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The PlayStation 3 "probably" won't be last in console race

DFC Intelligence issued a report last year stating that the PS3 would probably get pounded by the press and competition because they had such a powerful grip on the console industry. It's a year later and guess what? They are getting pounded by the press and the competition is making it really difficult for Sony to keep its crown. In light of this, DFC Intelligence isn't doing their "I told you so" dance, but they've answered their own question. They don't think Sony will go from first to worst. They say "probably not."

Their reasoning isn't necessarily based on what Sony has done, but what Nintendo, Microsoft, and third party developers have done. You can read their report on those companies in the Gamasutra article if you'd like but we'd hate to seem like we're fanning flames that have, for all intents and purposes, seemed to have cooled off a bit. What do they say will save Sony from failing in their "slow and steady" policy? A price cut and a plethora of software. Guess what? E3 is soon and we think something big will happen.

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1. I believe that by 2009 the PS3 well be on top, the problem that Xbox 360 has is that there console is a piece of crap in terms of quality, many people have had problesm with the ring of death and overall the 360 has to much og a high failure rate, also the 360 decided to go with dvd-9 making there games limited.

The PS3 is future proof and is much more powerful. Making it the best console on the market.

Posted at 2:35PM on Jun 30th 2007 by Edwin

2. I have complete faith that the PS3 will sell to at least 50% of previous PS2 owners thus 60 million or more in sales..

Xbox will get 120% of Xbox 1 sales...thus 30 million

Wii will need to reinvent itself faster than either of those and will not hit 50 million before needing a new console.

Posted at 2:44PM on Jun 30th 2007 by Kspraydad

3. well said Kspraydad,

Sony doesnt have a chance in hell of losing this console war. everyone always says a new playstation system sucks within its first year. then stellar games come out and everyone feels like stupid fucks. what are the xbot fanboys gonna be playing in 2009??? oh thats right... NOTHING. halo 3 is pretty much the last game coming out for that horrible system.

and suck my dick too nintendo... releasing that fake game system at only $250 bucks. its not even fair to have it compete with ps3 because its TOO cheap. thats like saying "here come buy this $10 game system!", and competing with a $600 system... the only way nintendo would be seen as a real competitor is if they had a high end system with sick graphics like the ps3 is. you cant back out, do some different shit and say you are competing cause they arent. if the wii was 500 bucks lets see people run for it then!

but its all good, cause when they release the waggle wall motion sensitive controller for the ps2, they will get a taste of their own damn medicine. "WHY WOULD YOU BUY A Wii WHEN YOU CAN GET 3 PLAYSTATION 2 SYSTEMS WITH THE WAGGLE WALL CONTROLLER!!!!" (ps2+ waggle wall is only gonna be $99)

Posted at 2:55PM on Jun 30th 2007 by CarNage

4. I honestly do not know. All i know is that Wii will be last 360 will have PS3 until maybe 2010. I belive tis because 360 is by far way better online and they always kill PS3 in multiplat games and 360 has more games coming and they all look great i think that sony will slowly climb up over time and make it to the Top. That whole ring of death this isn't as bad as most people there is only a 30% faliure rate and their slwoly dropping due to new heatsinks, and eventually Microsoft will have to fix it because if they ignore it it will be the death of them. Another thing I want to point out is that the PS3 is more "powerfull" that dosesnt really make a big impact on anyone, think about it the only way that would change something if there was something on the PS3 that would make people say "holy shit 360 cant do that" that would be a big impact and if the PS3 is so much powerfull I do not see sony taking advantage of that and using it. So yea they might make it to the top by 2009 or 2010 if they get their act together.

Posted at 2:57PM on Jun 30th 2007 by Who Flang Poo

5. who flang,

your mad stupid... ps3 has TONS of games coming out and PLAYSTATION HOME. all 360 has is halo 3... as great as you think it is, its only ONE game.

Posted at 3:08PM on Jun 30th 2007 by CarNage

6. we all now that by E3, Leizpig show and TGS, people will see what the PS3 is capable of, the system isnt rushed, just the software, but that has been changing for months since launch day, by the end of the year, +8 million will be sold due to the first party games the PS3 has to offer, which opens the way for 3rd party developers to start making games for the system. the 360 is highly dependent on 3rd party, we know the games that the 360 has, not to mention the wii with its first party titles. The PS brand is also a proven Brand, everyone knows what it is.

Posted at 3:12PM on Jun 30th 2007 by lenny0487

7. whats after Halo 3? Halo Wars and an episodic Halo game

Posted at 3:15PM on Jun 30th 2007 by mat parker

8. CarNage, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Kspraydad and Edwin, you are my friends as of now!

Let me take a quick second to elaborate on this matter. This console was is FIERCE. Really, really fierce. More fierce than any console war before it, because Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft taken huge risks in their consoles. Sony with Blu-Ray, Nintendo with their Wiimote and Microsoft with the HD.

So far, Blu-Ray is said to be taking the lead, and to be taking the lead so early is a good thing. Places like Blockbuster are only selling Blu-Ray and Blockbuster are one of the biggest retailers in their field, so if they are only selling Blu-Ray, expect other companies to follow.

Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo... Where did it all come from? From having a fairly unsucessful N64, which was destroyed in terms of sales by the superior PS1, despite having a couple of good titles e.g Goldeneye, Mario 64, Mario Kart 64 and Zelda, those couldn't even save the day, so the Gamecube came out and arguably did even worse. The sales were in the shadow of the PS2, which by now was becomming a house-hold name. The PS2 sold more than the Xbox, which RELIED on Halo and other games that you either love or hate whilst Nintendo was focusing on changing the console war for the next generation by using a whole new controlling system.

So far, The Nintendo Wii has had FANTASTIC sales, and don't get me wrong, i'm not a 'hater', but i fail to see why. The Nintendo Gamecube was made for £10 (apparantly this was found out from a source close to Nintendo) and they were making 90% profit on each one sold. So this makes me wonder how much the Nintendo Wii is being made for, because i've played it alot and i can honestly say it feels extremely cheap and nasty. The graphics are truly awful and seem even worse when you compare them to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The 360 has ring of death problems. As much as 30% of all Xbox 360's have been back for repairs according to reports. Well done Microsoft, first, you released Vista which was uncomplete and a horrendous OS, then you released 360's which self destructed within a short space of time.

The PS3.. Oh the PS3. More expensive console, but with the promise of new, exclusive games, Final Fantasy XIII on the way to keep RPG fans happy, what more can you ask for? Sony has a trick-shot up it's sleeve, which i believe is none other than Final Fantasy VII. I strongly believe that if needed, Sony will call upon Square-Enix for a re-make of FFVII, which in my opinion, would triple PS3 sales. Sony aren't even using this trick shot right now and they're selling faster than the 360 and Wii down under in Austrailia!

PS3 is definately the best console and this is why i strongly believe it'll come first in the console war.


Please can the owner of this site put a PS3 Fanboy FORUM so we can discuss things easier? Thanks alot!

Posted at 3:26PM on Jun 30th 2007 by insane257

9. insane257 OWNS!!!!!!!

whats your PSN name? we should jump online and play some games because im sick as heck of constantly repeating myself over and over and over and over and over again about why nintendo and microcock have no chance of winning the console war. motorstorm in 5 minutes bro?

Posted at 3:51PM on Jun 30th 2007 by CarNage

10. Yea, carnage 360 has dead rising 2, Bioshock, two worlds, gothanm 4, Gears 2, Banjo kazooie 3, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Bungie is working on another big project, o and yea multiplats, always better on 360 and GTA 4 is going to have 20 more hours of gameplay time then the PS3 version, and the ring of death is slowly being fixed o and 360 has way better online and you can't argue that unless you have never played and compared both online services. Yea PS3 has Lair... Drakes Fortune..and a God of War game coming out in a few years...and HOME...and Final Fantasy yea carnage im mad stupid?

and before everyone gets on my case about being a xbot i just made a post earlier about the PS3 most likely making it to the top by 2009 and then carnage got all pissed about me sayin rite now 360 has more games and thats true can't argue that and this is toward carnagefor callin me stupid before thing about what i said.

Posted at 4:04PM on Jun 30th 2007 by Who Flang Poo

11. @Carnage
You are deluded if you think there is no chance the PS3 can lose this round of console wars. Saying that Halo 3 is the last big game coming out for the 360 is silly. The 360 already has a large install base, much larger than the PS3. It is more attractive for developers to make games for the 360 and port them to the PS3. Then you get other companies saying they don't want to realease games for the PS3 until it gets a larger install base. Right now, it's very hard to make money on a PS3 game due to high development costs and the low install base.
To say that it isn't fair for Nintendo to release a gaming system for $250 is ridiculous. Is there a handbook with a list of rules for releasing consoles? Nintendo was very smart to offer something different from the competition. Pricing the Wii at $250 makes it a much more affordable system and attractive to casual gamers, the same gamers that pushed the PS2 into the stratosphere saleswise. It's selling well right out of the gate and that's why your hearing news like Namco/Bandai, Capcom and Sega are shifting more resources towards Nintendo consoles. After only 8 months the Wii has almost caught up to Xbox 360 worldwide sales. With such a deficit, it is going to be very difficult for the PS3 to make a comeback. It is not impossible, but it's a long, steep hill to climb.

Posted at 5:03PM on Jun 30th 2007 by Gausser

12. maybe you guys should read you history books a bit. heres a quick recap :

Xbox one was a failure because -
1. came out a year later than the PS2
2. had superior hardware in all respects and was thus more expensive
3. lacked a decent games cataloge

FF to the present one sees that SOny has made a similar error with the PS3 -
1. came out a year later than the 360
2. has superior processing power and hence much more expensive
3. lacks a decent games cataloge

now for those SOnyBots wo say the PS3 is going to get decent games soon i say dont hold your breath. sure many games have been announced but as sony is so good when it comes to software i would expect recurring delays. also for the idiots who think the 360 is only about Halo have u heard about the RPGs Mass Effect, Bioshock and the Racing sims Dirt, Forza, PGR series ? not to mention Gears of war 2 in say around 2 years and the combat sims Ace combat 6 and Square Enix's Project SLyphspeed. and we know of all this before E3 even, i cant wait to hear what more they have in store.

its just history repeating itself. i sided the xbox in the last gen because of its hardware superiority but was dissapointed in the end. same way i sided the PS3 this gen but given the way sony handled the this 1st year i dont see the PS3 anywhere close to the top this time. M$ has already started fixing the heating issues in their 360s and this fall will release cooler 360s with teh 65nm technology, what will u guys have to complain against xbox then eh ?

ohh and for all the Canucks here, happy Canada day for tomorrow mates.

Posted at 5:08PM on Jun 30th 2007 by WTangoFoxtrot

13. If I had to pick a console most likely to lose it would be the PS3 at this point. The Wii just keeps selling, against everyone's better judgement. The 360 has a year head start and great games. The PS3 has HD movies and supposedly superior hardware which is hard to show when the PS3 version of games look the same or worse than the 360.

The latest Madden game will apparently only run at 30 FPS on the PS3 whereas the 360 version runs at 60 and regardless of how you feel about Madden it sells a ton.

Sony got away with a lot of crap with the PS2 because it was first out the gate and now we'll see what happens when they're a year late to the party.

Oh... and 30% of Xbox 360s may fail but as many as 100% of PS3s suffer from a subpar selection of games.

Also, personally, I think HOME looks dumb... it doesn't look like something I want to constantly play with, but I've got to give Sony credit for at least trying to innovate for once.

Posted at 5:27PM on Jun 30th 2007 by Ninegauger


Wii60 4life

Also 360's Madden 2008 will run at 60 fps and PS3's Madden will run at 30 fps and 360 gets quite a bit of multi-platform games before the PS3 can get them like Dirt and Rainbow 6 Vegas. One other thing Xbox live kicks ass and gets way more downloadable games, trailer, demos, movies, TV shows, gamer pictures, and we get get coverage of e3 and other gaming events.

Posted at 5:40PM on Jun 30th 2007 by jason

15. Hi, CarNage i've only got Resistance FOM, but my PSN is: insanity21

thanks man!

Time to be serious for a minute:

Who Flang Poo, that's a joke of a post right there. There are no Final Fantasy games
on the sheets according to Square Enix, so how can you say that? There is no
detail of how much extra gameplay is in the GTA packs for the 360 either.

The PS3 will easilly become the best selling console of the 3. Anyone who denies
this is clearly talking out of their arse. What i want to know is this:

where did all the haters come from??? I mean,EVERYONE either liked Nintendo
or Sony, because they had one of their consoles during the N64 vs the PS1
console war. Then the next generation, we got people who turned their backs
on Ninty and Sony and went for Microsoft's Xbox?
So is it fair to say that Xbox fans are all backstabbers? Because somewhere along
the line, most of these Xbox fanboys MUST have had a Nintendo or Sony console first
because the Xbox came out after them... People seem to defend whatever console they
have. What sad people you are. I have a PS3, but if i hated it, i'd certainly tell
you why. I have played a Wii, and it's a cheap system with novelty controls. End of
story. You could put out 20 Zelda re-hashes and it wont convince me to buy a Wii for
myself. And the 360? If you're lucky enough to play it without it breaking on you
(and yes, i've witnessed the horrible customer service it takes about getting the
console back and forth to you when you get the dreaded red light's on it) you'll
find that many of the games are on the PS3, only many of them play better, without
as much loading time. Oblivion, anyone? Rainbow 6?

And what's with people loving Nintendo so much? Let me tell you. Nintendo said
that the Wii was aimed at 'Non gamers' and 'girls'. And let me tell you this. 50%
of the people i've seen with a Wii are 'Non gamers' or 'girls'. So when did it
become cool for 'Non gamers' and 'girls' to hate on the PS3 all of a sudden???
People like myself have been following the console wars since the SNES, Megadrive,
Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Classic, Sega Saturn etc. etc.

It is a huge shame to see all these haters spawn out of no-where. I'm ashamed of
the gaming community.

Posted at 6:00PM on Jun 30th 2007 by insane257

16. Sony will not be last because they have the better product... next gen has power, has blu ray, and does not over heat 30% of the time. who's going to buy 360 when they know there's a chance you might get a defective one... and then on top of that.. the customer service is shitty. I was stupid and bought a 360, but I'm worried about playing games on it, enjoying them and then the damn system stops working.. I'm going to stick w/ ps3 and leave it at that. Plus... I'm not paying 59.99 for a dvd game... I rather pay 59.99 for a game on blu ray w/ extra features and hopefully in the future, extra game. Look at the Strangle Hold package... that's basically a ps3 exclusive w/ a preview on 360.

Posted at 6:16PM on Jun 30th 2007 by Thomas

17. @insane
you just made me laugh at the stupidity of your comment.
you said
"where did all the haters come from??? I mean,EVERYONE either liked Nintendo
or Sony, because they had one of their consoles during the N64 vs the PS1
console war. Then the next generation, we got people who turned their backs
on Ninty and Sony and went for Microsoft's Xbox?
So is it fair to say that Xbox fans are all backstabbers? Because somewhere along
the line, most of these Xbox fanboys MUST have had a Nintendo or Sony console first
because the Xbox came out after them"
then you go on to say
"People like myself have been following the console wars since the SNES, Megadrive,
Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Classic, Sega Saturn etc. etc."
my point is that you say that all microsoft fanboys are backstabbers at a company before them
let me ask you this you have followed SNES, annd Sega Saturn so then you were a backstabber to one of those because playstation didnt come out until after them
so you have backstabbed nintendo and sega for owning and repping a PS3
now let me rephrase what you said so that it applies to you and make you look stupid
from this "So is it fair to say that Xbox fans are all backstabbers? Because somewhere along
the line, most of these Xbox fanboys MUST have had a Nintendo or Sony console first"
to this "So is it fair to say that Playstation fans are all backstabbers? Because somewhere along the line, most of these Playstation fanboys MUST have had a Nintendo or Sega console first"
Thank you for your time

Posted at 6:42PM on Jun 30th 2007 by T-Mape

18. You know why Sony will do well no matter what? It's the brand. Simply put, Playstation is now synonymous with gaming. The average person knows Nintendo because it's been around forever, and Playstation because it's the biggest. The fact that the ps2 has outsold the 360 since the 360 was introduced should tell you how strong the brand is.
Come this holiday season, the whole "no library" argument will be tired and just plain wrong, as both consoles will have a stellar library of games. If you think the ps3 has no big exclusives then you just have your head in the sand, plain and simple. It will be interesting to see how the sales stack up for all three systems when Christmas has come and gone.
As for the lead the 360 has, it would matter more if it was by a lot more consoles, or we were further into this product cycle. It may seem like a fair amount now, but we are talking about products that will hopefully sell at least 5-6 times what the 360 has sold at this point. It still has a long way to go before it's "dominating" the market. When it's a margin like the ps2 had on the 360/gamecube, then we'll talk.

You know, a big strike against the 360 right now is the hardware itself. It may seem like beating a dead horse, but it's a problem that continues, and doesn't seem to be slowing down.
When I'm standing at Best Buy looking at the box for a Pro system, and I get unsolicited advice from a kid working there to "wait until it's more reliable" I think it's a problem for the console. It's quickly becoming a mainstream issue, and MS doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. Your average consumer will be more concerned with whether the console will work for the next year than what framerate Madden is running at. Along with the fact that even the Elite doesn't have wifi, the reliability problems are what is stopping me from picking one up now.

Kspraydad was right on the money, second comment in. The Xbox brand would have to grow by leaps and bounds to reach the same audience that the Playstation has.

Posted at 7:53PM on Jun 30th 2007 by mccomber

19. Man you Sony fans a seriously drinking from the Sony Kool-aid! Sony doesn't have a good track record on delivering on promises so keep on hoping that they come through for once anyways it's the thought that counts right?

Posted at 8:59PM on Jun 30th 2007 by Azorean

20. i agree with you 20.poster so hard.

the problem with the PS3 is it's unfriendly coding. i've a friend who's working on a next gen game title for the 360 and KONAMI wants them to port it to the PS3, but it's a damn LABYRINTH! they can't figure the thing out!

and it's because of this problem that games keep getting delayed. developers are learning, but in the meantime 360 games are being created, shipped, bought and being played (provided a 360 that won't break.)

so, therefore, making games (exclusive and multiplayer) are more attractive on the 360. THIS is why it will be kinda tempting to stick with it, regardless of how many "Swords of Truth" the PS3 is hiding.

i sooo want:

a) a PS3 that has easier hardware so games can be created with ease and realeased quickly.

b) a 360 with a .65 nm chip (google that bad boy)

c) a wii that has more to offer (this should change in year or so)

in the meantime i'll be happy playing my PS2 and Nintendo DS library. PS2DS ftw!!! (doesn't sound as good as 'Wii60' lol)

Posted at 9:01PM on Jun 30th 2007 by ryano

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