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PLAYSTATION Network to become "overwhelming" soon

Jack Tretton is a man of big promises. Although his claims may be boisterous at times, we can't help but join in his excitement for the future of PS3. Sure, we've heard the song and dance before: PS3 is a system of potential. As the system continues to grow, it will offer and more and more. For example, the PLAYSTATION Network is going to expand. In a recent interview with GamePro, Tretton reveals that the system will become so expansive, "almost to the point of being overwhelming."

The Network will not only feature downloadable on-demand movies, but it will also have a vast supply of games as well. "We have 41 games in development devoted to the Network, not just talking about PSone games being enabled. We're talking about games developed specifically for the PS3."

So when is it going to happen? "So, really it will happen this fall ... we'll get there well before the holiday timeframe. Every month you'll just see more and more content on there it'll get to the point where it's be really rich by September. And I think that will be timed really nicely with the advent of Home as well."

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1. I want to be overwhelmed :(

It's hard to get a sarcastic tone to come through in type, when need a sarcasm font so that it can be recognized.

I think the PSN store is coming along pretty well. I originally got my PS3 in jan. and it looks alot better now than it did then. Many fail to remember what Live looked like when it first launched(it wasn't all that impressive either).

Posted at 5:13PM on May 19th 2007 by vizunary

2. but when will they stop treating EU customers like second class citizens?

Posted at 3:16PM on May 19th 2007 by Russ

3. Jeff,

The Xbox 360 does have movies and games. Not sure what rock you live under.

Posted at 3:58PM on May 19th 2007 by bearattack79

4. everything is supposed to happen "this fall"

Posted at 4:36PM on May 19th 2007 by Mishi

5. It's pretty safe to say that we WILL start seeing some serious improvements eventually. Sony has put a TON of cash into this console, especially in R&D and manufacturing, so they're going to do a lot to support it in order to make some money.

Yes, we'll probably have to sit through summer with nothing special happening, but come fall, Sony will finally be giving MS and Nintendo a run for their money.

Posted at 4:41PM on May 19th 2007 by Stef Geiger

6. Fall is going to be make or break for the PS3 and it seems like it will be a make.

My prediction October to December PS3 owns the sales charts.

Yay! Good news! Keep it coming Sony. (Geting a Wii in one day!)

Posted at 4:48PM on May 19th 2007 by massive_98

7. UGGGGH, get cracking than jack, the clock is ticking. The only decent thing on PSN atm is the NG:S demo. C'mon times a' wastin'.

We're in for a booooring summer, and then an uber zuber kickass fall, Uncharted...i just creamed in my jeans.

Posted at 4:48PM on May 19th 2007 by Naaiif

8. bearattack79: There might have been some sarcasm involved. I can't be sure.

But if they're going to have a crapload of stuff out by September, the rate they're going now doesn't bode well at all. They've got what, 14 weeks until then? I hope Joust was just testing a new server network designed to handle a great deal more traffic, and that's why it didn't show up everywhere in the U.S. I'm glad they realize they need a crapton of content before they launch Home, and better yet, be able to handle everybody accessing said content, but they really need to get a move on. This shit should've been ready for the PSP launch, with Home just putting a new frontend on it.

Posted at 4:50PM on May 19th 2007 by apease

9. Dammit, Clenching fist.... You win this round... Jeff!

Posted at 5:03PM on May 19th 2007 by bearattack79

10. There have been alot of forgotten exclusives for the PS3:
Eight Days
The Getaway
Any more I am forgeting? (They are not cancelled either)

Posted at 5:04PM on May 19th 2007 by massive_98

11. "We have 41 games in development"

Sounds like the whole PS3 strategy is still in development. I have had it with all the "in development" talk that keeps coming from Sony. I am sorry but I have finally lost faith that they will ever get another game out. I am about ready to trade in my PS3 before it drops any more trade-in value.

Posted at 5:13PM on May 19th 2007 by DSR7997

12. Even as a PSfanboy, I have to wonder about this kind of talk.

When people in upper echelons talk like this, it makes me think they're disconnected with those of us who are actually working real jobs, coming home to play the machine, and, every month or so, plugging it into the web, to get free updates, demos, and movie hints.

I love my ps3, but... I'm getting ready to play the great ps2 games (Ratchet and Clank, GT4), on my new HD screen.

I'm set to rent some ps3 goodness, and I know Motorstorm and some others will please, but...

I ain't seeing big changes yet, and I keep thinking about buying an Xbox360 to play Forza 2 (I won't... I continue to see way too many people returning them for rings of death, which means I would have to buy like a 3 year warranty, which means I'm effectively buying another ps3 costwise, for less-than-ps3 games, and online isn't free...), and while I'm happy with my purchase, I don't like seeing these white blobby people talking about how awesome something is, before it has occured.

I'm sure I'll love home when it comes, and the games that are coming out soon.

But they're not here now, so what's all the fuss?

Of course, if I were him, I would be excited too. The stuff coming is very good, home and other stuff is good, so shareholders will be happy. And that's all that matters, anyway. Rich people in boardrooms who we all have to please.

But, in the words of Ali G, I digest.

Posted at 5:26PM on May 19th 2007 by John

13. @Massive: Good point about those titles - I think that stuff is getting overlooked because it's further off. Still very much excited for Afrika. Some people will argue that non-exclusives don't count, but I think it's worth looking forward to those ones too. There are a lot of multi-platform titles that should be really cool, like Red Faction 3, Star Wars Force Unleashed, Indiana Jones, Dark Sector, Burnout.... For those of us with no other consoles than the PS3, those are just as exciting as exclusives.

Posted at 5:34PM on May 19th 2007 by Stef Geiger

14. Why won't Sony shed some light on Afrika?

I barely even know what the gameplay concept is.

Posted at 5:54PM on May 19th 2007 by massive_98

15. Sony needs to be adding movies, 50 a month, games 5 a month would do (demos, ps1 included) and Music, 50 Albums a month to get the PS Store up to speed by this fall (spring here).

Posted at 5:54PM on May 19th 2007 by Wayne

16. Why hasn't Sony released any of their big name music artists albums?Easy money and they can combat iTunes.

There barely even using PS Store to promote there own movies. They promote all the other movie companies before Sony.

These things are not like games that need to be devoloped. They are already but they're just too lazy to put it onto the PS3 store

Posted at 6:02PM on May 19th 2007 by massive_98

17. If Sony offers full length movie downloads, won't that hinder Blu-ray's adoption?

Posted at 6:10PM on May 19th 2007 by SKI

18. Not really. When you "buy" a movie online, you're only paying to watch it once/within a 24 or 48 hour period. Also, the videos will be 720p at best, and heavily compressed. They'll probably look as good as HD over cable, which, compared to Blu-ray, isn't that high quality. Also, the movies you'd rent online probably won't have surround sound tracks, and if they do, they won't be the newer lossless formats, and you won't get any special features. Blu-ray will still sell because there are plenty of people who will always want to BUY a physical medium, and want to watch it in 1080p etc.

Posted at 10:03PM on May 19th 2007 by Stef Geiger

19. vizunary:
xbox live for the 360 launched with more content than what is currently available on PSN a 6 months after release.

If your talking about the first version of live for the xbox, then you must talk about the original version of the PSN for the ps2. But even back then, xbox live had downloadable content and PSN was barely alive, but it least it was free, right?

Fanboys tend to forget that Sonys has been in the online arena LONGER Than microsoft. It was Aug.2002 when sony, in an attempt to seal microsofts xbox live thunder, announced that the ps2 would be going online before the end of the month. So the ps2 was online in aug 2002 beating the launch of xbox live by almost 3 months. The difference is microsoft put 2 billion dollars into xbox live while stressing how important it was to next gen gaming and sony treated it like niche market until early 2006 when they began serious development on the PSNP (play station network platform). So yea, sony is playing catch up, but it's because they didnt take time to develop and deliver on their online vision for the ps2.


Note: it was hard as hell finding that link, i guess people want to forget about sonys headstart in the online arena lol.

Posted at 9:56AM on May 20th 2007 by Bangbang...

20. I am a little bit dissapointed with the PSN but it serves its purpose. It takes me about a 40 seconds and I am blowing up retards in Resistance.

Its actually the first online I've ever played so I don't have much to compare it too.

I have heard things about live and all its fancy features but you have to pay more for them on top of your $60 a year.

Do you have to pay for the movies as well?

Posted at 1:40PM on May 20th 2007 by massive_98

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