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Sony vows legal action against hackers and pirates

SCEA has declared that they will "actively pursue" legal action against hackers that attempt to crack the PS3 anti-piracy software. This announcement arrives just after recent news that hackers were close to completely cracking the PS3 anti-piracy software found in firmware versions 1.10 and 1.11. Their progress on the crack would allow pirated PS3 games to boot, but they still were not playable. The homebrew community is also still waiting in the wings, as even this latest attempt still prevents any type of homebrew gaming on the PS3 console.

Obviously, SCEA hopes to stalwart further progress and deter hackers from completely subverting the anti-piracy measures completely, because saying "please" just doesn't carry the same weight as legal action. Dave Karraker, SCEA spokesperson says, "the best we can do as a company, is to make our security that much stronger and aggressively pursue legal action against anyone caught trying to use an exploit in an illegal manner."

The pirates who want to burn and run copied PS3 disks? Yeah, they're bad. Bad, bad. Spankings all around kind of bad. And if you're thinking of doing it, you shouldn't. Go find someone to deliver a spanking for even thinking such thoughts. On the homebrew front, we're kind of indifferent. Now, we're stepping out on a very thin limb here, but maybe, just maybe if Sony was a little bit more organized in lining up a steady stream of content for thirsting PS3 owners, we wouldn't have hackers so interested in cracking the PS3 for homebrew. What do you think?

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1. Please don't turn this into the PSP...

Posted at 7:34PM on Jun 12th 2007 by Joshua Campbell

2. I swear if one more article that mentions ps3 homebrew totally forgets about linux I will go postal...

No, there's no rsx access yet in linux, but we get full access to the Cell. Last I checked, opengl is getting ported to the Cell, and the homebrew people I know are busy porting various media libraries to the Cell, and this is all with Sony's blessings. Even IBM is donating ps3s to developers to help get things rolling.

Posted at 7:39PM on Jun 12th 2007 by apease

3. Only one out of eight of my PSP freinds buy games legally.

As long as the people who buy the games get extras like ONLINE then I am happy.

This must really suck for Sony because they are counting on game sales to make a profit.

Try renting games. Its cheaper and isn't illigal!

Posted at 7:40PM on Jun 12th 2007 by massive_98

4. I would also prefer that this not turn into the PSP, its gotta be embarrassing for a major corporation to be consistently defeated by a single common man

Once we end this whole concept of "intellectual property", we'll all be so much happier

The first group that needs to go is the RIAA

Posted at 7:46PM on Jun 12th 2007 by Mr Khan

5. so much talent gets wasted on this shit .. these guys can be actual developers (and i guess the do once they grow up) ... homebrew is fine but my god its always such a fucking hassle .. if you are hellbent just install linux and get some god damn emulators for your roms.

Posted at 8:26PM on Jun 12th 2007 by WhackMushroom

6. "Once we end this whole concept of "intellectual property", we'll all be so much happier"

Considering that as an artist, I make my living with this "intellectual property" I wouldn't be. I'm lucky that it's easier for me since my work is more of a tangible, but I still understand where the otherside is coming from on this stuff.
I agree that a lot of groups are taking it too far, and can't stand the RIAA for several reasons (firstly that they rip off artists in the name of profits) but I can't stand when people seem to think the answer is getting rid of the creator's control of their work. It's because of those people who don't have a problem or understanding of intellectual rights that we're in this situation anyway.

The problem is, piracy and homebrew normally seem to be an all or none proposition. I'm sure on the psp Sony would be more likely to let the whole homebrew community do their thing if their thing wasn't so closely involved with allowing people to play pirated software. Since I don't see that changing, expect the same treatment from Sony on the ps3.

Posted at 10:04PM on Jun 12th 2007 by mccomber

7. would doing the backdoor to the Warhawk demo fall in this category?

Posted at 10:34PM on Jun 12th 2007 by #1FanBoy

8. 8. probably violates some TOS of some sort regarding the PSN and or warhawk itself.

Posted at 11:36PM on Jun 12th 2007 by WhackMushroom

9. Nothing but rhetoric. Both the 360 and ps3 will be cracked wide open, just like last gen, and just like every future gen. DRM doesn't work, will never work. You can't give somebody a locked box, with the key, and then hope they'll only open it on your terms.

A few unlucky people will get singled out, sued to oblivion, and maybe incarcerated, while millions of others will go on hacking/cracking/pirating/whatever. Carry on

Posted at 12:05AM on Jun 13th 2007 by TK00

10. ok so yes piracy is bad but people wld not do it if gme pices were t so dan hight i mean 50 for a game is a rip off why shold we have to pat thesedaft prices this is why piracy is here and is going to stay enless game devs drop the price also dvd retaiers andaudio cds aswell

Posted at 5:25AM on Jun 13th 2007 by xebian

11. It's back to grammar school for xebian.

First off, you don't have to buy games to continue to live. It isn't like food. Don't like the prices? Buy 'em used or hit eBay. That's what I do. Would it make sense to say, "They shouldn't charge such high prices for mansions!" and then go and illegally assume ownership of a large home with some forged documents you were charged very little for?

Secondly, homebrew and piracy may involve similar skills (hacking) but intent is what it's all about. If the PS3 were encouraging homebrew, there would be a lot more available, and it would make the console even more versatile (the argument that all the die-hard PS3 fanboys make about the console). I might actually consider paying the outrageous price for one (working in non-profit orgs doesn't exactly make one wealthy).

PS The RIAA must die!

Posted at 12:11PM on Jun 13th 2007 by Jared

12. I would gladly pay $50-60 each for some decent PS3 titles. It's pathetic that I have to play PS2 games to have any fun playing on the PS3, cause their title support is so lame (for "next-gen" games that is). I've spent more time playing Guitar Hero on my PS3 than any other game and I couldn't even freaking play it until an adapter was released a few weeks ago.

If Sony spent as much time/money/effort to get some good titles shipped as they do cribbing about pirates or promoting the PS3, then they might have a succesful gaming system on their hands, instead of an expensive media player. That all said, 1.80 was a good firmware update, and I cannot fault them for spending resources to continue improving the capabilities of the system.

Posted at 1:15PM on Jun 13th 2007 by djeet

13. (lol at the use of the picture)

I think Sony is right to pursue software pirates, but I don't understand their fight against homebrew.

Posted at 11:13AM on Jun 14th 2007 by Hashbrown_Hunter

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