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Immersion wants Kaz to understand -- rumble + motion = possible

Immersion CEO Vic Viegas sat down with GameDaily to talk about the whole rumble vs. motion sensing vs. both issue between Immersion and Sony. What did he say? He said that Kaz Hirai is "really saying two things. One is that it's technically possible but that the cost is prohibitive-which again I find astounding-and the second thing he's saying is that they're making a decision to go with this tilt control in place of rumble because they think that's what consumers will appreciate in their gameplay. So, on those two issues again I'm very surprised and shocked because I don't believe either to be the case." Yeah, yeah. We know it's not exactly what everyone wants. But... what's the price issue?

Viegas assured GameDaily that "our engineers in less than a day had come up with three solutions; one is filtering and the other is processing and neither one is incrementally an increase in the cost. Both are using software to filter out the different commands-tilt vs. vibration-so that both can work side by side, and neither solution will add an increase to the cost of the system... We knew how to technically solve their problems and now we know how to do it without adding any incremental cost." So... it can be done and not be costly? Well, if Sony won't listen, why not go through a third party?

In regards to third party controllers, Immersion says they aren't entirely in control... they're at Sony's mercy, in a sense. To quote: "It appears that Sony has not yet ruled out a third-party solution... but if [developers] don't support vibration in the game, that's going to cause a problem. The controller would have no commands to receive from the gameplay. Sony's in some control there and Sony's also in control of the console, so they can filter out vibration commands; essentially if they don't want vibration they can shut it down and it appears that's what they're doing..."

So, those three quotes show us a few things: If Sony stops being stubborn, we could see a rumble/tilt controller that would cost nothing extra... maybe marginally more. Also, third party controllers won't matter unless Sony and game developers decide to implement vibration into their software, or else it's useless. It is sad, but give it a year or two and we can probably see some sort of agreement. You can't possible be stubborn forever and ever, can you?

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1. I'm actually quite impressed by the way Sony have told immersion to shove it up their fat nether regions.
It's all a bit too American for me,but I can see what Sony are up against with these patent whores.
You tell 'em Sony!

Posted at 8:44PM on Oct 7th 2006 by Vince 0 stars

2. LMAO immersion goes bankrupt/cries after they sue for an american patent. dont bite the hand that feeds you....
(sell yourself to sony)

Posted at 10:56PM on Oct 7th 2006 by kiz_ 0 stars

3. "Immersion wants Kaz to understand -- rumble + motion = " money in Immersion's Pocket (and they are willing to let the gamer's fight for the hopeless cause)

They could care less about the "immersion of it" they just want a cut of the money. If your blinded by this, well...I feel bad for you.

Posted at 2:39AM on Oct 8th 2006 by Andir2.0 0 stars

4. holy hell, have sony fanboys got more desparate or what. Whats the friggen point of defending kaz. Quote E3 05'the ps3 will have 2 hdmi ports, 120fps and be released spring 2006' Kaz is an idiot. Motion sensing and rumble is possible, all i have to say is wiimote. It rumbles and has motion sensing and the two dont intefere with each other. To hell with the ps3 i say

ps. i have decided to get back into the fanboy scene and im ready to take any cheap sony fanboy insults

Posted at 6:39AM on Oct 8th 2006 by John 0 stars

5. Sony's doing the right thing let's see how far they get without sony. Fuck them, I can do without rumble it's not that big of a deal. Dumb companies like this, just want to make money off of other companies work. Immersion are just leeches that are going to be squashed by Sony.

Posted at 9:14AM on Oct 8th 2006 by BMWM3P 0 stars

6. At the end of the day...Sony was found by a court to have indeed used Immersions patents without paying them a dime for it. Sony has been ordered to pay 120 million dollars to Immersion and is in the appeals process now. Microsoft settled a similar suit with immersion.

Rumble is a great feature that adds to the experience. The addition of Sixaxis has nothing to do with Rumble. This is an issue that stands on it's own and Sony doesn't give any good reasons as to why Rumble was removed except more BS. A huge step backwards all to save a buck.

They will surely loose their case on appeal and gamers loose out on a great feature.

Posted at 11:23AM on Oct 8th 2006 by stumpie 1 star

7. Cost effective? Yeah after they pay 90 mill to Immersion? Morons. Immersion can go to hell.

Posted at 6:44PM on Oct 8th 2006 by lionzub 0 stars

8. Immersion and Sony cannot afford to mess up with their finacial problems and all, hence the stale mate. This could end up hurting both companies in the long run.

Posted at 7:58PM on Oct 8th 2006 by Yup 0 stars

9. Immersion needs to stop grasping for straws. I'm seriously thinking that they are being paid by Microsoft to be a thorn in Sony's side. This CEO just can't seem to shut up and let the world move on.

Posted at 12:17PM on Oct 8th 2006 by Renarudo 0 stars

10. Who the fuck cares about the "rumble"?

It never did an accurate simulation of ANYTHING. I never sat in my chair and said, "WOW! I'm actually punching this guy!" or "Crap! My body hurts from sliding down that mountainside!".

Stop bitching and let's move on...

Posted at 12:44PM on Oct 9th 2006 by Henry Chinaski 0 stars

11. "our engineers in less than a day had come up with THREE SOLUTIONS; ONE is filtering and THE OTHER is processing and neither one is incrementally an increase in the cost. Both are using software to filter out the different commands-tilt vs. vibration-so that both can work side by side, and neither solution will add an increase to the cost of the system..."

Did we forget one? :)

Posted at 11:07PM on Oct 9th 2006 by JustEaton 0 stars

12. If Sony hadn't been acting so damn difficult and paid Immersion their money, we wouldn't have to be subjected to the use of this seemingly-unforgiving sensor-whatchumacallit. Believe it or not, Immersion also sued Microsoft for the same patent-related issue of vibration technology in their controllers. Microsoft not only paid Immersion off, but they also bought into the company- smart! Sony, on the other hand, fought the case to the bitter end- only to lose more millions and have the court forbid them from using the rumble technology in their controllers. C'mon now, Sony. You can't expect to be wrong and strong simultaneously.

Posted at 5:27PM on Oct 12th 2006 by Keil Joy 0 stars

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