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Tekken: Dark Resurrection Online to cost $10

The upcoming online update to TEKKEN 5: Dark Resurrection will cost $9.99. The update, which will be available later this year, will include Opti Match, Quick Match, Custom Match and Friend Match, "making it easy to find opponents to fight with anywhere, anytime." While waiting for their turn to battle, players will also be able to study their opponents by watching battles in the lobby. Online will also include two new single player modes, including Practice mode and Survival mode.

A new Online News Ticker will post the weekly, monthly and overall rank leaders at any given point. According to the press release, "Players will fight their way to the deadly Dark Lord to prove that they are worthy of battling it out in the online TEKKEN ranking." Whatever that means.

"It is beyond words how excited we are to finally be bringing our famous fighting franchise, TEKKEN, online for the first time," Makoto Iwai, Senior Vice President and COO of NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. said. "Not only is TEKKEN 5: Dark Resurrection Online a great value, but it now features the largest evolution in the franchise to date."

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Reader Comments

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1. It seems like a good idea but not too many people bought the game and fewer are going to download the online for $10.

Posted at 1:27PM on Jun 21st 2007 by Andy

2. Hmmm. All the features of Xbox Live except less integration and $10 per title. PSN doesn't seem so free anymore.

Posted at 2:13PM on Jun 21st 2007 by hoos30

3. @2 yes..beacause this has happened once. shut up.

Posted at 2:27PM on Jun 21st 2007 by a.j.

4. #2

PSN means free games, how?

Posted at 2:27PM on Jun 21st 2007 by blitz

5. Getting pretty tired of the trolls here these days, maybe it's time to start trimming some fat.

Anyway, since I already bought TekkenDR, I doubt I'll spend another $10 just to play it online. If it was $5 (since it's just an add-on) I probably wouldn't think twice.

Posted at 2:31PM on Jun 21st 2007 by Popfrogs

6. To Popfrogs:

hoos30 was banned for that comment. Don't worry--we're gonna keep on using the ban ax.

Posted at 2:41PM on Jun 21st 2007 by Andrew Yoon

7. AAAAAAH!!!! Please please please Don't charge for an update!!!!

Ok, nuff of that, but seriously, game dev's should know that online is so important these days that it should either be fully included or free to update, not sold as though we were being given a bonus... for this reason alone i'll probably take a pass at Tekken, no matter HOW much I enjoy beating the crap out of virtual representations of my friends...

Posted at 2:53PM on Jun 21st 2007 by SlavedHeart

8. Its not a bonus. It's three new gamemodes.

Online, practice and survival.

If it had been like that since the beginning, it would have costed the original price plus those 9,99$

Posted at 2:59PM on Jun 21st 2007 by blitz

9. I'm not sure why hoos30 was banned when he was simply making a point. One of the most compelling reasons that Microsoft uses for developers is making a suite of robust APIs and tools available that allows them to make their online experience easy. That's why this experience is the same across all games on the Xbox, because Microsoft has already built the infrastructure and made the tools available for developers to simply hook into Xbox Live. It's also why they charge for Live Gold.

This is a scenario where the developers do not have any existing instructure to work with. As a result, it costs Namco additional dollars to create the online component to Tekken. The cost is then passed along to the consumer (in the form of a $10 fee). Is the PSN network still free? From Sony it is. But since Sony doesn't control the 3rd party developers, Namco (or whoever) can charge whatever they want for an online component. Don't hate them for trying to make a profit!

Microsoft has XBL to attract developers, and Sony has Blu-Ray, which in the future will be even more important than in its current state. Everyone is trying to make $. The good news is that as a consumer, you have a CHOICE. If you don't want to buy the online component to Tekken, don't.

Posted at 3:39PM on Jun 21st 2007 by fob2000

10. Yeah, Microsoft is really really nice to developers... Ask Epic ;)

Posted at 4:18PM on Jun 21st 2007 by Bored

11. Oh yeah...ask Take Two too. They'll give you 50 million reasons why its good to develop for the 360.

Posted at 4:32PM on Jun 21st 2007 by fob2000

12., if you bought the first version of this game on PSN you got ripped, like me. I think I paid $20? I forgot. bout cutting some slack to the original tards who bought the first version? WTF?

Is this an UPDATE or A WHOLE GAME? me hopes 4 update

Posted at 5:14PM on Jun 21st 2007 by FrankTheCrank

13. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of banning someone, unless there's a blatant disregard for the rules or there's a personal attack on someone and it becomes viscious.

I think his comment was valid, and not any worse than what I've read elsewhere.

Posted at 5:49PM on Jun 21st 2007 by nick

14. Remember this is PS3 fanboy.

I read on Wikipedia that PSN is a free service but developers have the choice to charge a user fee. I am happy paying $2-5 a year for a good online game. That way you can pick and choose which games and not have to worry about getting the most out of money in something like Xbox Live.

Posted at 7:05PM on Jun 21st 2007 by Andy

15. We ban people with a history of starting flames on our site. This is PS3 Fanboy, not Xbox 360 Fanboy, for a reason. If you want Xbox news, this isn't the site for that.

Posted at 10:31PM on Jun 21st 2007 by Andrew Yoon

16. Mr. Yoon summed it up. Yesterday was a particularly troll-tastic day, and another uninformed 360 fankid posting here contributes nothing to the conversation.

Obviously he thought us PS3 owners would have to pay for the privilege of playing the game online, which we're not. We pay to buy the game from the PS Store, just like X360Live players buy games and upgrades. Only..our network itself is free.

Posted at 11:06PM on Jun 21st 2007 by Popfrogs

17. Good job banning the trolls. I come here to hear about PS3 news and opinions regarding the news, not to listen to some pointless argument between opposing fanboys. Thanks Andrew!

Posted at 2:50AM on Jun 22nd 2007 by donnie

18. all you idiots complaining aabout the additional $10 can u please shut up?
and making this clear its an UPDATE
not the whole game but you can buy the whole game including the online update for a HIGHER price
so for all you who have already bought stop whining
its only $10 u cheap bastards u paid 100 times that for your ps3

Posted at 10:28AM on Jun 29th 2007 by Irongoat

19. I cant wait to be able to play online.The day the update comes out ill be on it to kick the ---- out of some boys.ever since TTT no one can really come close.get so bored of survival and let the computer win at 300+ wins lmao.look for me and my boy discreteprohet online.try and keep up

Posted at 2:10PM on Aug 4th 2007 by zach pollitt

20. if your a tekken fan buy it if not don't .i'm a tekken fan and have always dreamed of dealing out international a** beatings i'll c all yall on there staring up at me from the flat of your backs.

Posted at 6:18PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Mc187


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