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Home video shows off huge changes to the beta

Wow, a lot has changed in Home since we last reported on the beta's progress. There's not much for us to say except "watch the video, it's the bee's knees" and all that cutting-edge jargon kids today use, but we'll blab about it anyway. You start off in your room with a nice oceanic view, sit in your chairs, stare at pictures, then head out into the big open square. The square, as far as we can recall, has always been an indoor arena with trees, but this area (which may or may not be a new addition, just new to non-beta-ers) is very nice. Sort of like a shopping arcade you'd find in a Florida resort. You get to check out the games available (chess, pool, arcade games, bowling, etc), then see the movie theater briefly. That's really the nuts and bolts of it, so give it a watch and get pumped to find Home on your XMB in the coming months.

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1. What's with all the relocating load times any possibility it'll ever be one huge space?

Posted at 2:10PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Mark Perkins

2. Doubt it, once Home goes public alot of characters will need to be rendered. Having everything open would mean alot of strain on the system. I hope they get around to improving those reloacating times somewhat. But it's possible to easily transfer to places without having to walk there.

Posted at 2:19PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Egster

3. I like the new look and everything. The load time will hopefully be something they improve upon in the final release.

But one question, how they do support thousands of people on Home all at once in that play room?

Posted at 2:21PM on Sep 18th 2007 by ruibing

4. i heard that you have to download the sections you want to participate it.

supposedly, if you KNOW you'll never go into the bowling alley...just don't download it.

Posted at 2:23PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Justin

5. This just screams 2nd Life to me and I found it boring. But I have to admit, Home looks pretty sweet. I like how the girl was in the bowling alley with 30 guys and she ends up running out of there =)

Posted at 2:32PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Darayz

6. Maybe someone can help fill me in here - I've only really been paying attention to the PS3 scene for a couple weeks; and I JUST got my PS2 hooked up and working and my PSN account going yesterday. Didn't even have time to play it before I went to bed, so I'm gonna plead ignorance as my defense.

What is the purpose of home? What is it? What are they trying to accomplish, and why are people excited about this? Looks like second-life meets consoles to me, I don't see the appeal.

Posted at 2:45PM on Sep 18th 2007 by jadedcritic

7. I will be using Home mostly to play all the mini games scattered around like bowling and the arcade...

Posted at 2:48PM on Sep 18th 2007 by never$$hort

8. for gods sake stop with the second life comparison bullshit. secondlife isnt original eiher you know... MMO's have been around for a long time... so stop already.

Anyways... this looks visually better than the previous videos ive seen. did they enhance the graphics?

Posted at 3:04PM on Sep 18th 2007 by KiraXD

9. @6
its sonys answer to XLIVE they say the 360 has a great if not the best user online interface which is true but sony wants the same to be said for them but taking a completely different route. to me its more like the Miis meets XLIVE with a dash of second life. instead of looking at pictures move while you speak to your friends on PSN why not enter a 3D world where you can just run around play some arcade games and when your ready jump on to warhawk. Its not that where just getting home, with it where getting what we have been wanting since launch in game music, cross game invites, cross game chats, ingame xmb access , maybe not all of it but with home we will gain new features to further make your PS3 experience better even when your not playing the game you want so much. SONY is trying to get back up to speed from there fall from grace, and when it does....... BAM war done sony rises back up to its former glory and takes the world by storm with or without blu ray being the winning format.

Posted at 3:06PM on Sep 18th 2007 by MYPS3KilledMy360

10. I am sorry, but I am not interested in HOME at all. Second Life was extremely boring and I could not see what the point of the game/environment was. Sony's Second Life 2.0 (sorry.. I mean HOME) looks to be along the same lines with better graphics. I guess I prefer to play games with what little time I have available for gaming. I prefer a lobby system where I can instantly join a game and start playing right away instead of warping to a bowling alley and waiting for someone who wants to play pool or bowl.

What is the point of having a virtual appartment? So I have some place to hang a picture of a rabid dog? eh... I am obviously in the minority since Second Life has been so successfull.

I am not new to MMO games. I played SWG before they completely ruined the game. In SWG I used to enjoy creating a 20 player group (19 others plus myself) and completing quests or taking on some of the harder challenges. SWG was 95% open world environments with only a handfull of Instanced environements. I also played Guild Wars which is 98% Instanced environments. I even found Disney's ToonTown fun while I was in the beta for that childrens based MMO.

I guess, to make a long story short, I do not see the point in wasting time in a virtual environment. I do enough of that in real life. I think the arcade games, pool, and bowling look interesting. However, having to deal with HOME to get to those will probably cause me to stay away from them. I would rather select the game from a simply menu and start playing instead of walking around a bowling alley looking for the game I want to play.

Posted at 3:06PM on Sep 18th 2007 by ShadowHawk01

11. It looked cool, but I'm not sure I would say it looked fun.

Posted at 3:07PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Neil

12. @#10 well Home is basically the same thing as posting on blogs... or hanging out on forums... so... hypocrite much?

Posted at 3:19PM on Sep 18th 2007 by KiraXD

13. The appeal is that it's free.

Posted at 3:30PM on Sep 18th 2007 by upz

14. Bummer people in the beta cant talk about it w/out breaking the rules.

Posted at 3:33PM on Sep 18th 2007 by NATO_Duke

15. It looks good. I wish they showed the ability to steal cars and punch hookers.

Posted at 3:34PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Fartbox 9000

16. Two things struck me:

- That ding-noise is going to drive me bonkers.

- That is SO not how most people sit in a recline chair, that bodylanguage screams "I am uncomfortable and/or bored at this party".

Posted at 3:41PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Broken Haiku

17. You're basically getting an additional feature for no extra cost, that you can choose to use or not to use. Does it matter if you use it once, find it hopelessly boring, and never touch it again? It was FREE anyway!

Look, if Nintendo offered to upgrade your Wii to play DVDs at no cost to you, would you turn them down, even if you already had another DVD player?

Posted at 3:43PM on Sep 18th 2007 by upz

18. Wow, load times, grrrrreat!

Posted at 3:46PM on Sep 18th 2007 by chris.westermann

19. meh who cares about the load times if it's shorter then the time it takes me to get up goto my kitchen and slap a midget it's not long

Posted at 3:50PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Kxpuc

20. Ha, I like all the people complaining about load times. Like you've got anything else better to do.

Posted at 3:53PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Fartbox 9000

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