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Microsoft calls PS3 online strat "plagiarism"

The turf war continues with Chris Lewis of Microsoft kicking up some dirt about Sony's online strategy for the PlayStation 3. In an interview with Eurogamer, Mr. Lewis accused Sony of stealing their idea and implementing it as their own.

"Plagiarism is a good thing - that in itself isn't such a problem, it's what the market wants. But we've known that's what the market wanted all along," he said. Adding that he thinks it's flattering, Chris stated that he's glad to see Sony bridging the gap and covering ground to catch up, but that he's a little hazy on the whole thing.

"How the pricing is going to work still to me seems very unclear." Well, if Sony sticks to their guns, then the answer is simple: it'll be free!

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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1. Ha! Micrsoft accusing someone else of plagiarism. That's a laugh! Their whole business is based upon the plagiarism of Apple's OS.

Further, if Sony makes this service free, and features the same capabilities as Xbox live, then the choice will be clear who wins. Much like Microsoft has won the OS war, that which is cheaper (in the long run) will win the console war.

Although Sony will have a task to convince people that they really are saving money over time by buying the console at a $100 premium but avoiding $50 yearly fees for it's online service.

Posted at 1:56PM on Jun 5th 2006 by funkbass23 0 stars

2. I agree funkbass, if they can convince people that they are cheaper over the life of the console they will do well, but with the rumors of Live going free with an ad-supported version that will be somewhat difficult to prove. Additionally I think that most people (at least americans) look at the immediate bottom line before they look at the cost over the years.

Posted at 2:11PM on Jun 5th 2006 by Paul 0 stars

3. What on earth are Microsoft trying to pull? This is such a pointless statement it's untrue. Heaven forbid someone else has an on-line portal. You can tell who's interests they have at heart, and you know it isn't the gamer's.

Posted at 2:13PM on Jun 5th 2006 by TheGuyNextDoor 0 stars

4. I'd honestly like to see this so called Play station HUB service. It's obvious they are way behind in the on line department. With the PS3 launch 5 months away I wonder how far in development this service really is. When we can get some decent information then we can make fair comparisons but I'm not sold on the HUB service until I see some screen shots, capabilities, etc. Free on line doesn't necessary mean it will be the best service possible. Take for example, Net zero vs. Comcast. Net zero is almost 7 times cheaper than it Comcast but it suffers from horrible service.

Posted at 4:30PM on Jun 5th 2006 by LongshotX -2 stars

5. "Ha! Micrsoft accusing someone else of plagiarism. That's a laugh! Their whole business is based upon the plagiarism of Apple's OS."
did you know apple agreed to license certain parts of its GUI to microsoft for use in windows 1.0. when the next version of windows was made apple filed a lawsuit, claiming that microsoft illegally used 189 elements from apples GUI. The judge found that 179 of these elements were licensed to microsoft and 10 elements were not copyrightable.
as for the ps3 online service, i dont call it plagiarism, i call it good business. how could they possibly say their service is better than Live if its missing features that live has.
btw 599-399= 200 or 299-499=200. if your going to buy a ps3(I am, im the kind of nerd that will buy all 3) dont try to justify the outlandish price, just suck it up and get ready to break open that piggy bank in nov.

Posted at 4:46PM on Jun 5th 2006 by ozymandias 0 stars

6. As far as I know, Sony have been in the on-line community game for quite a long time, Everquest, Planetside, Star Wars Galaxies..... you could almost call them veterens. But it's far more fun to call copycat.

Posted at 5:54PM on Jun 5th 2006 by TheGuyNextDoor 0 stars

7. He's saying they would be copying MS Marketplace, not the simple fact that they have games that are online.

Posted at 7:01PM on Jun 5th 2006 by Cage -1 stars

8. Sony is a copycat, right? The whole framework of the XBOX was taken by Sony, oh wait, i got that backwards, because Sony released the PS2 before Xbox, silly me. That's a pretty ballsy statement coming from the fresh-fish Xbox team. Their whole design and scheme for
the original xbox is based off of the PS2, from the controller design to improving their interface just enough to be better than Sony. Most of what was in the system was an idea taken from successful implimentations with the PS and PS2 or their own twist to a used idea. What is Xbox Live? An online service that they think is so good that you need to pay for it's greatness. Give me a break.

Oh and 499-299=200, but 299 box no have hard-drive ($$) proprietary, it make developers not rely on HDD usage. Neither package offers free online services ($$), and the HD-DVD add on ($$) will bring you up to speed on cost justification, buddy.

Posted at 2:00AM on Jun 6th 2006 by Sick Of The Bull 0 stars

9. Say what you want, But you will still be able to play Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto 4, Halo 3, Mass Effect & BioShock all on a $299 Xbox 360...and that's the beauty of it.

Posted at 2:24AM on Jun 6th 2006 by sputnik 0 stars

10. Errr...If you mean the superior format as in more copy protection encryptions, then yeah.

Posted at 7:56AM on Jun 6th 2006 by Fashion 0 stars

11. My question is who cares? copying and one uping is better for everyone, fans, fanboys on both sides, everyone.

THe other thing is I PRAY that sony copies microsoft on their updates... i am not optimistic but i am hoping!

Posted at 9:05AM on Jun 6th 2006 by Paul 0 stars

12. yeah sputnik... you COULD play all those...but good luck on saving them with no HDD (which would be 100 bucks... thus making buying the whole cheap versions pointless) that and the fact that you couldnt DL anything since you need a HD to access XBL content.

So at the VERY minimum you would need the 400 dollar system.

Posted at 10:53AM on Jun 6th 2006 by JJ 0 stars

13. ummmmm.... or just buy a memory card for $40, just like we all used to save games.

Posted at 11:50AM on Jun 6th 2006 by gamersha794 0 stars

14. I seriously doubt PS3's online service will be totally free.

Posted at 12:37PM on Jun 6th 2006 by Scott 0 stars

15. I was under the impression that those memory cards are pretty much a waste of space and money since Since you're paying 40 bucks for 64mb...why not just ante up the additional 60 and get 20 gigs? I mean why buy a new top of the line system and go cheap? If you're a value spender, you wouldnt be buying a 360 now would you be (with the 60 dollar games, etc)?

I'm sure you'd end up having to buy multiple memory cards to hold most things anyway, so why waste the money? Especially if one wants to DL content from XBL since a lot of the downloads take up a lot of MB. You're just better off in the long run with the HD you know? plus the HD is req. for BC. Plus all the extra niceties you get with the 399 like the wireless controller and HD inputs, it just seems more worth the money for the 399 system ya know?

With the 299 360 its essentialy gimped out of the gate. You pretty much HAVE to upgrade the thing or buy accessories to get much use out of it out of the box. (But then thats true for most systems, extra controllers, etc). I just feel they shouldnt have released a non HD one. Or at least..release a small HD one with like 5-10 gigs or something.

Posted at 12:42PM on Jun 6th 2006 by JJ 0 stars

16. "Oh and 499-299=200, but 299 box no have hard-drive ($$) proprietary, it make developers not rely on HDD usage. Neither package offers free online services ($$), and the HD-DVD add on ($$) will bring you up to speed on cost justification, buddy."

Do Sony fanboys post this in every post they do. We will start calling them adding machines. I dont need/want all the stuff you add. Why is it some people dont understand that?

"The whole framework of the XBOX was taken by Sony, oh wait, i got that backwards, because Sony released the PS2 before Xbox, silly me"

This is my last post towards this guy because Im finding out hes a complete idiot. I didnt know the designs of the systems are the same. Or that they use the same chips. And Sonys controllers have triggers...uh huh...

Posted at 1:09PM on Jun 6th 2006 by Cage -1 stars

17. "Oh and 499-299=200, but 299 box no have hard-drive ($$) proprietary, it make developers not rely on HDD usage. Neither package offers free online services ($$), and the HD-DVD add on ($$) will bring you up to speed on cost justification, buddy"
$299(console)+$30(memory card)= $329. with a FREE silver you can download additional content, chat with friends (voice and soon to be video) download ANY THING from the market place and recieve updates for your console. The 360 is a more sophisticated machine than the xbox. devs can still code a game to cache onto the hard drive, its just done with a "if, then" approach. meaning "if" there is a hard drive, then the game will use it. oblivion uses this method to reduce load times. an HD-DVD add on isnt needed for gaming and will only cost $100 anyway. so, btw you made me do this, 299(console)+30(memory unit)+60(game)+60(another game)+50(optional gold membership)=drum roll please...$499. so thats a next gen console, two games, a memory unit, and the best online gaming servie for the price of one console. and I STILL THINK THE 360 WAS TOO EXPENSIVE. But its like i said, im buying ps3 too. so the way i see it, that give me the right to bitch about the price.
btw the BASIC ps3 online service will be free. they will be charging for a premium service.

Posted at 4:32PM on Jun 6th 2006 by ozymandias 0 stars

18. HAHAHAHAH... oh my god, can't stop laughing. Microsoft accusing someone of plagiarism? Puh-lea-zah!!

Look at the original Xbox, MSN messenger, Windows, and almost everything they've done. Then tell me who commited plagiarism. Oh man.

Posted at 8:46PM on Jun 6th 2006 by boots 0 stars

19. just because microsoft committed plagarisim doesnt mean sony hasnt.

think of the jail yard snitch. just because he is a criminal doesnt mean he cant tell on other criminals!

His comments were standard PR and anyone that has their panties in a bunch over it is either:
1) an idiot
2) 13 (this is my guess)
3) an idiot 13 year old.

get over it, like what you like, ignore what you dont, and vote with your check book.

Posted at 9:40AM on Jun 7th 2006 by Paul 0 stars

20. lol...i am leaning towards choice (3) althought might be a bit of (1)

Posted at 11:03AM on Jun 7th 2006 by PS3 0 stars

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