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Finally, some Gran Turismo 5 details surface

For those of you who've been itching to hear anything definitive on Polyphony Digital's upcoming Gran Turismo 5, we've decided to take it upon ourselves to scratch that very itch for you. From some European magazine scans posted on the internet and presumably removed, the following have been agreed upon as features confirmed for the game:

  • All cars and tracks from Gran Turismo 4 will make their next-gen debut.
  • After the initial release, there will be downloadable cars and tracks to enhance the experience.
  • Four different driving views will be available. Can you name them all?
  • All Ferrari models, including those pesky F1 racers.
  • Some new city tracks.
  • Online racing will be supported for anywhere between 12 and 20 drivers.
  • During races, dynamic weather conditions will persist, forcing you to really know what you're doing.
  • Finally, car damage.

Well, that's an impressive list of features for Gran Turismo 5. It finally seems to be stepping up to the plate that competition like Forza and Project Gotham Racing set the bar on -- debatably. While many of the above features are pleasing to hear, the bit about car damage is the most intense. It will undoubtedly spark a war between people who think car damage needed to get attention in the GT franchise and those who enjoyed the game without it.

Personally, adding realistic damage in a simulation will make things a lot more difficult to do. Ruining your shocks, cracking your windshield, messing up that transmission should all come into play. Sadly, that's not how it will probably work. It'll just be car damage. Ooh's and Aah's. If you can't get it right from the exterior to the interior, what's the point? Who knows, perhaps it'll be as labor-intensive as real-life maintenance conundrums.

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Reader Comments

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1. It must be costing them a fortune in licensing fees to be allowed to show damage on the cars... That's largely why games like Burnout don't used licensed cars.

Posted at 11:11AM on May 29th 2007 by Stef Geiger

2. The graphics on GTHD were just GT4 with a suped up engine. GT4 had 700 cars and PD will at leaste add 200 more so with between 900-1000 cars, damge, wheather efects that change, interior veiw for each car and online racing. This will maybe be a 2 disc game. I dont think 50gb is enough for 900+ cars, 60+ tracks all in 1080p. And not to mention those real life graphics.

Forza may be out sooner and have plenty of customization options, but with all of those cars, those graphics and interior veiw which forza doesn't have, this will beat forza easily. Besides car simulators are about getting the feel of driving cars that you will probably never own, not customizing them.

And the 4 veiws are:
1. 3rd person far
2. 1st person
3. 3rd person close
4. New interior veiw

Posted at 11:12AM on May 29th 2007 by Jase

3. I wonder how they are doing the damage.... They do some imaging of the real cars for the game and will they damage them in real life to get the accurate portrail of the damages? I think the damage will probably be non realistic just because of the money spent on it and if they want to go into detail it will be a whole lot more. The game will no doubt be great but it probably wont have the sales like its previous versions because of the number of systems.. so is it worth it to spend so much money that they may not make much money on it at all?

Posted at 11:24AM on May 29th 2007 by shase

4. as great as everything sounds, when is it coming out? (or expected to come out?)

Posted at 11:25AM on May 29th 2007 by kingofwale

5. /sigh... You are right shase, no developer should give two shits about the game they create on the PS3, especially since there are only so many sold. It makes sense, the PS3 isn't the PS2, and thusly doesnt have 100million consoles sold, so all developers should either scrap their projects or just not care about thier quality. Just take all the history and reputation these companies have and chuck that right out the window.

Annnnyywaayyys, I never really cared about damage in a racing sim, sure it is a cool feature to have, but really, if you are hitting things, you likely aren't getting the best times anyways. All us GT fans know the real meat of GT is the time trials ;)

Posted at 11:59AM on May 29th 2007 by Aex

6. GT5 release date... 3015... oh and online will be removed...

Posted at 12:22PM on May 29th 2007 by silence

7. @Aex

You are taking what a said to a whole new level. There is an expected sales number and a budget. When you make something i.e. movie, video game etc. you always have a figure you are hoping to make. If the development cost is so high that its over the expected sales how can they make any money, especially it is in a long development cycle. Like i said before they probably not gonna go into so much detail in the damage (unless its really cheap to do) to make the budget so big that meeting their expected sales is breaking even. Alexander the movie had a huge budget and it flopped big. 300 had like a quarter of Alexander's budget and it made a lot of money.

Posted at 12:30PM on May 29th 2007 by shase

8. I don't want damage. I prefer my cars to be nice and clean. Plus I'm not very good. I'm not a pro driver. I just enjoy playing Gran Turismo.

I really hope the damage option can be turned off for 'racing noobs'.


There should be two difficulties: Easy and Normal.

Posted at 12:31PM on May 29th 2007 by nr

9. The damage will just be generic, just dents to the 3d model rather than anything replicated from real life tests as that'd just be stupid to expect.

As for profit & loss for PD, it wouldnt suprise me if Sony is subsidising the production of the game, afterall its a one of 2-3 flagship games for the console, one that can single handedly make or break things for them. Sony will already be paying them substantially anyway, a little extra could see features they feel are needed getting implemented.

Posted at 12:44PM on May 29th 2007 by P

10. Sony must have a foot to polyphony's neck to get this game done in a reasonable amount of time. Its can imagine that the psp game is on hold and all focus is on GT5. Heck, didn't gt4 online also get put on hold for the sake of GT5? Personally, it wouldnt bother me if they simply ported GT3 to the PSP with some control and visual tweaks, and it would be fine to me.

This is a really ambitious list considering the company is so slow to produce product. I am pretty sure alot of money on sony's part is being doled out to the creation of this game, and there is alot of pressure from the community to add online and damage, and it seems that they are doing everthing within their power to unimpede the progress of the game.

Posted at 12:51PM on May 29th 2007 by Brandon

11. >This is a really ambitious list considering the company is so slow to produce product.

Why rush NOW??? Unless they can come out this month, I really don't care.

let's see: LAIR, Heavenly Sword, WarHawk, Ninja Gaiden and possibly Killzone are all due by the end of the year. There's no need to rush GT5. And there's potentially no need to rush it out by the first half of next year. when you're looking at Enix's FFXIII and FFXIII verus, as well as MGS at that time slot

if they can make a perfect game. I have no problem if it comes out by Christmas of NEXT year.

Posted at 1:01PM on May 29th 2007 by kingofwale

12. #11 - The Gran Turismo series and GT5 in particular can be a single game that will make people go out and buy a PS3 that havent already, so you can be sure that Sony want to rush NOW!!!
You might be happy waiting over 6 months, but Sony need it ASAP, and non-PS3 owning people waiting for something like this are waiting.

The PS3 doesnt have an existing killer series single handedly boosting hardware sales, sure that list of games will certainly help, not none will boost it like GT, MGS, FF and similar playstation iconic brands. Resistance and Motorstorm have done well and kept the PS3 worthwhile for the games side, and of the list you mention only Killzone *could* interest me personally to buy a console right now (and that could change when they show something more than 2yr old footage).
I'd go out and buy a console tomorrow for GT5 alone, many will have the same feelings about GT5, GTA, FF, MGS and games that matter to them. GT5 is a PS3 seller, those game listed above are decent games to buy if you have a PS3, not a reason to buy a PS3.

Nobody wants a botched up rush-job and surely Sony realise its importance to be perfect as it can make or break things for them, but they'll be hoping to get a perfect GT5 out to the shops as fast as humanly possible.

Posted at 1:38PM on May 29th 2007 by P

13. @jase

I hope when you're looking at the pictures looking that are the right ones. It might be PGR3. lol

Real life graphics? ok, you mean nice graphics? Nothing will ever get close to real life for a long time. we can only make things look 10% to real life even with the ps3's hardwear. Real life graphics it makes me laugh. lol

Posted at 1:40PM on May 29th 2007 by Killer

14. The improvements already sound good, they had me at damage and online racing honestly. I hope with the damage they have a way to model the difference between plastic and metal. One of the things that always bugs me in games that have damage now. I also hope there are a few more tracks, it seemed like GT2 if I remember correctly had a lot of tracks that felt more varied. Whichever title had the Dodge Copperhead concept, I remember driving that car a lot.
Oh yeah and again, custom soundtracks, pretty please Sony?

Also, I know several people that bought a ps2, wheel controller, "racing" chair setup... just to play gt4. No interest in anything beyond that except for maybe Toca. Basically dropping around $500 on a couple of titles.
This is one of those games that moves systems with the car crowd, and if they make a huge media blitz when it launches could sell quite a few systems. Hell, Sony should start running commercials when Forza launches just to plant the seed of GT in some minds.

Posted at 1:41PM on May 29th 2007 by mccomber

15. Edit: "You're looking at"

Posted at 1:44PM on May 29th 2007 by Killer

16. killer, im assuming by 'real life' your going to be refering to 'photo realistic' because its impossible to add true depth to anything 2D, which is the canvas your seeing things from.
I think you only have to go back to GT4's photo mode which while isnt a game, only goes to show its capable of get extremely close to photo realistic results.

I know theres just so many things you can list to say its missing, but i think its quite easy to take a 'screenshot' from GT4 and many people could be convinced into thinking its a RL photo rather than a computer generated snapshot.

Still, on a 2D level, i think 10% is pretty harsh, and im assuming thats what you mean as expecting a conventional monitor to replicate 3D accurately is nothing more than a pipedream.

Posted at 2:19PM on May 29th 2007 by P

17. Didn't the people behind Gran Turismo go out and say SPECIFICALLY in an earlier interview, that they wouldn't do car damage? I can't find a link right now but I will keep looking.

Posted at 3:34PM on May 29th 2007 by Broken_Haiku

18. Stef: "It must be costing them a fortune in licensing fees to be allowed to show damage on the cars... That's largely why games like Burnout don't used licensed cars."

Car manufacturers (except maybe Porsche) are falling all over themselves to get their cars in GT. It's mostly responsible for the Nissan Skyline being so popular in North America after it demonstrated how that car can smoke anything else in it's class.

P: "The damage will just be generic, just dents to the 3d model rather than anything replicated from real life tests as that'd just be stupid to expect."

Yamaouchi has said he doesn't want damage in GT5 unless it can be done property. Take from that what you will.

Posted at 3:34PM on May 29th 2007 by ck

19. @P

True enough on a Photo Realistic images. I agree. I'm also talking about the ability to create life as it is right now in real time. 10% is great, but we are parsecs away from actually making it like it's truely life like. It's not impossible, but it will take a long time.

Posted at 4:43PM on May 29th 2007 by Killer

20. This is definitely a system seller. I have two friends that will by a PS3 and this game the day it comes out. I think they do need to get this out soon, though, it will make a big difference. Everyone knows Yamauchi is only going to release this once it is perfect. How many times was GT4 delayed? I remember at least 3 times, so who knows? Have they even given a projected release quarter? I skipped GT4, but I'm gonna have to get this one =)

Posted at 5:13PM on May 29th 2007 by vizunary

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