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Blu-ray movie releases for the week of Sept. 16th

It looks like Sony and the rest of the Blu-ray crew are ensuring our feelings aren't still hurt from that fiasco a few weeks ago as we're getting 13 titles to choose from this week.
  • Troy: Director's Cut
  • Smallville: The Complete Sixth Season
  • Alexander Revisted: The Final Cut
  • A Few Good Men
  • The Condemned
  • We Are Marshall
  • Deliverance
  • House of 1000 Corpses
  • Viva Las Vegas
  • The Best of Blu-ray, Vol. 1
  • The Best of Blu-ray, Vol. 2
  • The Best of Blu-ray, Vol. 3
  • Jailhouse Rock
Not only does this week's releases feature a great assortment of movies any guy would love, it also includes three volumes of The Best of Blu-ray, which feature four classic movies in each set. What really makes these collections great, though, is the incredible savings you get. Each set is currently on sale at $58 at Amazon - that's like getting two movies free!

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1. 2 movies for free? Well sure if:
1. you're used to paying $30 for a BD
2. you think any 2 of those movies in the bundle are worth $30

Troy would be my pick. At least it was filmed with modern technology that you can tell its in HD.

Posted at 12:48PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Otsego_Undead

2. Otsego, if you know anything about film, you'd know that even an ancient western can benefit from being remastered in HD. Film is extremely high resolution.

Posted at 12:54PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Stef Geiger

3. We Are Marshall was good and the directing was great. A good reason to get the BD version of this.

Posted at 1:10PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Hashbrown_Hunter

4. Already have Troy pre-ordered, another good # of titles listed here are on my Netflix list for rent. I'm tryin to slow down a bit... 95+ blu-ray titles and counting already in my collection. Support the war guys, format war that is, not that meaningless war in Iraq. ;)

Posted at 1:24PM on Sep 18th 2007 by never$$hort

5. It's cool to see collections coming out on Blu-Ray. I don't really want a collection of random movies; but I think it would be really awesome to have something like all of the Alien series on one BRD, or all Star Wars (or at least each trilogy), all the Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, LOTR, and so on.

Posted at 1:28PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Larz

6. I'm Grindhouse on Bluray.

And they split it up on two seperate DVD's and dropped out all the trailers from the theatres....


Posted at 1:32PM on Sep 18th 2007 by FrankTheCrank

7. Everyone of those movies are pretty good. I am finally starting to not pirate so much anymore.

Posted at 1:39PM on Sep 18th 2007 by ruibing

8. @ #4 Never$$hort,

Upwards of 95 movies!!! God damn, I have a little over 40 and thought I had a lot. I'll be picking up Troy... Gotta love those epic wars.


Posted at 2:27PM on Sep 18th 2007 by TheSh0wstopper

9. @#8: Yes I am in the 60% that actually uses my PS3 as both a game system and a blu-ray player... LOL

Posted at 3:18PM on Sep 18th 2007 by never$$hort

10. Is the banjo from Deliverance in 7.1? I could definitely scare the neighbors with that.

Posted at 5:49PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Barndo111

11. But can you use the "Best of . . ." discs as 3 of your free 5 when you buy a new BD player (read - PS3)?

Posted at 9:19PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Quest

12. @ stef
i know film is high res. sure it can benefit from being remastered in HD, but its not going to look as good as movies shot with new technology. I can't tell much of a difference in Goodfellas or Full Metal Jacket on BD vs. DVD upscale. It looks slightly better, but its not as mind blowing as Planet Earth. Im sure its all in how they are remastered. So to a point, youre right. Im no videophile. i dont know the entire film process. i can only tell you how i percieve the end result, and from what ive seen, older movies arent worth the extra cash for a BD when the DVD can be had for nearly half the price.

Posted at 1:24AM on Sep 19th 2007 by Otsego_Undead

13. I have some questions regarding Blu-Ray. Currently, Blu-Ray discs are selling at about a 2:1 ratio to HD-DVD discs. That's awesome, right? Well, Blu-Ray players are generally thought to own a 5:1 ratio advantage over HD-DVD players in homes. Do you see the problem? Shouldn't Blu-Ray discs be outselling HD-DVD at a greater margin, due to the fact that there are more players in the homes? Or could it be that the real movie lovers are the HD-DVD owners, and the Blu-Ray owners are more casual purchasers? If I am a movie studio (ideally, I would support both formats. My movie would then be available to all customers.) it would seem to me that HD-DVD is actually the way to go right now. If there are more movies out on Blu-Ray, and only a casual interest from the consumer base, would tell me that there is actually less opportunity for my movie to be sold. Less choices on HD-DVD coupled with a more dedicated consumer base (unless someone can really explain to me why there is such a wide discrepancy in the player and software sold ratios) would mean that my movie would actually sell better on HD-DVD. Of course, this does not go for large blockbusters like Transformers, which will sell well on any format. This certainly explains why studios would switch to HD-DVD exclusivity. ($150 million will only last for so long).

Another thing, if Blu-Ray is so great, why are Sony movies showing up on HD-DVD???? I've seen a few already, such as Underworld: Evolution for sale. This is a non-US HD-DVD, but as they are region free, it doesn't really matter. And these aren't coming soon dvd's, or photoshop mockups. They are real, tangible, Sony movies on HD-DVD for release outside of the US. Kind of makes you wonder if Sony really trusts that Blu-Ray will be the winning format.

Posted at 10:01AM on Sep 19th 2007 by James

14. Ostego, I work in film and can tell you that "new technology" only means something if the film was shot in a digital format. Most films are shot on 35mm, and they have been for a very long time. As long as your original negative for the film is in good shape, when transferred to Blu-Ray, the image quality can look as good as a new film print, and definitely better than DVD (simple math of 480 lines vs. 1080). If you've ever seen a film "Answer Print" (the first print struck from the assembled film negative), it looks friggin gorgeous, practically 3 dimensional, and Blu-Ray xfers from 35mm film can look that good.

If the negative is in poor conditional or not available, there are still re-mastering options (scanning a good quality release print in as a digital intermediate and then enhancing it) that will look better on Blu-Ray than DVD for the very basic reason that Blu-Ray is higher resolution.

Posted at 10:53PM on Sep 19th 2007 by LW

15. James, where'd you get that BD players are beating HD by 5-1? Also, Target (more space to BD) and now Walmart (won't sell sub $200 HD-DVD player) are backing Blu-Ray more and more. It's all over. Sorry. Maybe Sony made Underworld in America, but it's distributed by someone else overseas, therefore, it's showing up on HD-DVD. Paramount was just cashing a check the HD-DVD guys gave them, and they'll be back to BD in a year. It's not like they were going exclusive with Spielberg's movies or anything...

Posted at 8:24AM on Sep 20th 2007 by Brian Spence

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