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Silent Hill 5 interview ... if PS3 sells, it could be exclusive

Finally, it looks like Silent Hill 5 is bursting forth from the loins of Konami and scaring the bejeezus out of people. No, we don't have any screenshots and yes, we made all of that up, but we do have an interview with one of the creative minds behind the game. Masashi Tsuboyama, chief director, answers some questions in the latest Electric Shock magazine. Here are the points of interest:

  • Konami and the team behind Silent Hill have looked at the current consoles and concluded they all have limitations that hamper their ideas for the game and delay progress. Except the PlayStation 3.
  • No multiplatform plans as of yet. But the sales of PS3 are slow so they may have to reconsider later on down the road if things appear dismal. Which of course means delayed progress and not taking advantage of the PS3's power.
  • Tsuboyama claims Blu-ray will be a very necessary asset in their development of the game.
  • The PS3, he says, is tough to work with, but when they get used to it, the processing power will be far beyond the other consoles.

Keep an eye out at E3, as Tsuboyama seemed to clam up about the game when asked if anything would be shown. Perhaps he's being a tease, but we'd like to believe that the rumors regarding the game's progress are true. The game isn't a system seller, so we expect either a timed exclusive or simultaneous multiplatform release with the 360 -- with the game smartly built originally on the PS3. Keep your fingers crossed, and keep those mannequins out of dimly lit apartment buildings!
[via PS3 Forums]

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1. Another Developer that Claims Blu-ray is a necessity for gaming. any cons with that?

Posted at 7:59PM on May 30th 2007 by lenny0487

2. The game isn't a system seller? Speak for yourself!

In all honesty though I think they will pull a SH2/SH3, but that's fine. I just hope they wait longer before releasing the xbox versions this time. SH2's PS2 and Xbox release were what, 2 months apart?

Posted at 8:00PM on May 30th 2007 by OrganicShadow

3. well, I am going to buy this regardless, I hope a few more people will buy this just to keep it an exclusive.

but then again, Sony fanboys aren't as hardcore as that. and THANK GOD for that.

Posted at 8:21PM on May 30th 2007 by kingofwale

4. excellent.
this is all according to plan.
ha! Take that any lurking trolls! bluray IS necessary.

Posted at 8:30PM on May 30th 2007 by matjet

5. honestly the ps3 probably won't sell enough by the time this comes out to justify exclusivity. On a podcast I listend to (I think it was 1up Yours) they mentioned rumors of rumblings within the industry that if PS3 had 3 consecutive months of 100,000 units sold or less (2/3rds of the way there as of april and I don't think any big releases will push ps3's in May) 3rd party releases would start showing up as defacto 360 exclusives until the ps3 started showing a larger market share.

Posted at 8:47PM on May 30th 2007 by BlackBeltJones

I love it when Japanese developers bitch slap Xbox 360 fanboys for their underpowered console.

Posted at 9:09PM on May 30th 2007 by Breeze

7. "bluray IS necessary"

for years games have come out on muti DVDs/CDs .... so i really don,tknow where these guys get off sayin its necessary

Posted at 9:18PM on May 30th 2007 by L

8. Are people actually shocked that a developer who has mainly produced PS2 titles over the last few years (with some eventually being ported to other platforms) has good things to say about the PS3 to...Dengeki Playstation? Color me shocked.

The article also doesn't really go in-depth as to what the "limitations" he mentions are, so it may boil down to nothing more than a bunch of magnetic platters. He speaks praise for the PS3's ability to install data to the HDD, something which isn't done on the 360 pro (which basically has a temp cache) and cannot be done on the 360 core.

Either way, I agree with the prediction that it'll either be a multi-platform release, or a timed exclusive. There is virtually zero financial benefit, short of a giant wad of cash, for a third-party company like Konami to keep their games exclusive to one platform.

Posted at 9:23PM on May 30th 2007 by Strike Man

9. *Cough* Propaganda *Cough*

Posted at 9:29PM on May 30th 2007 by silence

10. @10 see the thing is because the 360 has a DVD drive it can stream data from the drive faster it uses compression alot....

come on disc 11 ...... 99 gig game with compression what a joke ...

look read what it says ... ok we need this that and this ...... but o yey emmmm it may go multi platform which does not have any of them!
so the games getting made on the PS3 for the PS3 so theres no problem there ...but if it does come to the 360 it will look just as good

Posted at 10:26PM on May 30th 2007 by L

11. Oh goody! More SH news!!! I don't care if the game goes multi platform as long as it's on the PS3 I'll be happy. My god what could they be cooking up for this game!!!!!??!!! I hope they have a snipit of something to show at E3, anything!!!!! I need my Silent Hill fix!!!!

Posted at 10:37PM on May 30th 2007 by Tanya

12. News alert:

Majority of 360 owners don't care much for the VERY overrated FF series.

Otherwise they would have bought a PS3 no? Silly fanboys...

Posted at 10:39PM on May 30th 2007 by silence

13. I'll buy this game just because of these comments. I want this to be PS3 exclusive. Everyone says there should be no exclusives, but that is stupid because it only hurts the PS3 and not the 360. PS3 can match anything developers do on 360 first but the other way around is not true. So if there are no exclusives, the power of the PS3 will go untapped. Thats how I see it anyway as of lately. I might be wrong, but I really want to see what the PS3 can do.

Posted at 10:43PM on May 30th 2007 by Xantnius

14. Oh and while I have no interest in getting a Wii and Wii specific SH game would definitely get me to buy one! ^_^

Posted at 10:46PM on May 30th 2007 by Tanya

15. If a developer is saying Blu Ray is necessary for a game type like this, or Metal Gear Solid, it is propaganda. Kojima has released Metal Gear games on multiple discs before, you know. Releasing games like Silent Hill on multiple discs is the trivial case. It can be done, and there's nothing to stop you from doing it.

Jaffe himself, a Sony first party dev, said that Blu Ray was a mistake. Anyone hear of God of War?

Once developers figure out how to "unlock the secret power of the PS3" it will just become insanely powerful and obsolete every computer in existence. Or maybe it just has a processor with 1/3rd as much general purpose CPU power as the 360 and several dedicated floating point units (more or less). Sure, it's a monster at floating point performance, but that's not going to be some magic that needs to be unlocked.

The system has less flexible memory than the 360, for example, which is a significant deal. It has more overhead. It doesn't have enough general purpose CPU power. It has less fill rate. There is no magic that can change those things.

There's clever programming, there is realizing more of the potential of a system, and there is brilliant art. These things *will* benefit the PS3 as time goes on, and also will benefit the Xbox 360.

Despite all of the current evidence (games already released) showing the 360 as more capable than the 360 in terms of pure gaming and rendering, we see Sony fanboi constantly clinging to some hope that secretly and way in the future some developers are going to stop being lazy and truly unlock the power of the PS3.

I don't have a 360. I do have a computer science degree, though.

Posted at 11:39PM on May 30th 2007 by thebigfatj

16. If multi=platform comes up in Japan in a platform centric mag it's probably going to be multi-platform... Silent Hill has never been on just one system anyway... it's at least had a PC counterpart... and if you want to you can say that it's always been released on a Microsoft platform.

Posted at 11:40PM on May 30th 2007 by Daniel T Lawson

17. I can see why this is a fanboy list... no offense, but the bullet points on this blog post don't really honestly reflect what was said in the interview, with the exception that they do believe blu-ray would be nicer for next gen content (as well as the hdd install feature that Genji uses; I assume this is the hdd streaming tech that has been talked about before).

Posted at 12:10AM on May 31st 2007 by JacKal

18. @thebigfatj

Anyone with a C.S degree would not have stated that the 360 is able to process A.I better than the 360. Anyone who makes a stupid comment like that either has no programming ability or is a graduate of Oral Roberts University with an emphasis on Oral.

Also, the reason Jaffe stated that Blu-ray was a mistake is because he thinks the cost of the PS3 is too high. It's not because he doesn't appreciate the technology. BTW, he's stated that he's only going to focus on downloadable games from now on, so his opinion on Blu-ray is rather moot.

Why don't you tell us why A.I on the 360 is superior? I'm anxious to hear your comedic response. Can you also answer this question:

Whats the result of:

|8 9 3| |3 6 5|
|7 3 4| x |5 2 9|
|8 2 7| |6 4 7|

What is A x B
What is the determinant of A and B

Posted at 1:32AM on May 31st 2007 by Breeze

19. @Breeze

I hate... so much about the things that you choose to be.

Posted at 3:16AM on May 31st 2007 by BlackBeltJones

20. @18 - Anyone who thinks they can throw questions around like you do ought to double check what they type, a la "Anyone with a C.S degree would not have stated that the 360 is able to process A.I better than the 360" see the problem? Oh, and unless my mind fails me, the answer to #1 is

|106 69 50|
|126 97 70|
|132 87 79|

I agree with you, but be less of an ass.

Posted at 4:11AM on May 31st 2007 by SwissArmyBud

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