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Gran Turismo HD being phased out

Last year's small taste of next-gen GT, Gran Turismo HD, is being removed from the Japanese PlayStation Store. Makes sense, considering Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is just around the corner. Beginning September 30th, the free download will no longer be available. The online stats tracking service that's included with the demo will continue, however.

There's no word on whether or not the US version of Gran Turismo HD will meet the same fate. It was a great gift while it lasted, and it's time to move on to bigger (and hopefully, better) things.

[Thanks, Kspraydad! Via Wired]

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1. lol. don't ever scare me like that again.

i read "Gran Turismo 5 Prolougue being phased out"

i read wrong.

Posted at 9:43PM on Sep 27th 2007 by Justin

2. I wish i was better at racing games.. since i suck, i wont be buying GT5 :(

Posted at 10:14PM on Sep 27th 2007 by phattie

3. @2

Don't take this the wrong way but you can't play Gran Turismo like Mario Kart. You have to balance gas and brake.

Something to notice if you feel inclined to play GT:HD again. The cars do not seem to collect shadows. I mean you can't see shadows on the cars which is odd when they are on the road beneath you. Just something to check out if your bored.

Posted at 10:18PM on Sep 27th 2007 by Andy

4. GREAT!!! Now that clears the way for us to pay forty bucks for a DEMO... sigh... I cry nightly looking at my PS3 covered in dust...

Posted at 10:30PM on Sep 27th 2007 by Heishiro

5. Heishiro, thats pathetic, all the gran turismo prologues required you to pay for them.

Posted at 10:45PM on Sep 27th 2007 by HellGuard99

6. i never played any of them gran turismo games. metal gear solid 4 baby! expect it to smash halo 3 opening sales. please fanboys dont reply to this and go do something else somewhere else thank you.

Posted at 12:05AM on Sep 28th 2007 by Jay

7. #6, Not a fanboy post here, but there were more copies of halo 3 sold in 24 hours than there are playstation 3 consoles sold in the US. So unless 100% of the Blu-Ray watching people (cause that's about all u can do at this point with it) buy it, your MGS4 dream will never see the light of day.

Posted at 12:45AM on Sep 28th 2007 by Jake

8. @ can't compare the sales of a console to the sales of a game

thats like saying Apple has sold more songs on iTunes than Microsoft has sold Zune players...

i agree that his post made no sense by any means, but that just wasn't a good comparison.

Posted at 1:17AM on Sep 28th 2007 by Justin

9. @ Justin --
you missed his point. He's not comparing console to game sales, he's saying that, with all respect to Kojima, MGS4 can't break the sales of Halo3 because there aren't enough PS3 owners to outdo H3 (even if the sales were 100%).. Unless, of course, the PS3 Nation buys 4 or 5 copies each.

Posted at 4:49AM on Sep 28th 2007 by busboy33

10. That is because Japan will get a demo of concept.

Posted at 4:49AM on Sep 28th 2007 by Egster

11. @7 & 9

Actually, although worldwide Halo 3 sales for the first day are placed at 2.45M copies, worldwide PS3 sales are at 4.64M consoles to date. Only 2.02M in the US, sure, but don't forget that the rest of the world buys stuff too. If everyone PS3 owner in Japan and half the ones in the rest of the world bought MGS4, it'd top Halo 3's sales. Not that its a likely thing to happen, but if you're going to be a fanboy and bash another fanboy, at least be accurate.
That being said, MGS4 and GT5 Prologue both look awesome.

Posted at 5:59AM on Sep 28th 2007 by aetherdeus

12. yea, always paid for prologue games.... no change there...

Posted at 6:05AM on Sep 28th 2007 by Korsa

13. @Aetherdeus

You tell them!

And, hopefully by the time of MGS4 the PS3 install base is much higher.

Posted at 6:31AM on Sep 28th 2007 by railven

14. I meant demo of prologue. Hehe

Posted at 7:37AM on Sep 28th 2007 by Egster

15. On the japanese store there is a banner about GT5 prologue and the date 28/10/2007...... I can't understand japanese but maybe it's the day of demo

Posted at 7:55AM on Sep 28th 2007 by Carletto87

16. here the pics:

Posted at 8:21AM on Sep 28th 2007 by Carletto87

17. yes, it's official: the demo is coming 10/20

Posted at 9:33AM on Sep 28th 2007 by Carletto87

18. Was Halo 3 that short that the fanboys are already trolling forums again?

Posted at 9:43AM on Sep 28th 2007 by Tesla

19. @18

I geuss so.

Either way, I wan't impressed with GTHD at all. I loved GT on PSX and they they mucked it all up. Then I played Burnout 3. Then I played GTHD. By that time GTHD felt like trying to give a cat a walk on the moon with a skateboard tied to your legs: slow and floaty. I'll keep my $40 (I geuss that's the price) and spend it on Burnout Paradise.

Posted at 9:53AM on Sep 28th 2007 by Kattleox

20. There are also Xbox 360 owners who bought multiple copies of the game. There was an article where a guy was interviewed placing his pre-orders for Halo 3. He was getting the Ultimate Helmet edition for himself, the Premium edition for his wife, and two normal editions for each of his kids.

Posted at 11:47AM on Sep 28th 2007 by Seminole

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