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Some good news, from Best Buy

This comes from an anonymous tipper, so we're going to go ahead and label it as a random rumor, but it sounds like it would make sense. As you all know, Best Buy sold out within -1 hour of the store opening (gave out tickets to campers). What about the next shipment, you ask? They'll probably get one in the next week, actually.

But here's the catch: they won't be selling them to you. In order to maximize the hype, they won't sell them immediately, rather, they'll stockpile the systems in order to have a big re-launch event (probably closer to, er, Christmas. Not PC? I don't care -- it's true). The re-release days will be advertised as extremely limited quantities, of course, so start camping now? Actually, don't. Wait until we see if this is a rumor or not. Let me put it this way -- if Best Buy doesn't want this news leaked, this post will magically disappear. Or I'll say they tried to make it do so.

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1. It's very likely that best buy will stockpile the PS3s seeing as they did the exact same thing last year with the XBOX 360. They waited until about a month later if you recall and then did a second "launch" with around the same number of ps3s per store as the original launch.

Posted at 5:16PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Jason

2. Back to the 360 and even back to the orginal xbox. They held them back till the day after thanksgiving. Some people just stayed in line I bet, for next week.

Posted at 5:26PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Concerned Gamer

3. Uh Yeah! Way to go PS3Fanboy you are a tard! This is not something new. So don't act like it is. Bestbuy is know for doing this type of thing. They did it with the 360. But I guess you are too much of a fanboy to realize the world doesn't revolve around you!

Posted at 5:36PM on Nov 17th 2006 by double007seven

4. Fuck BEST BUY and their attempts to drive up even more consumer hype and frenzy surrounding a scarcely available console.

Posted at 5:37PM on Nov 17th 2006 by GeoEnvi

5. uhm... after waiting for a few days on BB now they are getting another shipment? WTF
checkout some ps3 madness:

Posted at 5:40PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Carlos Rivero

6. According to a sony rep, the next large shipment of ps3's isn't expected until after the holiday season. Best buy basically stated the same thing this morning. Last night the story was a little different with a shipment coming in next friday. Up to this point thats the closest I've heard. Short of two local Wal-Marts getting their shipments split up on multiple trucks, and a three weeks from now promise. Anyway, whatever you want to beleive.

Posted at 5:43PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Josh

7. This is perfect for those who wants to exchange their PS3 in case of problems.

Posted at 6:04PM on Nov 17th 2006 by waruwaru

8. So, are they trying to recreate the camping, shootings, etc... just for fun?

Posted at 6:21PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Caramella Bongo ... how are you today?

9. This is great news for all the ebayers!!

Posted at 6:45PM on Nov 17th 2006 by JC

10. Here's what happened to me today. I wasn't able to get a PS3 last night so I decided to stop by my local Best Buy in Short Pump, VA to at least check out the demo kiosk (which was locked up by the way). While I am there checking out the games some employees walk by and say, "Do you want a PS3?, We just got a shipment of three 20 gig units." I really wanted a 60 gig but who cares at this point!

Posted at 7:13PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Chris

11. I just hope this means I will get one!!!

Posted at 7:37PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Amish_Gramish

12. Well done on actually calling Christmas by its real name.

Posted at 7:58PM on Nov 17th 2006 by RocketMBA

13. Considering the number of auctions that have already come and gone during the pre-order period I think it's clear that around 10% of Sony's promised launch numbers have gone up for sale on ebay so far.

If the rumors of a mere 200,000 actual consoles on the shelves are true then we're looking at 20% already and rising. how many will be on the auction block before the end?

After figuring out how few they'd have available to launch they should have either put the launch on hold or just cut out the middlemen and charge $1500-$2000 for this initial shipment. It would have helped their bottom line which isn't so good these days... and they could actually claim they made money selling a console!

Posted at 12:00AM on Nov 18th 2006 by skyrous

14. I happento work at best buy, in the media department.
As I always happen to do, I love to bring news to you guys.
Well our system does happen to show that we have 14 60 gig systems and 16 20 gig systems on order. However, it will be exactly the same as last year; No systems will arrive for weeks. When those systems arrive, we will hoard them until we get enough to advertise. We put it in the sunday ad, obviously sell out immediately, and then hope those people buy something else expensive.

So that's how it works... Or at least, that's how it worked with the 360's.

Posted at 12:31AM on Nov 18th 2006 by Kyo

15. Kyo,

You fail. Please troll the earth somewhere else. Or at least get your facts straight so you can appear reliable.

"When those systems arrive, we will hoard them until we get enough to advertise."

- Best buy advertises as a whole, meaning that stores do not individually advertise. Most larger companies do this. I hope you are not surprised.

Posted at 1:34AM on Nov 18th 2006 by mod

16. So, if you don't want to wait for BB to sell it's stockpile, then go to a different store.

Stockpiling like that is bad for everyone, and I hope BB doesn't do it.

Posted at 2:37AM on Nov 18th 2006 by MrD

17. I'm not trolling.
I've worked at #295 best buy in Columbus, Ohio for 15 months now.
They do hoard the systems when they get them.
I really hope you know that I'm not trolling... I'm simply saying that they have bad business practice.

The whole reasoning behind holding several shipments of systems until they get a certain number of systems is simple. You get people to think they have a bigger chance of getting a system. When they arrive at the store, the ones that get the system are happy, but the ones who did not get a system, came expecting to spend money, but were left wanting. We're hoping those customers will spend money on different items while they're there.

Any other points I need to address?

Posted at 3:07AM on Nov 18th 2006 by Kyo

18. One more thing you should know.

Shipments arrive at all the storms at around the same time. They are all made at the same time, depending on size of the store, location of the store, and expected popularity/avalibility of the item.

So every store in the nation would hold x number of shipments, then bb as a company would advertise the systems at their stores.

Posted at 3:10AM on Nov 18th 2006 by Kyo

19. Thank you for calling Christmas what it actually is.

Posted at 7:21AM on Nov 18th 2006 by Spike

20. I really hated how the 360 was handled, with only 2 opportunities to purchase one prior to Christmas... Launch day, and just before Christmas. If Best Buy is doing that on purpose, then that really sucks. I visited several Best Buys every day for weeks attempting to purchase a 360.

I'm NOT doing that again if they're playing games.

Posted at 11:08AM on Nov 18th 2006 by splash

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