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Rumour: Bioware to showcase a PS3 exclusive at E3?

PSU is today reporting that the community director of Bioware has confirmed that they will be at E3. He states that they weren't happy to confirm their presence there until they "were sure that the cool stuff we're going to be showing there was set, ready and very, very cool."

While it's clear that they will be showing Mass Effect and Sonic RPG at the expo, PSU is speculating that they will also be revealing a new PS3 exclusive. Their reasoning stems from a conversation with Richard Vogel, Bioware's Director of Operations, at the GDC, during which he mentioned to PSU that there was a game in development for the PS3. Unfortunately, no further details were able to be obtained.

Checking the Bioware website, the "in development" games list shows a listing for a "new next generation game". We look forward to seeing if PSU's hunch is correct when E3 comes around.

[Thanks Justin]

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1. Jade Empire everyone

Posted at 8:15AM on Jun 30th 2007 by mat parker

2. na...I bet its a new IP

Posted at 8:41AM on Jun 30th 2007 by Justin

3. Well you gain a game, and then lose a different one.

Posted at 10:20AM on Jun 30th 2007 by SKI

4. @3

When will dev's figure out it is easier to port from PS3 to 360?

DAMNIT. And this one will be ported to 360 because it is easy.

Posted at 10:40AM on Jun 30th 2007 by Andy

5. Awww.. Isn't that cute? PSU is talking about BioWare being at E3... You know where they in turn got that info from? Mass Effect official forums.

They are talking about Mass Effect being at E3. There may be a PS3 game at E3, I would severely doubt it. But even if there was a PS3 game, it will not be exclusive to PS3. Not a chance.

Posted at 10:49AM on Jun 30th 2007 by Newbiezilla

6. you mean a time limited exclusive, something like a week...

Posted at 11:05AM on Jun 30th 2007 by Pandora

7. Why would Bioware, confirming on the 360 exclusive Mass Effect Forums that the game would be present at the E3, have anything WHATSOEVER to do with a PS3 exclusive? This rumor is.... well, a bit sad really.

Unless of course they DO announce such a game, in which case I will be forced to eat my hat.

Posted at 1:39PM on Jun 30th 2007 by WouTar

8. They already announced an unnamed game being developed for the PS3. The rumor here is that the game will make an appearance at E3, not that there is a game being developed.

Posted at 2:06PM on Jun 30th 2007 by Jason B.

9. I wonder if they are going to formally announce Dragon Age for ps3 with a trailer or something...

Posted at 2:56PM on Jun 30th 2007 by CarNage

10. Well not that long ago EGM said Dragon Age would also come out on the PS3 and PC. So I hope that is the game.

Posted at 7:16PM on Jun 30th 2007 by Joe

11. I don't know, how big is Bioware? Once they finish mass effect I'm guessing they won't take too much time before they start the second game, plus they will have to split off another team to make the sonic RPG and now they are going to break off more people again? Logistically that seems foolish.

Posted at 2:37AM on Jul 1st 2007 by BlackBeltJones

12. @ BlackBeltJones

That seems to be the case, but the reality is that they have lots of teams working on seperate projects.

They have an Edmonton and Austin studio.

They have a team working on...
1) Mass Effect (360)
2) MMO (PC)
3) Dragon Age (PC)
4) Sonic RPG (DS)
5) Other next gen title.

1, 3 and 4 speak for themselves.
2 there is nothing official about...
5 is where its kinda tricky.

I'm pretty sure they are wroking on Jade Empire 2 and I would be surprised if that game went to PS3 as the first never went to PS2.

There is evidence to support it being Jade Empire 2 also. First of all, from 2004:

And again in 2005:

Posted at 7:47AM on Jul 1st 2007 by Newbiezilla

13. I don't think that BioWare is working on an exclusive for the PS3. I think they happen to be working on a title that is likely to appear on multiple platforms.

Posted at 9:15PM on Jul 1st 2007 by nic

14. I don't care if its exclusive, but I would love to see anything from BioWare on my PS3.

Wouldn't Knights of the Old Repbulic 3 be a great title to announce at E3?

Posted at 1:07AM on Jul 2nd 2007 by TJ


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