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Flirting with online in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

In a revealing interview with Joystiq, Gran Turismo's Kazunori Yamauchi revealed the real reason behind the release of Prologue, the GT5 sample. "We wanted to keep those experiments to a rather smaller compact designed game and be able to experiment on a base that is small rather than having a humongous base to start with and for us to be for the first time bringing the online elements to the franchise with the scale of a huge mothership so to say." New features like GTTV must be tested, and Prologue allows the team to have access to a smaller user base at first. In many ways, Polyphony's approach to Prologue is akin to releasing a beta (that you have to pay for).

When speaking about SIXAXIS controls, the developer noted that "We implemented one feature which was, if the person puts the controller down, the user interface will disappear, and if they pick it up it will appear back." Subtle features like these will be the norm, so don't expect to tilt the controller to control your dragon car. "Features like that we plan on implementing in GT5: Prologue. We feel like that is a good match."

For the complete interview, visit Joystiq.

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1. hay I have the same t.v.

Posted at 6:04PM on Oct 24th 2007 by Nikko

2. Nice, bit small, but nice ;)

Hopefully they are putting new tyre screech noises in too.

A tad more AA would also be nice.

Posted at 7:04PM on Oct 24th 2007 by finelicker

3. I like to tilt my dragon. :P
Actually, my girls like to play LAIR more than Super rub a dub... but can you blame them??? They love to fly around and blow up the boats, they even cheer each other on. Who said the game wasn't accessible... they are only 7 and 4.

Posted at 7:20PM on Oct 24th 2007 by Matt B

4. @1 well arent you lucky :P im 14 so theres no chance of me getting a HD tele in my room hah (unless i save up real hard 8-) ) cant wait for gt5 isnt it meant to have bikes too? :S

Posted at 7:23PM on Oct 24th 2007 by calvin

5. I swear I've heard this before.

I need some help with the GT5P demo. How do I unlock new cars? I have raced and won with the three that are available.

Also what does the second option on the pre-race screen (tires,traction etc) change?

Posted at 7:41PM on Oct 24th 2007 by Andy

6. Isnt asking players to pay for betas illegal?

Oh wait... that's what EA is doing everyday. NEVERMIND!

Posted at 7:44PM on Oct 24th 2007 by Synyster

7. "In many ways, Polyphony's approach to Prologue is akin to releasing a beta (that you have to pay for)."

And what might those ways be? This writer never posited.

The only way that it is akin to a beta is that they are managing data for an online experience. Everything else about the game is not beta, all that stuff is finished. The game itself is done, it's the online experience they want to measure and potentially shape.

This is actually very smart. They can monitor real users in a real online space, using a game engine that is complete, except for online. It's also smart, and I'm glad they're doing it, because GT5 has so much to live up to, and it HAS to get online right. And because the game engine is complete, they can offer updates to the online experience without worrying about having to tweak them too much for the full release, the GT5 version.

A Gran Turismo game with at least 5 tracks (can't remember if it's 5 or 8), and around 40 cars, any player of this franchise knows, is no few-hour demo. There's enough packed in there for 20 hours of gameplay, at the very least, because of the depth of the simulator. When the full game of Heavenly Sword, selling for $60, has about 8-12 hours of gameplay, doesn't it seem a bit disingenuous to label as "demo" a Gran Turismo game which sells for less and has at least double the hours of gameplay? Look up disingenuous. People use it a lot who try to make statements that simple analysis reveals are not accurate, at best (Bush, et al).

Posted at 8:46PM on Oct 24th 2007 by John

8. @calvin: Hang on! You might be getting an HDTV sooner than you think - these things are getting cheaper every few months! You might only be 14, but you still believe in Santa (Father Christmas) don't you? (My parents hate me because I still believe - and I'm 37!) XD

Here is a cheap 1080p to grab here:

Or a 720p:

If you think they are still expensive, think about it like this: Last year, these sets would've gone for 500-1000USD more than they are right now. In another year, they will be even cheaper! =) So, if you start saving and doing odd jobs around the neighborhood - you could get one sooner than you think! Keep positive and never say never! =D

Posted at 9:22PM on Oct 24th 2007 by Consolcwby

9. @ Andy,

They are released as they are unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. I just received my brand new Nissan GTR yesterday.

Just wait.

Posted at 3:55AM on Oct 25th 2007 by finalfan

10. @consolcwby
thanks man :D, hah umm father christmas? :P put it this way if i said yeah id be lying but ohwells. And, yeah they are getting cheaper now ill start saving at xmas :P

Posted at 6:26AM on Oct 25th 2007 by Calmojo

11. Paying for beta, how typical of sony. Plus its not just a small amount its 45 bucks for a beta.

Posted at 1:22PM on Oct 25th 2007 by Emerald2

12. I have been having *SO* much fun with the current demo. I will def. be getting this when it comes out, even at $40. I just hope its coming to the U.S. Store. I know the JP and EU store are getting it for sure soon, but haven't read any detail for the U.S. Store.

Posted at 2:26PM on Oct 25th 2007 by Dolphis

13. Oh, so now it’s a beta.

PS3Fanboy, make up your mind!

Posted at 5:02PM on Oct 25th 2007 by Laurens Holst

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