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Ninja Gaiden demo strikes the Store

Every Thursday, the PLAYSTATION Store updates with this or that. Ninja Gaiden, the butt-kickingly awesome game from Team Ninja, will be available for play in today's update. The demo will feature multiple weapons, visuals running at 1080p and 60fps, and some mad ninja action. The demo is also supposed to have some unlockable stuff -- that's nice. We recall there being some kind of ninja-esque scoreboard for the demo, so we'll cross our fingers for that. Make sure that when you play it, your PS3 doesn't start to puff out smoke.

Also included in today's update is a demo for Virtua Tennis, and various trailers.

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1. I didn't realize that the US store was getting this today as well. Awesome.

Posted at 2:14PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Cagalli

2. This is cool, and by cool, i mean totally sweet. I can't wait to flip out and kill people!!

Posted at 2:27PM on Apr 26th 2007 by topflight1

3. Now we're talking...

This is (in my opinion) the most meaningful demo yet. It is for a highly anticipated game THAT HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED YET!!! i was listening to the developers talk about how this will be a visually stunning game. I cant wait to get home, dl it, and play it in 1080p greatness.

Just as a side note I was wondering how many people actually have televisions that can do 1080p. Out of curiosity...


Posted at 2:31PM on Apr 26th 2007 by TheSh0wstopper

4. I don't have 1080p yet, but it took me 3 years before using the 5.1 surround on my PS2.

Posted at 2:39PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Draco

5. wheres the update?its almost 3pm here and no update or demo yet.why does sony wait all day to update their store?why cant they update it more often like ms does?like everyday would be know it would be nice and kinda like xmas to come home from work everyday and find something new has been added.the more they update they more people would want to be on their network compared to ms.if you have competition that updates almost everyday then you need to do the same and with more demos and what people want.we dont want movie trailers,we can get that on a dvd.we want demos and more of stuff thats not out yet so we know whether or not we are going to be wasting our money on a bad game or cliams they listen,if so give us more demos and let everyone who is online be in the home demo,not just a select few.thats how you wow dont pick only certain few to tell you what is good or bad,you get everyone whos goin to want the products opinion.if you dont you tend to loose customers and theyll just go out and get an xbox instead!

Posted at 2:51PM on Apr 26th 2007 by tony

6. i get pissed off about the lack of content that the UK ps3 store has. every damn week i hear about more and more awesome stuff available to the US store and what do i get? pretty much sweet FA.
come on sony... how about some freaking trans-atlantic equality.

Posted at 2:53PM on Apr 26th 2007 by dave

7. I don't see this in the PS store.

Posted at 2:56PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Edwin

8. I have my PS3 connected to my computer monitor that supports 1080p(Dell 2407FPW).

Posted at 3:00PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Steve

9. We can connect to the US/Japanese store in the UK dave - can't buy anything from them, but all the free stuff can still be downloaded.

Posted at 3:03PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Ste

10. @ dave. just set up a U.S. or Japanese account.

im downloading the demo off of the japan store right now. to the showstopper, ps3 made me go out and get a 1080p tv, unfortunately im at college and its waiting to be picked up at best buy in a week, but oh man am i excited.

Posted at 3:08PM on Apr 26th 2007 by stockstar1138

11. @ Tony,
your whole post sounds like a 2 year old crying. But I want.. its not fair.. waaa waaaa waaaaa. Now with that said let me tear u to pieces:

"why cant they update it more often like ms does?like everyday would be nice."
-Do you even have an XBOX 360? Because I do and it is NOT updated everyday.

"we dont want movie trailers"
-Talk for yourself, I love being able to get movie Trailers and watch them in 1080p. That "300" trailer was better than any other trailer for that movie i saw anywhere else, ESPECIALLY THE 45 SECOND ONE ON XBOX LIVE MARKETPLACE. Also you talk soo highly of LIVE at this point in its lifespan the LIVE'S MARKETPLACE WAS LIVING OFF OF TRAILERS!!!

"let everyone who is online be in the home demo,not just a select few.thats how you wow dont pick only certain few to tell you what is good or bad,you get everyone whos goin to want the products opinion.if you dont you tend to loose customers and theyll just go out and get an xbox instead!"
-OH you mean like how your beloved MICROSOFT is doing with Halo 3 and Shadowrun.

Stop crying I dont wanna hear it. Take the pacifier out of your ass and put it in your mouth and STFU!!!


Posted at 3:15PM on Apr 26th 2007 by TheSh0wstopper

12. @ Steve, I have the same monitor, but never even realized that I should hook the dvi/hdmi converter i use on my cable box to it. I'm gonna try that tonight, thanks for the idea.

Posted at 3:28PM on Apr 26th 2007 by davebo

13. Could someone drop me a link or tell me quickly how i can access the US or JAP stores from my UK PS3


Posted at 3:44PM on Apr 26th 2007 by John

14. It doesn't seem like you people read the article - the update is happening later today... like it always does. Don't expect anything till at least 17:00 Eastern.

Showstopper: I'll be running in true 1080i... not quite 1080p, but not the fake 1080i that most LCDs and plasmas do (1024x768 etc).

I wonder if we're going to get any PS1 titles too. Calling All Cars is also supposed to be out today. I'm kind of surprised Sony would risk drawing attention away from the game by releasing a ton of other things on the same day. This also really raises the bar for future updates...

Posted at 3:50PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Stef Geiger

15. wow number 11 you are an idiot.most hardcore gamers dont get on consoles to watch movie trailers.we want demos to play to try out whats new.sounds like you are a baby.yes i have a 360 and a ps3 the way the halo beat wasnt invite only ty.maybe if you would read more youd know that.there are alot of copies of crackdown with the therell be like 2 million beta testers unlike home where its like 15, give me a break and dont talk shit unless you know your shit which you dont seem is living off of trailers get real is living off of people being able to communicate while playing online games,something sony doesnt have down yet.if they survived off of trailers they would only need video thats a pretty dumb statement.not to mention no one would be on live it all they had were trailers yet they have 6 miliion stick your head up your ass where it belongs bc you sure arent much of a gamer and sure dont know shit about ms to have a 360 do ya lil boy?so dont talk shit til u know shit!

Posted at 3:57PM on Apr 26th 2007 by tony

16. how can you create a japanese or uk account when it asks for an address and your info?i mean how do you create one to be able to download the japanese or uk content?can anyone tell me please?

Posted at 3:58PM on Apr 26th 2007 by tony

17. Tony,

I'd like to inform you of a common grammatical technique. It's known as the "double-space," and it goes after every period when beginning a new sentence. Your jumbled words make your arguments seem poorly thought out and make you sound like an idiot. I'm not saying you are, I'm just saying your writing style makes you seem that way. Perfect grammar is not required, but you should at least make it easy to read.

Posted at 4:11PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Jake Cornette

18. hehe, Tony got pwned.

I love the option for trailers too. And how the frick is it a good idea to invite EVERYONE to the beta test. Im pissed im not invited but, if everyone was invited it wouldnt be a beta test, it would be a full release! Beta testing involves a small scale test of the larger picture. getting feedback from 15,000 people is a lot easier to manage and test than having 400,000+ people all running around, sending in there feedback. You think the developers have time to watch that many people? or go thought 400,000 peoples feedback and issues? And if each person has multiple issues, than thats a crapload of emails to sort though.

beta tests are done to DEBUG any issues that arise. Its not some private invitation to a party where they all get free punch and pie. (although im sure a lot of the people will just screw around with there beta) You should be happy that they are doing this, so when its finally released it wont accidentally brick your system or have some other issues. Beta tests never include everyone, thats what the FINAL release is for.

so smarten up.

Posted at 4:13PM on Apr 26th 2007 by Atomu

19. I only ever use my PS3 and 360 for movie trailors. I'm a HARCORED TRAILORER!

Posted at 4:18PM on Apr 26th 2007 by KillarClown

20. how bad ass is this .. i love suprises!

Posted at 4:26PM on Apr 26th 2007 by uncharted

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