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GTA IV gets delayed until second quarter '08

Wow, well this was unexpected. Reuters news service is reporting that GTA IV has been delayed until the second quarter of 2008 in order to polish up the title. After this announcement, Take-Two shares dropped fairly sharply as the market reacted to the significance of the news. Because GTA IV won't be coming out this year, Take-Two had to change their financial goals from a profit to a loss for this year -- never something investors like.

The delay of one of the most significant games of the year will also have interesting repercussions across the industry as a whole. Though the fall/winter release schedule is pretty darn packed with titles already, GTA IV was easily one of the biggest and most anticipated games of the holiday season. The sudden hole it leaves in the October schedule will allow for some smaller titles to get more attention than they would have beforehand, which will make other game publishers quite happy. How about you guys? Would you prefer rough GTA IV in October, or a more polished GTA experience in 6-8 months?

[Thanks Glenn!]

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1. Does any PS3 owner seriously care at this point? Graphically polished or not, we still aren't getting the "complete" game.

Posted at 5:17PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Jason B.

2. yes thank god! gta was messing me up with all the other games i wanted. like medal of honor airborne, assassins creed, mercenaries 2, and Call of duty 4. now i will have time to play those games which otherwise i would have been busy with gta.

Posted at 5:20PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by aj

3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! and I thought Lair getting delayed was bad.... WTF??!?!?! This game better be all its cracked up to be + more if they are delaying it!!!

Posted at 5:20PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by never$$hort

4. This I can live with. As long as it is both versions.

Posted at 5:21PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Andy

5. Okay, I declare this entire generation of consoles a gigantic failure. If these consoles are giving developers such a hard time, how about we go back to releasing GTA on the pc like they used to. It's always the best looking on pc's anyway, and I can switch between my usb-ps2 controller and keyboard+mouse so easily.

Posted at 5:26PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by davebo

6. This must have something to do with the difficulties that Rockstars had with developing the game for the 360!!! Also the 360 build shown at E3 was very unimpressive and had many issues!!! Looks like us Ps3 owners suffer again because of the Shitbox!!!

Posted at 5:31PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by JJ

7. Holy fuckin shite! I recently pre-ordered the CE edition from Amazon, and was really looking forward to playing GTAIV in a few months. But now this bombshell. It's another kick in the nuts for Take-Two. Especially since they have been so adamant about the release date. It's comical.

Posted at 5:37PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by coalhalo

8. Im willing to be its the issues they have sited with the lack of DVD space and hard drives in all 360s. Why must the PS3 owner suffer for the 360's shitness....

Posted at 5:42PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Jldowning

9. I'm probably the one person that reads this blog that doesn't give a fig about GTAIV.

Actually to me this is good news because it might mean other good titles that might've otherwise been overlooked will get some attention.

Posted at 5:44PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by GRT

10. @[email protected]@8 : yeah totally when the xbox 360 one was the one they kept showing [i] in all the trailers![/i] yeah that must be why. fucking grow up.

Posted at 5:48PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by DarkTravesty

11. They should just release it on the PS3 this year...

seeing as how it STARTED on Playstation 2...

Rockstar...you guys....

Posted at 5:49PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Justin

12. A bit of wishful thinking here. Maybe its delayed so they can work solely on the PS3 version and make it as good as it can be. Perhaps the 360 version is already in the can but because it will be so disappointing they are holding it back so it won't ruin the PS3 version's sales. eh? well, maybe.

Posted at 5:49PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Jason

13. Maybe it is delayed so they can launch PS3/Xbox AND Wii versions all at the same time.


Posted at 5:51PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Kspraydad

14. MS is paying for additional content and Sony isn't. So if even if the PS3 version was ready and the 360 wasn't, I doubt they'd release it for one system before the other.

That's only assuming that the problem lies within the additional content. It may very well be some problem that plagues every version of the game.

Or maybe they were afraid of all the competition considering the really strong line-up of games across the board coming out this year.

Posted at 5:54PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by AlanS17

15. Travesty, what does your comment have to do with anything that I said? My comment has to do with the fact Rockster said the 360 version is the "complete" version of the game with the expansion packs that it will get and we won't. It had absolutely nothing to do with how the game looks.

And I don't appreciate your language either. If you are going to tell something to grow up, you should first take your own advice.

Posted at 5:54PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Jason B.

16. I meant Rockstar, not Rockster.

Posted at 5:56PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Jason B.

17. Oh well, so much for the "biggest" holiday season since 2004. GTA IV hasn't impressed me much, so being pushed back doesn't really bother me.

Maybe it'll allow other games stand out more this holiday season, though, it'll probably suffer in sales.

Posted at 5:57PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Gunegune

18. Wow you people over here on PS3FB are seriously stupid. Because an article from the AP says its delayed you naturally assume its because of the Xbox 360 dev side? Get real. Rockstar already has some experiance on the 360 with table tennis and none with the PS3. If anything I would point to the PS3 holding it back or... just maybe they are having a problem not specific to either... i know its a tough pill to take but it could just be Rockstar's fault and no one else's.... (queue dramatic music and fanboy crying)

Posted at 5:59PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Dasgooch

19. @10 Well it goes to show how much of a idiot you truly are!!! Rockstars have said themselves that the 360 is hindering the ps3 version!! READ THIS ARTICLE:
Also if you also read the facts about the "showcased" versions on the 360 u would know that these were horrible builds with very bad framerates and the pop up (For buildings etc) that gta is famous for was very bad as well!!! So before you come on here telling people to grow up maybe you should learn the facts first!!!!

Posted at 6:10PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by cj

20. JJ and the others - grow up.

The real reason? Well I've heard it from some in the know that Rockstar San Diego (who have written the core game engine for GTAIV) optimised it for the PC and have had such difficulties porting it to the PS3 CELL architecture that it's currently doing 6 - 8 fps with hardly any audio running at the same time. It's got so bad that SCE have sent some of their own major R&D staff up to Rockstar to fix/port the engine codebase. That's why there's a delay.

It has nothing to do with your fanboyish cries about the "Sh*tbox" and stuff. Grow up you muppets. If anything it's the PS3 that's holding it back. (for the record I own a 360, PS3 and Wii, so don't go accusing me of any bias)

Posted at 6:10PM on Aug 2nd 2007 by Ian

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