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Killzone 2: a step ahead of all things next-gen

Some of you may have heard rumblings about this obscure Killzone 2 title -- we're not sure, it hasn't really gotten much attention from the press, but apparently it's being touted as one step ahead of all other console games in terms of next-gen technology. From an excerpt in the Official PlayStation Magazine UK: " ... the fact that Helghan is such an inhospitable hole, should mean that the game looks drab. The fact it doesn't is down to an array of visual tricks, the most important of which is deferred rendering, which involves blending the effect of light sources on an object... it makes the city look incredibly dynamic with light and shadow changing constantly as a result of muzzle flashes, burning wreckage and jags of lighting."

In addition to those fancy bits of techno-babble, the firefights and ferocity of the situation the gamer is placed in seem to really draw a from a different well inside of our minds, causing the whole FPS experience to seem fresh and exciting. Those are our words, but they get the idea across rather well. In conclusion, OPM states that Killzone 2 "is genuinely a notch ahead of anything being done on consoles right now." We're glad to hear these glowing impressions, but we'd like to get our grubby mitts on it before every other game coming out on consoles catches up with this one in terms of technical prowess.

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1. We ps3 owners need all we can get to throw in xbox fanboys faces. We've been getting screwed for too long and they've been eating it up. Skate delay, the orange box pointless delay, madden looking better on 360. I'm sick of us getting f**ked on pointless issues

Posted at 5:08PM on Oct 15th 2007 by batmanhill6157

2. Didn't Phil Harrison say that there was a demo coming out before 2007 was over for Killzone 2

Posted at 5:22PM on Oct 15th 2007 by ekbigpimping

3. I think you mean an "excerpt" from OPM UK, not an "except".

Posted at 5:28PM on Oct 15th 2007 by Sloar

4. Egh. Silly claims like this just don't help. It's better to play a game with minimal expectations (Saint's Row) and be surprised than it is to play an uber-hyped game and be dissapointed because it's not the game you wanted it to be (Halo 3).

Unforunately, these silly claims usually equal $$$.

Posted at 5:32PM on Oct 15th 2007 by Bourega

5. I think we all need to remember this is a Playstation magazine so of course they are going to say good things about Killzone 2.

Now that I think about I cannot wait for 2008. And now I see why people are consider 2008 the year of the PS3.

Posted at 5:36PM on Oct 15th 2007 by Andy

6. I can believe the graphics are "a notch ahead of anything being done on consoles right now", but the gameplay is what matters in the end. That's why Halo is such a success. Here's to hoping they get the gameplay right so the PS3 community can brag about its superior FPS.

Posted at 5:41PM on Oct 15th 2007 by preciousdeath

7. Time will tell. However, I am always suspect of a gaming magazine comments on a game. I like to send independent previews so to speak. I was a beta tester for Killzone 1 and the game was just on par. It did nothing new.

Posted at 5:47PM on Oct 15th 2007 by The1

8. Next gen graphically. Gameplay wise? I'll wager it doesn't have a level of environmental destruction to come close to Red Faction. And even that was pretty poor.

Posted at 5:49PM on Oct 15th 2007 by ClarkyCat

9. If the official Sony magazine genuinely said it, it genuinely must be true and worthy of posting here.


Posted at 6:01PM on Oct 15th 2007 by Ghaleon

10. Stop the Next Gen-HYPE Please! It will only create HIGH expectation we dont need. see:halo3

Posted at 6:08PM on Oct 15th 2007 by sicklesdawg

11. OPM allow me to introduce you to Mr. Wake

Killzone 2 looks amazing, but a step ahead of all things next gen, I think not.

Posted at 6:22PM on Oct 15th 2007 by Easo

12. I just want to play the damn thing...

Posted at 6:22PM on Oct 15th 2007 by Justin

13. oh and as a side note, why havent you guys talked about UT3 possibly becoming exclusive to the ps3?

I read it last night (this morning? damn you jet lag!!) but havent seen anything about it since.

Posted at 6:29PM on Oct 15th 2007 by Easo

14. @12

I wished it was but I read on that it has been reaffirmed for the 360 in 2008.

Posted at 6:35PM on Oct 15th 2007 by ruibing

15. @12: I doubt they'll make it exclusive...I could see it being a timed exclusive though. I'm ready for some crazy fast-paced multiplayer action with a keyboard and mouse though.

Posted at 6:38PM on Oct 15th 2007 by Popfrogs

16. @10: You gotta be kidding me. That video has more jaggies than a lego convention, bad mip-mapping, tearing, frame rate drops (flyover in the beginning with the trees), etc. This game looks like crap compared to KZ2.

Posted at 6:43PM on Oct 15th 2007 by Popfrogs

17. For those ragging on OPM UK...

They gave
Lair a 6
Heavenly Sword a 7
Warhawk a 9

They don't seem to be out of line with most reviewers out there.

Posted at 6:55PM on Oct 15th 2007 by Kspraydad

18. @ 10, if you think alan wake looks better than killzone 2, or if you believe that the PS3 couldn't handle something like alan need your eyes checked.

Posted at 7:06PM on Oct 15th 2007 by Justin

19. @10

there was no gameplay footage what-so-ever in that boring trailer you linked too.

Posted at 7:07PM on Oct 15th 2007 by kevin

20. I don't think Killzone 2 will be a better gaming experience than Halo 3. But I do believe that if it is not as good it can still be a strong game. I hope to see less humanoid creatures. It limits the diversity of the experience massively. I hope to see a FPS which shows more imagination. Especially in terms of puzzles and thoughtful moments. Settings are rather dull too.
If I see another set of crates... I think I will write to a crate manafaturers union and demand they ask for royalties per crate! It shows crates in a bad light! Crates!

Posted at 7:31PM on Oct 15th 2007 by sammy

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