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Rumor: New Timesplitters is in development as a PlayStation 3 exclusive

According to OPM UK, a new Timesplitters game is already under development by the guys over at Free Radical. Though the team is currently wrapping up the timed PS3 exclusive Haze, supposedly work has already started on a next-gen version of Timesplitters's unique brand of monkey and fire fueled mayhem. The best part is that the game is suppose to be a PS3 exclusive, and a real PS3 exclusive unlike Haze.

While this is fantastic news, it was reported by a user on the EU PlayStation forum who said he had read it in the most recent copy of OPM UK, so this is still firmly planted in Rumorville. There is some circumstantial evidence that lends credence to the theory though. Free Radical has expressed an affinity for Sony hardware in the past and even recently in interviews with their top developers. Also Ubisoft hinted that they were working on a PS3 exclusive a couple months ago, and even though a lot of people thought that Haze was that title there have been a lot of rumblings that it was something we hadn't heard about yet.

So who knows, this might be one of those fun rumors that actually turns out to be true! It would make a lot of people happy and would be a nice exclusive feather in the cap of the PS3. There's something that's just so magical about setting a screaming Gingerbread man on fire while running from a pack of rabid Snowmen with machine guns ...

[Thanks Joe!]

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1. Like all PS3 exclusives it will get ported to the 360 because it is easy to do. I would rather have Haze as an exclusive

Posted at 4:07PM on Jun 29th 2007 by Andy

2. I really hope they make use of the motion sensing in the PS3 controller. I've played the second one and everytime I go into aim mode, I'd imagined how perfect it would be if you could do that by simply tilting the controller. Just tilt right and the crosshair will move to the right, while the screen doesn't move. It would make sniping MUCH more easier.

Posted at 4:53PM on Jun 29th 2007 by Vincent060

3. this is excellent, i have Timesplitters 2 & 3 (sold the first one because it is a bit redundant compared to these) and i absolutely love the multiplayer component of them, and the hilaroity o the charcters and Cortez in the single player campaign of the third game, virus will be truly fantastic online (i only recently got Timesplitters 3, and setting up online would be too difficult)

Posted at 5:48PM on Jun 29th 2007 by afr

4. See! It just takes time rabid Xbox 360 over enthusiasts. The 360 didn't have a solid exclusive title till almost a year after it came out!

Posted at 2:02AM on Jun 30th 2007 by Sean

5. You mean I have to buy a PS3 to get ONE game?!? Gah...

It's not that I dislike the PS3, but I don't have an ass which produces money if I stick my hand in it.

Actually, I haven't tested that.

This may get a bit messy.

Posted at 3:53AM on Jun 30th 2007 by Shiro

6. you do know EA publishes these games and EA don't know wh=hat the word exclusive means

Posted at 4:29AM on Jun 30th 2007 by mat parker

7. I'm the guy who posted this over on the EU playstation boards and I didn't mention anything about it being exclusive, so I'd be interested to see where that bit of information has come from...

Posted at 5:22AM on Jun 30th 2007 by Chris1007


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