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Some cutesy new Lair screenshots

We're all tired of this "you may look, but you may never, ever, ever touch" policy Sony's got on this game. Seriously, how many more times will we gaze upon the beauty of giant lizards killing one another while the men riding them also fight to the death -- all way up high in the sky? Sure, everything great needs time to mature, but come on! Give the PSN a demo or something.

According to CVG, they've got Lair set up for a... wait for it... freakin' September release! What's up with that? What're we going to do during summer? Continue to play other games? But we wanna play this one! Oh well, it's probably for the better. In my situation, at least. There's a huge pile of games that require playtime. In the meantime, check out the new screenshots.

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1. September?

I think I will be as old as a dragon when this thing comes out. Oh well, hope it is worth it. Oh- and I hope it has more to it than just riding around the whole time. Ya know- like items to collect, experience levels and the like...

Posted at 6:11PM on Apr 3rd 2007 by Aarrowgant

2. I don't trust the September date seeing as those scans are MONTHS old.

Posted at 6:20PM on Apr 3rd 2007 by OrganicShadow

3. I'm still trying to get use to Sixaxis tiltage. I've been trying to play Motorstorm with it but its just not working.

You know what would awesome if you tilt your control to move to the icons when you start up. Although its ineffiecent I would force me to practice.


Posted at 6:35PM on Apr 3rd 2007 by massive_98

4. Personally, I don't think a delay is a terrible thing for Lair - anyone who's played it has said it seems great but that the framerate makes the game unplayable at times. Evolution took Motorstorm from choppy to something that was smooth most of the time - hopefully something similar will happen here too, because the game and idea seem amazing.

Posted at 6:43PM on Apr 3rd 2007 by navsimpson

5. Six months is plenty of time to optimize. Assuming they've got all the pieces in place the game should probably be very polished by the release.

Posted at 7:08PM on Apr 3rd 2007 by Stef Geiger

6. WTF!!! I like pre-ordered this game the first day of February...I think.

Posted at 7:33PM on Apr 3rd 2007 by Jimmy

7. That's alright, EB was taking pre-orders for GTAIV and GT5 back in July, despite the fact that GTAIV wouldn't have been out for more than 15 months, and GT5 may not drop till 2 years after they started the presale. And in both cases they didn't even know the final price.

Pre-sales like that are solely for snagging some cash off obsessed gamers. I've never once been burned for not pre-ordering a game, so why would I kiss my money goodbye a year and a half in advance?

Posted at 7:41PM on Apr 3rd 2007 by Stef Geiger

8. Realistically; has anybody ever been unable to find a copy of a popular game, shy of a consol release day (Zelda sold out when I picked up my Wii on launch day).

I guess I've just never lived in a town small enough where there wouldn't be at least one copy of any popular game somewhere at one of the two Walmart's, the Target, EBgames, Gamestop, etc, etc.

Unless you get some sort of super-amazing-prize for the pre-order I can't justify doing it.

Posted at 12:09PM on Apr 4th 2007 by Wonderflex

9. Only once was a game sold out that I remember; Metal Gear Solid. But, found it after a couple of different stores, so... Motorstorm was close, a buddy of mine and I picked up the last two copies that weren't reserved at Gamestop. Then again, like Metal Gear, I'm sure it would have been easy to find it at another retailer.
Right now the only games I have on preorder are through Amazon, and that's just because they are my preferred place to buy stuff, you get the lowest price they show it at between the time you place the order and when it ships (got GOW2 for 43.99), and because they don't charge your card until it ships. Works for me.

Posted at 12:38PM on Apr 4th 2007 by mccomber

10. is that a shot of the rider off of the dragon? like,
Are we gonna be able to hop off and fight ground troops on foot?

Posted at 2:34PM on Apr 5th 2007 by KiraXD


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