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Newest Need For Speed trailer displays advanced car damage

Another Need for Speed game is coming and this early trailer displays the main focus of this entry: car damage. From the trailer, you can see a lot of paint scratches from multiple types of encounters (a love tap, trading paint, brake checks, etc) and a lot of weird stitches on the car. We're not sure if stitching your car is a very effective method of piecing a car back together, but this more realistic approach to the genre may point to a whole new style of play to the franchise. Let us know what you think: will the game go more simulation, or extreme explosions a la Motorstorm?

[via CVG]

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1. i need more, this idea dosent cut it for me. iv'e given up on need for speed for awhile and the franchise as a whole is going to have to prove itself to me inovative before i even shudder to think of getting a new one. iv'e owned an iteration of every one sence underground and somehow i've found it only to get more and more less fun over time.

Posted at 6:13PM on May 21st 2007 by alienclay

2. kinda like SRS: Street Racing Syndicate but without the chicks and better graphics

Posted at 6:30PM on May 21st 2007 by Brian

3. i dont know why but these embedded videos from gamevideos never play on the site when they require an age .. am i missing something?

Posted at 7:20PM on May 21st 2007 by WhackMushroom

4. God damn I love me some FD!!!

Sexiest/meanest car ever, along with the Skyline GTR. WOO!!

Posted at 7:24PM on May 21st 2007 by k0llateral

5. I hope they don't do the whole Muscles/Exoctics/Tuners thing again. I won't buy it if it will.
The Muscles had a clear disadvantage sans the Corvette.
And I thought damage was for Burnout. oh well.

Posted at 8:02PM on May 21st 2007 by 3cubedminus3squared

6. "God damn I love me some FD!!!"

mmm mmm, that welcoming Rotary wind...

Posted at 8:03PM on May 21st 2007 by Andir3.0

7. and BTW, most real life muscle cars are good for one thing and one thing only. Straight lines. There are a few people who actually put half a dollar into suspension parts to make a car that can handle halfway decent, but from my experience, most muscle heads only care about one thing. The engine.

Posted at 8:05PM on May 21st 2007 by Andir3.0

8. "We're not sure if stitching your car is a very effective method of piecing a car back together..."

Those are zip ties. It's a cheap and dirty way to hold plastic bodywork together when you bust the plastic on a sportbike or sports car, in this case.

Posted at 9:18PM on May 21st 2007 by ZRX

9. GameVideos do no play in Safari. Aaargh!

Posted at 11:37PM on May 21st 2007 by Galley

10. I don't have a lot of hope in EA at this point.

It's weird. You could play their last game and say, Yeah, this game feels good, the cars feel good, I can feel the wheels, I can feel the torque, I can feel the differences between each car.

And yet the "STORY" line for the whole thing is absolutely horrible, something that makes you want to gag.

When good programmers happen to bad franchises.

I have some requests. I think we can assume the cars will feel good.

I would like to request that EA take a major 180 and make a game that... DOESN'T HAVE FREAKIN DRAGGIN FRAME RATES and a crappy story!

Most of us recognize that 30 fps is the minimum.

Fine, 30 fps, it's not 60, but it's fine.


I don't want to play some "next-gen" game with dancing frame-rates. That's why I buy console games. If I can play an amazing arcade racing game (Midnight Club III) on ps2 with no lag in framerate, or some great simulation on... P.S.2! (Gran Turismo 4) with no lag in framerate... I sure as fuck expect to play that same thing on a ps3 or xbox360, at least.

And cut the teen shit. I doubt even most teens like that goofy storyline that EA keeps giving us. It's lies. Teenagers can see through that, too, so I'm not sure who EA is appealing to with that crap, besides drunken shareholders.

The last best EA racing game was Need for Speed II... while the following 'Underground' version certainly passed boundaries for graphics, it got locked in circuits, and the third one is where EA started getting into that goofy storyline that... only appeals to drunk CEO shareholders thinking they're appealing to young boys.

They're not.

People buy it, because we like cars and graphics and girls, and great programming.

But fix the story. Get some real writers.

Actually, this makes me think: do ANY EA games have good writers?

Holla back if you know... I can't think of any.

Posted at 12:09AM on May 22nd 2007 by John

11. @ number 10 ^^

You spoke to my soul...

I feel you man.

Posted at 1:50AM on May 22nd 2007 by k0llateral

12. I just hope EA is more comfortable with the PS3 now. How about some anti-aliasing? And does anyone else remember the NFS Carbon PS3/360 comparison? Blue drafting lines vs. a transparent hollow tube...what were they thinking?

Posted at 2:06AM on May 22nd 2007 by John

13. I'd like take this opportunity to point out that EA suck shit.

That is all.

Posted at 2:41AM on May 22nd 2007 by ck

14. "do ANY EA games have good writers?"

No. Do any GAMES have good writers?

The irony with EA is that they were called Electronic ARTS to emphasise the potential of videogames as an artistic medium, but now they have become the most soulless bunch of money-grubbers in the industry, relying on lame sports franchises and movie tie-ins.
Unfortunately, the only people you can really blame are the public for buying that crap.

Posted at 5:17AM on May 22nd 2007 by Carlton

15. Are you kidding? It’s Need for Speed. Of course it’s going to be arcade-y.

That said, I am very much looking forward to this. And I’m so glad it’s in daylight again ^_^. I didn’t like any of the titles set in the night.

And yeah, PLEASE turn on the AA. At least on 576i. Carbon looks like CRAP on my PS3, it’s a lot worse actually than Most Wanted on my PS2, probably because of all the extra polygons.


Posted at 10:56AM on May 22nd 2007 by Laurens Holst

they just look REALY ,,,, EXTREMELY,,,,
but euh...
lol when you play it at your house it doesnt realy look like that (the grafics)

P.S. im new lol..

Posted at 6:00PM on Jun 4th 2007 by Adrian


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