue with the Monster Hunter series is that it is not online. I know there is a Japanese PC version, but moving to the Wii will not give us a good online solution. Plus it will look just like the PSP version.Bring MH back to PS3 and give it a good online system.

Posted at 9:00PM on Oct 29th 2007 by Jay

12. "Capcom has been continuously screwing PS3 owners over-and-over again (from loosing DMC4 exclusivity to the dissapointing announcement of a Lost Planet port that was supposed to "make-up" for the lose of MH3. If we want to force Capcom to change, we need to stop buying their PS3 games."

One, it's the Sony fans fault for not buying enough systems, and how it boycotting what few games they do give you going to make them want to put an exclusive AAA game on the PS3?

Posted at 9:05PM on Oct 29th 2007 by SKI

13. @jay: you have never played the original ps2 version have you?

Posted at 10:00PM on Oct 29th 2007 by animekid3515

14. What's Monster Hunter?

Posted at 10:07PM on Oct 29th 2007 by CatalystX

15. @Geoff: I love me some Monster Hunter - it isn't as popular here as in Japan, but there's still enough fans to make Capcom some nice cash. I just wonder how gimped gameplay is going to be using the WiiMote? =/

On the Capcom side of things:

Look, if Cap wants to really apologize, they need to say those 2 magic words: "PS3 Exclusive". Otherwise, it's about as meaningful as a wife-beater who says "I love you" to his wife... before kicking her in the c*nt.

Posted at 10:11PM on Oct 29th 2007 by Consolcwby

16. @SKI #12

answer is yes when they've figured out the root of the
boycotts was exclusives in the first place.Yeah.

and no, an apology doesn't cut it capcom, you have to do better(at least give us the ps3 version)
(sry if my english was bad)

Posted at 10:22PM on Oct 29th 2007 by TripleBlue

17. I'm not buying it. It's weird how Capcom has totally turned its back on the homegrown Japanese PS3 and is giving reach-arounds to Microsoft. I would never have guessed they would do something like this.

Capcom better have something special up their sleeves for us PS3 owners, and I'm not talking about a lame port of a game nobody liked (Lost Planet).

Posted at 10:23PM on Oct 29th 2007 by Popfrogs

18. so they are saying wait for MH4 in 2010? or they just shelve the MH3 version and going to port the Wii version to PS3?

Posted at 10:32PM on Oct 29th 2007 by Kxpuc

19. I hope this means there is still hope for a Monster Hunter game on the PS3. I think even if not this is good news this might been that Capcom might be warming up to the PS3 again.

Posted at 10:52PM on Oct 29th 2007 by Joe

20. apparently the ps3 wasnt capable of running it.

Posted at 1:45AM on Oct 30th 2007 by kyuss74

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