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Ubisoft says: Splinter Cell Conviction couldn't be on PS3?

Someone's cooking up some flamebait, right? Wrong. This is just an interesting, confusing interview with Ubisoft about the newest Splinter Cell (which seems to have turned into a yearly franchise). The game, subtitled Conviction, is headed exclusively to the XBox 360. That's all well and good, but why did they need to talk about the PS3?

What did they say, actually? They claimed that since they're an exclusive now, they can work a lot harder on the 360's hardware and pull out some tricks they wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. They said regardless, they wouldn't have been able to do these things even if they were exclusive to the PlayStation 3. Well... maybe, but they did a pretty crappy port of Double Agent, so we're not about to agree. Just because you don't understand the tools available doesn't mean it isn't possible to build a masterpiece. Thoughts?

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1. I wish more devolopers would do this. I think shooters work better with the 360. But Sandbox games such as Mercs:2 and GTA:IV are better suited to the PS3.

Games are better if they are only one platform!

Posted at 6:34PM on May 7th 2007 by massive_98

2. Ubisoft is quickly becoming one of the top game studios and if this quote is in context I would say it holds some weight. Afterall this is the same company (yes different dev team) that is creating assassins creed. I'm sure they know a thing or two about the PS3 within that company and obviously don't like developing on it because it is needlessly difficult.

Posted at 6:37PM on May 7th 2007 by RobG

3. Well said, masive_98

And too everybody else who will inevitably post a comment on this story-yes, this is probably going to start a flamewar, but before you flame, do your research. Dont post ignorant comments that are not true about either 360 or PS3. I myself dont really have that much of an opinion, but I would enjoy a lively debate that included lots of FACTS. But hell, thats probably wishful thinking.

Posted at 6:38PM on May 7th 2007 by Ben

4. When my PSN buddies said this I said that developers are lazy. The PS3's structure is every complicated and will take awhile to figure out. Plus, the lack of RAM might be one problem they are running into.

Posted at 6:39PM on May 7th 2007 by Dustin

5. heres the difference. factor 5 gave specific details on why lair isn't possible. all ubisoft did is say, yep its not possible, no details on why. sounds like flaimbait and bs. ubisoft has been the worst porter to date. EA is better at porting a game, i don't hold this comapny in high credibility right now in regards to developing for ps3, maybe when i see ac that will change.

Posted at 6:51PM on May 7th 2007 by stockstar1138

6. People have responded so quickly to this post, thanks Ben I agree with you. I don't actually think this is going to turn into a fanboy war. 360 cats are not going to rub this one in the PS3's face. It's
a system breaker like Halo or GTA. Sorry forgot to type it.

Posted at 6:56PM on May 7th 2007 by massive_98

7. Reason why Ubisoft isn't as credible is they have already shown complete inability to developer on anything other then 360.

They are only admitting their own lack on skills. More in line with game design not engine programing and polishing. Their past PS3 efforts already shine in their limited skills.

I only pray that Assassins Creed's team isn't as point and click limited skill set as the Splinter team is.

Posted at 6:57PM on May 7th 2007 by dammenion

8. i think Ubisoft is right. You couldn't run out of disc space on the ps3... you couldn't cause the red ring of death on the ps3 (which would be my goal if i made a game for 360.. there has to be some "achievement" for that).. you also couldn't release a native 1080p game-no wait that's M$ upscalling to 1080p.. my bad

Posted at 6:58PM on May 7th 2007 by KillarClown

9. @5/6
I don't know. Some of the things we've seen makes it seem less credible. GTA4 comes to mind. Lair is looking pretty amazing. DMC4 is supposedly the same on both consoles. The fact that Assassin's Creed, from the same company, is going to be on both makes it suspect.

It just sounds like they wanted to justify exclusivity, which isn't necessary. It's just an exclusive, no reason necessary.

I'm not going to jump to "OMG MS PAID THEM TO SAY IT" because that's just dumb, but they prefer developing for the 360 and may or may not have put time into the PS3's fancy EDGE dev tools, or maybe they have and their preference for the 360 still had them put more effort into it.

Posted at 6:58PM on May 7th 2007 by Trev

10. I would say it's the Video Memory or that this is a counter story to last weeks GTA comment...

either way I can't wait to play this Spinter Cell!

Posted at 7:00PM on May 7th 2007 by silence

11. Keep your damn Splinter Cell, as long as MGS4 stays exclusive to PS3, I'll be a happy boy.

Posted at 7:00PM on May 7th 2007 by muppetmeth

12. I tried playing MGS:3 just about an hour ago. It took me 1 hour to find the backpack attached to the tree. Too hard if you ask me.

Posted at 7:07PM on May 7th 2007 by massive_98

13. thats what is for.

Posted at 7:12PM on May 7th 2007 by stockstar1138

14. I am a PS3 owner and a huge Splinter Cell fan (since the first installment).

I think game exclusives are not in the best interest of gamers. If I want to play Splinter Cell's next title, then I have to buy a Microsoft XBOX360? Look, I am a dedicated Splinter Cell fan, but spend another $400-500 bucks for another console that I will have no use for when done with the Splinter Cell game? I don't think so. Even fanboys like me can do the economics...

I understand the thought behind it .... some gamer, who has not yet bought a "next generation" console, may take this into account in terms of which console to buy. O.K., from the console's standpoint, I can see why they might pay big money for an exclusive.... yet, aren't you neglecting the millions of gamers that will own PS3's?

However, this is basically Ubisoft's collective "$%#@ off" to dedicated fans on other consoles.

They spent all of this money investing in a Playstation fanbase. Yet now, they are only going to serve the Microsoft XBox360 fanbase? Thanks!!! Glad to know I invested so much in your franchise...

I hear the line that this will allow them to focus on developing a great game. Maybe so. However, you end up leaving a huge contingent of your fan base out in the cold.

The reality is that the next generation consoles are expensive (yes, the Wii is less expensive than the other two, but $295 is still not yet pocket change for the majority of gamers). The average gamer - even fanboy- is unlikely to buy two consoles.

Thanks Ubisoft. I will seriously re-consider purchasing any Ubisoft title in the future. After all, I would hate to invest any substantial amount of time or money in a franchise of yours only to see myself excluded from a future installment again.

Posted at 7:12PM on May 7th 2007 by Mark Green

15. Lost In Translation: Splinter Cell Conviction Possible on PS3!"

Posted at 7:27PM on May 7th 2007 by Realize

16. I believe that Team Ninja made it a point that most designers who complained of the PS3 being too difficult to develop for were just to lazy to try to learn the PS3's tools...He also stated that Team Ninja's philosophy was to create the best game on that system....period. It would seem that Ubisoft, while capable of creating good games, has overgrown it's roots and, becoming a European EA, has resorted to half-assed ports because their programmers are to incompetent to do a decent job. I have a 360 and the last Splinter Cell was aweful....I have other ways to waste my money...

Posted at 7:28PM on May 7th 2007 by mrgsc

17. Lost In Translation: Splinter Cell Conviction Possible on PS3!"


Posted at 7:29PM on May 7th 2007 by Realize

18. who gives a f_ck. splinter cell is about as tired as the tony hawk series and the "yearly' release thing they seem to be doing isn't going to help. i own both systems and wouldn't buy it on either at this point. more more more = zzzzzzz.

Posted at 7:56PM on May 7th 2007 by a.j.

19. I agree. Once you have played one Splinter Cell you played them all.

Good work folks. This hasn't become a fanboy war. Yay!

Posted at 8:02PM on May 7th 2007 by massive_98

20. So after reading all these comments and being impressed that the commenters were acting mature, I traveled to Xbox360 Fanboy. To my surprise, aside from a few ignorant posters, there was also a mature conversation. People had facts about the actual hardware of both consoles, and they are having a good debate with almost no fanboyishness. I encourage you all to go check it out.

Seriously though. I think this is a big day for both sites. We managed to have the same, potential flamewar starting story on both sites, and neither evolved into an ignorant, immature, spitefest. Everybody, give yourself a pat on the back.

Posted at 8:13PM on May 7th 2007 by Ben

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