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Deal of the Day: GRAW 2 for $45 at Fry's

With the incredible amount of games coming out over the next couple months, PlayStation 3 owners' wallets are going to get a bit stressed. Luckily the game deals keep rolling in letting gamers on a budget pick up the hot titles AND still be able to eat.

Today we have a nice tip from Cheap Ass Gamer that Fry's is selling Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 for $45 dollars, a tasty 25% discount from the retail price. The game has been getting good reviews and even though the game is 6 months late, Ubisoft appears to have done a good job at porting it from the 360 and have added quite a bit of additional content to help compensate for the delay. The cheap price just makes it all the more attractive.

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1. at bestbuy canada Warhawk is selling for 39.99 with the bluetooth headset included. Its canadian dollars also. that seems like an amazing deal to me. Cheaper than the PS Store.

heres the link:

Posted at 9:39AM on Aug 28th 2007 by nick

2. No way I can get that now, not even at that price, just no time, what with Warhwark (fun game!) , Tiger Woods 08, Lair and Heavenly Sword on the horizon.

Posted at 9:41AM on Aug 28th 2007 by EDGE

3. I was gonna take my wife to Ihop Hop this morning, until I saw this, now she's mad at you guys, and want me to block your page.

Posted at 9:43AM on Aug 28th 2007 by Zeloe

4. @3

LMAO Just buy her flowers show her a "good time" after work today and it'll be all good buddy!!!

Posted at 9:45AM on Aug 28th 2007 by Byron517

5. Not too shabby. I'll have to swing by Fry's today after work and check it out. I didn't see GRAW 2 advertised for a price below retail in Sunday's paper, so I'll check it out myself in the store.

Warhawk with the included headset is calling my name first though. Plus, from what I read, the game supports LAN connection. First PS3 LAN party is on!

Posted at 9:49AM on Aug 28th 2007 by Tru-blue

6. This would be a good time for a PS3, which is being sold with 8 (that's right EIGHT) blu ray movies at for $472. Check the link below:

Posted at 9:58AM on Aug 28th 2007 by ruibing

7. I almost forgot, you can also get it from Sonystyle for #350 after applying for the Sonystyle credit card, which takes off $150 from your first purchase of $299 and above.

Very tempting for those of you without a PS3. ^_^

Posted at 10:00AM on Aug 28th 2007 by ruibing

8. To the writer of this article: I hate to swing off topic for a bit, but according to Ubisoft, GRAW2 code was not ported over from the X360, but has been programmed by a separate team with the PS3 hardware in mind. You're right about it being late considering it's been out for the X360 for about 6 months.

Whenever developers take shortcuts and port code that was meant for another system *cough EA* - the game at best looks and plays like a washed out version of the other system.

More developers need to follow Ubisoft's example and optimize multiplatform games so the PS3 counterpart takes full advantage of the PS3's hardware. Then true comparisons can be made if need be.

Posted at 10:15AM on Aug 28th 2007 by borgman1

9. I bought GRAW2 a week ago and it needed another 6 months in development from the looks of it.

The game suffers from aliasing problems all over the place and they use some heat-wave filter to try and hide it since you're in the desert most of the time.

All of the cut scenes and some of the action is herky jerky. I've seen it literally freeze up for a second or more, back to back, during simple chopper flights to other locations (cut scenes). This turns a 30 second cut scene into 45 seconds of stupidity and hurts the narrative.

Furthermore the cut scenes themselves are incredibly poor. I think they just gave up on lip-syncing the characters. I don't know what the native language is for these characters, but it's definitely not English.

I'm still in the very early stages of the game (still playing R6V which is much better) so I can't make a full, fair criticism yet, but from what I've seen so far, it might as well be another shoddy port, because that's what it looks like.

Posted at 10:58AM on Aug 28th 2007 by Popfrogs

Unreal, there are no posts and no comments about this highly anticipated game that came out last night on the PSN and supposed to be in retail today. I say supposed because none of the stores I call have it in stock. Is it just me or did this game not come out today (Tuesday)?


Posted at 11:53AM on Aug 28th 2007 by TheSh0wstopper

11. i cant find it in stores anywhere here in canada too. but its on the PS Store

Posted at 12:10PM on Aug 28th 2007 by nick

12. @ 9 Popfrogs
I totally agree. After seeing a couple of good reviews for the game I decided to add it to my, as yet, small PS3 collection.
There are issues with slow-down and there are a few jaggies here and there but, on the whole the single player game is a top notch 3rd person squad based tactical shooter.
The real issue I've found is the on-line game. I would honestly rate the graphical drop in quality to be somewhere near to an average PS2 game (I don't get this on ROFM). There's a little lag here and there which makes the experience even worse (I don't get this on ROFM).
Sadly, it looks like one of those games that once I have completed the single player game it'll be going back to the shop for a trade-in credit.

Posted at 12:14PM on Aug 28th 2007 by Ian

13. #12: Yeah I feel dumb because the demo was so excellent. If the multiplayer is that bad it's not staying in my game library for long after I beat the single player.

However despite all the issues I reported, overall the game is alot of fun. You send your chumps in to do the hard work while you sit back and watch the action from the UAV or MULE. Or you snipe people from a mile away using the SIXAXIS tilting to control the rifle aim. Alot of reviewers said the SIXAXIS stuff is cheap and tacked-on, but I think it adds a fun dimension to it. If you need to hit the dirt, you tilt the controller sharply forward, etc.

Posted at 12:48PM on Aug 28th 2007 by Popfrogs

14. @TheSh0wstopper
warhawk "ships" gotta wait till fedex/ups/whatever delivers it to the least thats what gamestop is saying to my friend in az. im gunna start making calls right now to see what gives

Posted at 12:59PM on Aug 28th 2007 by money_mike_preme

15. @myself

hey is it just me or is it stupid that all these stores are telling me that warhawk is coming out tommrrow cuz it ships today? i mean fedex/ups/whatever usaually arivies here at noon in slc area of utah (if im misspelling stuff its cuz im pissed...i want warhawk!) but i kno the stores gotta inventory and stuff but it shouldnt take ALL DAY! people i talked 2 are like i think its out like no...even on psn it says its out today. and dude says "well its just the officail release date...its when it ships so well get it tommrrow" that makes no sense...i told him that too before i hung up. wht gives sony?

Posted at 1:20PM on Aug 28th 2007 by money_mike_preme

16. dont get me wrong tho...i love my ps3 =) (and sony stuff for that matter...yup im one of those "branded" guys) just gotta a fever...and more cowbell isnt the prescription

Posted at 1:20PM on Aug 28th 2007 by money_mike_preme

17. @ #15

all the stores are saying that even though today is the release date they dont have any and that they are shipping today but Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 was also released today and all the stores have plenty copies of that.

Posted at 3:53PM on Aug 28th 2007 by nick

18. GRAW2 froze on me in the single player game this evening at the point of selecting squad members halfway through the mission where there is a circular stadium towards the north of the map. Restarted the PS3 (nothing else was working) and after a few beeps and worrying screen flashes the XMB flashed back up. Started the game again and all seemed fine.

Posted at 8:21PM on Aug 28th 2007 by Ian

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