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Tekken 6 screenshots, characters spotlighted

Honestly, I haven't been following Tekken 6 news as stringently as I probably should have. So, if the two characters highlighted on the official Tekken website aren't new or recently introduced, apologies are in order. Anyway, we have here "Zafina" and "Leo" -- the former appears to be a gypsy of sorts, the latter is a very, very effeminate guy. We think.

On the website, there are a plethora of fresh screenshots and a downloadable trailer as well as wallpapers of the two characters mentioned above. Take a gander at your leisure... but... we've got another question to pose. The 3-D fighters have a tendency to blend together in the uneducated mind. Knowing this, which 3-D fighter is your favorite and why? Do you prefer using weaponry, like in Soul Calibur? Do you enjoy the realistic fighting in Virtua Fighter? How about the blatant exaggerations and bloodiness found in Mortal Kombat? Or is Tekken your flavor of choice? Let us know!

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1. Never played Virtua, MK is too cheesy and while I like Soul Cal I find it too unrealistic that even after getting hit multiple times with razor sharp weaponry, the characters can stand right back up and resume fighting like they were just smacked on the wrist.

Posted at 8:00PM on Feb 17th 2007 by salman

2. A "gypsy" of sorts? There are over 1.5 Billion people living in the indian subcontinent, and all you can come up with is "a gypsy of sorts"? When you think Asia you just think China, Korea or japan. Brown people dont live in Asia at all, and middle-east is not in asia..who gives a sh*t about middle-east anyway? Get out of your tiny and ignorant head and give Zafina her asian race back, instead of calling her a gypsy. She can be middle-eastern, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi or even Turkmenistani for all we care. But people from these places are not called Gypsies.

Posted at 8:05PM on Feb 17th 2007 by khan

3. I prefer Tekken over other fighter, mostly due to it being a nice mixture of both realism and arcade fighting. Its not a sim-happy as Virtua Fighter, and not as over the top as Mortal Kombat. Soul Calibur comes in at a close second, however the variety of weapons can sometimes make for an imbalaced match to all but the most experienced fans(like a huge staff versus a dagger). DOA is decent but relies to much on boobies to garner attention, as opposed to depth of gameplay.

They all have their strengths, but Tekken has the Goldylocks quality for me, its JUUUUST RIGHT.

Posted at 8:32PM on Feb 17th 2007 by Brandon

4. Nick, it might also surprise you to learn that Zafina is an arabic name, which means Victorious.

Posted at 8:57PM on Feb 17th 2007 by khan

5. Tekken is the best fighter as far as I'm concerned. It strikes the perfect balance between realism and fun. Plus I HATE block buttons, I'm from the old Street Fighter II days. I have always felt more comfortable pressing back to block. The stages in Tekken also ROCK...I hope the rumors are true and that this comes out on the Xbox 360! I know I'm about to be flamed, so in advance I would like to say sorry, but I bought a PS3 and took it back. If you like your PS3 I have nothing against you. BTW I bought the HK version of Tekken DR, it was good. In the end though, I didn't think it was a big leap from my PS2 version of Tekken 5. I must say, the PS controllers are better for playing a fighting game. I'll have to invest in a good one when this is released on the 360. =]

Posted at 11:11PM on Feb 17th 2007 by Bandit

6. @Bandit: Nice to know there are intelligent 360 owners. :)

I've played nearly every fighter at some point or another, and while I like most of them, and Soul Calibur comes in at a very close second, the Tekken series comes in first every time. If you want sim style, there's a boxer that plays very realisticly, and if you want fun arcade-ness, then Yoshimitsu manages to balance on a sword and use it as a helicopter.

Posted at 11:28PM on Feb 17th 2007 by Greg the Paladin

7. umm news flash Khan, when they say "middle east" what the fuck do you think its middle east of...ASIA. Don't be an idiot. As far as fighters, SC2 is pretty serious, but Tekken is king. I like the story and all of the character diversity. This one looks sick. Brian shoots a guy with a shotgun at the end of the video. I hope that stays, he's already a brutal bastard.

Posted at 12:10AM on Feb 18th 2007 by Jason

8. Virtua Fighter is great; I almost bought a Saturn for those series, I just needed a true next-gen Sonic (which never came). Tekken is good, but 3 was probably the best (For Namco fighters, I suggest you get Soul Calibur; not that Tekken is bad, it's just that Soul Calibur is excellent). I just also LOVE mortal kombat, it has the best storyline ever. And Street Fighter and all its spin-offs/sequels/melees are the best fighting games to me, in terms of gameplay. I miss Killer Instinct though. The only fighting game that bores me to death is (ironically) Dead or Alive. Nice tits, but nothing else. SNK games were also nice on arcade, but always trying to reach gameplay levels seen on Capcom's fighters (but failed).


Tekken will be on Xbox 360 after Dead or Alive comes to PS3. Not like it matters, since Dead or Alive is at the bottom of my fighting games list. I don't even understand what the buzz about it is other that the babes being perfectly rounded. lol


Did you know that the "Middle East" is not "East of Asia", but rather, West of Asia? Just thought I'd let you know before you call someone an idiot; oops, you already did. I'm not responsible about your fate now then...

Greg the paladin:

Intelligent 360 owners? For your information, Bandit said that 1080p would be basically impossible on PS3. I'm not saying he is an idiot, I'm saying he's a fanboy, just like everyone else on this thread. There are 1080p games already; the day I found out there were actually 1080p games, I lol'd because I remembered Bandit's ramblings on joystiq.

Posted at 2:51AM on Feb 18th 2007 by bootsielon

9. bootsielon, I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public. I have never posted on Joystiq (not that I won't in the future)? But thank you anyway. We're all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view (I'm already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth).

For your information the same source that leaked VF5 was coming out for the 360, is the same that is stating that Tekken 6 is 360 bound as well (I know, it's hard for me to believe also).

As for being a fanboy, nothing could be further from the truth. Actually I'm not a fan of Microsoft at all....but the 360 is MY choice for this gen of products. As I stated, I HAD a PS3. In my opinion I did not think it was worth the money (I really do not care about Blue-Ray) so I returned it before the 30 days was up. Have YOU HAD a 360? I would be more than happy to debate the facts, let's disregard all the hype. Be honest what do you have right now with the PS3 that trumps the 360?

Posted at 3:27AM on Feb 18th 2007 by Bandit

10. Jason, "middle-east of asia"? look up an atlas map dude. And I was being sarcastic with my comments. I'm surprised the editor called her a gypsy and didnt call
her asian or middle-eastern instead, even though she has an arabic name. Its like the term 'asian' is only reserved for chinese people. Very stupid, and ignorant on the editor's part.

Posted at 4:16AM on Feb 18th 2007 by SAL

11. Hmm... she does look like a Gypsy to me. Not because of the race, but more the clothes and the dance-stance. Saying, "she isn't a gypsy, she's asian" is like saying the other new character "isn't effeminate, he's caucasian."

Posted at 5:48AM on Feb 18th 2007 by lucky

12. Bandit:

I just thought I'd mention the truth, that's all. But hey, I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt, and think that somebody else with the name "bandit" actually said that (because it's possible).

Anyhow, I have a 360 right now, but I'm fed up with it. I've had to send it to Microsoft two times already, and I've had to send two defective HDDs too. Furthermore, most of the games it has don't really appeal to me, so I only have a few original Xbox titles and LIVE arcade titles (the HDD 1 screwed up the day after I downloaded SFII; the HDD2 was dead out of the box). I know 360 WILL have some games of genres I want, but PS3 already has announced more games that I want, even when it's barely come out.

"Then why did you even bother to buy it?" I did not. It was a gift from someone, that's why I've had enough time with it. Most of the 360 games I've played the demos, or rented them, or played them on friend's houses. And you know what? It feels as if Xbox 360 will end up almost like the original Xbox in terms of games (perhaps a little better, but nothing more).

I also barely bought a PS3, And It's fabulous. I was convinced of buying one after watching a Blu-ray movie at some friend's place, and after finding out that the latest update actually corrected the jaggies.

What's great about PS3 is that I don't have to get an extra accessory to play High Def movies; that's the great thing, the box doesn't need anything hanging out there. The HD-DVD accessory for Xbox 360 completely disrupts the look of my Home Theatre; hell, it doesn't come with HDMI, and the half-baked hollywood support for it just won't worm. The PS3 comes with everything I need in that aspect; a single sleek piece of technology.

I also have TONS of PS2 games, so near-perfect backwards compatibility is also one thing that I find great compared to Xbox 360; especially since PS2 had a lot more games than the original Xbox. What else, you say? I don't like paying to play online. I rather pay the whole amount on the console than give my credit card and keep being charged every year.

Another great thing I love about PS3 is customization; and I'm not talking about "faceplates", I'm talking about installing Linux and Hard drives. Install Linux and a huge hard drive to make it a great media-center. Which leads me to...

PS3 media center features are much better than Xbox 360s. With Linux I've been able to play nearly every video and music format that I like, unlike Xbox 360, which not only doesn't play every format out there, but sometimes it doesn't play files which it thinks might have some kind of DRM.

True, all that doesn't matter if you just want a games console. But if you just want a games console, PS2 is perfect for now; no need to spend more than 200 bucks (console + great games). 360 lacks good games in some (if not most) genres. PS3 barely came out so naturally it doesn't have many games but Virtua Fighter is great indeed. Which leads me to Tekken:

Tekken 5 is exclusive to PS3 and it's enjoying a lot of success even with a relatively small install base, so why would Tekken 6 be ported to 360? After all, Tecmo seems to be satisfied with its mediocre sales in Japan, despite the fact that DoA4 wasn't on arcades; Tekken 6 will probably do a lot better than DoA.

Oh, wait, I forgot about Wii. I've already played Wii, and while Wii Sports is fun, it's in no way, at least for me, "killer-app" fun. Zelda can be played on gamecube, which I have, so I don't need a Wii right now. I'll get it when it either goes down to 150 bucks, or when it gets so many good games it's ridiculous to miss it (like i'll do with the DS). I'm still disappointed that Nintendo wants us to think high-end technology and innovation can't get along (but of course, they do it to make profit; in 5 years you'll see Wii 2 being less powerful than PS3 or 360).

Posted at 10:24AM on Feb 18th 2007 by bootsielon

13. i love tekken! period...
bandit: virtua fighter 5 trumps the 360
and why does no one EVER mention Kensie 'sacred fist'?
one of the best 3d fighters theres also rival schools (ps1 not dreamcast) the parries in kensie were sorry but the playstation has ALWAYS had the best fighters due to the control pad...

Posted at 10:32AM on Feb 18th 2007 by seedaripper

14. lucky, the skirt she's wearing looks pretty much like what south-asians would wear. She got kajal in her eyes. And how the hell can you tell if someone's gypsy by looking at their fighting stance? We know Leo is caucasian because of his blue eyes and blonde hair. It is already known to everyone whats his race and saying it again would be stupid. But not mentioning Zafina's race and calling her a gypsy is denying billions of south asians including middle-easterners. If an arab girl walks by, would you call her a gypsy? What about an Indian girl?

Posted at 2:24PM on Feb 18th 2007 by khan

15. I bought a 60G PS3 & returned it. The biggest reasons were:

1) I'm big on multiplayer, so the fact Sony's online service can not even be compared to Microsoft's (I don't mind paying for quality) is a big minus. It is WAY behind, add to that there is no headset bundled with the system & you will enjoy many a quiet nights while playing multiplayer in RFOM.

2) No HDMI cable included, the graphics look bad with the packed in cable. How can you tout blueray & not include a high def cable? What's the point?

3) I got an HDMI cable, graphics still do not look as good as the 360(yes I have a 1080p LCD). Granted I did not play any BR movies just games.

4) By using bluetooth for the controller, it resynchronizes while your playing a game like RFOM causing you to turn in circles. Oh how I HATE this!!

5) NO GAMES WORTH BUYING (at least for me), RFOM is the best available but pales in comparison to Gears of War. Don't get me wrong, I liked it - but not $700 worth(game+system).

6) It is HOT. Anyone else notice how hot the system gets? Way hotter than the 360. I had the system well ventilated in an open space.

7) Controller does not feel right, no rumble either. Uses stupid USB cable for charging, cable is too short. Six Axis use has no real substance yet unlike the Wii.

There's more, but when all is said and done I couldn't justify paying MORE for a system that was inferior to the Xbox 360. I had to return it.

This is the first time I will not have ALL the systems(I even had a 3DO back in the day). SONY needs to do something quick! I've enjoyed the Playstation brand through out the years, but the path they have chosen is way off this time out.

BTW - I left my Tekken Dark Resurrection on the hard drive as a present for the person who buys my "Open Box Item". =]

As far as the 360, I'm on my second one also. That's a valid complaint.

I notice you said "I'm talking about installing Linux and Hard drives. Install Linux and a huge hard drive to make it a great media-center." Umm I not sure how many people are going to screw around with installing Linux or changing the hard drive on something that just cost them $600+. I notice on page 5 of the manual it state that doing so may void your warranty, and that you assume all responsibility. In legal terms this means, go ahead but if you have problems don't call us your on your own (not that I blame them).

I don't play old games (except for Tekken 5 on PS2), so it did not play into my decision, Tekken DR is really not worth $700 (game, extra controller, tax) when I already have it on the PS2.

I do not like DOA either, I hate when the DOA producer is always putting down Tekken. Why mention VF5? It's coming out on the 360 also. Most developers from what I hear HATE programming on the PS3. As an example Gabe Newell (Valve) hates the PS3 & thinks Sony needs a complete do-over. There are not many block buster exclusives left on the PS3. Every day more developers are jumping ship. It's hard to believe, but there are rumors flying about Tekken 6, MGS, DMC, etc. Granted, they may not be true. But since there are really no games yet for the PS3, why not wait and see instead of flushing $600+?

Speaking of DRM, blueray IS the definitive DRM. HD-DVD is way less restrictive. Besides, we saw how well betamax and UMD have done. Though if your looking for a cheap blueray player, the PS3 will do.

Let's be frank, as a blueray player it's a bargain. As as a Next-Gen system it's overpriced. I think your point is made that you were looking for a cheap blueray player, not the next generation of gaming.

Anyway its all just my opinion, but considering that I can easily afford to have all the systems. I think its somewhat telling. When I had the PS3, I just kept thinking "WOW I could spend a fraction of this money and get some new games/content on the 360". So that's what I did. I lost around $70 by taking the PS3 back (trade ins on the games at EB), but I figure I'm still ahead rather than pissed off and $700 poorer. =]

Posted at 3:58PM on Feb 18th 2007 by Bandit

16. Zafina is hot, Leo is gay, Mortal Kombat is fun, Soul Caliber is OK, never played Virtua Fighter, Tekken is my favorite.

Because King is my favorite.

Posted at 4:03PM on Feb 18th 2007 by muppetmeth

17. nothing against all the other fighters, but i like Soul Calibur the most. my brother and i are both pretty good and we can have some epic battles. i guess i'm just more of a weapons person, rather than fists and such.
course, if were talking about 2D fighters, then it has to be Guilty Gear. no better 2D fighter than Guilty Gear, in my opinion.

Posted at 4:44PM on Feb 18th 2007 by andy

18. Khan, I really don't care what her reace is. If she was wearing a viking hat I would think she was a viling. But she's wearing lots of jewelry and from the trailer and screenshots it looks like she dances.

The point is that Nick probably doesn't equate all Asians with Gypsys, and I think you are taking offense for no good reason just because it happens to hit close to home.

Posted at 4:57PM on Feb 18th 2007 by lucky

19. khan
The Middle Eastern countries are part of Asia. If you want to get technical, most geologist consider Africa, Europe, and Asia to be one giant landmass. Since no body of water seperates the 3, I would have to agree.

On topic, here is my list of my favorite fighters.

1.Super Smash Bros./Power Stone- hands down the most fun fighters ever.

2.Dead or Alive(whole series)- fluid movements and free flowing combos make this a favorite. add destructable environments, and multi tiered levels and it easily stands above other 3d fighters. The VF series may have a deeper fighting system, but its not nearly as fun to play or watch.

3.Marvel vs. Capcom2- the game features spiderman and wolverine as a duo. there is no need to explain further

Posted at 4:58PM on Feb 18th 2007 by Bangbang...

20. I read somewhere that she was latina, that would explain why she might look gypsy

Posted at 9:10PM on Feb 18th 2007 by Noshino


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