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New videos show why it's Heavenly Sword

There's a reason why the game is called Heavenly Sword. Not Mediocre Sword. Not Slightly-Above-Par Sword. Heavenly. There's no doubt that the collaborative work of Weta Digital and Ninja Theory has created some truly stunning and emotive visuals. But that's not all! After the cut, you'll see some intense gameplay against a boss. Those that were afraid that the game might be repetitive need not: it looks like Heavenly Sword is hiding a lot -- and we can't wait to see more as we get closer to its September release.

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1. this game is a must buy for me now

Posted at 9:29AM on Aug 5th 2007 by doug

2. I absolutely love the age restrictions on gametrailers' videos; I was born in 1906 and I'm just fiending for my Nariko Combat. But besides that, this game is a most buy and gollum's humor in the first video was totally unexpected.

PSN id: thuggi
Music Page: http://myspace.com/thekeytothelock

Posted at 9:31AM on Aug 5th 2007 by Tha Key

3. The cut scenes look GREAT!!! I just want to make sure the game play is good. I played the SHORT demo and I am not to found of the controls. IMO, they will need to sharpen the graphics too. This is a buy for me in September and I hope its worth it.

Posted at 9:37AM on Aug 5th 2007 by The1

4. I liked the first video. Shows that the game isn't trying to be serious.

Posted at 9:47AM on Aug 5th 2007 by Vincent060

5. I just have one serious question for you Andrew Yoon. You said in your article, "Those that were afraid that the game might be repetitive need not: it looks like Heavenly Sword is hiding a lot"

What exactly are you referring to? The fire rocket launcher?

Those videos were more of the same excluding the cutscene in the first one.

And you say that its not repetitive but in every single one of thoes videos all we see is Nariko running around attacking multiple enemies. More "hacking and slashing" if you will. Even with the boss all Nariko is doing is running around attacking the boss with her sword...aka hacking and slashing.

I just don't see your point. I don't see how this game is so radically different from God of War. Besides that little aerial countermove that I've seen her do in a few videos its the same gameplay over and over again.

Nariko is surrounded by lots of bad guys. She starts whooping ass with her sword or the chain blades.

So once again where is the game "hiding a lot". Cuz I didn't see anything new aside from the cutscene and the fire rocket launcher.

Posted at 10:00AM on Aug 5th 2007 by ForceUnleashed

6. @5, ForceUnleashed

When you word it like that every game can be seeing as repetitive. Every fps is "nothing but shooting stuff". Every RTS is "nothing but killing enemy units". Every RPG is "nothing but killing monsters".

What he meant is the game is more than hitting things with an oversized sword. There's startegy involved with killing bosses (see how the player that was, in your words "hacking and slashing" was about to die at the end of the vid?), there's a psuedo-minigames with the cannon (and crossbow, though not in the above vids)- hence showing the game is more than a repetitive hack and slash fest.

Posted at 10:32AM on Aug 5th 2007 by Ste

7. @ForceUnleased

why do you even come here ? you're a 360fanboy, you always bash the ps3 in every blog I see you.

Heavenly Sword will be a great game and all you xbots know that, thats why you try to bring it down. Who cares if it looks like GoW.. last time I checked GoW was a freaking great game.

Posted at 11:41AM on Aug 5th 2007 by marcandrer

8. The demo does give the impressions that all you do is hack and slash from one area to another. I know that there is more depth to the combo system, but if button mashing will get the job done 90% of the time, then i'll likely go through 90% of the game button mashing.
I know some of you will disagree with me, but what good is a deep combat system if the game never requires you to use it. For example look at ninja gaiden. Button mashers need not apply, as the games very first boss quickly shows you the value of timing, skill, and knowing your move set. Hopefully the demo is just a bad example of the overall game, but i doubt it.

Posted at 12:49PM on Aug 5th 2007 by Bangbang...

9. this game will be awesome.. i just wish there were more body parts flying around.. arms flying off.. heads bursting off necks 20 feet into the air and then i could jump up and kick it at someone like forceunleashed and knock the asshat out. wooot!

Posted at 1:00PM on Aug 5th 2007 by KillarClown

10. @BangBang

That short demo kicked my ass hard twice just from button mashing, and that was only two little fights on the first level. From what the designers have said, you WILL need to learn the combos to get by. After playing with some of the combos, I've found the demo to be very, very easy, but that's because I'm exploring the depths of the system. I think once we're past the first level, we'll see how there's going to be a total reliance on the combos and fighting stances to survive.

I'm totally psyched for this game. I wanted to avoid these videos, since I don't need anything to spoil the final game for me. I clicked anyway! Just couldn't resist!

Posted at 1:54PM on Aug 5th 2007 by Brian Spence

11. doesnt the first five minutes ofevery game looks repetitive example every RPG, DMC, NG sigma, GoW at the begining of all those games it looks like more of the same no big surprise. So when you complete 50% of the game come back and tell me how terrible the game is. O i forgot your not getting it.

Posted at 2:00PM on Aug 5th 2007 by MYPS3KilledMy360

12. Who said you could button mash? If you button mash the enemies WILL kick your ass. Besides this is going to be the first game on the PS3 that is kick ass. Ninja Gaiden Sigma, while a great game, is a remake so it doesn't 100% count.


Posted at 2:27PM on Aug 5th 2007 by Jeff

13. Lol thanks to the people who actually made a reasonable reply to my question.

And Jeff you're clearly so desperate for a ps3 game that you'll buy anything. Which is fine. But don't like to yourself that the game isn't what it looks like.

I was just making a point. No flaming. Just open honest inquiry. Not to mention I made very valid points.

Good Day

Posted at 2:33PM on Aug 5th 2007 by ForceUnleashed

14. I love that evil character with the blade wing thingies on his back! This game rocks for that one character alone. He reminds me of Dr. Evil, is it just me?

Posted at 3:25PM on Aug 5th 2007 by MisterL

15. Im gonna hold off for some reviews and user videos... the demo didnt do it for me. I guess i was expecting NGS or God of War style combat... maybe its just different and you would have to get used to it.

Still gonna hold off though... now if they did an anime of HS i would totally dig that.

Posted at 3:32PM on Aug 5th 2007 by phattie

16. The guy with iron wings on this back reminds me more of that skinny guy in one of those old Bruce Lee films. In those filmds, he's the guy that was wearing the dark rimmed glasses and who taunts his opponents and then cowers behind his evil boss in fear. A kind of evil version of Mr. Burn's assistant -- Smithers.

Is that fish woman with the snakelike tongue hottest female in the world or what? Talk about creating the most beautiful female body ever. I know most people must feel the same way, but no one has even bothered to mention it. Good lord...

Posted at 4:03PM on Aug 5th 2007 by secret

17. The guy with iron wings on this back reminds me more of that skinny guy in one of those old Bruce Lee films. In those filmds, he's the guy that was wearing the dark rimmed glasses and who taunts his opponents and then cowers behind his evil boss in fear. A kind of evil version of Mr. Burn's assistant -- Smithers.

Is that fish woman with the snakelike tongue hottest female in the world or what? Talk about creating the most beautiful female body ever. I know most people must feel the same way, but no one has even bothered to mention it. Good lord...

Posted at 4:03PM on Aug 5th 2007 by secret

18. Mostly, I like Ninja Gaiden Sigma because it's able to make me feel like a badass. They've created a believable world in which a player feels like the alpha male, the top dog, the true boss of that world, despite some very powerful Fiends trying to stop your progress. It's like being in the workplace where you start off as a newbie and people are trying to force you out or sit on your head. Then, as you get better over time, you end up walking around like you own the place. Same with Ninja Gaiden Sigma, though the coworkers in this workplace are fiends, with Doku as the company's sneaky and ill-natured vice president.

Heavely Sword is worthy of a buy if the controls / gameplay are decent because the graphics and storyline are good enough to draw me in. Just by watching the cutscenes alone, I care about the characters and want to know more about them. I'm surprised by this because video game characters rarely make me curious like that. It's really a breakthrough in gaming. Good writers, good artists, good actors. Wow...from what I've seen so far...

Posted at 4:18PM on Aug 5th 2007 by secret

19. The one thing I dislike about this game is Nariko's blocky red hair. I'll be looking at her and her hair 100% of the time and would hope that she would look as good as almost everyone and everything else in the game, especially if she's the heroine that you're trying to identify with.

By now, Nariko's long red hair is pretty much her trademark or signature feature. We'll be staring at it and her 100% of the time throughout this game. It seems smart then to make sure that the hair in gameplay looks good rather than the sharp and clunky construction paper that we're seeing right now.

One of the reasons why I love Ninja Gaiden Sigma is the fact that they modeled Ryu Hyabusa so well. He looks so real and believeable and ideal with almost no pointy polygons in sight that it's easy to immerse yourself with him and even want to be him.

Hopefully, I'm just nitpiking on what I feel is a small but possibly devasting game design weakness that won't disrupt my enjoyment of the game because I will buy it, unless all the magazine reviewers give it a low score. So far, everything looks good, just wanted them to increase the emphasis on the Nariko model a bit the way Team Ninja did for Ryu Hyabusa. But everything else is top notch from what I can tell.

Posted at 4:53PM on Aug 5th 2007 by secret

20. @ ForceUnleashed

I don't know why you're arguing about this game. It looks awesome. We haven't see a 90 percent of it, that's what Andrew may be meaning when he said that it may be hiding a lot (plus the brilliant cutscenes and the gameplay behind each boss, or the rest of the game itself). It's not hard to understand.
It is precipitated to say that the game is repetitive after playing 5% percent of it and see one thousand videos of the same scenes.

Posted at 5:23PM on Aug 5th 2007 by mgff

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