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The PS3 has its Halo killer

Fall of Man

According to the boys over at 1UP, the upcoming PS3 shooter, Resistance: Fall of Man, is a bona fide Halo killer. Of course, we've heard the call of the Halo Killer before (aka Killzone), but it's nice to hear it coming from true videogame fans and not from Sony's marketing department. Here's a summary of the evidence that 1UP presents in their latest video podcast:

"In our exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the s***-hot PS3 shooter, Resistance: Fall of Man, we talk with Insomniac's main man himself, Ted Price, about the creation of Sony's most-talked about launch title. Multiplayer, single-player, co-op play -- we reveal it all, including tons of new footage you won't see anywhere else."

The podcast lives up to its promise, but can the game live up to being a Halo Killer? That's a subjective question, but based on the beautiful gameplay, we're saying that it's a definite possibility! But, it's your opinion that actually counts... do you think we have a Halo Killer on our hands?

[Via 1UP]

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1. ok.. so now whats the Gears of War killer? Yep try again...

Posted at 9:42AM on Sep 9th 2006 by xTmDarren 0 stars

2. If all it has is a story that makes sense, it'll kill Halo.

Posted at 10:49AM on Sep 9th 2006 by Renarudo 0 stars

3. Great!!! Now get to work on the Halo 2 Killer in time for Halo 3.

Posted at 10:58AM on Sep 9th 2006 by cap-n-crunch 0 stars

4. Ahhhaahaaahaaaa Haaaahaahaawww Hehehaaaaahaawww!!!!!

Posted at 11:04AM on Sep 9th 2006 by munchie 1 star

5. no its not did u actualy see it that guy was like to that stupid sony fanboy u shut the fuck up rfom sucks
gears will KILL it emergence day is coming are u ready?

Posted at 11:49AM on Sep 9th 2006 by carlos 0 stars

6. And it only took five years for Sony to kill a game from from the original XBOX. PFFT!

Posted at 11:52AM on Sep 9th 2006 by DSR7997 0 stars

7. This is actually bad news. Now that it been called a Halo Killer all the Xbox fan boys will be up in arms. Halo multiplayer was pretty great though. I believe in equal opportunity gaming if it is fun then that is were I am at.

Posted at 12:20PM on Sep 9th 2006 by Prize Fighter Inferno 0 stars

8. Yeah, because 1up is the paragon of reporting....

Posted at 11:32AM on Sep 9th 2006 by Julio 0 stars

9. xtm... GOW aint even out yet...s o nothing can be a GOW killer because as of right now we dont even know if GoW is good enough to deserve a title to combat it ya know?

Granted Resistance may not be a Halo killer either, but then there's plenty of FPS i have played that are better than halo 1 and 2, they're just not as fun CoOp heh heh.

But still lets wait till GoW drops before we start proclaiming it the best game ever. It still has the potential to be a flop or a huge dissapointment I doubtr it, but its still there.

Posted at 10:14AM on Sep 9th 2006 by JJ 0 stars

10. Sony playing catch up to a 3+year old previous gen game.

I would hope for Sony's sake that a 20GB FPS on a $600 can beat a 4GB Game on a 7 year old hardware. For Sonys sake


Sonys entire line up of PS3 launch games can't even touch HAlo 2 combined.

now the PS3 needs a Ninja Gaiden 2 Killer

and a BAnjo Kazooie Killer

Gears of War Killer

Xbox Live Killer

Posted at 12:48PM on Sep 9th 2006 by Mike 0 stars

11. Ummm JJ I guess we can say the same thing about "Resistance" Lets wait until it comes out before we call it a Halo killer....

Posted at 1:22PM on Sep 9th 2006 by D Trub 0 stars

12. To:#3 post... Your so right!!! ROFL!!!

Posted at 12:43PM on Sep 9th 2006 by Told you so 0 stars

13. did anyone actually watch the video. 1up did the halo killer thing as a joke on halo fanboys (myself included in that group) and game journalism.

All in all the game looks good, and the 1up guys seem to make a point of saying "its the best game in the PS3 LAUNCH lineup". Not a halo killer or even the best PS3 game, but the best game in the ps3 launch. However, they also said that this game seems better than the best 360 launch fps COD2. Visually I have to agree with them, but when it comes to A.I. I have to disagree. the A.I. seems to lack ummm...whats the word im looking for... intelligence. In the video, the main character walks up behind a group of the creatures and shoots one. the creature that got shot turned around, leaped on the hero and started biting and clawing at guys face. the rest of the creatures just stood there with their backs turned to the action as their buddy participated in a very loud violent struggle. after the creature died, the guy move on to the next creature, who responded the exact same way as the first one.

All in all it looks good, but i think i'll take the same stance on this game that I took on saints row. Lets wait for the next GTA or Halo before we crown a new killer.

Posted at 2:29PM on Sep 9th 2006 by ozymandias 0 stars

14. Someon please tell me exactly why I should be excited by this game? While it is pretty (if not somewhat bland looking), every movie I see shows the same type of enemy with the same type of gun using the same tactic over and over. There seems to be very little taking of cover, and the aliens just seem to walk towards you while shooting. And in all honesty, the new weapons aren't all that new sounding. Aside from the 5th element gun, I think I've seen every gun mentioned before. The dev's are even dressing up the grenades. They talk about how it shoots 50 spikes in all direction....that's just a glorified frag grenade. It just looks different.

Posted at 2:58PM on Sep 9th 2006 by Pedro Van Faulk 0 stars

15. Who cares about Halo. It wasnt even that good a game and Halo 2 dropped the ball big time. RESISTANCE looks great and I'm happy its getting good press. But quit comparing it to Halo. Halo uses a tired Scifi theme with plastic wet graphics where RESISTANCE is apart of a new subgenre for FPS (Fantasy WWII). Killzone started it by making a gritty WWII esque game with fictional elements. RESISTANCE picks up from there and adds in aliens and some horror as well.

For me Halo 3 wont be anything compared to Gears of War.

For a website called PS3 Fanboy it sure does have alot of Xbots on it.

Posted at 2:28PM on Sep 9th 2006 by Omen_20 0 stars

16. There's no such thing as a Halo killer. It is the pinnacle of the console FPS. As long as PS3 has close together thumbsticks that are not off axis and are too "loose" then no FPS on the PS3 will take off like Halo has. Besides, the only point the 1up guys are making is that the Sony fanboys finally seem to have their "halo", meaning they finally have a decent FPS with big multi-player matches. That's all. If I were Sony or Isnomniac I wouldn't want Halo mentioned in the same breath of my product so that comparisons don't ensue. Plus, 1up certainly has changed their tune from Resistance being the COD2 of the PS3 launch. Interesting. Where's Luke with some of his PR "outing" when we need it?

Posted at 3:47PM on Sep 9th 2006 by Melchezidek 0 stars

17. Why on God's green earth are there so many XBox fanboys on this site? I don't get it.

And this is not Sony playing catch-up, the game is made by Insomniac not SCEI. Nobody is playing catch-up with anyone, they're just different games. Get over it.

Halo (1 & 2) are not all-that and they never were, but they certainly stood out as XBox's one-trick pony.

Why can't you just appreciate a good game when you see one, instead of trying to twist some anti-Sony propaganda into every article?

Posted at 5:43PM on Sep 9th 2006 by TheGuyNextDoor 0 stars

18. Yeh i know, there seems to be way too many xbox fanboys on a ps3fanboy site, just checking out the competition are you? Hmmmm, i think you're scared of the ps3, and a little scared of R:FoM.

Posted at 5:48PM on Sep 9th 2006 by Naaiif 0 stars

19. This game doesnt really have good graphics in my mind. Heavenly Sword looks better then this. This game looks alot like black to me. Im sorry, but its true.

Posted at 7:31PM on Sep 9th 2006 by Tristan 0 stars

20. Most "360 Fanboys" are gamers. I would buy a PS3 if there was a single game that excited me. Let's be real here. You can't label a game as a Halo killer until it's been played as much as Halo. Half of Halos success is XBOX Live, and you won't be getting that on PS3 for a VERY long time if ever...

Posted at 8:13PM on Sep 9th 2006 by Told you so 0 stars

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