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Resistance: Fall of Man -- welcome to the killer app zone

I've said it before, I hate the term killer app. But apparently, IGN has given the thumbs way up to Resistance, scoring it an impressive 9.1 out of 10. They go so far as to call it a killer app available on day one. Let's break down the highs and low of the review.

  • The alternate timeline story is pretty solid, pretty cool, pretty pretty.
  • Graphics are great, although not the "best" out there.
  • Weapons, weapons, weapons! The weapon designs are hailed as fantastic, to say the least. What do you expect from the Ratchet & Clank people?
  • The AI grows with you -- the first few levels consist of fairly "dumb" enemies, but by the later levels, they are rather intelligent. Oh, just a rant, but I played Gears of War over the weekend. It's pretty cool, but you know, if they gave you a Light Gun and a pedel to push when you duck behind stuff, it's basically a more interactive Time Crisis. Which is fine, since Time Crisis rocks. So, it's good, but not "the best game ever".
  • Load times are only at the beginning of stages. Sweet.
  • No lag in game or in the insanely impressive multi-player matches.
  • Speaking of... multi-player matches are plenty, varied, and loads of fun.
  • What's not so good? Well... the ending is fairly vague and open-ended (which, unless otherwise set in stone, is fine for sequel material)
You can read the IGN review to get a better feel for this summary of sorts. But let it be known! The game is deserving of your attention, even if it means a simple rental.

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1. It looks ok ... but ... you know. It really doesn't look "killer"
Gears really get's you so much into it's atmosphere ... you're really on the edge of your seat all the time time.

And I'm really disappointed about the unspectacular graphics. I really hoped for more. I mean, they're sort of hd ... but you know. When I look at Gears and Biosphere ... even Call of Duty 3 has more atmosphere. Heck, Half Life 2 looks better.

It's just ... a good game, but not fantastic, I think ... hope it plays well.
I think the IGN guy was a little biased and hyped, because of the PS release excitemend ... Let's see what the future brings.

Posted at 9:12AM on Nov 13th 2006 by nfoo 0 stars

2. Hmm...since you compared it to Gears...what does IGN have to say about MultiPlayer?

Can you play 2 player Co-Op in Campaign mode via Sony's online network? Because you can in Gears of War and it's awesome!

How is the online play? Gears of War has an excellent online on top of being an amazing game...there is a ton of replayibility...something on the likes of Halo. You can play it by yourself...then with a friend in campaign mode over Xbox live...then have a crap load of fun with MultiPlayer over Xbox Live.

Posted at 11:21AM on Nov 13th 2006 by stumpie 1 star

3. I'd compare this game more to Call of Duty 2 for the xbox 360 launch than gears.

Posted at 12:32PM on Nov 13th 2006 by Steve 0 stars

4. I didn't want to say it's bad ... but you know ... I'm not a native english speaker, so I'm trying to find the right words.

I think it's just uninspired. That's the right words. Sure, in 360's killer app Gears, nothing is really new. It's a shooter, too. But that's not the point. It's not what you do, but how. And Gears just does it so good.

I've looked through almost all of IGN's FOM videos ... and it just tries so much to be full of HD stuff. It's just random. Boring aliens. Bad looking explosions. Lighting is bad. Textures are sharp, but boring. There's no life in it. It just doesn't feel organic.

Call of Duty 2 for 360 was just a port. An early game and a port. Everybody knew that. And it wasn't bad looking just because it didn't do much with 360's capabilities. Good looking doesn't mean highest resolution, sharpest textures, most particels. It just has to be well made, organic, atmospheric ...

Fall of man seems rushed. I just expected more of it. I already hate it so much I won't get it ;) Starting to think about letting PS3 go. Sony pisses me of with all their lies about "processing power" anyway ...

Posted at 2:29PM on Nov 13th 2006 by nfoo 0 stars

5. Oh, sorry I forgot to reply to #3:

I know what you mean, but I don't think you're right. Nobody said about Call of Duty that it was supposed to be a killer app. RFOM is "a killer app". IGN said it, Sony guys and press in generel say it. So we have to compare it with Gears. I'm sorry. I've had enough of Sony so no more going easy with them.
We're waiting so now they have to proof.

And it even looks worse than Call of Duty 2 because this has a really great atmosphere and never stops to suprise you. COD games are all great. In my opinion ;) I think COD3 for PS3 will be better than Resistance.

RFOM seem like just another shooter. Kinda like Quake 4. Pretty good looking ... but ... you knoooow ...

Posted at 2:35PM on Nov 13th 2006 by nfoo 0 stars

6. So i'm guessing that all three of you live in Japan and have played the final version already. I was wondering if we could hear your take on the other games out as you get to play them before the rest of us.

Posted at 6:01PM on Nov 13th 2006 by The Fifth 0 stars

7. Ok, I usually don't join into flamewars since I respect all consoles equally, but to take a cheap shot at Gears of War is not only ridiculous, but very immature. You say it's nothing more than Time Crisis, basically, but had it been for your precious Sony Playstation 3, it would be the "Halo-Killer".

You take a cheap shot now at Gears of War because it's the hyped game of the time, but you wouldn't dare but Resistance: Fall of Man up for comparison against Halo 3 because as much as Playstation owners and some other gamers disrespect Halo, it is THE game of our time. It's the Pac-Man, Galaga, Super Mario of our time. Everyone knows that Halo exists.

Now, onwards to my pre-release views on the game.

-Load times? Sorry, but my Sony experience has always been LONG load times. My bets say it'll continue in this generation because "living it" takes alot of power.

-IGN? The ORIGINAL Sony fanboys? I'll take my chances and review it myself.

-The screenshots leave nothing to be desired. For "the most powerful system and amazing graphics", the design is horribly bland and really uninteresting in my opinion.

+Online multiplayer: I have my doubts, but if implemented and designed correctly it could make it's mark.

+Weapons are always good. As long as they have a purpose, there's no reason for a bubble gun just for kicks.

In conclusion, I think it will probably be a fun, enjoyable game, but nowhere near the killer app Sony wants out of it.

Posted at 11:59PM on Nov 13th 2006 by Zac LaCombe 0 stars

8. Not sure why everyone's getting their panties in a wad. I wasn't comparing GoW to Resistance. They're different types of games. I don't sit here and compare, say, Final Fantasy to Madden (but that dude at EA sure tried). I was simply pointing out a humorous connection that both games involve a first-person element and ducking behind debris, picking your shots. It's not a cheap attack at Gears of War, it's a truly honest A and B both have C observation. I enjoyed the game, moreso because I'm pretty much a badass at the Time Crisis games. That's all.

Posted at 4:01AM on Nov 14th 2006 by ndoerr 1 star

9. Yea well, i think Sony paid them for that. Lets compare:

Resistance: Score 9.1, reader score 7.1, press score 9.1
GoW: Score 9.4, reader score 9.0, press score 9.9

I wonder why Resistance has such good press scores but low user score? Probably because Sony cant pay each ign visitor to rate it 10.

Posted at 9:46AM on Nov 14th 2006 by gok 0 stars

10. Do you have some kind of antisony filter here because i never get email to confirm my messages if they contain something against sony/ps3?

Posted at 9:47AM on Nov 14th 2006 by gok 0 stars

11. Compare screen shots for yourself...clearly Gears of War looks way better than RFOM.

Posted at 10:19AM on Nov 14th 2006 by stumpie 1 star

12. @ stumpie -- no offense, but wouldn't a better comparison be Resistance vs. Perfect Dark Zero? Both are -true- FPS, both are "first generation" next-gen games. It's a more true comparison and, well, Resistance wins there. I won't argue the fact Gears of War looks better. It does. But for your argument, it's not exactly the best comparison. Since the 360 came out a year before everything else, we've got to timestamp games this way to be "fair". All things considered, though, yeah. Gears looks superior to Resistance. But Final Fantasy VIII looked better than Final Fantasy VII. Funny what a generation of development can do.

Posted at 3:51PM on Nov 14th 2006 by ndoerr 1 star

13. Having played both (PS3 retail games work in PS3 testkits) i can say GoW is much better all around. The Gameplay in Resistance isnt that great compared to any other FPS. The graphics are nice but the gameplay is sloppy.

Posted at 3:39PM on Nov 16th 2006 by Gamer_001 0 stars

14. Meh, I have been playing resistance since I got it at dlaunch game. It looks just as good as anything Xbox has out right now, which is awesome, seeing as how the Xbox has been out for a year now, and sPS3 has been out for, oh, a whole 3 days.

The online is awesome, been on it all weekend. Look me up. kiddie_grinder.

GOW looks pretty damned good...but when army of two comes out, it will all be over for that...

I say, whatever. Play what you are going to play. Who gives a crap which is better. All I know is Resistance is fun as hell, and I was tired of GoW after like, I dunno, 15 minutes. Oh, and btw, the "bubble gun" is pretty damn useful. Try getting through a tunnel full of those damn crawlers without it ;).

Owning both of them, I say the 360 is great, but the ps3 is though, that I wasted 60 bucks on THP8. Flame that game. It deserves it.

P.S. Halo sucks, way overrated. It's just like any other shooter...much like this one, much like all the other ones. Only halo is pretty damned boring. Halo 3, the same, I am sure. Though I will still buy it when a used copy comes out.

Posted at 10:24PM on Nov 19th 2006 by kiddiegrinder 0 stars

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