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PlayStation Fancast 008: Really late edition

Whoops. We goofed. Two full weeks without a podcast. We're back now, however, and we're not going anywhere. We've got some interesting stuff lined up for the future. This episode we chat about the biggest news to come out of the last two weeks.

Episode 8 features Jem Alexander, Nick Doerr and Andrew Yoon. We discuss the Develop Conference, mouse and keyboard support in Unreal Tournament 3 and several PSP games. Among other things. Check below for the complete program.

Also, Andrew's audio isn't perfect. We didn't notice this until after the recording. We hope you can put up with it this week. We'll get it fixed before next week. Promise.

Complete Show
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0:02 - Excuses
0:05 - Introductions
0:07 - Develop Conference
0:18 - WRUP - What Are You Playing? (Includes Super Stardust HD pro tips, iPhone chat, Heavenly Sword demo thoughts and other such random tangents)
0:48 - Upcoming game releases
1:10 - Really Silly Argument(TM)
1:20 - MGS4 demonstration thoughts, GTA IV delay and Rockstar's upcoming projects
1:32 - Brave Story and Jeanne D'Arc thoughts

As always, feel free to leave your comments with us, either here in the post or via email to Jem[at] Also, if you're a fan of the show, please join our PS Fanboy Facebook group.

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Reader Comments

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1. finally you guys should really try to have a podcast every week.

Posted at 7:15PM on Aug 6th 2007 by Tom32

2. Oh dear...

Joystiq's Andrew Yoon gets intimate with Frogger

Posted at 8:37PM on Aug 6th 2007 by Moe

3. Ok, guys. I just got home from work and I'm listening to the podcast. I'll post what I think of the show later. The degree you talk about those *other* consoles will be the determining factor on what grade you get.

P.S. Jem. Thanks for not allowing that *other* podcast to be aired. Drunk 360 fanboy are the worst! NO 360 CRETINS ALLOWED ON PS3FANBOY! Dawson included!

Posted at 9:54PM on Aug 6th 2007 by GL

4. I think you need me to call in the show (podcast) and give Yoon a real debate.

I'll PWN him.

Posted at 10:57PM on Aug 6th 2007 by GL

5. Andrew Yoon needs to let the other guys talk. Simply because he talks the most doesn't mean he has the best argument. He doesn't know what he's talking about as far as the console wars, he wouldn't allow Jem to get a word in edgewise. It would also be nice to see less OMFG MGS4 360 rumors in a PS3FANBOY podcast. Way too much negativity and lack of interest from Andrew's side regarding PS3, you sure you belong here Andrew?

Posted at 1:48AM on Aug 7th 2007 by Erik

6. Andrew,

Please do not pretend to know what mainstream gamers think of consoles. You ARE NOT a mainstream gamer. Your life revolves around video games. Your opinion of consoles and their current states in the marketplace is nowhere near that of the mainstream consumer.

Posted at 2:05AM on Aug 7th 2007 by Jake

7. man. you guys need better mics. or something to kill that frequency. especially this guy who talks so much.

Posted at 4:51AM on Aug 7th 2007 by daniel.

8. RE: Erik
It's not negativity, per se. Although our name is "PS3 Fanboy," it doesn't mean that we're going to provide blind fanboy rants to our readers--we want to provide a critical view of Sony, and want our readers to take part in it. I think, ultimately, gamers (and Sony) benefits from seeing what's wrong, and what's good about the brand -- and working from there.

Posted at 8:49AM on Aug 7th 2007 by Andrew Yoon

9. I enjoyed the podcast some interesting points raised. Keep it up guys. I would be interested to know what you think about the new PSP design that Sony will be putting out soon.

Posted at 8:59AM on Aug 7th 2007 by au815

10. The super stardust hd tip was a good one. Also it's better to wait till a Ship powerup degrades to a Shield powerup since if you die, you loose the multiplier, but if you loose the shield you get to keep the multiplier. Also is a good idea to bash the big rocks with the boost but keeping in mind that you may get hit by the debris after the boost dies.

Posted at 9:30AM on Aug 7th 2007 by Beach Bum

11. Andrew

Keep it up. I listen to both the X3F and PS3 fancasts, as I own both systems. X3F doesn't sugar coat the 360 issues, nor should PS3 FB sugar coat the issues Sony is facing. You just, unfortunately, have a more rabid, biased, albeit smaller, base to deal with.

Posted at 12:34PM on Aug 7th 2007 by WebMaster

12. I think Andrew should give Jem and Nick time to express themselves. He sometimes talks over them, and barely gives them any time to present their thoughts.

Posted at 4:01PM on Aug 7th 2007 by optimusprime

13. I never heard Andrew talk over anyone. Nick does need to speak up, as it was more of a Jem and Andrew show, and I often agree with Nick's point of view, so it would be nice to hear him speak more.

Perhaps you guys can use an outline, such as the X3F Fancast, and assign speaking points/categories to the various bloggers.

Posted at 5:40PM on Aug 7th 2007 by WebMaster

14. I think Warhawk is $40 for download because they can't screw over retailers, since retailers could screw them on hardware (To bad you can't download hardware). And well at least it isn't $60 like Shadowrun was. But, yeah I think they (Sony) had to make some retail consideration when they did the pricing.

Posted at 7:46PM on Aug 7th 2007 by Ryan

15. re: Andrew

Yes, but there's a difference between noticing apparent flaws vs seeking them out of thin air.

Posted at 8:05PM on Aug 7th 2007 by GL

16. @GL

There's also a difference between noticing obvious flaws, and burying your head in the sand at "fanboy beach" and ignoring them.

Posted at 8:29PM on Aug 7th 2007 by WebMaster

17. WebMaster, I'm going to take off my ps3fanboy hat for just a second...

"Burying you head?" Hmmmm, do you think we don't know about the PS3 problems? Lack of games, high price, unfinished on-line? We KNOW! And that was my point. Andrew on the other hand goes out of his way and stretches the truth, make conclusions about "Sony is in trouble" and exacerbates the "flaws" way more than necessary. What? Do you think the past "doom and gloom" stories on digg and joystiq aren't enough? Yet, we have to come to PS3fanboy to hear the same thing? I mean, come on. I already said that commenting on flaws is fine. But exaggerating and making weak arguments (and yes, they were WEAK) is what's at issue here.

I know that all these "flaws" may seem like a big deal now. But in the end it wont be. More exclusive games will come out. Performance of 3rd party games will get better (and even surpass the 360). And HOME will be an integral part of SOE just like Live was for the xbox -- although better. Sony's user-base will continue to grow. The PS2 fanbase will slowly move over to the PS3 and there will be nothing that 360 fanboys can do about it. It only gets better for the PS3 and worse for the 360 (comparative sales + price point value). You know it's true.

By the way, crew all have a great debates about the PS3. And they actually offer critical analysis and ends up being balanced out at the end of the show - usually ending up in a wait-and-see attitude.

The PS3fanboy podcast on the other hand has a an highly opinionated Andew. A hesitant, yet polite Jem, and a Nick who barely has a peep to say. So, do you understand? The issue wasn't about avoiding critical analysis. But rather Andew's weak argument without anyone else really changeling some of his conclusions. Andrew can be just as transparent as Shane Bettenhausen.

Great debate? NOT!

By the way. The score of this podcaast gets a B+ at the start. And went downhill from there...D+. Sorry Andrew. But your "analysis" isn't anything we haven't heard before. All the while the PS3 is still one of the tops selling console on Not bad for a console that has "no games" cost $500 and an unfinished on-line.

...puts ps3fanboy hat back on. Play B3YOND! PSTripple PWNS the Xbox3Sh*tty. Xbots Am Cry! :D And WebMaster. It's great that you own the 1# PS3, the 2nd best 360. No prob....

Posted at 9:35PM on Aug 7th 2007 by GL

18. GL

First of all, I can certainly appreciate your opinion, and honestly, appreciate a rather well thought out opinion, rather then the standard fanboy crap you usually get on these blogs.

Personally, I found Andrew's honesty about the PS3 refreshing, just as I find Richard Mitchell's (X3F) honesty about his 3RR 360 refreshing. I, personally, didn't feel anything was blown out of proportion, and found Jems weak rebuttals, to be the standard "SDF" tripe.

I don't support sony advocates trying to minimize the PS3's issues, just as I don't support Microsoft fans trying to minimize the 360 issues. Both need to be held accountable to be successful, and a healthy Sony and Microsoft is a win-win for gamers.

But, that's just my opinion. I'm not a Sony Fanboy, nor am I a Microsoft Fanboy, I am, however, a fan of both the PS3 and 360. Sorry, but the Wii just hasn't been my cup of tea, which is another reason I want Sony and Microsoft to get their collective acts together, because Wii type gaming is not the future I want for my console.

Nevertheless, thank you for explaining your view in civilized terms, without the "fanboy hat" on. :)


Posted at 10:01PM on Aug 7th 2007 by WebMaster

19. Webmaster and GL, well said guys :)

Oh GAWD here goes,

Andrew Noon (aka) Andrew the Spoon…
Seriously this is ps3fanboy correct, hence people that mostly come here are PS3 fanboys right?

Nick I bow down to you for shutting that idiot up about the argument he started in the first place… I’m sure 95% of us don’t give a rat’s ass about his debate about the system wars. Nick hit the hammer right on the nail. We don’t care about you sad attempts at who’s doing better or not Mr Spoon. We just want less negative and more positive thoughts when we listen to the PS3 pod cast. GAMES!
Oh and Gem your not the bad one here, it was Mr Spoon that started the argument remember?
Gem, speak up more and make sure your opinion is heard, don’t let the Spoon Man interrupt you 99% of the time… Be a man! ;)

I do believe Mr Spoons popularity is diminishing very quickly because of his bias attempts towards Sony. I for one can’t stand him now!

Do we really want to hear the same s&*t that goes on at every other site about how Sony is doing? No! So why bring up the crap here? Give it up already Mr Spoon.

Talk meter:

Mr Spoon Man 70%
Gem 20%
Nick 10%

Who’s in favor for Gem and Nick to talk more say I?
I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I

If only we had a bleep button so we can bleep him out.

Oh and the ROD problem has had a impact on people buying the Xbox 360 Mr Spoon, I’m a manager in a gaming store and customers are tossing up for the Wii or PS3 now because of the failure rate of the Xbox 360… Not that I sway them from what they want… It’s not what I want it’s what the customer wants right? ;) Thank god mine is still working though! :D
Bioshock here I come!

And what’s with the mics guys? Sounds like your all in a war or something hearing chopper sounds and explosions etc...

Oh and maybe that Rockstar exclusive game could be that Wild West game showed at E3 05?
Imagine a wild west game where you play together robbing banks, trains etc? The possibility is awe-inspiring…

But Gem and Nick please talk more, we all like you both and pray that someone shuts up for once… Mr Spoon. (cough cough)

Posted at 1:55AM on Aug 8th 2007 by Spherical

20. That whole argument really got to me. If you guys want to fanboy me, go right ahead (I've used Macs for years, so I know a thing or two about being a fanboy, believe me.) A lot of us listen to shows like this just for the sense of community, and to get first-hand impressions of games we ourselves can't play yet. How can you be surprised by these negative posts when you have someone criticizing the PS3 on a PS3 show? I mean that in the most constructive way possible. We don't expect people on the show to say the thing's perfect, but we don't want them to knock it too much, either.

Posted at 9:11AM on Aug 9th 2007 by n_jaud

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